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Vaccine Geopolitics
8 | february | 2021

Even before most covid-19 vaccines were approved, the world's richest countries had already ordered millions of vaccines, despite calls from the WHO that these agreements could hinder access to vaccination for poorer countries warning against "vaccine nationalism" and that the pandemic is global and requires global vaccination. COVAX, an initiative to provide access to equitable treatment and vaccination, has distributed vaccines around the world, but access to vaccines remains unequal between different parts of the world.


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Comment les commandes de vaccins illustrent la nouvelle géopolitique mondiale de la santé [18/05/2021]
Pierre Breteau, Le Monde

Webinar IPRI-NOVA/TSF: A Geopolítica da Vacina [01/03/2021]
Diana Soller, Alexandra Magnólia Dias, João Reis Nunes e Ricardo Alexandre, IPRI-NOVA & TSF

Géopolitique de la course au vaccin contre le Covid-19 [22/02/2021]
Le Grand Continent


Opinions & Analysis
AstraZeneca vaccine: Did nationalism spoil UK's 'gift to the world'? [08/02/2022]
Fergus Walsh, BBC

Relativizing The Success Of China's "Vaccine Diplomacy" [01/02/2022]
Detlef Nolte, DGAP

Engagement Reframed #1: Vaccinate the world [01/02/2022]
Mathew Burrows & Evan Cooper, Atlantic Council

COVID-19 vaccine inequity allowed Omicron to emerge [14/12/2021]
Dawn ME Bowdish & Chandrima Chakraborty, The Conversation

Omicron: Vaccine nationalism will only perpetuate the pandemic [28/11/2021]
Fatima Hassan, Al Jazeera

How to End Vaccine Apartheid [09/11/2021]
Vidya Krishnan, Foreign Policy

Covid-19: «La concurrence géopolitique est venue perturber l’idée même d’une esquisse de distribution équitable des différents vaccins» [28/10/2021]
Alain Frachon, Le Monde

Covid Vaccine Apartheid and the Failure of Global Cooperation [06/09/2021]
Stephen Brown, CIPS

COVID-19 vaccines: Is it worth continuing funding the COVAX flop? [01/09/2021]
Magali Chelpi-den Hamer, IRIS

COVID-19 : géopolitique de l'immunité collective [08/2021]
Patrick Allard, Politique étrangère

An era of ‘Vaccine Diplomacy’, and the geopolitical stakes of the state actors in the time of health crisis [06/08/2021]
Arbër Fetahu, Espresso.Insights

Why the Chinese and Russian Vaccines Haven't Been the Geopolitical Wins They Were Hoping For [02/08/2021]
Ian Bremmer, Time

COVID-19 Vaccination Certificates and Their Geopolitical Discontents [15/07/2021]
Tsung-Ling Lee, EJRR

Vaccine Geopolitics and the EU’s Ailing Credibility in the Western Balkans [08/07/2021]
Ana E. Juncos, Carnegie Europe

The G20 Must Act Now to Vaccinate the World [07/07/2021]
Jeffrey D. Sachs & Juliana Bartels, Project Syndicate

Geopolítica de la salud: vacunas, gobernanza y cooperación [07/2021]
Eduard Soler i Lecha (ed.), CIDOB

Russia’s corona diplomacy and geoeconomic competition: A Sputnik moment? [01/07/2021]
Sinikukka Saari, FIIA

Learning the Tough Lessons of Vaccine Geopolitics [30/06/2021]
Dave Keating, IPQ

Vaccine nationalism is killing us. We need an internationalist approach [17/06/2021]
Rogelio Mayta, KK Shailaja and Anyang’ Nyong’o, The Guardian

Epidemiology, not geopolitics, should guide COVID-19 vaccine donations [08/06/2021]
Thomas J Bollyky, Christopher J L Murray & Robert C Reiner Jr, The Lancet

Géopolitique du Covid-19: quel bilan un an après? [29/05/2021]
Anne Sénéquier, IRIS

Masks, vaccines, and investment promises: The geopolitics of China’s COVID-19 Health Diplomacy [28/05/2021]
Moritz Rudolf, Verfassungsblog

Industrial Policy Saved Europe’s Vaccine Drive [10/05/2021]
Caroline De Gruyter, Foreign Policy

Solidarity during Covid-19 at national, regional and global levels: An enabler for improved global pandemic security and governance [04/05/2021]
Mika Aaltola, Johanna Ketola, Karoliina Vaakanainen & Aada Peltonen, FIIA

Vaccines Will Shape the New Geopolitical Order [29/04/2021]
Simon Frankel Pratt & Jamie Levin, Foreign Policy

The EU needs a global vaccination strategy - right now [28/04/2021]
Michael Meyer-Resende, EU Observer

Vaccine diplomacy: soft power lessons from China and Russia? [27/04/2021]
Michael Leigh, Bruegel

Vaccine nationalism hurts the whole world [25/04/2021]
Shashi Shekhar, Hindustan Times

Serbia Has Its Own Vaccine Diplomacy in Balkans [16/04/2021]
Vuk Vuksanovic, CEPA

Vaccines Open an Opportunity for U.S. Diplomacy in the Caribbean [16/04/2021]
Wazim Mowla, RealClearWorld

The wrong way to fight vaccine nationalism [08/04/2021]
Josh Rogin, Washington Post

An equitable vaccine rollout must prioritize the most vulnerable around the world [06/04/2021]
Darren Walker, Washington Post

Vaccins contre le Covid-19 : un test à l’échelle du monde [16/03/2021]
François Godement, Institut Montaigne

COVID-19: the geopolitics of the vaccine, a weapon for global security [15/03/2021]
Rafael Vilasanjuan, Elcano

Uma estratégia comum em apuros: a Comissão e as vacinas contra a covid-19 [12/03/2021]
José Pedro Teixeira Fernandes, Público

The 'Cold War' diplomacy behind Covid-19 vaccines [11/03/2021]
Allison Carragher, EU Observer

Poor countries may not be vaccinated until 2024. Here’s how to prevent that. [10/03/2021]
Matthew Kavanagh & Madhavi Sunder, Washington Post

Yes, export bans on vaccines are a problem, but why is the supply of vaccines so limited in the first place? [05/03/2021]
Deborah Gleeson, The Conversation

A diplomacia das vacinas [05/03/2021]
André Duchiade, Globo

Vaccine nationalism will block our path out of the pandemic – so how do we resist our tribal instinct? [03/03/2021]
Hanna Zagefka, The Conversation

How to quickly ramp up global vaccine production [01/03/2021]
Gauri Khandekar & Miguel Otero-Iglesias, Politico

Vaccine Geopolitics Could Derail Africa’s Post-Pandemic Recovery [24/02/2021]
Zainab Usman, CEIP

Inside Chile’s World-Class Vaccination Campaign [22/02/2021]
Brendan O’Boyle, Americas Quarterly

The U.S.-China Global Vaccine Competition [18/02/2021]
Derek Scissors & Dan Blumenthal American Enterprise Institute

Russia’s ‘geopolitical’ vaccine: Is Sputnik too good to be true? [17/02/2021]
Helen Collis & Carlo Martuscelli, Politico

Will China Be a Global Vaccine Leader? [12/02/2021]
Deborah Seligsohn, ChinaFile

Vaccine Diplomacy: A New Cold War [11/02/2021]
Genaro Lozano, Americas Quarterly

Global Crisis, Unequal Problems: If vaccines and recovery remain a developed country luxury, we will remain locked in crisis [05/02/2021]
Jorge Moreira da Silva, OECD

No to vaccine nationalism, yes to global cooperation [04/02/2021]
Thankom Arun & Reji Joseph, The Hindu

Vaccine Nationalism Harms Everyone and Protects No One [02/02/2021]
Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Foreign Policy

Vaccine Geopolitics, “Big” and “Small”, and Europe’s Challenge [29/01/2021]
Luiza Bialasiewicz, Green European Journal

More than 85 poor countries will not have widespread access to coronavirus vaccines before 2023 [27/01/2021]

The geopolitics of covid vaccines in Europe’s eastern neighbourhood [27/01/2021]
Asli Aydıntaşbaş, Joanna Hosa, Tefta Kelmendi, Kadri Liik, Engjellushe Morina, Nicu Popescu, Pavel Slunkin, ECFR

Geopolitics complicates Ukraine’s vaccine quest [27/01/2021]
Pavlo Kovtoniuk, Atlantic Council

China’s Health Diplomacy during Covid‑19: The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in Action [26/01/2021]
Moritz Rudolf, SWP

Vaccine geopolitics, ‘big’ and ‘small’, and Europe’s challenge [11/01/2021]
Luiza Bialasiewicz, Open Democracy

Vaccine Nationalism Will Prolong the Pandemic [29/12/2020]
Thomas J. Bollyky & Chad P. Bown, Foreign Affairs

Britain’s Vaccine Nationalism [03/12/2020]
Tom Mctague, The Atlantic

Le vaccin contre le Covid-19 et les grandes ambitions chinoises [18/11/2020]
Huang Yanzhong, institute Montaigne

The Tragedy of Vaccine Nationalism: Only Cooperation Can End the Pandemic [10/2020]
Thomas J. Bollyky & Chad P. Bown, Foreign Affairs

Why ‘vaccine nationalism’ could doom plan for global access to a COVID-19 vaccine [07/09/2020]
Adam Kamradt-Scott, The Conversation

The ultimate geopolitical game — distributing a coronavirus vaccine
Ashleigh Furlong, Politico

The vaccine race: will public health prevail over geopolitics? [07/06/2020]
Suerie Moon, Global Challenges


La vacunación: un éxito europeo [06/07/2021]
El País

The dangers of vaccine nationalism [21/03/2021]
The Observer

Israël et le vaccin contre le Covid-19 : une victoire et un faux pas [26/02/2021]
Le Monde

Vaccine nationalism: think again [28/01/2021]
Foreign Affairs


La vaccination, miroir des inégalités mondiales [28/12/2021]
Le Grand Continent

EU fears losing geopolitical clout as vaccine donations lag [19/10/2021]
Hans Von Der Burchard & Ashleigh Furlong, Politico

Inégal accès au vaccin: le FMI alerte sur un monde post-pandémique divisé en deux blocs [30/07/2021]
Le Grand Continent

Beijing’s diplomacy more effective than its vaccines [23/04/2021]
Sarah Wheaton & Ashleigh Furlong, Politico

Compétition géopolitique sur fond de course aux vaccins [04/04/2021]
Ximena Sampson, Radio Canada

Meet Russia's Trash-Talking Vaccine [01/04/2021]
Mark Scott & Carlo Martuscelli, Politico

Covid: en Tunisie, la réception de 1 000 doses de vaccin offertes par les Emirats fait polemique [02/03/2021]
Le Monde

Redemption shot: von der Leyen begins fightback on EU vaccine rollout [02/03/2021]
Sam Fleming, Michael Peel & Guy Chazan, Financial Times

South Asia’s vaccine geopolitics [21/02/2021]
Christopher Tan, Nepali Times

New WTO boss warns against vaccine nationalism [16/02/2021]
Jonathan Josephs, BBC News

China: A Coronavirus Vaccine Superpower? [16/02/2021]
Ethen Kim Lieser, 1945

Balkans: Are geopolitics getting in the way of COVID-19 vaccines? [13/02/2021]
Boris Georgievski, DW

Iran’s vaccination drive becomes ensnared in geopolitics [11/02/2021]
Najmeh Bozorgmehr, Financial Times

Covid: How Serbia soared ahead in vaccination campaign [10/02/2021]
Guy Delauney, BBC News

Le vaccin anti-Covid au cœur des stratégies géopolitiques [29/01/2021]
Romain Brunet, France 24

Vaccines Turn Into Geopolitics in Europe’s Most Volatile Region [22/01/2021]
Jasmina Kuzmanovic, Misha Savic, and Jan Bratanic, Bloomberg

In Vaccine Geopolitics, a Great Game Played With Ukrainians’ Health [09/01/2021]
Maria Varenikova, New York Times

How Safe Is Russia's Vaccine? [29/12/2020]
Ethen Kim Lieser, 1945

Germany and Europe Could Fall Short on Vaccine Supplies [18/12/2020]
Markus Becker, Veronika Hackenbroch, Martin Knobbe, Christoph Schult & Thomas Schulz, Der Spiegel

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres Warns 'Vaccine Nationalism' Is Moving at Full Speed [09/12/2020]

Vaccine Nationalism Is Doomed to Fail [08/12/2020]
Yasmeen Serhan, The Atlantic

Scientists Worry About Political Influence Over Coronavirus Vaccine Project [07/12/2020]
Sharon LaFraniere, Katie Thomas, Noah Weiland, Peter Baker & Annie Karni, New York Times

The Long Haul of Vaccine Results Is Just Beginning [01/12/2020]
Sarah Zhang, The Atlantic

Vaccins anti-Covid: outre l’aspect sanitaire, des enjeux géopolitiques et économiques majeurs [23/09/2020]
Pauline Fréour, Le Figaro

Les pays riches auraient réservé la moitié des futures doses de vaccins [17/09/2020]
Le Figaro

Pour acheter des vaccins, les pays pauvres écrasés par les pays riches [01/09/2020]
Le Figaro

Explained: Vaccine nationalism, and how it impacts the Covid-19 fight [23/07/2020]
Abhishek De, Indian Express

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