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Putin and Constitutional Reform in Russia
25 | March | 2020

On 15 January, during his speech to the Nation, Vladimir Putin announced a constitutional reform that will give Parliament more powers and promote the Council of State of an advisory body to the Constitutional body. Dmitry Medvedev's government immediately resigned and the chief of the Tax Authority, Michail Mishustin, was appointed Prime Minister. The mention, during the speech, to an end of the limitation "maximum of two terms in a row" in the Presidency launched the debate on the political future of the Russian President.



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Who Is Russia's New Prime Minister? [17/01/2020]
Reid Standish & Amy Mackinnon, Foreign Policy

The Resignation of Russia's Government [17/01/2020]
Jeffrey Mankoff & Cyrus Newlin, CSIS

Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly [15/01/2020]
Vladimir Putin, Kremlin


Opinions & Analysis
Lifetime presidency for Putin [25/03/2020]
Irfan Kaya Ulger, AA

Russia's ties with the West rhyme [22/03/2020]
William Courtney, The Hill

Putin’s Coup: Cunning Plan, or Improvisation? [18/03/2020]
Tatiana Stanovaya, Carnegie Moscow Center

Putin: President in perpetuity? [16/03/2020]
Peer Teschendorf, IP Journal

So much for Putin’s promise he’d abide by term limits. Here’s what’s happening. [16/03/2020]
Samuel A. Greene & Graeme B. Robertson, Washington Post  

Why Vladimir Putin cannot retire [14/03/2020]
The Economist

Keeping His Options Open: Why Putin Decided to Stay On [13/03/2020]
Tatiana Stanovaya, Carnegie Moscow Center

Starting the Presidency All Over Again [13/03/2020]
Michele A. Berdy, Moscow Times

A New Russia Is Taking Shape and There Is No Turning Back [12/03/2020]
Alexander Baunov, Moscow Times

Vladimir Poutine clarifie (partiellement) ses intentions [11/03/2020]
Arnaud Dubien, Observatoire franco-russe

Russia’s Uncertain Regime Transformation [11/03/2020]
Nikolai Petrov& Ben Noble, Chatham House

Putin will go before 2036 [11/03/2020]
Leonid Ragozin, Al Jazeera

Putin’s Choice: What do Russia’s Latest Constitutional Maneuvers Mean? [11/03/2020]
Alexander Baunov, Carnegie Moscow Center

How Legal Is Mad Dash to Change Russia’s Constitution? [11/03/2020]
Arkady Lyubarev, Meduza

The Day After Putin: Russia’s Deep State Holds the Key to Succession [03/03/2020]
Stephen Sestanovich, Foreign Affairs

Constitutional changes in Russia: Too much too late? [11/02/2020]
Jussi Lassila, FIIA

Why Aren’t Russians Protesting Putin’s Reforms? [30/01/2020]
Alexander Baunov, Carnegie Moscow Center

Is Putin looking to hand over power and step aside like Deng Xiaoping? [27/01/2020]
Emilian Kavalski, South China Morning Post

Vladimir Putin’s New Orchestra [27/01/2020]
Ivan Krastev, New York Times

How Putin Controls Russia [24/01/2020]
Isaac Chotiner, The New Yorker

Un nuevo enroque en la política interior de Rusia [24/01/2020]
Mira Milosevich-Juaristi, Elcano

Putin’s succession strategy could be risky. This explains why. [23/01/2020]
Daragh McDowell, Washington Post

Enter Mishustin: The New Russian Prime Minister’s Agenda [23/01/2020]
Anton Tabakh, Carnegie Moscow Center

A Chance to Rethink U.S. Policy Toward Russia [22/01/2020]
Jeffrey Mankoff, The Hill

Russia's Puzzling Moves [21/01/2020]
George Friedman, Geopolitical Futures

Big Changes? Or Maybe Not. Putin’s Plans Keep Russia Guessing. [21/01/2020]
Anton Troianovski, New York Times

Enter Mishustin: The New Russian Prime Minister’s Agenda [21/01/2020]
Anton Tabakh, Carnegie Moscow Center

Russia’s New Prime Minister Augurs Techno-Authoritarianism [21/01/2020]
Joseph W. Sullivan, Foreign Policy

Not President for Life, but Putin Will Hold Power [21/01/2020]
Joseph Dresen, The Hill

Deciphering the moves on Russia’s power chessboard [21/01/2020]
Anuradha M. Chenoy, The Hindu

Putin’s Changes Might Set Russia on the Right Path [20/01/2020]
Sergey Radchenko, Moscow Times

Putin's constitutional reforms could lead to his political demise [20/01/2020]
Roman Dobrokhotov, Al Jazeera

Russia Prepares for New Tandemocracy [20/01/2020]
Tatiana Stanovaya, Carnegie Moscow Center

Putin’s Meaningless Coup [18/01/2020]
Sergei Guriev, Project Syndicate

Putin the Czar Is More Dangerous Than Ever [18/01/2020]
James Stavridis, Bloomberg

Russia’s constitutional changes are designed to perpetuate power of Vladimir Putin’s elite [17/01/2020]
Richard Sakwa, The Conversation

Putin Is Following the Game Plan of Other Autocrats Before Him [17/01/2020]
Andrea Kendall-Taylor, Foreign Policy

Vladimir Putin just staged a constitutional coup. How will Russians react? [17/01/2020]
Vladimir Kara-Murza, Washington Post

Putin Is Planning a Partial Retirement [17/01/2020]
Alexander Baunov, Foreign Policy

Russia's Constitution as a Pawn [17/01/2020]
Alastair Gill, Worldcrunch

Putin’s Cosmetic Constitutionalism [16/01/2020]
William E. Pomeranz, Kennan Institute

What to Expect From Putin’s Shake-Up [16/01/2020]
Stephen Sestanovich, CFR

Will he stay or will he go? Putin’s role will change [16/01/2020]
Kadri Liik, ECFR

Putin's New Plan to Hold Power Forever [16/01/2020]
Leonid Bershidsky, Moscow Times

Vladimir Putin’s naked power grab could have unexpected benefits [16/01/2020]
Yana Gorokhovskaia, The Guardian

Planning for a (Not-So) Post-Putin Russia [16/01/2020]
Andrei Kolesnikov, Carnegie Moscow Center

The Sickening Power of Putin [16/01/2020]
Kyle Smith, National Review

Putinism and Putin's retirement plan [16/01/2020]
Leonid Ragozin, Al Jazeera

Putin's Power Puzzle: Russia's President Loses a Cabinet and Gains an Exit Strategy [16/01/2020]
Nikolas K. Gvosdev, National Interest

With Reshuffle at the Top, the Kremlin Consolidates Russia [16/01/2020]
Pavel Felgenhauer, Eurasia Daily Monitor

Putin’s Top-Down Revolution [16/01/2020]
Maxim Trudolyubov, Wilson Center

What to Make of Putin’s Shake-Up in Russia [16/01/2020]
Candace Rondeaux, World Politics Review

Russian government resignation: what’s just happened and what’s in store for Putin beyond 2024? [16/01/2020]
Graeme Gill, The Conversation

What Putin's Constitutional Shakeup Means [16/01/2020]
Nikolai Petrov, Chatham House

Russia's Cabinet Resigns, Part of Putin's Plan [16/01/2020]
Regina Smyth, The Conversation

Putin Pays Backhanded Tribute to Democracy [16/01/2020]
Leon Aron, The Atlantic

Russia’s prime minister has just resigned. Putin clearly has plans. [15/01/2020]
Timothy Frye, Washington Post

Russia’s Presidential Transition: An Iranian-Kazakh Hybrid [15/01/2020]
Maria Snegovaya, CEPA

Putin Signals Intention to Continue Steering Russia Beyond 2024, but Will He Solve Country’s Structural Problems? [15/01/2020]
Simon Saradzhyan, Russia Matters

Vladimir Putin doesn’t need to be president to stay on top [15/01/2020]
Christian Caryl, Washington Post

Putin Wants a Kazakh Retirement [22/03/2019]
Alexander Baunov, Foreign Policy

How to Understand Putin’s Russia [31/10/2018]
AA.VV., Foreign Affairs


El destino de Putin [12/03/2020]
El País

Russia’s president reluctantly agrees to 16 more years in power [12/03/2020]
The Economist

Vladimir Poutine ou le pouvoir sans fin [11/03/2020]
Le Monde

Putin’s President-for-Life Plan [10/03/2020]
Wall Street Journal

Now time for Vladimir Putin to show Russia he cares [22/01/2020]
South China Morning Post

Stay put: on Vladimir Putin's Cabinet reshuffle [21/01/2020]
The Hindu

Putin diseña su continuidad en el poder [18/01/2020]
El Periódico

Putin the Immortal [18/01/2020]
New York Times

Putin: prisa y control [17/01/2020]
El País

Vladimir Putin plots to remain Russia’s puppet master [17/01/2020]
Financial Times

Vladimir Poutine: l’obsession du contrôle [16/01/2020]
Le Monde

How Vladimir Putin is preparing to rule for ever [16/01/2020]
The Economist

Putin and power: he’s not going anywhere [16/01/2020]
The Guardian


Coronavirus delays Russian vote on Putin staying in power [25/03/2020]
Andrew Roth, The Guardian

Covid-19 fails to slow Putin’s ‘anti-constitutional coup’ in Russia [17/03/2020]
Daniel McLaughlin, Irish Times

Russian court backs move to let Putin stay in power [16/03/2020]
Al Jazeera

Putin may extend term over 'threats to Russia', coronavirus [12/03/2020]
Al Jazeera

Putin paves way for another presidential term [11/03/2020]

«Ce qui s’est passé est un putsch» : Vladimir Poutine, le pouvoir à vie [11/03/2020]
Benoît Vitkine, Le Monde

Putin backs term limit freeze allowing him to stay in office [10/03/2020]
Vladimir Isachenkov & Daria Litvinova, Associated Press

Vladimir Putin, president until 2036? [10/03/2020]
Alec Luhn, Politico

Discord in Kremlin Helps Putin Remain Russia’s No. 1 [06/03/2020]
Thomas Grove & Georgi Kantchev, Wall Street Journal

Putin says stability needed but won’t lift lid on his future [06/03/2020]
Vladimir Isachenkov, Associated Press

Putin: Russia needs constitutional changes to move forward [05/03/2020]
Associated Press

L’opposition russe défile en hommage à Boris Nemtsov et contre la modification de la Constitution [29/02/2020]
Benoît Vitkine, Le Monde

Vladimir Putin to bolster his rule with fake political parties [27/01/2020]
Marc Bennetts, The Times

Russian Lawmakers OK Putin’s Constitutional Proposals [23/01/2020]
Daria Litvinova & Vladimir Isachenkov, Associated Press

Russian lawmakers to debate Putin's constitution reform [23/01/2020]
France 24

Putin Sends Sweeping Constitutional Amendments to Lawmakers [20/01/2020]
Moscow Times

Putin Removes Top Russian Prosecutor, Replaces Him With Investigative Official [20/01/2020]
Mike Eckel, RFE

In Wake of Putin’s ‘Coup,’ Russia’s Top Opposition Leader Refrains From Action [20/01/2020]
Evan Gershkovich, Moscow Times

Russia’s Putin says he opposes unlimited presidential term [18/01/2020]
Washington Post

Russia’s political shake-up: Putin forever [17/01/2020]
Henry Foy & Max Seddon, Financial Times

Putin's party backs president's pick for prime minister [16/01/2020]
Al Jazeera

Putin's ministers were not told of resignation plans in advance [16/01/2020]
Andrew Roth, The Guardian

What Vladimir Putin’s revamp means for Russia [15/01/2020]
Max Seddon, Financial Times

How Putin plans to stay on [15/01/2020]
Alec Luhn, Politico

Will Russian government shake-up impact Moscow’s Mideast policy? [15/01/2020]
Maxim A. Suchkov, Al Monitor

Russia’s government overhauled as Putin looks to cement influence after presidency [15/01/2020]
Isabelle Khurshudyan, Washington Post

Dmitry Medvedev: the rise and fall of the Robin to Putin’s Batman [15/01/2020]
Luke Harding, The Guardian

Is Putin attempting to carve out a 'father of the nation' role? [15/01/2020]
Al Jazeera

Russian government quits as Putin plans to stay in power past 2024 [15/01/2020]
Andrew Roth, The Guardian

Putin’s Russia, 20 years on [02/01/2020]
Marc Bennetts, Politico

Will Putin Stay Or Will He Go? Bombshell Address and Shock Medvedev Resignation Offer Big Hint [15/01/2020]
Evan Gershkovich, Moscow Times

Why Orthodox Christians are losing faith in Putin [30/12/2019]
Marc Bennetts, Politico

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