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01 | August | 2019

After agreeing to a six-month extension as EU member until 31 October, Britain is more divided than ever on Brexit and facing the mounting challenges to British politics after the resignation of Theresa May and the choice of a new Prime Minister.


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Deal or No Deal: What to Know About Brexit Under Boris Johnson [23/07/2019]
Richard Pérez-Peña, New York Times

Brexit ou «plan B»: que peut-il se passer après le vote des députés sur l’accord de sortie de l’UE? [14/01/2019]
Pierre Breteau, Le Monde

Brexit: All you need to know about the UK leaving the EU [26/11/2018]
Alex Hunt & Brian Wheeler, BBC News

Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration [25/11/2018]
Department for Exiting the European Union

De 2016 à 2021, le laborieux parcours du Brexit en quinze dates [25/11/2018]
Le Monde

Theresa May's draft Brexit deal: what is it and what happens next? [14/11/2018]
Kate Lyons, The Guardian

The EU's response to Brexit
European Council


Opinions & Analysis
The Tories have become the Brexit party [01/08/2019]
Philip Stephens, Financial Times

The Two Jacobs [01/08/2019]
James Meek, London Review of Books

Why Leaving the EU Could Mean Britain Loses Scotland [01/08/2019]
Elliot Ross, The Atlantic

No-deal Brexit was once a sick Tory joke. Now it’s serious [29/07/2019]
Simon Jenkins, The Guardian

A post-Brexit ‘Boris boom’? Stimulus, the pound beating expectations and a possible EU deal may make it happen [29/07/2019]
David Brown, SCMP

The EU must prepare for a no-deal Brexit [28/07/2019]
Wolfgang Münchau, Financial Times

Can Boris Johnson Survive Contact With Brexit Reality? [24/07/2019]
Aleks Eror, World Politics Review

Brexit and the left [23/07/2019]
Neal Lawson, Social Europe

Boris Johnson Is How Britain Ends [22/07/2019]
James Butler, The New York Times

We need the ‘can do’ spirit of 1960s America to help us get out of the EU [21/07/2019]
Boris Johnson, Daily Telegraph

Johnson’s threat to British soft power [18/07/2019]
Gordon Brown, The Daily Star

Brexit: wisdom of crowds proves effective predictor of Britain’s chaotic EU departure [17/07/2019]
Aleks Berditchevskaia & Kathy Peach, The Conversation

Brexit is at an impasse — so let the people decide its fate [16/07/2019]
Margaret Beckett & Dominic Grieve, The Evening Standard

What Is Wrong With Us? [10/07/2019]
Rory Stewart, New Statesman

Royaume-Uni: cap sur le Brexit dur! [05/07/2019]
Frédérique Berrod, The Conversation

No-deal Brexit is a tripwire into economic chaos [05/07/2019]
Carolyn Fairbairn, Financial Times

The insecurity of a new no-deal Brexit Prime Minister [02/07/2019]
Helena Farrand Carrapico, Jocelyn Mawdsley & Richard G. Whitman, LSE Blog

Where Brexit goes, the law shall follow [25/06/2019]
Rebecca Christie, Bruegel

A Brexit Prime Minister Must Offer More Than Glib Slogans [20/06/2019]
Chris Giles, Financial Times

Why a No Deal Brexit Is Now Most Likely [18/06/2019]
Ivan Rogers, Spectator

Boris Johnson is a threat to democracy itself [18/06/2019]
Simon Wren-Lewis, New Statesman

Britain’s Labour Party Has Tried to Appeal to Everyone on Brexit—and Failed [04/06/2019]
Aleks Eror, World Politics Review

Britain Now Confronts a Lost Decade [31/05/2019]
Philip Stephens, Financial Times

Northern Ireland and the backstop: Why 'alternative arrangements' aren't an alternative [29/05/2019]
Sam Lowe, CER

How ambiguity on Brexit is hurting Britain’s main political parties [28/05/2019]
Ryan Bourne, Washington Post

The EU election changes nothing. May’s deal is still the only way forward [27/05/2019]
Simon Jenkins, The Guardian

A second referendum is a bad option for Labour. But it may be the only one left [27/05/2019]
Owen Jones, The Guardian

Corbynism is now in crisis: the only way forward is to oppose Brexit [27/05/2019]
Paul Mason, The Guardian

Theresa May’s Successor May Be Just as Doomed [24/05/2019]
Owen Matthews, Foreign Policy

May Leaves, But Brexit Remains [24/05/2019]
Thomas Raines, Chatham House

The Milkshake Party manifesto [21/05/2019]
Otto English, Politico

Britain divides but doesn’t rule [15/05/2019]
Paul Taylor, Politico

Both Labour and the Tories have gone awol on Brexit [12/05/2019]
Matthew d’Ancona, The Guardian

A Backroom Stitch-Up Won't Solve Brexit [07/05/2019]
Rachel Sylvester, Times of London

Brexit Is Killing the Special Relationship [02/05/2019]
Stephen Paduano, Foreign Policy

Northern Ireland’s peace was already in trouble. Brexit is making things harder to fix. [01/05/2019]
Kimberly Cowell-Meyers, Carolyn Gallaher, Washington Post

Ultra-Remainers Could Score a Massive Own Goal on Brexit [01/05/2019]
Owen Jones, The Guardian

Finding the Real Will of the People [30/04/2019]
Charlene Rohr & Jonathan Grant, RAND

The Spies Who Came in from the Continent [27/04/2019]
Calder Walton, Foreign Policy

Post-Brexit immigration policy that shuts out low-skilled migrants won’t suit anyone [25/04/2019]
Heather Rolfe, The Conversation

Brexit extension: how much will it actually cost the UK to leave the EU? [17/04/2019]
Jonathan Perraton, The Conversation

Brexit des Anglais: pourquoi l’Europe ne peut pas dire « c’est leur problème»? [13/04/2019]
Michel Ghazal, Contrepoints

How things could turn ugly with Brexit [11/04/2019]
Sebastian Mallaby, Washington Post

Brexit extended to October 31: why the EU chose a six-month reprieve for its awkward partner [11/04/2019]
Nieves Perez-Solorzano, The Conversation

Brexit Identities [10/04/2019]
Andrés Velasco, Project Syndicate

Brexit and the harsh reality of any further Article 50 extension [09/04/2019]
David Allen Green, Financial Times

Brexit is just one front in Europe’s battle for its soul [09/04/2019]
Timothy Garton Ash, The Guardian

Why Jeremy Corbyn secretly hopes his Brexit talks with Theresa May will fail [09/04/2019]
Craig Berry, The Conversation

Strong and stable? Britons want a new leader who is willing to break the rules, poll says. [08/04/2019]
Jennifer Hassan & Rick Noack, Washington Post

A long Brexit extension offers a chance to think again [04/04/2019]
Martin Wolf, Financial Times

The value of the customs union to the UK is overrated [04/04/2019]
Larry Elliott, The Guardian

Brexit, Ireland and the Failure of the European Idea [04/04/2019]
Jochen Bittner, New York Times

The road to Brexit: how did the UK end up here? [04/04/2019]
Christopher Fear, The Conversation

Goodbye EU, and goodbye the United Kingdom [04/04/2019]
Philip Stephens, Financial Times

Why, as a Former Remainer, I'd Now Back Leaving EU [03/04/2019]
Piers Morgan, The Spectator

What the Brexit Mess Means for America [03/04/2019]
Paul R. Pillar, National Interest

Could Macron knock Britain out of the EU next week? [03/04/2019]
John Lichfield, The Guardian

The United Kingdom Has Gone Mad [03/04/2019]
Thomas Friedman, New York Times

Theresa May Crosses the Rubicon [03/04/2019]
Robert Peston, Spectator

Theresa May Clearly Thinks Jeremy Corbyn Is Stupid [03/04/2019]
Sean O'Grady, Independent

Theresa May Tears Up Her Red Lines [03/04/2019]
Paul Goodman, Conservative Home

Theresa May was warned about Brexit. She didn’t listen. [02/04/2019]
Anne Applebaum, Washington Post

Le Brexit, une tragicomédie sans issue [02/04/2019]
Dominique Moïsi, Les Echos

Remainers, take note: Much of Europe just wants to excise the British cancer [01/04/2019]
Charles Grant, The Guardian

Britain’s Crisis Isn’t Constitutional. It’s Political. [01/04/2019]
Vernon Bogdanor, Foreign Policy

En finir avec le Brexit grâce aux élections européennes [01/04/2019]
Julien Damon, Le Point

British House Speaker Bercow on His Brexit Role [01/04/2019]
Interview to John Bercow, Der Spiegel

Brexit’s Endgame [01/04/2019]
Peter Kellner, Carnegie Europe

Brexit is no game. But that’s how Tories are treating the indicative votes [01/04/2019]
Barry Gardiner, The Guardian

The Empire Strikes Back: Brexit, History and the Decline of Global Britain [03/2019]
Eoin Drea, Martens Centre

EU has little appetite for another Brexit extension [31/03/2019]
Wolfgang Münchau, Financial Times

Give the people a final say: the case for a referendum is far stronger than in 2016 [31/03/2019]
Matthew d’Ancona, The Guardian

The UK needs a year-long extension on Brexit – to really take back control [30/03/2019]
Gordon Brown, The Guardian

Ireland Faces Tense Week Over Brexit Border Plans [30/03/2019]
Cliff Taylor, Irish Times

Leave vs. Remain caricatures have only added to Brexit’s messiness [30/03/2019]
Megan McArdle, Washington Post

The cost of Brexit to December 2018: Towards relative decline? [30/03/2019]
John Springford, CER

El Brexit y la obsesión de ser una isla [30/03/2019]
Rafa de Miguel, El País

The Irish Border Is a Scar [30/03/2019]
Patrick Radden Keefe, New York Times

The Brexit Hour Has Come [29/03/2019]
Chris Patten, Project Syndicate

Theresa May’s Third Brexit Loss Closes More Doors [29/03/2019]
Amy Davidson Sorkin, New Yorker

Theresa May loses another Brexit vote: here’s why April 12 is now the key date to watch [29/03/2019]
Kenneth Armstrong, The Conversation

The Guilty Men and Women of the UK's National Debacle [29/03/2019]
Anthony Seldon, New Statesman

Brexit indicative votes: what happens next? [28/03/2019]
Chris Stafford, The Conversation

What the Withdrawal 'Separation' Means For Brexit [28/03/2019]
Tom Kibasi, The Guardian

How Theresa May's greatest victory in Europe sowed the seeds of her Brexit defeat [28/03/2019]
James Crisp, Telegraph

Brexit: what a delay means for EU citizens and the settled status scheme [28/03/2019]
Egle Dagilyte, The Conversation

Brexit Fever is Breaking [28/03/2019]
Anatole Kaletsky, Project Syndicate

How Brexit brought Britain’s constitution to the brink [27/03/2019]
Matthew Cole, The Conversation

How the UK lost Brexit battle [27/03/2019]
Tom McTague, Politico

MPs Reject Every Brexit Option - What Next? [27/03/2019]
Katy Balls, Spectator

May’s exit won’t halt Britain’s slow drift into a kind of Brexit civil war [27/03/2019]
Martin Kettle, The Guardian

LBJ’s Harsh Lessons for Theresa May [27/03/2019]
John M. Roberts, Atlantic Council

Brexit Q+A: Theresa May offers to stand down as British prime minister, but there’s a catch [27/03/2019]
Tom Quinn, The Conversation

Let the People Decide on Brexit [26/03/2019]
Hans-Werner Sinn, Project Syndicate

Revoke Brexit? Don’t Hold Your Breath [25/03/2019]
Therese Raphael, Bllooomberg

Rethinking Brexit is the only way forward [23/03/2019]
Fred Kempe, CNBC

Why I am marching against Brexit today [23/03/2019]
Andrew Adonis, The Guardian

Brexit and the Speaker’s Tale [22/03/2019]
Marion Turner, Project Syndicate

The Brexit farce is about to turn to tragedy [22/03/2019]
Robert Cooper, Financial Times

Brexit deadline extended: why Brussels chose these dates and what happens now [22/03/2019]
Nieves Perez-Solorzano, The Conversation

Britain is in a hole – Europe, we need you to dig us out [20/03/2019]
Timothy Garton Ash, The Guardian

The EU should insist on a long extension [20/03/2019]
Nicolai von Ondarza, SWP

How Second Thatcherite Revolution Could Follow Brexit Crisis [20/03/2019]
David Miliband, New Statesman

The Brexit Bind [18/03/2019]
Edward Lucas, CEPA

No deal, no border [17/03/2019]
Sam Lowe, The Business Post

Brexit: Britain’s Commonwealth pivot is nothing new [15/03/2019]
Andrew Dougall, The Interpreter

Brexit: The Essential (and Depressing) Dynamics of Theresa May’s Parliament [15/03/2019]
Peter Kellner, Carnegie Europe

The Great Realignment of Britain [14/03/2019]
David Frum, The Atlantic

MPs vote against no-deal Brexit – but what does that actually mean? [14/03/2019]
Christoph Meyer, The Conversation

Europe Without the UK: Liberated or Diminished? [13/03/2019]
Sophia Besch, et. al., CER

MPs vote against no-deal Brexit – but what does that actually mean? [13/03/2019]
Christoph Meyer, The Conversation

Brexiteers Never Wanted Brexit to Begin With [13/03/2019]
Stephen Paduano, Foreign Policy

Britain's political system is at the breaking point [13/03/2019]
Jon Worth, Al Jazeera

Brexit Britain’s weakness exposed in US trade deal documents [12/03/2019]
Michael Plouffe, The Conversation

The case for no-deal Brexit [12/03/2019]
Michael Northcott, Politico

Whither Brexit? [03/2019]
Quentin Peel, Associate Fellow, Chatham House

The Brexit Endgame: A Visual Guide [08/03/2019]
Amy Davidson Sorkin, New Yorker

Don’t worry, Labour’s position hasn’t really changed – a second referendum is still firmly on the cards [07/03/2019]
Sean O'Grady, The Independent

Brexit is not a retreat into isolationism – survey suggests public remains committed to global security role [07/03/2019]
Thomas Scotto, Jason Reifler &Timothy B. Gravelle, The Conversation

EU should offer UK two Brexit options [06/03/2019]
Martin Sandbu, Financial Times

How Brexit will save Britain [05/03/2019]
Otto English, Politico

Is There an Upside to Brexit? [04/03/2019]
Jochen Bittner, New York Times

Brexit delay: what it would take for the EU to agree article 50 extension [01/03/2019]
Hussein Kassim, The Conversation

Theresa May has been forced to move on Brexit — now MPs must keep pushing [28/02/2019]
Matthew D'Ancona, The Evening Standard

A second Brexit vote will destroy what little trust is left in British politics [28/02/2019]
Ella Whelan, Irish Times

A ‘clean’ Brexit doesn’t exist. May finally admits it now [27/02/2019]
Rafael Behr, The Guardian

Rationality may prevail with a new Brexit vote [26/02/2019]
Scot Lehigh, Boston Globe

Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit betrayal Is Complete [26/02/2019]
Brendan O'Neill, Spectator

Extending Article 50: One step too far for the EU? [26/02/2019]
Larissa Brunner & Fabian Zuleeg, EPC

Why Corbyn’s second referendum announcement changes everything – even if he’s still lukewarm [26/02/2019]
Andy Price, The Conversation

May Keeps Everybody Locked in Brexit Purgatory [26/02/2019]
Therese Raphael, Bloomberg

Cautious welcome in the Dáil for Brexit Apocalypse Bill [26/02/2019]
Miriam Lord, Irish Times

Brexit Backtracking [26/02/2019]
John M. Roberts, Atlantic Council

The economic effects of Brexit in the “Campo de Gibraltar”: an econometric approach [26/02/2019]
Luis Galiano Bastarrica, Elcano

Brexit endgame: One month out with no clarity in sight [25/02/2019]
Amanda Sloat, Brookings Institution

The EU 27 Are Not Ready For No-Deal Brexit [25/02/2019]
Pieter Cleppe, Spectator

On Loathing Rees-Mogg [21/02/2019]
Nicholas Spice, London Review of Books

Brexit’s Lost World [20/02/2019]
Ngaire Woods, Project Syndicate

Brexit Betrays Margaret Thatcher’s Carmaking Legacy [20/02/2019]
John Gapper, Financial Times

Brexit Briefing: What is Really Going On? [14/02/2019]
Richard Chew, Atlantic Council

May's Brexit Defeat Splits Parties and Could Prompt a Constitutional Revolution in Britain [14/02/2019]
John M. Roberts, Atlantic Council

Extending Article 50: Brussels Geopolitical Play [02/2019]
Alan Riley, CIDOB

Taking Back Control? The UK Parliament and the Brexit Withdrawal Negotiations [12/02/2019]
Tim Oliver, IAI

Brexit poll: British public thinks the EU has been harsh in negotiations [12/02/2019]
Sarah Wolff, Javier Sajuria & Tim Bale, The Conversation

A no-deal Brexit spells trouble for Emmanuel Macron [12/02/2019]
John Keiger, Spectator

The Nine Levels of Brexit Hell [09/02/2019]
James Bloodworth, Foreign Policy

The sighs have it [06/02/2019]
James O’Brien, The Times Literary Supplement

Can the UK extend the brexit deadline? [06/02/2019]
Agata Gostyńska-Jakubowska, CER

A Blind Brexit Will Simply Prolong the Agony [05/02/2019]
Tony Blair,The Guardian

Another Brexit referendum would be the EU’s worst nightmare [05/02/2019]
Jean Quatremer, The Guardian

Parliament voted to get a Brexit deal done now. So let’s make it happen [05/02/2019]
Caroline Flint, The Guardian

Brexit has been driven by England’s nostalgia for an imagined past [04/02/2019]
Michael Goldfarb, The National

Brexit: The collective madness behind Britain’s plan [01/02/2019]
Ian Dunt, Washington Post

Humiliated but Unrepentant, what Next for Theresa May? [01/2019]
Francis Ghilès, CIDOB

The three problems with changing the Brexit backstop [30/01/2019]
Robert Peston, The Spectator

Europe Needs to Show Britain the Door [30/01/2019]
Judy Dempsey, Washington Post

Los efectos del repliegue europeo [30/01/2019]
Pol Morillas, El País

MPs have voted for a fantasy. It’s an indictment of our entire political class [30/01/2019]

Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian

The Cooper amendment’s failure is a setback for the MPs pushing for a softer Brexit [29/01/2019]
Katy Balls, Spectator

A New Way Forward for Brexit? [29/01/2019]
David A. Wemer, Atlantic Council

May thinks she’s won. But the reality of Brexit will soon hit her again [29/01/2019] 
Rafael Behr, The Guardian

Welcome to the New Britain, Where Every Week Is Hell [28/01/2019]
Yasmeen Serhan, The Atlantic

Brexiters Never Had a Real Exit Plan [26/01/2019]
Nick Cohen, Guardian

Brexit, le coût exorbitant du scénario de la sortie sans accord [24/01/2019]
Vincent Vicard, La Tribune

Why a no-deal Brexit would be less costly for the EU than the UK [24/01/2019]
Agelos Delis, Karen Jackson & Oleksandr Shepotylo, The Conversation

Brexit and public opinion 2019 [01/2019]
AA.VV., UK in a Changing Europe

England Has Not Gone Mad [23/01/2019]
John Lloyd, Irish Times

A Trucker’s Guide to Post-Brexit Disruption [23/01/2019]
Chris Giles, Financial Times

What is driving this chaos? I’ll tell you. The EU is determined to punish us. [23/01/2019]
Daniel Hannan, Conservative Home

Brexit disorder: Corbyn and May [22/01/2019]
José Ignacio Torreblanca, ECFR

Brexit Demands a New British Politics [22/01/2019]
Guy Verhofstadt, Project Syndicate

How Brussels blew Brexit [21/01/2019]
Bruno Maçães, Politico

Brexit, le coût exorbitant du scénario de la sortie sans accord [20/01/2019]
Vincent Vicard, The Conversation

It was never about Europe. Brexit is Britain’s reckoning with itself [18/01/2019]
Fintan O'Toole, The Guardian

Bracing for Brexit: Could ‘no deal’ chaos spread to Germany? [18/01/2019]
Almut Möller, ECFR

Brexit at the crossroads [17/01/2019]
Anna Vilovatykh , RISS

What the Brexit Shambles Says About the State of British Democracy [17/01/2019]
Rosa Balfour, German Marshall Fund

The EU-27 must make a magnanimous gesture, and Brits must vote again [17/01/2019]
Andreas Kluth, Handelsblatt

A “No Deal” Brexit Is Best for Britain and the United States [17/01/2019]
Nile Gardiner, The Heritage Foundation

A semi-Brexit, with just England and Wales leaving the EU, is the solution [17/01/2019]
Kim Lane Scheppele, Foreign Policy

Brexit Showdown [16/01/2019]
Peter Kellner, Carnegie Europe

There’s Officially Nobody in Charge of Britain [16/01/2019]
Stephen Paduano, Foreign Policy

Brexit: Can Parliament Take Control? [16/01/2019]
Brendan Donnelly, The Federal Trust

After this staggering defeat for May, our country is left lost and adrift [15/01/2019]
Jonathan Freedland, Guardian

Theresa May, Britain’s Kafkaesque Prime Minister [15/01/2019]
Tom Whyman, The New York Times

A polite request from Europe: wake us up when you know what you want from Brexit [15/01/2019]
Joris Luyendijk, The Guardian

A Nation Bored of Brexit Risks Sleepwalking Into Disaster [14/01/2019]
John Harris, The Guardian

The Implications of No-Deal Brexit: Is The European Union Prepared? [14/01/2019]
Guntram B. Wolff, Bruegel

Britain's Economic Future Depends On Brexit [14/01/2019]
Salvatore Babones, The National Interest

Brexiters’ delusions on trade die hard [14/01/2019]
Gideon Rachman, Financial Times

Brexit: what are Theresa May’s options for a ‘plan B’? [14/01/2019]
Christopher Kirkland, The Conversation

With 75 days to Brexit, our future's on the line [13/01/2019]
Dan O'Brien, Irish Independent

From the Brexity bunch to hardline outsiders: A guide to the Tory cabinet factions [12/01/2019]
John Rentoul, The Independent

Brexit: parliament ties Theresa May in knots ahead of vote [09/01/2019]
Chris Stafford, The Conversation

Brexit's Impact on Europe's East [09/01/2019]
Janusz Bugajski, Center for European Policy Analysis

What’s Worse Than Brexit? This. [09/01/2019]
Rachel Rizzo, Politico

Brexit: The Uncivil War – what it told us, and what it didn’t [09/01/2019]
Charlotte O'Brien, The Conversation

Our Day Will Come: The Inevitability of Irish Unification as Brexit Approaches [07/01/2019]
Parker Ennis, Oxford University Politics Blog

Britain Needs a Brexit Insurance Plan [04/01/2019]
Jochen Bittner, The New York Times

Beware the clever lie of a 'clean break Brexit' [04/01/2019]
David Shariatmadari, The Guardian

Remainers are wrong to think the world hates Britain for seeking independence [04/01/2019]
Charles Moore, Telegraph

Britain clings to imperial nostalgia as Brexit looms [04/01/2019]
Ishaan Tharoor, Washington Post

Labour’s ambiguous Brexit stance is now untenable [03/01/2019]
John Mcternan, Financial Times

Decision time on Brexit for the UK [03/01/2019]
Cal Thomas, Fox News

May has run down the Brexit clock. It must be stopped [02/01/2019]
Chi Onwurah, The Guardian

Five Brexit myths that will be exposed next year [28/12/2018]
Matthew Lynn, Spectator

Brexit Britain Will Be Just Fine [27/12/2018]
Quentin Letts, Politico EU

The Sum of All Brexit Fears [27/12/2018]
Chris Patten, Project Syndicate

Theresa May should be grateful for Brexit – it's obscured her weak domestic agenda and the ongoing effects of austerity [26/12/2018]
Andrew Grice, The Independent

Turning Brexit Into a Celebration of Democracy [26/12/2018]
Yanis Varoufakis, Project Syndicate

Sacrificing Peace in Northern Ireland Is Not Acceptable Price for Brexit [20/12/2018]
Amanda Sloat, The Washington Post

As Brexit Deadline Beckons, Few Signs of Change in British Attitudes [20/12/2018]
Matthew Goodwin, Chatham House

No-deal Brexit is a national disaster. It is every politician’s job to avert it [19/12/2018]
Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian

A question of sovereignty: on the (im)possibility of Brexit [18/12/2018]
Adam Standring, SPERI

La política no sabe resolver el Brexit [18/12/2018]
Andrés Ortega, Elcano

Brexit Is Destroying Britain’s Constitution [18/12/2018]
Garvan Walshe, Foreign Policy

A rightwing cult is driving Brexit Britain towards the cliff-edge [17/12/2018]
Polly Toynbee, The Guardian

A people’s vote on Brexit was a distant hope. Last week changed that [16/12/2018]
Matthew d'Ancona, The Guardian

Ireland may face very uncomfortable choices in a no-deal Brexit [15/12/2018]
Cliff Taylor, Irish Times

Las vías de escape de May [15/12/2018]
Rafa De Miguel, El País

Decent middle England should reassert itself over Brexit [15/12/2018]
Stephen Collins, Irish Times

Will We Really Abandon Brexit Over a Mars Bar Shortage? [15/12/2018]
Boris Johnson, Spectator

Lecciones europeas frente al populismo [14/12/2018]
Carlos Carner, El País

Por qué sigue habiendo tantos británicos a favor del Brexit [14/12/2018]
Federico Steinberg, Elcano

My message to Europe: tell us you want Britain to stay [13/12/2018]
Timothy Garton Ash, Guardian

Brexit Britain: Small, Boring and Stupid [13/12/2018]
Ryan Heath, Politico

Theresa May Is Determined—and Doomed [13/12/2018]
Rosa Prince, The New York Times

Brexit: What Brexit? [13/12/2018]
Peter Kellner, Carnegie Europe

The bright side of Britain's Brexit chaos [12/12/2018]
Sebastian Mallaby, The Washington Post

Brexit endgame: Theresa May’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week [12/12/2018]
Amanda Sloat, Brookings

Britain's Brexit chaos: On the road to nowhere [10/12/2018]
James Hargrave, Washington Examiner

Brexit? Britain’s divides run far deeper than that [10/12/2018]
John Harris, The Guardian

No Brexit, No Exit From Brexit, and Nobody’s in Charge [10/12/2018]
Glen O'hara, Foreign Policy

The country will pay the price for May’s Brexit vote delay [10/12/2018]
Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian

Jeremy Corbyn, your fellow European socialists need you in the EU [10/12/2018]
George Papandreou and 68 others, The Guardian

Brexit Brawl Hurts Britain's Reputation [09/12/2018]
Ruth Sunderland, Daily Mail

Another Brexit referendum is a terrible idea [07/12/2018]
John Lloyd, Reuters

Brexit : «“Le vote du jugement dernier”» aura lieu le 11 décembre» [07/12/2018]
Patrick Le Galès, Le Monde

May’s Brexit deal ignores Leavers’ real grievance [07/12/2018]
Paul Wallace, Reuters

If Brexit Is Blocked, Will It Ever Be Worth Voting Again? [06/12/2018]
Douglas Murray, Spectator

Brexit and services: How deep can the UK-EU relationship go? [06/12/2018]
Sam Lowe, CER

Brexit Reveals the Hollowing Out of Britishness [05/12/2018]
Mark Hutchinson, Irish Times

Friends without benefits? Britain and the EU’s foreign and security policy [05/12/2018]
Andre Barrinha, University of Bath

Brexit Is Falling Apart — Slowly [05/12/2018]
Owen Matthews, Foreign Policy

Who is behind the push for a post-Brexit free trade deal with the US? [04/12/2018]
Felicity Lawrence, The Guardian

Brexit: From revelation to re-accession [04/12/2018]
Andrew Duff, European Policy Centre

Theresa May's Betrayal of Britain [04/12/2018]
Mervyn King, Bloomberg

The far right will try to exploit any Brexit outcome. We can’t let it happen [28/11/2018]
Owen Jones, The Guardian

Blame Brexit not Mrs May [28/11/2018]
Brendan Donnelly, The Federal Trust

Europe’s door is still open – but Britain will have to move fast [27/11/2018]
Timothy Garton Ash, The Guardian

Only the ‘Norway Plus’ plan can save Brexit [27/11/2018]
Nicholas Boles, Financial Times

Yes, Donald Trump is talking perfect sense on May’s Brexit deal [27/11/2018]
Peter Mandelson, The Guardian

Watching Britain’s Influence Shrink in Real Time [27/11/2018]
Yasmeen Serhan, The Atlantic

Brexit, lessons in negotiations for the European Union [26/11/2018]
Eric Maurice, Robert Schuman

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One in three UK firms plan for Brexit relocation, IoD says [01/02/2019]
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Eurosceptic fears grow over a potential customs union pivot [29/01/2019]
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Brexit latest news: Gavin Williamson puts Army on standby as Cabinet agrees to implement 'no deal' plans in full [18/12/2018]
James Rothwell, Harry Yorke, Chris Graham, Asa Bennett & Steven Swinford, Telegraph

Theresa May awaits a Brexmas miracle [18/12/2018]
Charlie Cooper, Politico

Brexit: cabinet meets to discuss ramping up plans for no deal [18/12/2018]
Jessica Elgot, The Guardian

Brexit latest news: Gavin Williamson puts Army on standby as Cabinet agrees to implement 'no deal' plans in full [18/12/2018]
James Rothwell, Harry Yorke, Chris Graham, Asa Bennett & Steven Swinford, Telegraph

Theresa May awaits a Brexmas miracle [18/12/2018]
Charlie Cooper, Politico

Brexit: cabinet meets to discuss ramping up plans for no deal [18/12/2018]
Jessica Elgot, The Guardian

Corbyn anuncia una moción de censura contra May por su gestión del Brexit [17/12/2018]
Iván Alonso, ABC

Theresa May pushes forward £2bn no-deal Brexit preparations [17/12/2018]
Dan Sabbagh, The Guardian

New EU referendum would break faith with Britons, May to warn MPs [17/12/2018]

UK business secretary: May’s Brexit deal ‘good’ for economy [17/12/2018]
Esther King, Politico       

British officials line up for second referendum: reports [17/12/2018]
Mark Scott, Politico   

Corbyn anuncia una moción de censura contra May por su gestión del Brexit [17/12/2018]
Iván Alonso, ABC

Party activists pile pressure on Corbyn to back second vote [16/12/2018]
Toby Helm, The Observer

Brexit: What happens next may have to be put to MPs' vote – Fox [16/12/2018]

UK would have to delay Brexit for an 'entirely new' proposal: Irish foreign minister [16/12/2018]

Labour heaps pressure on PM by calling for no confidence vote [16/12/2018]
Kylie MacLellan & Elizabeth Piper, Reuters

May and Juncker clash over ‘nebulous’ comment [15/12/2018]
Charlie Cooper, David M. Herszenhorn And James Randerson, Politico

Los seis escenarios del Brexit que decidirán el destino del Reino Unido [15/12/2018]
Gina Tosas, La Vanguardia

New Brexit referendum logical, says Tony Blair [14/12/2018]

EU Leaders Tell May to Find Brexit Consensus Among MPs [14/12/2018]
Daniel Boffey, Jennifer Rankin & Dan Sabbagh, The Guardian

Brexit: EU says no to May on renegotiating deal [14/12/2018]

Theresa May delays Brexit vote over risk of ‘significant’ defeat [12/12/2018]
Annabelle Dickson & Lili Bayer, Politico

May looks to Merkel to save the day on Brexit [11/12/2018]
Guy Chazan & Alex Barker, Fnancial Times

Brexit: Theresa May says EU leaders 'determined' to solve Irish border issue [11/12/2018]

Desperate Theresa May reveals her Brexit plan B: buy more time [10/12/2018]
Dan Sabbagh and Daniel Boffey, The Guardian

Brexit in turmoil as May pulls vote to seek changes to EU divorce [10/12/2018]
Guy Faulconbridge, Elizabeth Piper, Reuters

Brexit chaos: what happens next? [10/12/2018]
Peter Walker, The Guardian

Brexit: Theresa May understood to be delaying key vote [10/12/2018]

Brexit ruling: UK can cancel decision, EU court says [10/12/2018]

Commons Brexit deal vote will definitely go ahead, says Gove [10/12/2018]
Peter Walker and Jessica Elgot, The Guardian

Theresa May Tried to Lead Britain to a Brexit Compromise. Was It Too Late? [09/12/2018]
Ellen Barry, New York Times

Norwegian politicians reject UK's Norway-plus Brexit plan [07/12/2018]
Patrick Wintour, The Guardian

EU judges to rule on Brexit on eve of May's crucial vote [06/12/2018]

Brexit vote: What could happen next? [06/12/2018]
Peter Barnes, BBC News

Theresa May Rejects Cabinet Pleas to Postpone Brexit Vote [06/12/2018]
Matthew Weaver, The Guardian

Britain Will Be Ready for a No Deal Brexit: Minister [06/12/2018]

MEP pours scorn on last-ditch Brexit scramble [05/12/2018]
Martin Banks, The Parliament Magazine

Conservative MEP urges UK counterparts to support ‘best deal for the UK’ Brexit agreement [28/11/2018]
Brian Johnson, The Parliament Magazine

Brexit analysis is meaningless, Corbyn tells May [28/11/2018]
Jessica Elgot, The Guardian

Chancellor says UK will be worse off under all Brexit scenarios [28/11/2018]
The Guardian

Theresa May Needs Parliament’s Support for Her Brexit Deal. The Math Isn’t in Her Favor [26/11/2018]
Karla Adam, The Washington Post

Brexit: May gives way over Gibraltar after Spain's 'veto' threat [24/11/2018]
Daniel Boffey & Sam Jones, The Guardian

The full list: MPs voting for and against May’s Brexit deal [26/11/2018]
John Connolly, The Spectator

Brexit: quels scénarios en cas de rejet de l’accord par le Parlement britannique? [26/11/2018]
Le Monde

May's Brexit deal sounds like a 'great deal for the EU', says Trump [26/11/2018]
Julian Borger, Daniel Boffey & Dan Sabbagh, The Guardian

Brexit: Theresa May defends deal amid criticism from MPs [26/11/2018]

EU leaders agree UK's Brexit deal at Brussels summit [25/11/2018]

What happens next if Theresa May's Brexit deal is voted down? [23/11/2018]
Heather Stewart, The Guardian

El ministro principal de Gibraltar dice que se ha alcanzado un acuerdo con España sobre Gibraltar en el pacto del Brexit [23/11/2018]
El Mundo

Brexit: Draft agreement on future relationship 'agreed' [22/11/2018]

May defends Brexit deal against cross-party hostility at PMQs [21/11/2018]
Peter Walker, The Guardian

British, EU Leaders to Meet as Brexit Deadline Looms [21/11/2018]
Jill Lawless, Associated Press

U.K. ‘Coup’ Against Theresa May Falters. For Now. [20/11/2018]
New York Times

La UE da un paso más hacia el acuerdo del Brexit pero sin resolver la cuestión de Gibraltar [20/11/2018]
Pablo R. Suanzes, El Mundo

Rees-Mogg: topple May now or she will lead Tories into election [20/11/2018]
Jessica Elgot, The Guardian

Michel Barnier proposes extending Brexit transition to 2022 [19/11/2018]
Mehreen Khan, Sylvia Pfeifer & Laura Hughes, Financial Times

Brexit: All you need to know about the UK leaving the EU [17/11/2018]
Alex Hunt & Brian Wheeler, BBC News

Bespoke Brexit deal better than any other option, May tells MPs [15/11/2018]
Jessica Elgot and Peter Walker, The Guardian

Two U.K. Cabinet Ministers, Including Chief Brexit Negotiator, Quit [15/11/2018]
Stephen Castle, The New York Times

Brexit: What does the draft withdrawal agreement reveal? [15/11/2018]
Chris Morris, BBC News

Cautious welcome for Brexit deal across Europe before Raab resignation [15/11/2018]
Jennifer Rankin, Christian Davies & Angela Giuffrida, The Guardian

Theresa May’s Brexit Deal: That Was the Easy Bit [14/11/2018]
Charlie Cooper & David M. Herszenhorn, Politico           

May says confident of getting Brexit deal MPs can support [23/10/2018]

EU daylight saving switch could leave Northern Ireland out of step with rest of UK [22/10/2018]
Eline Schaart, Politico

Raab floats extended transition as ‘alternative’ to Ireland backstop [21/10/2018]
Jakob Hanke, Politico    

U.K. and Spain Reach Brexit Deal on Gibraltar [19/10/2018]
Michael Stothard, Financial Times

Brexiters Don't Care About Northern Ireland​​​​​​​ [19/10/2018]
Fintan O'Toole, The Guardian

There Will Be No Second Brexit Referendum ​​​​​​​[18/10/2018]
Peter Harris, National Interest

Police bracing for Brexit hate crime spike against EU citizens and migrants in March [18/10/2018]
Lizzie Dearden, The Independent

La UE y Reino Unido sopesan alargar el periodo transitorio para desbloquear el Brexit [18/10/2018]
Bernardo De Miguel, El País

EU leaders shelve plans for special Brexit summit next month [18/10/2018]
Alex Barker, Mehreen Khan and Michael Peel, Financial Times

Brexit : un sommet européen hanté par le «no deal» [18/10/2018]
Anne Rovan, Le Figaro

May says Brexit deal is ‘achievable’ [17/10/2018]

12 Brits Who Will Shape Brexit [17/10/2018]
Charlie Cooper & Annabelle Dickson, Politico

¿Es posible llegar a un buen acuerdo para el Brexit? [17/10/2018]
Agenda Pública & Política Exterior

Bruselas y Londres encallan en el primer intento de rematar el Brexit [15/10/2018]
Bernardo de Miguel & Rafa de Miguel, El País

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