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9/11: 20 years later
1 | november | 2021

Twenty years ago, 9/11 changed the world. It reshaped foreign policy and the terrorist threat, as well as the war on terror, was at the centre of the international agenda. Bin Laden was killed and Al Qaeda mutated. Today, there are new threats and new actors. What was the legacy of 9/11?



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How 9/11 Reshaped Foreign Policy: The Legacy of the Attacks

Como os EUA e os jihadistas mudaram em duas décadas [11/09/2021]
César Avó (contributo de Ana Santos Pinto), Diário de Notícias

Vingt ans après le 11-Septembre, visualisez, minute par minute, le déroulé d’une journée qui a marqué l’histoire [11/09/2021]
Gary Dagorn, Le Monde

Two Decades Later, the Enduring Legacy of 9/11 [02/09/2021]
Hannah Hartig & Carroll Doherty, Pew Research Center

Opinions & Analysis
2 Decades After 9/11, More Safe Havens Than Ever [12/01/2022]
John McLaughlin, Grid

The consequences of a US overreaction to the perceived threat of terrorism [01/11/2021]
Christopher Preble, Atlantic Council

Two Decades after 9/11, National Security Focus Still Dominates U.S. Immigration System [22/09/2021]
Muzaffar Chishti & Jessica Bolter, MPI

The Anxiety Effect: How 9/11 and Its Aftermath Changed Gulf Arab States’ Relations with the U.S. [15/09/2021]
Dina Esfandiary, International Crisis Group

O 11 de Setembro e o fim do século americano [11/09/2021]
José Pedro Teixeira Fernandes, Público

What Comes After the 9/11 Era? [11/09/2021]
Ross Douthat, New York Times

How Terrorism & the World Have Changed Since 9/11 [11/09/2021]
George Beebe, National Interest

Charting Jihadism Twenty Years After 9/11 [11/09/2021]
Silvia Carenzi & Claudio Bertolotti, ISPI

The 9/11 advice that Tony Blair didn’t take [10/09/2021]
Paul Rogers, Open Democracy

9/11 did not change the world – it was already on the path to decades of conflict [10/09/2021]
Paul Rogers, The Conversation

A Sept. 11 Conundrum [10/09/2021]
Kara Swisher, New York Times

Twenty Years of “Endless Wars”: The Legacy of 9/11 [10/09/2021]

9/11 Awakened Jacksonian America [10/09/2021]
James Holmes, 1945

How Surprise Attacks Changed U.S. History Forever [10/09/2021]
Robert Farley, 1945

How 9/11 Turned America Into a Half-Crazed, Fading Power [09/09/2021]
Michelle Goldberg, New York Times

9/11 attacks: A two-decade assault on US civil liberties [09/09/2021]
John L Esposito, Middle East Eye

Foreign Terrorists Have Never Been Our Biggest Threat [09/09/2021]
Paul Krugman, New York Times

How Sept. 11 Gave Us Jan. 6 [09/09/2021]
Spencer Ackerman, The New York Times

After 9/11, the U.S. Got Almost Everything Wrong [09/09/2021]
Garrett M. Graff, The Atlantic

Twenty Years After: How Terrorism and the World have Changed Since 9/11 [09/09/2021]
George Beebe, National Interest

We have heroes, not avengers: A generation shaped by 9/11 [09/09/2021]
Caroline Multerer, Atlantic Council

Twenty years later, how Americans assess the effects of the 9/11 attacks [09/09/2021]
William A. Galston, Brookings Institution

Did 9/11 Change the United States? [08/09/2021]
AA.VV., Foreign Policy

The retreat of the West [07/09/2021]
Andrés Ortega, Elcano

The Legacy of 9/11 and the “War on Terror”: A Special Series [07/09/2021]
International Crisis Group

9/11’s legacy of drone warfare has changed how we view the military [07/09/2021]
Vicky Karyoti, The Conversation

What We Didn't Know on 9/11 [07/09/2021]
Fred Kaplan, Slate

9/11 militarized law enforcement and made every American a suspect [06/09/2021]
Christopher J. Coyne & Abigail R. Hall, Responsible Statecraft

9/11 Was a Warning of What Was to Come [06/09/2021]
George Packer, The Atlantic

How 9/11 Will Be Remembered a Century Later [06/09/2021]
Stephen Walt, Foreign Policy

What Difference Did 9/11 Make? [06/09/2021]
Joseph S. Nye, Jr., Project Syndicate

9/11 attacks: Why the 'war on terror' will not end [06/09/2021]
David Hearst, Middle East Eye

It’s Still the 9/11 Era [04/09/2021]
Ross Douthat, New York Times

9/11 was a test. The books of the last two decades show how America failed. [03/09/2021]
Carlos Lozada, Washington Post

The 9/11 Effect and the Transformation of Global Security [01/09/2021]

Resistance Is Futile: The War on Terror Supercharged State Power [09/2021]
Thomas Hegghammer, Foreign Affairs

From 9/11 to 1/6: The War on Terror Supercharged the Far Right [09/2021]
Cynthia Miller-Idriss, Foreign Affairs

20 years later: The lasting impact of 9/11 on Congress [27/08/2021]
Sarah A. Binder & Molly E. Reynolds, Brookings Institution

How Has the Terrorism Threat Changed Twenty Years After 9/11? [12/08/2021]
Bruce Hoffman, CFR

The future of counterterrorism: Twenty years after 9/11 [03/08/2021]
Atlantic Council


9/11 at 20: after war, what? [11/09/2021]
The Lancet

20 years after 9/11 [11/09/2021]

The lessons from two decades since 9/11 [10/09/2021]
Financial Times

The 20th anniversary of 9/11: no end in sight [10/09/2021]
The Guardian

20 years after 9/11, freedom steadily eroded by fear, hatred [09/09/2021]
The Asahi Shimbun

The hole in America's heart [05/09/2021]
Los Angeles Times

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