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Sudan Uprising
22 | July | 2019

After several months of protests against Omar al-Bashir's regime, the Military toppled the president and the Defence Minister has sworned in as the head of the transitional military council. Nonetheless the people continues on the streets demanding a civil leadership to Sudan and real regime change.



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PROFILE: The Man Who Terrorized Darfur Is Leading Sudan’s Supposed Transition [15/05/2019]
Jérôme Tubiana, Foreign Policy

Abdel Fattah Abdel Rahman Burhan [Jefe de la junta militar]


Opinions & Analysis
Patada a seguir en Sudán [22/07/2019]
Jesús A. Núñez Villaverde, Elcano

The Ruthless Gold Mercenaries Who Run Sudan [22/07/2019]
Alex de Waal, BBC

What Happens in Sudan Doesn’t Stay in Sudan [19/07/2019]
Michael Woldemariam & Alden Young, Foreign Affairs

The Gulf-backed counter-revolution in Khartoum [02/07/2019]
Giorgio Cafiero & Khalid Al-Jaber, Middle East Institute

From Camel Herder to Dictator [02/07/2019]
Alex de Waal, Foreign Policy

‘I’m Against All of the Laws of This Regime’: What Sudan’s Women Want [02/07/2019]
Samia al-Nagar & Liv Tonnessen, African Arguments

Who can unlock the current impasse in Sudan? [01/07/2019]
Luka Biong Deng Kuol, Sudan Tribune

Sudan revolution: How women's participation reveals societal fissures [01/07/2019]
Azza Ahmed Abdel Aziz, Middle East Eye

Can Sudan’s Military Be Convinced to Support Democracy? [25/06/2019]
Nathaniel Allen & Sharan Grewal, War on the Rocks

Will Gulf Nations Tip the Balance in Sudan Crisis? [20/06/2019]
Claire Felter & Zachary Laub, CFR

Is It Too Late to Save Sudan's Revolution? [17/06/2019]
Richard Downie, World Politics Review

Why Transitional Justice is Essential for Sudan? [17/06/2019]
Kamal Abdel Rahman, Sudan Vision

Letter from Africa: 'Sudan's revolutionaries offline but not silenced' [17/06/2019]
Zeinab Mohammed Salih, BBC

If you want to help Sudan, amplify the voices of those suffering its horrors [16/06/2019]
Nesrine Malik, The Guardian

A Ray of Hope [16/06/2019]
Muawad Mustafa Rashid, Sudan Vision

Massacre and Uprising in Sudan [13/06/2019]
Shireen Akram-Boshar & Brian Bean, Jacobin Mag

Sudan is heading for atrocity once again. The UK government must not sit by [13/06/2019]
Kate Ferguson, The Guardian

Khartoum sit-in may be gone, but its dream of a democratic Sudan remains [12/06/2019]
Hiba Morgan, Al Jazeera

Elections Can Spare Sudan From Divisions [11/06/2019]
Abdulrahman Al-Rashed, Asharq Al-Awsat

Sudanese Opposition Needs Stronger International Support [11/06/2019]
Michelle Gavin, CFR

Democracy Recedes in Its Cradle, Along With Stability [09/06/2019]
Hazem Saghieh, Asharq Al-Awsat

Why the Sudanese people stand 'alone' [08/06/2019]
Nanjala Nyabola, Al Jazeera

Sudan: Stopping a Spiral into Civil War [07/06/2019]
International Crisis Group

Motivated by hope [05/06/2019]
Wini Omer, Qantara

This Is How Our Revolution in Egypt Failed. Sudan, Please Be Warned [05/06/2019]
Osama Gaweesh, African Arguments

Will Sudan’s military crush hope for democracy? [05/06/2019]
Ishaan Tharoor, Washington Post

Frankenstein à Khartoum [04/06/2019]
Sarra Majdoub, Orient XXI

The Risks of Civil War in Sudan [04/06/2019]
Soufan Group

Sudán, contrarrevolución a la egipcia [04/06/2019]
Luz Gómez García, El País

Sudan: how Arab autocrats conspired to thwart reformists' hopes [03/06/2019]
Simon Tisdall, The Guardian

Sudanʹs deadly counter-revolutionary militia [03/06/2019]
Karim El-Gawhary, Qantara

Difficult Questions Remain for Peace and Stability in Post-Bashir Sudan [03/06/2019]
Nasredeen Abdulbari, Global Observatory

The Checkered Past of Sudan’s Hemedti [29/05/2019]
Mohamed Elagami, TIMEP

A Critical Six Months for South Sudan [05/2019]
International Crisis Group

New histories for an uncharted future in Sudan [17/05/2019]
Noah Salomon, Africa is a Country

The Struggle for Sudan Spills Across Borders [08/05/2019]
Soufan Group

Saudi Arabia’s sudden interest in Sudan is not about friendship. It is about fear [05/05/2019]
Nesrine Malik, The Guardian

The many mothers of Sudan's revolution [04/05/2019]
Nisrin Elamin & Tahani Ismail, Al Jazeera

Is Sudan a new regional battleground? [02/05/2019]
Jonathan Marcus, BBC

After Bashir [02/05/2019]
Zachariah Mampilly, Foreign Affairs

Sudan's Protesters Plot Next Stage of Revolution [01/05/2019]
David Pilling, Financial Times

Sudan: protesters plot the next stage of the revolution [30/04/2019]
David Pilling, Financial Times

People Power Is Rising in Africa [25/04/2019]
Zoe Marks, Erica Chenoweth, and Jide Okeke, Foreign Affairs

What’s Next for Sudan’s Revolution [23/04/2019]
Alex de Waal, Foreign Affairs

‘Old Wine in Old Bottles?’ A Security Q and A on Post-Coup Sudan [22/04/2019]
Andrew McGregor, Terrorism Monitor

The Gulf’s Interests in Sudan’s Political Transition [19/04/2019]
Annalisa Perteghella, ISPI

Bashir’s greatest mistake was to annoy Sudan’s ‘Mama Mboga’ [18/04/2019]
Charles Onyango-Obbo, Daily Nation

Sudan ousted two autocrats in three days. Here’s what’s next. [15/04/2019]
Mai Hassan & Ahmed Kodouda, Washington Post

Five Things to Watch in Sudan’s Transition [15/04/2019]
Africa Center for Strategic Studies

It Takes a Village to Make a Monster [15/04/2019]
Rebecca Hamilton, Foreign Policy

A Cruel April in the Sudan Spring? [12/04/2019]
Alex de Waal, African Arguments

In Sudan, Omar al-Bashir Is Out and the Army Takes Over [11/04/2019]
Alex de Waal, The New York Times

President Omar al-Bashir Is Out. What Is Next for Sudan? [11/04/2019]
Michelle Gavin, CFR

Sudan’s national salvation [11/04/2019]
Alden Young, Africa is a Country

Protest art in Sudan’s uprising [22/03/2019]
Larissa-Diana Fuhrmann, Africa is a Country

Sudán: la ‘revuelta del pan’ y ¿el final de Al Bashir? [07/03/2019]
Jesús Díez Alcalde, ES Global

Hopes for a Green October in Sudan [03/02/2019]
Taghreed Elsanhouri, Africa is a Country

Soudan. Le grondement de colère de la jeunesse [22/01/2019]
Tarek Cheikh, Orient XXI

Soudan: «Le pouvoir d’Omar el-Béchir ressent la pression, c’est une évidence» [07/01/2019]
Entretien a Rashid Saeed, Jeune Afrique


Sudan Drafting Committee Fails Again to Finalize Agreement on Power-Sharing [12/07/2019]
Sudan Tribune

Sudan's military says it thwarted 'coup' attempt [12/07/2019]
Radio Tamazuj

Amid stalemate, Sudanese struggle to cope with economic crisis [12/07/2019]
Al Jazeera

Sudan: Is it being exploited by foreign powers? [10/07/2019]
BBC News

UN: Sudan Must Respect Human Rights to Achieve Peace and Stability [10/07/2019]

Mobile Internet Access Slowly Restored in Sudan [09/07/2019]
Al Jazeera

Opposition Calls for International Support to End Impunity in Sudan [09/07/2019]
Sudan Tribune

25 Civil Society Organisations Petition AU over Militarization of Public Spaces in Khartoum [08/07/2019]
Sudan Tribune

Sudan transition deal to be finalised by Monday [06/07/2019]
Al Jazeera

Sudan protest leaders celebrate power-sharing deal with military [05/07/2019]
David Pilling & Siddarth Shrikanth, Financial Times

In Sudan, a Power-Sharing Deal Propelled by a Secret Meeting and Public Rage [05/07/2019]
Declan Walsh, New York Times

Sudan crisis: Military and opposition agree power-sharing deal [05/07/2019]

Sudan's opposition and military leaders resume stalled negotiations [03/07/2019]
Middle East Eye

Scores of protesters wounded and seven dead on Sudan's streets [01/07/2019]
Zeinab Mohammed Salih, The Guardian

Sudan's military sidesteps protesters with lobbying and rallies [28/06/2019]
Kaamil Ahmed, Middle East Eye

Sudan protest leaders call for marches on June 30 [25/06/2019]
Africa News

U.S. to consider sanctions in case of more Sudan violence [25/06/2019]
Patricia Zengerle, Reuters

Sudan military ready to restore 'warm ties' with Eritrea [25/06/2019]
Africa News

Sudan’s Protesters Accept Roadmap for Civilian Rule [23/06/2019]
Hussein Malla & Samy Magdy, Associated Press

TMC: Country Won’t Bear More Vacuum, Calls for Finding Speedy Solution [17/06/2019]
Sudan Vision

Ousted Al Bashir Appears before Prosecution Office for Combating Corruption [17/06/2019]
Al-Sammani Awadallah, Sudan Vision

Sudanese Military Council: We Have Popular Mandate to Form Government of Technocrats [17/06/2019]
Asharq Al-Awsat

Sudan’s military council suspends decree on UN sites [15/06/2019]
Daily Times

Soudan: les États-Unis et l’opposition réclament une enquête internationale sur la répression des militaires [15/06/2019]
Jeune Afrique

Sudan Ousted a Brutal Dictator. His Successor Was His Enforcer. [15/06/2019]
Declan Walsh, New York Times

Sudan military acknowledges violations in sit-in dispersal [14/06/2019]
Bassam Hatoum & Noha Elhennawy, Washington Post

Sudanese fear growing violence in east of country caused by security vacuum [13/06/2019]
Mohammed Amin, Middle East Eye

Sudan Army Arrests Dozens of Islamist Officers [13/06/2019]
Asharq Al-Awsat

Dozens of Sudanese officers 'arrested for refusing to use violence against protesters' [13/06/2019]
Kaamil Ahmed, Middle East Eye

Militares y oposición vuelven a negociar en Sudán [12/06/2019]
José Naranjo, El País

New Military Coup Attempt Thwarted in Sudan, Arabic Media Claims [12/06/2019]

Sudan Opposition Official to Asharq Al-Awsat: Revolt Will Be Victorious [12/06/2019]
Asharq Al-Awsat

“Muchas mujeres en Sudán han salido a luchar y han liderado a la gente” [12/06/2019]
Carlos Bajo Erro, El País

Le Soudan, théâtre des rivalités mondiales [11/06/2019]
Tanguy Berthemet, Le Figaro

Sudan talks to resume soon as opposition halts strikes, says mediator [11/06/2019]

Sudan rebel leader 'deported' as military steps up street patrols [11/06/2019]
The Guardian

Gobierno de Sudán aumenta presencia militar ante bloqueos [10/06/2019]

'Build barricades, then run': Sudan's protesters find new tactics for civil disobedience [09/06/2019]
Kaamil Ahmed, Middle East Eye

La violencia acecha la frágil transición democrática en Sudán [08/06/2019]
Francesca Cicardi, El Diario

Sudan Protesters Want Civil Disobedience to Pressure Military Council [08/06/2019]
Asharq Al-Awsat

Ethiopia Suggests Power Division, Democratic Transition and Compromise for Sudan Crisis – Reports [08/06/2019]

Sudan: Security forces detain opposition leaders after meeting with Ethiopia PM [07/06/2019]
Middle East Eye

Sudan crisis: African Union membership suspended [06/06/2019]

Sudan’s Capital on Lockdown as Protesters Recall Violence That Killed at Least 60 [06/06/2019]
Jason Patinkin & Max Bearak, The Washington Post

Sudan crisis: 40 bodies pulled from Nile, opposition says [05/06/2019]

Hemeti - the warlord who may control Sudan’s future [05/06/2019]

Los militares de Sudán anuncian elecciones en nueve meses [04/06/2019]
José Naranjo, El País

Sudan's opposition calls on Arab states to end support for military council [04/06/2019]
Middle East Eye

Huelga general en Sudán para forzar a los militares a ceder el poder [28/05/2019]
José Naranjo, El País

Al-Jazeera Says Sudan Shuts Down Bureau Amid Sit-In Threat [23/05/2019]
Omar Akour & Jon Gambrell, Associated Press

Soudan: un accord «complet» sur la transition attendu « dans un bref délai» [20/05/2019]
Jeune Afrique

Sudan Revolution Struggles to Keep Momentum [16/05/2019]
Katrin Kuntz, Der Spiegel

Sudan military rulers suspend talks with protesters for 72 hours [16/05/2019]
Al Jazeera

Military Council, Forces of Freedom and Change Reached Agreement [15/05/2019]

Hope, Skepticism as Sudan's Military, Opposition Reach Deal [15/05/2019]
Naba Mohiedeen, VOA

Increase of Sit-In Area this Morning [15/05/2019]

El cambio de régimen se atasca en Sudán [12/05/2019]
José Naranjo, El País

Soudan: pourquoi Omar el-Béchir échappe-t-il toujours à la justice internationale? [11/05/2019]
Léa Masseguin, Jeune Afrique

Sudan army chief says Sharia law must be legislation source [08/05/2019]

Sudan protesters reject army's position on civilian rule [03/05/2019]

Sudan army rejects civilian majority in ruling council [03/05/2019]

Sudan Deposed a Dictator, but Will Real Change Follow? [02/05/2019]
Ben C. Solomon, Yousur Al-Hlou & Seth Dalton, New York Times

Sudan revolution: old regime 'everywhere' [30/04/2019]

Sudan crisis: Three top generals agree to quit as protests continue [25/04/2019]

[Infographie] Soudan: une opposition mobilisée et hétérogène [25/04/2019]
Jules Crétois & Wided Nasraoui, Jeune Afrique

Sudan crisis: 'Million-strong march' for civilian rule [25/04/2019]

Prominent Sudan protester says revolution seeks removal of whole regime [23/04/2019]

Sudan's Bashir transferred to jail notorious for holding political prisoners during his regime [17/04/2019]
Nima Elbagir & Yasir Abdullah, CNN

Uganda says it would 'consider' granting Bashir asylum [17/04/2019]
Daily Nation

Omar Al-Bashir thrown into prison in north Khartoum [17/04/2019]
Daily Nation

Soudan: l’Union africaine menace le pays de suspension si le Conseil militaire reste au pouvoir [16/04/2019]
Jeune Afrique

Sudan military ruler sacks prosecutor-general after protesters' demand [16/04/2019]
Daily Nation

Sudan’s New Military Council Vows to Name Civilian Premier [15/04/2019]
New York Times

Los manifestantes de Sudán exigen un gobierno civil y que se juzgue a Al Bashir [15/04/2019]
El País

Soudan : qui est Abdel Fattah al-Burhane, le nouveau général à la tête de la transition? [13/04/2019]
Jeune Afrique

Sudan’s Military Says It Won’t Extradite Omar Hassan al-Bashir [12/04/2019]
Declan Walsh & Joseph Goldstein, The New York Times

Soudan: le soulèvement continue malgré la destitution d’Omar el-Béchir [12/04/2019]
Jules Crétois & Wided Nasraoui, Jeune Afrique

Soudan: Omar el-Béchir destitué par l’armée [11/04/2019]
Jules Crétois, Jeune Afrique

Reinas, móviles y la revuelta sudanesa [10/04/2019]
Carlos Bajo Erro, El País

Miles de sudaneses exigen a su Ejército que fuerce la caída de Al Bashir [09/04/2019]
José Naranjo, El País

Au Soudan, les femmes au cœur de l’Intifada [09/04/2019]
Jules Crétois, Jeune Afrique

Sudan’s doctors treating the political ailments of the nation [02/03/2019]
Abdulrazig S. Hummaida & Khalid M. Dousa, Africa is a Country

El presidente de Sudán declara el estado de emergencia durante un año y disuelve el Gobierno [22/02/2019]
El País

Las protestas en Sudán causan la muerte de 30 personas en un mes [27/01/2019]
José Naranjo, El País

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