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India & Pakistan escalating tensions
4 | April | 2019

After a terrorist attack, the shot of fighter jets raised the level of tensions between the two nuclear powers in South Asia over the disputed region of Kashmir. Pakistan, as a gesture of good faith, released the Indian pilot captured on February 27. Will this step be enough to avoid further escalation of violence?



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Factbox: India and Pakistan - nuclear arsenals and strategies [01/03/2019]
Zeba Siddiqui, Reuters

Timeline: India-Pakistan relations [01/03/2019]
Asad Hashim, Al Jazeera

From Suicide Bombing to Captured Pilot: A Timeline of the Latest Crisis in Kashmir [28/02/2019]

Kashmir: Why India and Pakistan fight over it [27/02/2019]


Opinions & Analysis
ISPE: ¿Un conflicto de baja intensidad? [03/2019]
Política Exterior

China will not pick sides in India-Pakistan disputes [10/03/2019]
Li Qingqing, Global Times

Why India and Pakistan Avoided Nuclear War [07/03/2019]
Phillip Orchard & Xander Snyder, Geopolitical Futures

The Latest India-Pakistan Standoff Raises the Stakes for Future Crises [07/03/2019]
Kristine Lee & Ben Lamont, CNAS

India versus Pakistan -- on the brink [06/03/2019]
Athar Abbas, Nikkei Asian Review

For One Week, India and Pakistan Sunk Into a Miasma of Lies [06/03/2019]
Farhad Manjoo, New York Times

Be Very Worried About What Just Happened in India and Pakistan [06/03/2019]
Adil Najam, The Hill

The India-Pakistan Crisis Is More Dangerous Than Ever [06/03/2019]
Srinath Raghavan, Carnegie India

Civilian versus Militant: Kashmir, Islam, and the Brewing IndoPak War [06/03/2019]
Zunaira Komal, Jadaliyya

Cachemira durante el gobierno de Modi [05/03/2019]
Ana Ballesteros Peiró, ES Global

The subcontinent was just a heartbeat away from nuclear war [05/03/2019]
Nicholas Stuart, Sidney Morning Herald

In Kashmir, Afghanistan Talks May Hold the Key to Peace [04/03/2019]
Vasuki Shastry, Chatham House

India must use every option to cripple Pakistan’s military-jihadi complex now [04/03/2019]
Minhaz Merchant, Daily O

India-Pakistan tensions: Who won the war of perceptions? [04/03/2019]
Ajai Shukla, Al Jazeera

Khan’s victory over Modi [04/03/2019]
Yasser Latif Hamdani, Daily Times

National character of India [04/03/2019]
Muhammad Khan, Pakistan Observer

Measured response [04/03/2019]
Muhammad Usman, Pakistan Observer

The India-Pakistan Crisis Is Not Over [03/03/2019]
Arif Rafiq, National Interest

Pakistan Imposes Conflict Escalation Template on India. [03/03/2019]
Subhash Kapila, SAAG

That’s not cricket [03/03/2019]
Ahmer Naqvi, Dawn

Getting better of Pakistan is too small an ambition for India [03/03/2019]
Aakar Patel, National Herald of India

Is war an option? [03/03/2019]
Omar Iftikhar, Pakistan Observer

Now, the diplomatic battle [03/03/2019]
Munir Akram, Dawn

The Young Suicide Bomber Who Brought India and Pakistan to the Brink of War [02/03/2019]
Basharat Peer, New York Times

Why has Kashmir been forgotten? [02/03/2019]
Samreen Mushtaq & Mudasir Amin, Al Jazeera

Pakistan’s proactive foreign policy and India [02/03/2019]
Muhammad Hanif, Pakistan Observer

After Balakot, time for a diplomatic offensive [02/03/2019]
Maya Mirchandani, Observer Research Foundation

India versus Pakistan in the court of global opinion [02/03/2019]
Sreeram Chaulia, Nikkei Asian Review

India-Pakistan tension: Is there a role for SAARC? [02/03/2019]
K. Yhome, Observer Research Foundation

Understanding the Mixed Signals From Pakistan [02/03/2019]
Mohammed Ayoob, The Hindu

India and Pakistan enter a new, dangerous era [01/03/2019]
Myra MacDonald, Politico

India’s Media Is War-Crazy [01/03/2019]
Vaishnavi Chandrashekhar, Foreign Policy

Why India and Pakistan Are Fighting Over Kashmir Again [01/03/2019]
Lindsay Maizland, CFR

Pakistan released the Indian pilot. But it needs to do more for peace. [01/03/2019]
Husain Haqqani, Washington Post

Hold My Chai: Escalation and De-Escalation Scenarios in South Asia [01/03/2019]
Hijab Shah & John Schaus, CSIS

The intrusion of domestic politics in Kashmir tensions [28/02/2019]
Priya Chacko, Lowy Interpreter

Why Modi must not play the ‘statesman’ and agree to enter into dialogue with Pakistan [28/02/2019]
Sushant Sareen, Daily O

India should aim for ‘escalation dominance’ over Pakistan [28/02/2019]
Ramesh Thakur, The Strategist

Modi and Khan Must Discount Short-Term Gains [28/02/2019]
Farzana Shaikh, New Statesman America

India and Pakistan on the Brink [28/02/2019]
Sudha Ramachandran, The Diplomat

India has made its point in Pakistan. Time to let the diplomats do the hard talk. [28/02/2019]
Barkha Dutt, Washington Post

Ending the India-Pakistan Crisis Requires a Courageous Narendra Modi [28/02/2019]   
Ankit Panda, The Atlantic

India and Pakistan at the Brink, Foreign Policy Heads Into the Unknown in South Asia [27/02/2019]        
Alyssa Ayres, The Print

India-Pakistan: Shadow Dancing in the Himalayas [27/02/2019]
David Brewster, Lowy Interpreter

Kashmir: India and Pakistan’s escalating conflict will benefit Narendra Modi ahead of elections [27/02/2019]
Sita Bali, The Conversation

Narendra Modi and Imran Khan are playing a dangerous game of brinkmanship [27/02/2019]
Faisal Al Yafai, The National

India and Pakistan Have Lost Control of the Narrative [27/02/2019]
Mihir Sharma, Bloomberg

India and Pakistan resort to the diplomacy of violence — and flirt with catastrophe [26/02/2019]
Christopher Clary, Washington Post

Avenging Pulwama: Surgical strikes to force Pakistan rethink? [26/02/2019]
Kriti M. Shah, Observer Researh Foundation

How the U.S. Can Avert an India-Pakistan War [26/02/2019]
Hal Brands, Bloomberg

Raising the Costs for Pakistan [26/02/2019]
Smruti S Pattanaik, Economic Times

Heightened Tensions in South Asia [26/02/2019]
Entrevista a Richard M. Rossow, CSIS

Pakistan will not change, India has to prepare better [25/02/2019]
Ashley J. Tellis, Economic Times

Mohammed bin Salman walks the India-Pakistan tightrope [25/02/2019]
Prasanta Kumar Pradhan, IDSA

We Should Have Seen This India-Pakistan Crisis Coming [22/02/2019]
Michael Kugelman, Foreign Policy

Pulwama Attack: Time to Get the Messaging Right [20/02/2019]
Vivek Chadha, IDSA


India and Pakistan Pull Back From the Brink, For Now [06/03/2019]
Stratfor Worldview

The week after: on India-Pak relations [04/03/2019]
The Hindu

Effective diplomacy needed [04/03/2019]

India heating up LoC [04/03/2019]
Pakistan Observer

Nuclear-armed India, Pakistan should show restraint over military tensions [04/03/2019]

An unbecoming attitude [03/03/2019]
Daily Times

India vs Pakistan score reads 1-1. Can we make it win-win? [03/03/2019]
Khaleej Times

Towards normality [02/03/2019]

Pakistan should have attended OIC moot [02/03/2019]
Daily Times 

Pakistan’s olive branch [02/03/2019]
Pakistan Observer

India and Pakistan Should De-Escalate Now [01/03/2019]
The Wire

India, Pakistan must pull back from brink [28/02/2019]
The Straits Times

India and Pakistan edge towards conflict – but sense should prevail [28/02/2019]
The Independent

Aggression and swift response [28/02/2019]
Pakistan Observer

India, Pakistan need to rein in their animosity [28/02/2019]
China Daily

Trump in Asia: the crisis is in Kashmir [27/02/2019]
The Guardian

Give peace a chance [26/02/2019]
Pakistan Observer

Kashmir: the world’s most dangerous place [25/02/2019]
The Guardian

The Kashmir attack leaves the U.S. and India facing a dilemma about Pakistan [18/02/2019]
Washington Post


Pakistani Jet? U.S. Count Says No. [04/04/2019]
Lara Seligman, Foreign Policy

Man arrested over Kashmir grenade attack [08/03/2019]

India-Pakistan tensions: All the latest updates [07/03/2019]
Al Jazeera

Satellite images show madrasa buildings still standing at scene of Indian bombing [06/03/2019]
Martin Howell, Gerry Doyle & Simon Scarr, Reuters

In Pakistan-administered Kashmir, a shrinking pro-freedom space [04/03/2019]
Asad Hashim, Al Jazeera

Always be ready to respond to any aggression from the adversary: Air Chief Marshal [04/03/2019]
Daily Times

IAF jets shoot down Pakistani drone that crossed border in Rajasthan [04/03/2019]
India Today

Pakistan airspace fully reopened, says aviation authority [04/03/2019]

Balakot strike ‘did not cause much damage’, admits BJP leader [04/03/2019]
Pakistan Observer

In Pakistan-administered Kashmir, a shrinking pro-freedom space [04/03/2019]
Asad Hashim, Al Jazeera

Pak forces remain on alert despite ‘calm along LoC’ [04/03/2019]
Pakistan Observer

Pakistan restores Samjhauta Express services to India [04/03/2019]
Khaleej Times

India must use every option to cripple Pakistan’s military-jihadi complex now [04/03/2019]
Minhaz Merchant, Daily O

U.S. tries to safeguard Afghan peace push from India-Pakistan crisis [04/03/2019]
Phil Stewart & Idrees Ali, Michelle Nichols, Reuters

US to probe misuse of F-16 fighter jets by Pakistan in raid on Kashmir [03/03/2019]                       
Khaleej Times

India, Pakistan resume shelling in Kashmir [02/03/2019]
Sidney Morning Herald

India, Pakistan resume shelling in Kashmir [02/03/2019]
Sidney Morning Herald

Abhinandan Varthaman release: World leaders work behind the scenes to avert India-Pakistan conflict [01/03/2019]
Suhasini Haidar & Kallol Bhattacherjee, The Hindu

As India, Pakistan stand down, Kashmir remains on precarious edge [01/03/2019]
Zahid Rafiq, Al Jazeera

Abhinandan Varthaman release: World leaders work behind the scenes to avert India-Pakistan conflict [01/03/2019]
Suhasini Haidar & Kallol Bhattacherjee, The Hindu

Le Pakistan fait un « geste de paix » vers l’Inde et va libérer le pilote capturé [28/02/2019]
Le Monde

Why the War for Kashmir Burns On [28/02/2019]
Dexter Filkins, New Yorker

What's at stake as India-Pakistan tensions rise? [28/02/2019]
India Today

While Two Nuclear Powers Were On The Brink Of War, A Full-Blown Online Misinformation Battle Was Underway [28/02/2019]
Pranav Dixit & Nishita Jha, BuzzFeed

India and Pakistan in 'uncharted waters' [27/02/2019]
Soutik Biswas, BBC

Prisoner of 'war': Pakistan parades Indian pilot after shooting down two jets as Imran Khan tells New Delhi 'better sense' is needed 'given the weapons we have' and raises spectre of nuclear conflict [27/02/2019]
Daily Mail

India builds bunkers to protect families along Pakistan border [27/02/2019]
Krishna N. Das & Mukesh Gupta, Reuters

Pakistan says it has shot down Indian jets after Kashmir cross-border attack [27/02/2019]
Michael Safi, Mehreen Zahra-Malik & Azhar Farooq, The Guardian

Viewpoint: Balakot air strikes raise stakes in India-Pakistan stand-off [26/02/2019]

Balakot: Indian air strikes target militants in Pakistan [26/02/2019]

'Absolutely necessary': India says airstrike hit major militant camp inside Pakistan [26/02/2019]
Sidney Morning Herald

Indian Fighter Jets Strike Target in Pakistan in Severe Escalation of Tensions Between Nuclear Rivals [25/02/2019]
Joanna Slater, The Washington Post

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