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Turkish operation in Syria
25 | October | 2019

After the US withdrawal from northern Syria, Turkey has launched a military operation in the against the Syrian Democratic Forces, with fighter from the Kurdish YPG, long-standing allies of the United States. Suffering heavy casualties and lost territory, the Kurds are now negotiating support with Assad and Putin. What will be the impact of this new escalation in the Syrian conflict for Europe, the United States, and upon political and security dynamics in the Middle East?



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Who’s Who in Northern Syria? [11/10/2019]
Lindsay Maizland, CFR

Treasury Developing New Authorities to Target Turkey for Any Potential Human Rights Abuses or Destabilizing Actions in Syria [11/10/2019]
U.S. Department of the Treasury

Kurds, Turkey and the U.S.: 5 Years of Tension, Alliances and Conflict [10/10/2019]
Russell Goldman, New York Times

Why is Turkey invading northeast Syria? [09/10/2019]
Middle East Eye

Why Is Turkey Fighting the Kurds in Syria? [09/10/2019]
Megan Specia, New York Times

Explainer: Turkey set to redraw map of Syrian war once more [07/10/2019]

The Time of the Kurds (InfoGuide)


Opinions & Analysis
The Betrayal of the Kurds [11/2019]
Peter W. Galbraith, New York Review of Books

What Was the Point of the Syria ‘Withdrawal’? [25/10/2019]
Kathy Gilsinan, The Atlantic

Putin Takes Center Stage in Syria [25/10/2019]
Stanly Johny, The Hindu

Turkey and Russia: A Remarkable Rapprochement [24/10/2019]
Michael A. Reynolds, War on the Rocks

Siria, los kurdos y los aliados de usar y tirar [24/10/2019]
Eduard Soler i Lecha, El Periódico

Fact-checking Trump’s spin about the ‘great outcome’ in Syria [24/10/2019]
Glenn Kessler, Washington Post

Erdogan Has No Idea What He’s Doing in Syria [23/10/2019]
Steven A. Cook, Foreign Policy

Turkey's Offensive in Northeastern Syria: The Expected, the Surprising, and the Still Unknown [23/10/2019]
Gallia Lindenstrauss and Eldad Shavit, INSS

A Reckoning in Syria and What it Means for the Middle East [23/10/2019]
Bob Schieffer, CSIS

Siria y los kurdos: la pelota en el tejado de Rusia [23/10/2019]
Miguel Fernández Ibáñez, ES Global

The 1983 Beirut Barracks Bombing, and the Current U.S. Retreat from Syria [23/10/2019]
Robin Wright, New Yorker

Turkey's safe zone in Syria does not look like a temporary 'fix' [22/10/2019]
Barçin Yinanç, Hurriyet Daily News

TTake 360: Repercussions from Turkey’s Intervention in Northeastern Syria [22/10/2019]
Ian Lesser, Ozgur Unluhisarcikli, Jonathan D. Katz, Jessica Bither & Dario Cristiani, GMF

Russian Media Cheers Trump’s Moves in Syria: ‘Putin Won the Lottery!’ [19/10/2019]
Julia Davis, Daily Beast

Time to Bite the Bullet in Syria [18/10/2019]
Carl Bildt, Project Syndicate

Syria strains Turkey’s ties to the West even after US withdrawal? [18/10/2019]
Nicholas Danforth, Elcano

Trump’s Retreat from Syria Puts the French-U.S. Alliance to the Test [17/10/2019]
Alexandra de Hoop Scheffer, Martin Quencez

The High Price of Trump’s Great Betrayal [17/10/2019]
Richard N. Haass, Project Syndicate

Guerra civil en Siria, tercer acto: la invasión turca [16/10/2019]
Félix Arteaga, Elcano

Turquía y Siria, frente a frente (y los kurdos de por medio) [16/10/2019]
Ricardo Ginés, ES Global

“Trump first, America less” [15/10/2019]
por Andrés Ortega, Elcano

Turquía se salta todas las señales en Siria [14/10/2019]
Jesús A. Núñez Villaverde, Elcano

How Will the SDF React to Turkey’s Invasion? [13/10/2019]
Wladimir van Wilgenburg, FIKRA Forum

Trump and Erdoğan risk a resurgent Isis thanks to their recklessness in Syria [13/10/2019]
Hassan Hassan, The Guardian

How long should Turkey rely on Trump on Syria? [12/10/2019]
Serkan Demirtaş, Hurriyet Daily News

Erdoğan has managed the unthinkable: uniting all the other Middle East rivals [12/10/2019]
Simon Tisdall, The Guardian

Trump and Erdogan have much in common – and the Kurds will be the tragic victims of their idiocy [12/10/2019]
Robert Fisk, The Independent

A obsessão da Turquia com os curdos [11/10/2019]
José Pedro Teixeira Fernandes, Público

Why Turkey Took the Fight to Syria [11/10/2019]
Mevlut Cavusoglu, New York Times

Turkey’s Syria Incursion: What Spurred It, And What’s Next? [11/10/2019]
Soner Cagaptay, Washington Institute

Turkey's op risks further cooling ties with West, Arab world [11/10/2019]
Serkan Demirtaş, Hurriyet Daily News

Turkey's 'Spring of Peace' could become a winter of war in Syria [11/10/2019]
Kaveh Afrasiabi, Middle East Eye

Is Erdogan resettlement plan for Syrian refugees really viable? [11/10/2019]
Sibel Hurtas, Al Monitor

There’s Always a Next Time to Betray the Kurds [11/10/2019]
Steven A. Cook, Foreign Policy

Ankara's Offenses, Moscow's Advances [11/10/2019]
Maxim Trudolyubov, Wilson Center

The West Owns Syria’s Disaster [11/10/2019]
Jasmin Mujanović, Foreign Policy

10 Points to Understand Events in Syrian Kurdistan [11/10/2019]
Ariel Paz-Sawicki, Times of Israel

Erdoğan, war and the making of the new Turkish state [10/10/2019]
Gökhan Bacık, Ahval

Trump’s betrayal of Kurds hastens waning of US power [10/10/2019]
Edward Luce, Financial Times

Turkey has multiphase game plan for Syria operation [10/10/2019]
Metin Gurcan, Al Monitor

Turkey’s Erdogan tests the limits of Trump’s threats [10/10/2019]
Adam Taylor, Washington Post

After Trump's betrayal, Syrian Kurds face tough choices [10/10/2019]
Bashdar Pusho Ismaeel, Middle East Eye

How Trump Just Destroyed His Own Syria Strategy [09/10/2019]
Josh Rogin, The Washington Post

The US played down Turkey’s concerns about Syrian Kurdish forces. That couldn’t last. [09/10/2019]
Amanda Sloat, Brookings Institution

Trump’s Syria announcement is a change of speed — not a change of direction [09/10/2019]
Morgan L. Kaplan, Washington Post

Turkey’s Endgame in Syria: What Erdogan Wants [09/10/2019]
Gonul Tol, Foreign Affairs

Turkey’s Syria Offensive Puts Alliance with U.S. Near Breaking Point [09/10/2019]
Soner Cagaptay, Axios

The sharp shift on Syria [09/10/2019]
Brigid O'Farrell, The Interpreter

Trump’s betrayal of Kurds fits long history of western duplicity [09/10/2019]
Vincent Durac, Irish Times

Donald Trump's Syria Withdrawal: Are We Asking the Right Questions? [09/10/2019]
Paul R. Pillar, National Interest

Turkey wants to destroy us. Trump just gave them a green light. [09/10/2019]
Hemin Kobane, Washington Post

Trump’s Syria Withdrawal Doesn’t Put America First, It Puts Our Adversaries First [09/10/2019]
Blaise Misztal, Daily Caller

Sinking Deeper into the Syrian Quagmire [09/10/2019]
Ali Tuygan, EDAM

Turkey Has Legitimate Grievances Against the U.S. [08/10/2019]
Michael Doran & Michael A. Reynolds, Wall Street Journal

Turkey Prepares for Action in Northeast Syria: Military-Strategic Assessment [08/10/2019]
Can Kasapoğlu, EDAM

What Donald Trump’s decision to abandon Kurdish fighters in Syria means for the Kurds, Assad and Russia [08/10/2019]
Ali Bilgic, The Conversation

“Aliados passam a duvidar da ajuda de Trump” após abandono dos curdos [08/10/2019]
José Pedro Teixeira Fernandes, Renascença

Turkey’s Syria move aims to solve several problems but could create new ones [08/10/2019]
Bulent Aras, Middle East Eye

‘Too big to handle’: Turkey invasion of Syria risks provoking ire from all sides [08/10/2019]
Borzou Daragahi, The Independent

Fighting impeachment at home, Trump surrenders in Syria [08/10/2019]
Joe Macaron, Al Jazeera

Trump’s Troop Withdrawal Gives Turkey Access to Syria—and ISIS Space to Rebuild [08/10/2019]
Dana Stroul, NBC News

In Syria, America Had No Good Options [07/10/2019]
Susan E. Rice, The Atlantic

Trump’s Jacksonian Syria Withdrawal [07/10/2019]
Walter Russell Mead, Wall Street Journal

The Syrian Conflict Is About to Intensify [07/10/2019]
Steven A. Cook, CFR

SDF's Arab Majority Rank Turkey as the Biggest Threat to NE Syria: Survey Data on America's Partner Forces [07/10/2019]
Amy Austin Holmes, Wilson Center

The Implications of a Turkish Intervention in Northeastern Syria [07/10/2019]
Will Todman, CSIS

As the Syrian Civil War drags on, the world must not turn its back on it [06/10/2019]
Janine di Giovanni, The National

Syria ‘safe zone’: What’s in it for Kurds? [22/09/2019]
Arnab Neil Sengupta, Rudaw

The State of the Turkish-Kurdish Conflict [12/08/2019]
Max Hoffman, Center for American Progress

Hard Truths in Syria: America Can’t Do More With Less, and It Shouldn’t Try [05/2019]
Brett McGurk, Foreign Affairs

Trump's Syria decision leaves Kurdish allies in the lurch [20/12/2018]
Robert Malley, Axios

The Implications of the Syrian War for new Regional Orders in the Middle East [09/2018]
Rami G. Khouri, CIDOB


Kurdes: la honte et la guerre [11/10/2019]
Le Monde

Turkey's illegal invasion of Syria could have irrevocable consequences [10/10/2019]
The National

Infinite crisis: On Turkish incursion into Syria [10/10/2019]
The Hindu

For the PKK in Syria, the end is here [09/10/2019]
Daily Sabah

La diplomatie irresponsable de Donald Trump [08/10/2019]
Le Monde

Trump and Syria: damage has been done [08/10/2019]
The Guardian

Does Donald Trump Know What His Syria Policy Is? [07/10/2019]
New York Times

The safe zone plays to Erdogan's imperial aims [07/10/2019]
The National

Trump’s Syria decision reflects his stunning ignorance of the situation [07/10/2019]
Washington Post

Erdogan’s attack on Syrian Kurds is a bid to flex his muscles [05/08/2019]
The National 



Kremlin tells YPG to withdraw or 'be mauled' by Turkish army [23/10/2019]
Daily Sabah

YPG continues pullout from Syria safe zone, some militants disguise as civilians: sources [21/10/2019]
Mustafa Kirikçioğlu, Daily Sabah

Turkey’s Border Towns Pay Deadly Price for Erdogan’s Syria Incursion [21/10/2019]
Carlotta Gall and Mauricio Lima, New York Times

ISIS Reaps Gains of U.S. Pullout From Syria [21/10/2019]
David D. Kirkpatrick and Eric Schmitt, New York Times

Turkey to take necessary steps in Syria after meeting with Putin: Erdoğan [21/10/2019]
Huriyet Daily News

Abandoned by U.S. in Syria, Kurds Find New Ally in American Foe [21/10/2019]
Ben Hubbard, Charlie Savage, Eric Schmitt & Patrick Kingsley, New York Times

The U.S. Spoiled a Deal That Might Have Saved the Kurds, Former Top Official Says [14/10/2019]
Christopher Dickey & Spencer Ackerman, Daily Beast

Syrie: l’UE ne parvient pas à imposer un embargo sur les ventes d’armes à la Turquie [14/10/2019]
Le Monde

Syrian troops enter towns in northeast as Erdogan warns of wider offensive [14/10/2019]
Erin Cunningham, Sarah Dadouch & Kareem Fahim, Washington Post

Réduits à solliciter le renfort de Damas, les Kurdes pleurent la fin d’un monde [13/10/2019]
Allan Kaval, Le Monde

U.S. Military to Withdraw from Northern Syria [13/10/2019]
Nancy A. Youssef & Gordon Lubold, Wall Street Journal

Lindsey Graham: Trump’s vow to sanction Turkey 'a game changer’ [13/10/2019]

Chaos in Syria: ISIS Detainees Escape as the U.S. Pulls Out [13/10/2019]
Robin Wright, New Yorker

ISIS Supporters Escape Syria Camp, U.S. Troops Pull Out as Turkish Forces Advance [13/10/2019]

As Trump withdraws U.S. forces from northern Syria, his administration scrambles to respond [13/10/2019]
Karen DeYoung, Dan Lamothe, Missy Ryan & Kareem Fahim, Washington Post

Kurds strike deal with Russia and Syria to stem Turkish assault [12/10/2019]
Chloe Cornish, Laura Pitel & Lauren Fedor, Financial Times

Turkey takes control of Syria's Ras al-Ayn as op enters fourth day [12/10/2019]
Hurriyet Daily News

In Syria, U.S. pullout and Turkish assault sparks exodus to anywhere that feels safe [12/10/2019]
Louisa Loveluck, Erin Cunningham & Asser Khattab, Washington Post

U.S. troops caught in Turkish shelling [11/10/2019]

Turkey says Syria push 'won't stop' despite displacement concerns [11/10/2019]
Al Jazeera

France Says EU Summit Will Discuss Turkey Sanctions Next Week [11/10/2019]

Christian Communities in Northeast Syria Are the Target of a Turkish Attack for the First Time in Over a Century [11/10/2019]
Matthew Petti, National Interest

How far will Turkey go with its invasion of Syrian Kurdistan? [11/10/2019]
Paul Iddon, Rudaw

Turkey intensifies Syria campaign as Islamic State strikes Kurds [11/10/2019]
Daren Butler & Ellen Francis, Reuters

US, Russia refuse to issue joint statement on Turkey’s Syria operation in divided UNSC session [11/10/2019]
Hurriyet Daily News

ISIS Rears Its Head, Adding to Chaos as Turkey Battles Kurds [11/10/2019]
Carlotta Gall & Patrick Kingsley, New York Times

Intel: How Trump is trying to get ahead of Congress on Turkey sanctions [11/10/2019]
Bryant Harris, Al Monitor

‘Operation Peace Spring’ enters third day, ‘neutralizes’ 342 terrorists [11/10/2019]
Hurriyet Daily News

Pentagon Chief: ‘We Are Not Abandoning the Kurds’ [11/10/2019]
Lara Seligman, Foreign Policy

NATO ally Norway suspends new arms sales to Turkey over Syria offensive [11/10/2019]
Times of Israel

Turkey Syria offensive: Heavy fighting on second day of assault [10/10/2019]

Russia understands Turkey's border security concerns, says Russian FM [10/10/2019]
Hurriyet Daily News

Europe ‘Lacks Leverage’ Over Turkey Amid Erdogan Migrant Threat [10/10/2019]
France 24

Turkish offensive in Syria a success, will go on, leaders say [10/10/2019]
Darryl Coote, UPI

Trump not worried about Isis fighters fleeing Syria because ‘they’re going to be escaping to Europe’ [10/10/2019]
Samuel Osborne, The Independent

Turkey’s Erdogan warns EU not to call Syria operation an ‘invasion,’ threatens to let Syrian refugees flood Europe [10/10/2019]
Associated Press

Russia and Iran reaction to Syria assault likely to most concern Erdoğan [10/10/2019]
Patrick Wintour, The Guardian

Turkey military operation much larger than anticipated: analysts [10/10/2019]
Tessa Fox, Al Jazeera

World reacts to Turkey's military operation in northeast Syria [10/10/2019]
Al Jazeera

Turkish offensive triggers exodus of aid workers from Syria [10/10/2019]
Peter Beaumont & Martin Chulov, The Guardian

Los republicanos se desmarcan de Trump y negocian con los demócratas sanciones a Turquía [10/10/2019]
Pablo Guimón, El País

U.N. Security Council to discuss Syria on Thursday after Turkey takes military action: diplomats [09/10/2019]
Michelle Nichols, Reuters

Turkey’s invasion of Syria presents dilemma for Russia [09/10/2019]
Michael Jansen, Irish Times

Trump downplays U.S. alliance with Syrian Kurds, saying ‘they didn’t help us in the Second World War’ [09/10/2019]
Karen DeYoung, Missy Ryan & Dan Lamothe, Washington Post

Iran Holds Military Drills Near Turkey, Tells It to Stop Syria Attack [09/10/2019]
Tom O'Connor, Newsweek

La operación turca en Siria empuja a los kurdos al diálogo con Damasco [09/10/2019]
Natalia Sancha, El País

Turkey plans a Syrian ‘safe zone.’ Advocates fear a ‘death trap.’ [09/10/2019]
Siobhán O'Grady, Washington Post

'On the edge of a humanitarian catastrophe': Turkish offensive begins [09/10/2019]
Martin Chulov & Mohammed Rasool, The Guardian

Erdogan orders Turkish offensive against northern Syria as Kurds mobilize civilian defense [09/10/2019]
Kareem Fahim, Karen DeYoung & Asser Khattab, Washington Post

Trump shifts tone on Turkey in effort to halt Syria invasion [09/10/2019]
Robert Burns, Matthew Lee & Deb Riechmann, Associated Press

Kurdish forces mobilize in Syria amid worries Turkey will invade region [09/10/2019]
Yaron Steinbuch, New York Post

IS claims attack on Raqqa as Kurds brace for Turkish assault [09/10/2019]
Middle East Online

Republicans assail Trump’s decision to pull troops from northern Syria as Turkey readies offensive [08/10/2019]
Karen DeYoung, Missy Ryan, Kareem Fahim & Sarah Dadouch, Washington Post

Kurdistan Region officials call on Russia to protect Kurds in northern Syria [08/10/2019]
Faidhi Dri, Rudaw

Turkish invasion of Syria: What happens now? [08/10/2019]
Gulf News

Turkish invasion of Syria would be 'godsend' for ISIS, experts warn [08/10/2019]
NBC News

Turkey fires first shots: Ankara bombs Kurdish supply route ahead of invasion to create a 'peace corridor' along border just hours after Trump pulls US troops - as president reveals he has invited Erdogan to the White House next month [08/10/2019]
Daily Mail

Trump declares ‘time for us to get out’ of Syria as Republicans object [07/10/2019]
Boston Globe

Trump Endorses Turkish Military Operation in Syria, Shifting U.S. Policy [07/10/2019]
Eric Schmitt, Maggie Haberman & Edward Wong, The New York Times

Las milicias kurdas entregan a El Asad una ciudad estratégica para impedir el avance turco [29/12/2018]
Juan Carlos Sanz, El País

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