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Venezuela in Crisis 
23 | July | 2019

The launch of the last phase of Operation Libertad by Juan Guaidó, which the self-named interim president believed would lead to the resignation of Nicolás Maduro, deepened the impasse in Venezuela. In Latin America, the balance of powers is played between countries, but also the impact of non-regional powers, such as the USA, Russia, China and the EU.

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Maduro vs. Guaidó: A Global Scorecard (Infographics) [04/02/2019]
Amy Mackinnon, Foreign Policy

Comunicado do Governo sobre a situação na Venezuela [04/02/2019]
Portal Diplomático

Continuing U.S. Diplomatic Presence in Venezuela - Press Statement [23/01/2019]
Michael R. Pompeo, Secretary of State

Declaration by the High Representative on behalf of the European Union on latest developments in Venezuela [23/01/2019]
Council of the EU 

Declaración del Gobierno Revolucionario: Debe cesar la agresión contra Venezuela [23/01/2019]

Maduro is a usurper. It’s time to restore democracy in Venezuela [15/01/2019]
Juan Guaido, Washington Post 


Opinions & Analysis
Dialogue in Barbados: will it yield results? [23/07/2019]
Roberto Mansilla Blanco, Global Americans 

“Las torturas en Venezuela son sistemáticas” [11/07/2019]
Entrevista a Cristopher Figuera, El País

Venezuela’s Inconvenient Truth: U.S. Sanctions Are Failing the People [10/07/2019]
Francisco Rodríguez, New York Times

The Armed Forces in the Venezuelan crisis [02/07/2019]
Roberto Mansilla Blanco, Global Americans

Power and Paranoia in Caracas [02/07/2019]
Ivan Briscoe, Foreign Affairs 

Preparing for a Venezuela After Maduro [24/06/2019]
James Dobbins, Foreign Affairs 

The Venezuela crisis is going to get much worse — and Trump will get the blame [23/06/2019]
Jackson Diehl, Washington Post

Stabilizing Venezuela: Preparing for the Day After [21/06/2019]
Frank O. Mora, CFR

Why Venezuela Needs Russia [20/06/2019]
Taylor Valley, National Interest

Is It Time to Cut U.S. Losses in Venezuela? [19/06/2019]
Ted Galen Carpenter, CATO

Negotiating Venezuela’s Transition [11/06/2019]
Abraham F. Lowenthal & David Smilde, New York Times

One Way to Bring Down Maduro and His Cronies: Indictments [03/06/2019]
Fernando Cutz, New York Times

Why Venezuela’s Regime Hasn’t Collapsed [30/05/2019]
Laura Gamboa Gutiérrez, Foreign Affairs

Deadlocked Venezuela [23/05/2019]
Andrés Cañizález, Global Americans

Five Ways Spain Can Lead on Venezuela [20/05/2019]
Irene Estefanía González & Ben Raderstorf, Americas Quarterly

The Morning After Maduro in Venezuela [17/05/2019]
Fabiana Sofia Perera, War on the Rocks

Russia and Cuba Could End the Venezuelan Catastrophe [16/05/2019]
Jorge Castañeda, NY Times

Quo vadis Venezuela? [14/05/2019]
Armando Chaguaceda, Global Americans

Venezuelan Democracy Was Strangled by Cuba [14/05/2019]
Jorge C. Carrasco, Foreign Policy

What Happens Next in Venezuela? [10/05/2019]
Moises Rendon, CSIS

Venezuela Isn’t Ready for Elections. The UN Could Help Change That. [09/05/2019]
Beatriz Borges, Americas Quarterly

Great Power Intrigue In Venezuela [09/05/2019]
Maximilian Hess, Riddle

How a Political Tug-of-War Between America and Russia Could Ruin Venezuela [08/05/2019]
Clay Fuller & Ryan Berg, National Interest

Military Force Will Not Achieve U.S. Objectives in Venezuela [08/05/2019]
Doug Bandow, National Interest

Our Venezuelan Embassy protest aims to push peace and diplomacy over war [07/05/2019]
Medea Benjamin, Washington Post

Russia's Venezuela Motives: It's About the U.S., Not Maduro [07/05/2019]
Fred Weir, CS Monitor

Fast and Furious in Venezuela [06/05/2019]
Peter Schechter, ISPI

To Help Venezuela, America Must First Help Herself [06/05/2019]
Clay Fuller, AEI

Putin Is Ready to Give Up Venezuela for the Right Price [05/05/2019]
Vladimir Frolov, Moscow Times

Was a Russian Plot Behind the Venezuela Coup? [05/05/2019]
Annika Hernroth, Daily Beast

War in Venezuela? Let's Study That Time U.S. Invaded Cuba [04/05/2019]
Daniel Davis, National Interest

Caracas and the ‘Uncanny Valley’ of Socialism [04/05/2019]
Boris Zelkin, American Greatness

Trump Should Target Maduro Mafia to Restore Democracy in Venezuela. [03/05/2019]
Nate Sibley, The Hill

What the history of coups in the Middle East tells us about Venezuela [02/05/2019]
Drew Holland Kinney, Washington Post

America Must Lead on Venezuela [02/05/2019]
Steve Waugh, National Interest

Let Venezuela Decide Its Own Destiny [02/05/2019]
Patrick Buchanan, The American Conservative

Don't Blame Washington For Venezuela's Oil Woes [02/05/2019]
Hausmann & Muci, Am. Quarterly

Opposition's gambit stalls after day of tumult rocks Venezuela [01/05/2019]
Shannon K. O'Neil, Axios

It's the Military That Holds the Key to the Future of Venezuela [01/05/2019]
Eric Farnsworth, NPR

Guaidó's Risky Bet Paid Off, Barely [01/05/2019]
Mac Margolis, Bloomberg View

America's Coup Attempt in Caracas [01/05/2019]
Damon Linker, The Week

Will Guaidó's Gamble Pay Off? [01/05/2019]
Christopher Sabatini, Foreign Policy

How an Elaborate Plan to Topple Maduro Went Wrong [01/05/2019]
Uri Friedman, The Atlantic

Why is Russia clashing with the United States over Venezuela? [01/05/2019]
Emily Tamkin, Washington Post

Did Trump fumble an uprising in Venezuela? [01/05/2019]
Ishaan Tharoor, Washington Post

En torno a la palabra “disidente” [30/04/2019]
Ibsen Martínez, El País

Escupiendo hacia arriba [30/04/2019]
Juan Jesús Aznarez, El País

The bitter truth about what’s happening in Venezuela [30/04/2019]
Francisco Toro, Washington Post

Why Military Rebellion in Venezuela Is Not a Coup [30/04/2019]
Andres Oppenheimer, Miami Herald

Will Venezuela become South America's Afghanistan? [30/04/2019]
Roberto Valladares & Nicola Morfini, Al Jazeera

Coexistencia democrática en Venezuela [29/04/2019]
Temir Porras, El País

Juan Guaidó: ¿héroe, mártir o traidor? [28/04/2019]
Anna Ayuso, Beers & Politics

Trump’s Misguided Policies Are a Gift to Venezuela’s Maduro [23/04/2019]
Shannon K. O'Neil, Bloomberg

Blackouts in Venezuela: why the power system failed and how to fix it [22/04/2019]
Lisa Viscidi & Nate Graham, Elcano

La trampa venezolana [16/04/2019]
Érika Rodríguez, El País

Will Pressure Bring Down Venezuela’s Government? [09/04/2019]
Ivan Briscoe, ICG

Venezuela’s power struggle reaches a tense stalemate, as human suffering deepens [04/04/2019]
David Smilde, The Conversation

How to Stop Venezuela’s Hyperinflation? Brazil Offers an Idea. [03/04/2019]
Monica de Bolle, Americas Quarterly

Waiting for Guaidó: This is about more than Venezuela; it’s about the future of the liberal international order [03/04/2019]
Christopher Sabatini, Global Americans

Trump has a Russia problem in Venezuela [02/04/2019]
Ishaan Tharoor, Washington Post

What My Fellow Liberals Don’t Get About Venezuela [01/04/2019]
Joanna Hausmann, New York Times

Trump’s intervention in Venezuela has stalled — because Caracas knows he’s bluffing [31/03/2019]
Jackson Diehl, Washington Post

The Kremlin Prepares to Defend Venezuela’s Maduro Regime by All Means [28/03/2019]
Pavel Felgenhauer, Eurasia Daily Monitor

Is Venezuela where Trump finally stands up to Putin? [28/03/2019]
Fareed Zakaria, Washington Post

Los generales de Guaidó [26/03/2019]
Ibsen Martínez, El País

“Hay mucho miedo en las Fuerzas Armadas, mucha persecución” [14/03/2019]
Entrevista a Juan Guaidó, El País

Can there be a peaceful exit from the Venezuelan crisis? [09/03/2019]
George Ciccariello-Maher, Al Jazeera

As Guaidó Returns to Venezuela, Priorities Are De-escalation and Elections [06/03/2019]
Adriana Erthal Abdenur & Robert Muggah, Global Observatory

La proyección internacional del conflicto venezolano [04/03/2019]
Asbel Bohigues & Fran Olucha-Sánchez, Política Exterior

Guaido's military mutiny miscalculation [03/03/2019]
Asa Cusack, Al Jazeera

Why are progressives more focused on disagreeing with Trump than countering a dictator? [02/03/2019]
Max Boot, Washington Post

What’s Good for Maduro Is Bad for Chavismo [01/03/2019]
Daniel Lansberg-Rodríguez, Foreign Policy

The most effective way to help Venezuelans: Stop politicizing aid [01/03/2019]
Jeremy Konyndyk, Washington Post

The Dictator of Venezuela Earns His Title [27/02/2019]
Jorge Ramos, New York Times

How Socialism Broke Venezuela [02/2019]
Joshua Muravchik, Commentary

¿Qué hacer ahora con Venezuela? [26/02/2019]
Patricio Navia, El Libero

How to Avoid a War in Venezuela [26/02/2019]
Jeffrey D. Sachs & Francisco Rodríguez, Project Syndicate

There Is Still a Way Out of Venezuela’s Stalemate [26/02/2019]
Michael Albertus, Foreign Policy

Abandoning even the mention of the military option is the best way to bring about regime change in Venezuela [26/02/2019]
Patricio Navia, Global Americans

In Venezuela, Time Is Not on Maduro’s Side [26/02/2019]
Eli Lake, Bloomberg

How Venezuela’s pro-democracy movement has learned from past mistakes [26/02/2019]
Isabella Picón & Maria J. Stephan, Washington Post

Will Maduro’s Supporters Abandon Him? [25/02/2019]
Ivan Briscoe, Foreign Affairs

What does authoritarianism have to do with Venezuela’s food fight? Everything. [25/02/2019]
Amy Erica Smith, Vox

What’s going on in Venezuela? [25/02/2019]
Ruby Mellen, Washington Post

La crisis de Venezuela y el tablero geopolítico internacional [25/02/2019]
Carlos Malamud & Rogelio Núñez, Elcano

With U.S. Military Action, Venezuela Could Become the Libya of the Caribbean [25/02/2019]
Francisco Toro, The Washington Post

Venezuela: a humanitarian and security crisis on the border with Colombia [21/02/2019]
Annette Idler, The Conversation

Venezuela's Maduro Needs to Go, But U.S. Military Intervention Isn't the Way [21/02/2019]
Aryeh Neier, Americas Quarterly

International Intrigue Over Venezuela’s Gold Could Help Decide Maduro’s Fate [21/02/2019]
Frida Ghitis, World Politics Review

The Guaidó Generation [20/02/2019]
Andrés Cañizález, Global Americans

Humanitarian Aid Ready to Enter Venezuela on February 23 [20/02/2019]
Moises Rendon, CSIS

Amnistía en la encrujicada [20/02/2019]
Jessica Almqvist, El País

Mexico Is Making the Wrong Bet on Venezuela [19/02/2019]
Shannon K O'Neil, Bloomberg

Cómo China se empantanó en Venezuela [18/02/2019]
Javier Borràs i Arumí, ES Global

Venezuela’s Guaido On Humanitarian Crisis, Potential Political Transition [18/02/2019]
Entrevista a Juan Guaidó, PBS NewsHour

How Maduro Is Holding Desperate Venezuelans Hostage [18/02/2019]
Francisco Toro, The Washington Post

¿Qué salida tiene el laberinto venezolano? [02/2019]
Anna Ayuso & Susanne Gratius, CIDOB

Putin in Caracas [14/02/2019]
Moisés Naím, El País

Venezuela: polarización más allá de la ideología [13/02/2019]
Asbel Bohigues Y Fran Olucha-Sánchez, Política Exterior

What's Next For Venezuela As Political Tensions Continue To Grow [13/02/2019]
Entrevista a Cynthia Arnson, NPR

“Los militares viven la crisis. Tienen los mismos dilemas que nosotros” [13/02/2019]
Entrevista a Stalin González, El País

La crisis venezolana y la llegada de ayuda humanitaria [13/02/2019]
Carlos Malamud, Elcano

Civil Society in Venezuela Under Maduro’s Government [11/02/2019]

Guaidó backed an amnesty plan for Venezuela’s military. How might that play out? [11/02/2019]
Mieczysław P. Boduszyński & Victor Peskin, Wasgington Post

3 Major Scenarios For Venezuela [10/02/2019]
Andres Oppenheimer, Miami Herald

A Visit With Venezuela’s Interim President [08/02/2019]
Annika Hernroth-Rothstein, Wall Street Journal

Yes, conditions in Venezuela are bad. No, we shouldn’t intervene. [08/02/2019]
Stephen Kinzer, Boston Globe

What We Heard in Caracas [07/02/2019]
Robert Malley & Robert Fadel, The Atlantic

How to restore democracy in Venezuela? [07/02/2019]
Felipe González & José Ignacio Torreblanca, ECFR

Exiled General: Why the Venezuelan Military Hasn’t Turned Against Maduro [07/02/2019]
Antonio Rivero, The Washington Post

Recognizing Juan Guaidó as Venezuela’s Leader Isn’t a Coup. It’s an Embrace of Democracy [06/02/2019]
Irwin Cotler & Brandon Silver, Foreign Policy

Venezuela Could Force a Foreign Policy Reckoning for U.S. Progressives [06/02/2019]
Judah Grunstein, World Politics Review

Venezuela – Elections Alone Are Not Enough [02/2019]
Sabine Kurtenbach, GIGA

«Maduro va a salir del poder por las buenas o por las malas» [06/02/2019]
Entrevista a Julio Borges, ABC

Maduro’s Allies: Who Backs the Venezuelan Regime? [05/02/2019]
Rocio Cara Labrador, CFR

Why Did China Stand by Maduro in Venezuela? [05/02/2019]
Matt Ferchen, Washington Post

Recognising Juan Guaidó risks a bloody civil war in Venezuela [04/02/2019]
Temir Porras Ponceleon, The Guardian

European countries' stance on the Venezuelan crisis [04/02/2019]
Emre Gönen, Daily Sabah

Nicolás Maduro must be praying for the US to intervene in Venezuela [04/02/2019]
Simon Jenkins, The Guardian

Russia’s support for Venezuela has deep roots [03/02/2019]
Alexander Gabuev, Financial Times

Russian mercenaries on the march: next stop Venezuela? [01/02/2019]
Sergey Sukhankin, ECFR

In Venezuela, Vladimir Putin fights for his own future [01/02/2019]
The Economist

How South America Ceded the Field in Venezuela [31/01/2019]
Oliver Stuenkel, Foreign Affairs

“En algún momento el descontento de los militares será total” [31/01/2019]
Entrevista a Juan Guaidó, El País

O princípio do fim da tirania [30/01/2019]
Nuno Severiano Teixeira, Público

Venezuela is how ‘illiberal democracy’ ends [30/01/2019]
Anne Applebaum, Washington Post

Democrats should stand for democracy in Venezuela — and democratic values in America [29/01/2019]
Chris Murphy, Washington Post

Why Venezuela's Opposition Is Finally Getting It Right [29/01/2019]
Félix Seijas Rodríguez, Americas Quarterly

¿Por qué China y Rusia siguen apoyando a Maduro? [28/01/2019]
Lautaro Rubbi, Clarín

Venezuela – A Rough Road Ahead [28/01/2019]
International Crisis Group

The Left Keeps Getting Venezuela Wrong [28/01/2019]
James Bloodworth, Foreign Policy

Venezuela does not need another charismatic strongman [28/01/2019]
Maryhen Jimenez Morales, Al Jazeera

What has happened in Venezuela is a coup. Trump’s denial is dangerous [28/01/2019]
Oscar Guardiola-Rivera, The Guardian

Maduro Is Putin’s Man in Caracas [28/01/2019]
Walter Russell Mead, Wall Street Journal

Venezuelans Must Lead in Building Off-Ramp for Maduro [28/01/2019]
Dany Bahar, Ted Piccone and Harold Trinkunas, The Hill

There’s No Path to a Fast Recovery in Venezuelan Oil [27/01/2019]
Julian Lee, Bloomberg

The Oil Market Will Soon Feel the Heat of Turmoil in Venezuela [27/01/2019]
Nick Butler, Financial Times

A Failed Coup in Venezuela [26/01/2019]
Vijay Prashad, The Hindu

The White House’s Move on Venezuela Is the Least Trumpian Thing It’s Done [26/01/2019]
Uri Friedman, The Atlantic

Inside the Trump Administration’s Diplomatic Intervention in Venezuela [26/01/2019]
Josh Rogin, The Washington Post

Venezuela's Friends and Foes Square Off Over Maduro [26/01/2019]

Yes, Venezuela Is a Socialist Catastrophe [25/01/2019]
Bret Stephens, New York Times

Bicefalia en Venezuela [25/01/2019]
Carmen Beatriz Fernández, Política Exterior

Who Is Nicolas Maduro’s Biggest Ally? You, the American Driver [25/01/2019]
Francisco Toro, The Washington Post

Juan Guaidó’s biggest asset, a humble personality, helped unite a fragmented opposition in Venezuela [25/01/2019]
Andres Oppenheimer, Miami Herald

The Venezuelan Opposition's High-Stakes Assault on Maduro [25/01/2019]
Harold Trinkunas, Fooreign Affairs

Venezuela’s Presidential Crisis and the Transition to Democracy [25/01/2019]
José Ignacio Hernández G., CSIS

Trump must not be allowed to dictate Venezuela's democratic recovery [25/01/2019]
Reynaldo Trombetta, The Guardian

Credit for rebellion against Maduro goes to Venezuelan people — not Rubio or Trump [24/01/2019]
Fabiola Santiago, Miami Herald

With Juan Guaidó seizing the presidency, Venezuela’s ‘Latin Spring’ is heating up [24/01/2019]
Markos Kounalakis, Miami Herald

Can Venezuela’s new president restore its democracy? (Podcast) [24/01/2019]
Dany Bahar, Brookings Institution

Nicolás Maduro, the usurper [23/01/2019]
Rut Diamint & Laura Tedesco, Open Democracy

How to End Venezuela's Nightmare [03/12/2018]
Ricardo Hausmann, Project Syndicate


Be Smart About Venezuela’s Future [10/05/2019]

How can Venezuela move forward? [06/05/2019]
Washington Post

How to Get Rid of Nicolás Maduro [03/05/2019]
The Economist

A Treacherous Stalemate in Venezuela [02/05/2019]
New York Times

Don’t call it a coup. Venezuelans have a right to replace an oppressive, toxic regime. [01/05/2019]
Washington Post              

The impasse continues; the people pay [01/05/2019]
The Guardian

Don’t call it a coup. Venezuelans have a right to replace an oppressive, toxic regime. [30/04/2019]
Washington Post

Venezuela’s worsening plight cannot be ignored [29/03/2019]
Financial Times 

Russia’s Venezuelan power play [25/03/2019]
Wall Street Journal

Is Russia Throwing Its Lot in With Maduro? [25/03/2019]
Stratfor Worldview

Venezuela’s Hunger Games [03/03/2019]
New York Times

A peaceful ploy against Venezuela failed. That doesn’t make force the answer. [25/02/2019]
Washington Post

Ayuda humanitaria [25/02/2019]
El País

La crisis se enquista en Venezuela [25/02/2019]
La Vanguardia

Après le show [24/02/2019]
Le Courrier

Venezuela’s Border Standoff [19/02/2019]
New York Times

A broad front is needed to address Venezuela crisis [04/02/2019]
Financial Times

Venezuela: a new Cold War battlefront [29/01/2019]
he National

A Ray of Hope for Venezuela [27/01/2019]
Washington Times

Why Venezuela needs consensus, not conflict [27/01/2019]
The Observer

Crisis in Caracas [26/01/2019]
The Hindu

A Bold, Risky Stroke for Democracy in Venezuela [26/01/2019]
Bloomberg View

In Venezuela, Socialism Has Had Its Usual Success [26/01/2019]
Washington Examiner

Venezuela: its people deserve better [25/01/2019]
The Guardian

Hope for Venezuela [25/01/2019]
Boston Globe

How to hasten the demise of Venezuela’s dictatorship [24/01/2019]
The Economist

Venezuelan Opposition Returning to Barbados to Continue Talks With Government [15/07/2019]

Felipe González: “El diálogo mal planteado solo beneficia a Maduro” [24/06/2019]
J. Morla, El País

UN human rights chief appeals for dialogue in Venezuela [22/06/2019]
Scott Smith and Joshua Goodman, Washington Post

Michelle Bachelet, entre las protestas de la sociedad y la propaganda chavista [20/06/2019]
Daniel Lozano & Diego Santander, El Mundo

With Maduro entrenched in Venezuela, Trump loses patience and interest in issue, officials say [19/06/2019]
Karen DeYoung & Josh Dawsey, Washington Post

Maduro recibe a Bachelet tras liberar a tres presos políticos en Venezuela [19/06/2019]
Daniel Lozano, El Mundo

Venezuelan prosecutor: Opposition leader linked to crimes [18/06/2019]
Scott Smith, Associated Press

La ayuda humanitaria escasea ante el recrudecimiento de la crisis en Venezuela [18/06/2019]
Maolis Castro & Florantonia Singer, El País

Venezuela’s Collapse Frays Its Economic Ties With Russia [17/06/2019]
Anatoly Kurmanaev, New York Times

El chavismo suma dos diputados más a su lista negra [14/06/2019]
Daniel Lozano, El Mundo

El chavismo acusa a ACNUR de inflar las cifras de la diáspora venezolana para "recibir más recursos" [10/06/2019]
Daniel Lozano, El Mundo

Maduro ordena reabrir todos los pasos fronterizos con Colombia [08/06/2019]
Daniel Lozano, El Mundo

Venezuelan Government and Opposition End Talks With No Deal [30/05/2019]
Nicholas Casey, New York Times

Venezuela’s Opposition Leader Juan Guaidó May Negotiate With Maduro [21/05/2019]
Anatoly Kurmanaev, New York Times

Pro-Maduro Activists Evicted From Venezuelan Embassy [16/05/2019]
Courtney McBride, France 24

Venezuela government, opposition in Norway for crucial talks [16/05/2019]
Al Jazeera

Opposition-led congress in Venezuela returns to chambers [15/05/2019]
Fox News

Venezuela's opposition vow to defy Maduro after key figure detained [09/05/2019]
Tom Phillips, The Guardian

Guaidó deputy towed in car to prison in Venezuela crackdown [09/05/2019]
Tom Phillips, The Guardian

Venezuela’s Top Court Targets Opposition Lawmakers [07/05/2019]
Fabiola Sanchez & Christopher Torchia, Washington Times

US lifts sanctions on Venezuelan general who joined uprising against Maduro [07/05/2019]
Tom Phillips, The Guardian

Exclusive: Pence to offer 'carrots' to Venezuela military, warnings to judges [06/05/2019]
Roberta Rampton, Reuters

El plan de Guaidó para el cambio en Venezuela se estanca [06/05/2019]
Francesco Manetto, El País

Venezuela: Le ton monte entre les États-Unis et la Russie [06/05/2019]
Les Infos

How a plot filled with intrigue and betrayal failed to oust Venezuela’s president [03/05/2019]
Anthony Faiola, Washington Post

Secret Venezuela Files Warn About Maduro Confidant [02/05/2019]
Nicholas Casey, New York Times

Venezuela crisis: Dozens injured in clashes in Caracas [02/05/2019]

Venezuela opposition seeks to maintain momentum against the government [02/05/2019]
Anthony Faiola & Mariana Zuñiga, Washington Post

Venezuela becomes Trump’s latest proxy battle with Russia [02/05/2019]
Nahal Toosi, Politico

Venezuela opposition’s plan to oust Maduro crumbles, leaving U.S. to mull next steps [02/05/2019]
Karen DeYoung, Josh Dawsey & Paul Sonne, Washington Post

Guaidó’s Plan for Venezuela Is in Limbo [01/05/2019]
Joe Parkin Daniels, Foreign Policy

Guaidó supporters and Maduro forces clash in second day of Venezuelan protests [01/05/2019]
Mariana Zuñiga, Anthony Faiola & Mary Beth Sheridan, Washington Post

Venezuela: Guaidó calls on supporters to intensify ‘peaceful rebellion’ against Maduro [01/05/2019]
Tom Phillips, Julian Borger & Patricia Torres, The Guardian

El dinero y el poder retienen a la cúpula militar venezolana junto a Nicolás Maduro [01/05/2019]
La Vanguardia

With Maduro Still in Power, Questions About the U.S. Role in Venezuela [01/05/2019]
Mark Landler & Julian E. Barnes, New York Times

Guaidó's uprising seems to have flatlined. What's next for Venezuela? [01/05/2019]
Tom Phillips & Joe Parkin Daniels, The Guardian

Venezuela crisis: Maduro claims coup has been 'defeated' [01/05/2019]
The Guardian

What Is Happening in Venezuela and Why It Matters [01/05/2019]
Megan Specia, New York Times

Venezuela: Moscow persuaded Maduro not to step down, US claims [30/04/2019]
Julian Borger & Joe Parkin Daniels, The Guardian

Brazil backs Venezuela uprising, but says it won't intervene militarily [30/04/2019]

Venezuela : Guaido lance l’opération « Liberté », le gouvernement Maduro dénonce une « tentative de coup d’Etat» [30/04/2019]
Le Monde

Social media remains key to Venezuela’s opposition, despite efforts to block it [30/04/2019]
Drew Harwell &Mariana Zuñiga, Washington Post

Guaidó libera de su arresto a Leopoldo López y convoca a los militares y al pueblo a tomar “las calles de Venezuela” [30/04/2019]
El País

'Operation Blackout is underway': Russia blames US for Venezuela power crisis [23/04/2019]
Tom Phillips, The Guardian

As Venezuela Crisis Drags On, Pompeo Defends U.S. Actions [14/04/2019]
John Hudson, The Washington Post

Venezuela cae 18 puestos y ya es el cuarto país más pobre de Latinoamérica [09/04/2019]
El País

Venezuelan deputy minister says more Russian troops could arrive: Interfax [04/04/2019]

Venezuela: Juan Guaidó stripped of parliamentary immunity [03/04/2019]
Tom Phillips & Patricia Torres, The Guardian

Venezuela: Maduro calls on armed groups to keep order amid electricity rationing [01/04/2019]
Tom Phillips, The Guardian

Maduro declara la “guerra eléctrica” y ordena el racionamiento durante un mês [01/04/2019]
La Vanguardia

Venezuela crisis: Red Cross set to begin crucial aid [30/03/2019]

Venezuela blocks Guaido from office as the opposition scoffs [28/03/2019]
Vivian Sequera & Luc Cohen, Reuters

Venezuela: opposition leader promises final push against Maduro amid new blackout [27/03/2019]
Tom Phillips & Patricia Torres, The Guardian

How Russia sank billions of dollars into Venezuelan quicksand [14/03/2019]
Christian Lowe & Rinat Sagdiev, Reuters

Venezuela power cuts: Blackouts hit Caracas and spread [08/03/2019]

Guaidó appeals to Venezuelan public-sector workers to join anti-government movement [05/03/2019]
Mary Beth Sheridan & Rachelle Krygier, Washington Post

Guaidó regresa hoy a Venezuela desafiando un posible arresto [04/03/2019]
La Vanguardia

‘Losing support by the hour’: Venezuela’s Maduro will be out of power soon, Colombian president says [03/03/2019]
Kevin Sullivan, Washington Post

Rusia y China vetan en la ONU la resolución de EE UU que exigía a Maduro elecciones y permitir la entrada de ayuda [01/03/2019]
Sandro Pozzi, El País

Venezuelan vice president to fly into Moscow for talks on Friday: RIA [27/02/2019]

La economía de la frontera entre Brasil y Venezuela sufre el embate del cierre [27/02/2019]
Naiara Galarraga Gortázar, El País

Venezuela Cushions Blow of Oil Sanctions With Non-U.S. Sales [27/02/2019]
Benoit Faucon & Summer Said, Wall Street Journal

One witness, conflicting evidence: How Venezuelan justice targets the opposition [27/02/2019]
Angus Berwick, Reuters

El Grupo de Lima recalca que la transición en Venezuela debe ser pacífica [26/02/2019]
Santiago Torrado, El País

What next for Venezuela's would-be president? [26/02/2019]
Nicholas Casey & Albinson Linares, Sidney Morning Herald

Pence, in Colombia to Meet Guaido, Announces New Venezuela Sanctions [25/02/2019]
Katie Rogers, New York Times

EE UU llama a sus aliados a congelar los activos petroleros de Venezuela [25/02/2019]
Santiago Torrado & Francesco Manetto, El País

La ‘batalla’ del puente Simón Bolívar se estrella con el muro de los militares [24/02/2019]
Santiago Torrado, El País

As Venezuela Aid Standoff Turns Deadly, Maduro Severs Ties With Colombia [23/02/2019]
The New York Times

Venezuela conta com defesa aérea, mas tem menos poder de fogo que os vizinhos [22/02/2019]
Igor Gielow, Folha de São Paulo

Eleven Venezuela diplomats in U.S. defect since last month: opposition [20/02/2019]

Venezuela Shuts Sea, Air Links to Dutch Islands Amid Turmoil [19/02/2019]
ABC News

Rubio visits Venezuela-Colombia border, says aid will get through [17/02/2019]
Jamie Ehrlich & Kate Sullivan, CNN

Venezuela Opposition Rallies to Tell Maduro: Let Aid In [13/02/2019]

As Maduro Digs In, His Aides Hunt for an Emergency Escape Route [11/02/2019]
Esteban Duarte , Eric Martin & Ilya Arkhipov, Bloomberg

Maduro issues threat to jail Venezuela’s opposition leader [05/02/2019]
Tom Phillips & Joe Parkin Daniels, The Guardian

UPDATE 1-Portuguese bank halted $1.2 bln transfer of Venezuela funds: lawmaker [05/02/2019]

Diecinueve países de la UE reconocen ya a Guaidó como presidente interino de Venezuela [04/02/2019]

European Countries Recognize Guaidó as Venezuela’s Leader, Joining U.S. [04/02/2019]
Richard Pérez-Peña, New York Times

El vicepresidente de EE UU asegura que el tiempo de Maduro ha acabado [02/02/2019]
Yolanda Monge, El País

El Parlamento Europeo se dispone a reconocer a Guaidó como presidente venezolano [30/01/2019]
Bernardo de Miguel, El País

For the Kremlin, Venezuela Is Not the Next Syria [30/01/2019]
Neil MacFarquhar, New York Times

La estrategia coral que resucitó a la oposición y echa el pulso más firme a Maduro [30/01/2019]
Alonso Moleiro & Javier Lafuente, El País

Maduro rechaza adelantar las elecciones presidenciales pese a la presión internacional [30/01/2019]
El País

As protests threaten Maduro’s power, his government punishes once-loyal slums [29/01/2019]
Mariana Zuñiga, Washington Post

How Trump’s Venezuela Sanctions Could Undercut His Iran Policy [29/01/2019]
Keith Johnson, Foreign Policy

U.S. Targets Venezuela With Tough Oil Sanctions During Crisis of Power [29/01/2019]
Edward Wong & Nicholas Casey, The New York Times

Guaido calls for more protests as Maduro displays military might [28/01/2019]
Al Jazeera

Venezuelan security forces offered amnesty if they defect to opposition [28/01/2019]
Joe Parkin Daniels & Patricia Torres, The Guardian

Juan Guaidó: Venezuela has chance to leave chaos behind [28/01/2019]
Virginia López & Tom Phillips, The Guardian

Venezuela: All you need to know about the crisis in seven charts [27/01/2019]
BBC News

Russia denies sending mercenaries to shore up Nicolás Maduro's position [27/01/2019]
Andrew Roth, The Guardian

UK tries to keep EU united in piling pressure on Maduro [27/01/2019]
Patrick Wintour, The Guardian

Pompeo Presses U.N. Security Council on Venezuela [26/01/2019]
Wall Street Journal

Venezuela crisis: Maduro given ultimatum by European leaders [26/01/2019]

Spain, France, Germany Set to Recognize Guaido as Venezuela's Leader [26/01/2019]
Nike Ching, VOA

Venezuelan President Does an About-Face That Allows U.S. Diplomats to Stay [26/01/2019]
Ana Vanessa Herrero & Megan Specia, The New York Times

Exclusive: Kremlin-linked contractors help guard Venezuela's Maduro – sources [25/01/2019]
Maria Tsvetkova & Anton Zverev, Reuters

Venezuela: la crispation est à son comble entre le camp « Maduro » et l’opposition [25/01/2019]
Le Monde

Venezuela’s crisis: How did it get so bad? [24/01/2019]
Siobhán O'Grady, Washington Post

OEA reconhece Guaidó como presidente da Venezuela [24/01/2019]
Brasil 247

Trump says 'all options on table' as Venezuela crisis deepens [24/01/2019]
Joe Parkin Daniels, Mariana Zuñiga & Julian Borger, The Guardian

'Guys with guns' will determine what happens next in Venezuela, former minister says [24/01/2019]
Sam Meredith, CNBC

Venezuela crisis: Maduro cuts ties with US after it recognises opposition leader [24/01/2019]

Venezuela: who is Juan Guaidó, the man who declared himself president?  [23/01/2019]
Joe Parkin Daniels & Mariana Zúñiga, The Guardian

U.S. to defy Venezuelan order for American diplomats to leave Caracas in 72 hours [23/01/2019]
Mariana Zuñiga, Anthony Faiola & Carol Morello, Washington Post

Venezuelan Opposition Leader Declares Himself President, With Trump Backing [23/01/2019]
Keith Johnson & Robbie Gramer, Foreign Policy

OAS Permanent Council rejects Nicolas Maduro’s new term [10/01/2019]
Victoria Gaytan, Global Americans 

Meet the New Face of Venezuela’s Opposition [09/01/2019]
Guillermo Zubillaga, Americas Quarterly

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