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United States Midterm Elections
28 | November | 2018

In the USA midterm elections, the Democrats won a majority in the House of Representatives while the Republicans hold sway in the Senate. What will  the impact be, of the new composition of the Congress on Trump’s Presidency, in terms of both domestic and foreign policies?


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Remarks by President Trump in Press Conference After Midterm Elections [7/11/2018]
White House

2018 Midterm Election Results [7/11/2018]
The New York Times

Midterm Congressional, State, and Local Elections
USA Government


Opinions & Analysis
The Impact of the U.S. Midterms on U.S.-Indonesia Relations [26/11/2018]
Joshua Kurlantzick, CFR

Don't Mess With Nancy Pelosi [25/11/2018]
Paul Waldman, American Prospect

Hoist a Glass, Democrats. Demographic Destiny Is Back. [25/11/2018]
Albert Hunt, Bloomberg

House Dems' 1st Order of Business: Restore Democracy [25/11/2018]
Pelosi & Sarbanes, Houston Chronicle

Pelosi’s House fight portent of battles to come [22/11/2018]
Janan Ganesh, Financial Times

US Foreign Policy After the Midterm Election [21/11/2018]
Anne-Marie Slaughter & Elmira Bayrasli, Project Syndicate

What to Root for in the Pelosi Saga [21/11/2018]
David Leonhardt, New York Times

Democrats need a bold agenda. Here’s what they should do in the first 100 days of Congress. [21/11/2018]
Bernie Sanders, Washington Post

Congress’s new intake use their online influence with voters [20/11/2018]
Courtney Weaver, Financial Times

How to Not Screw Up a Democratic Majority [13/11/2018]
Walter Pincus, The Cipher

If the Midterms Were a Referendum, Trump Won [12/11/2018]
Musa al-Gharbi, Washington Post

New Democrats successfully (and quietly) help take back majority [12/11/2018]
Scott Peter, The Hill

Let the People Vote [11/11/2018]
David Leonhardt, New York Times

2018 Was Way Better for Democrats Than Most Seem to Think [10/11/2018]
Chris Cillizza, CNN

The Resistance Strikes Back [10/11/2018]
Michelle Goldberg, New York Times

Obama Is Still Electoral Kryptonite in Swing States [09/11/2018]
Rachel Stoltzfoos, The Federalist

Nancy Pelosi’s First Order of Business Should Be to Reclaim the Power of the House [09/11/2018]
Greg Weiner, New York Times

The Midterm Elections in the United States [8/11/2018]
Daniel Shapiro and Eldad Shavit, INSS

Why Democrats Must Impeach the President [8/11/2018]
Tom Steyer, New York Times

Democrats face tough 2020 battle after blowing chance at blue wave [08/11/2018]
Kristin Tate, The Hill

The Midterms Prove Only One Thing: Trump Owns the GOP [7/11/2018]
Daniel McCarthy, National Interest

What the Democrats Must Do Now to Defeat Trump [7/11/2018]
David Remnick, The New Yorker

US Midterm Elections: What the Results Mean [07/11/2018]
AA.VV., Chatham House

Democrats Won the House, But Trump Won the Election [7/11/2018]
Ed Rogers, Washington Post

What a Democratic House means for Europe [7/11/2018]
Tyson Barker, Politico

For Democrats--and America--a Sigh of Relief [7/11/2018]
Frank Bruni, New York Times

The fight goes on: Election Night 2018 [7/11/2018]
Elaine Kamarck, Brookings Institution

Forget the Blue Wave. Behold the Purple Puddle [7/11/2018]
Glenn Reynolds, USA Today

Voters Want Balance, Not Resistance [7/11/2018]
Josh Kraushaar, National Journal

Democrats' Health-Care Revenge [7/11/2018]
Jeff Spross, The Week

Florida Survives Category 5 Liberalism  [7/11/2018]
George Neumayr, The American Spectator

Vote Republican and Continue the Jobs Boom [6/11/2018]
Donald Trump, FOX News

Europe’s Midterm Results: More Trump [6/11/2018]
Pierre Vimont, Carnegie Europe

Vote Your Fears on Health Care, Not Caravan 'Crisis' [6/11/2018]
Andy Slavitt, USA Today

The Women's Revolt: Can the Resistance Save America? [6/11/2018]
Michelle Goldberg, New York Times

Let's Vote to Uphold Our Nation's Values [6/11/2018]
James Comey, New York Times

Will Trump Shatter His Own Mystique? [6/11/2018]
Harris & Johnson, Politico

Dems Aren't Moving Left. They're Returning to Their Roots. [6/11/2018]
Joshua Zeitz, Politico

What Democrats Don't Get About the Economic Resurgence [6/11/2018]
Liz Peek, The Hill

The Paradox of Trump's Poll Numbers and the Midterms  [6/11/2018]
Mark Penn, The Hill

The Democrats Have Not Earned Your Vote [6/11/2018]
David French, National Review

A Chance to Reverse Damage Trump Has Done to Democracy [6/11/2018]
Dylan Matthews, Vox

Conservatism and Populism Go Back Centuries [06/11/2018]
Peter Berkowitz, Wall Street Journal

«Le parti républicain s'est conformé à l'image de Trump et à son nationalisme assumé» [05/11/2018]
Alexandra de Hoop Scheffer , Le Figaro

How could voter turnout influence US elections outcome? [03/11/2018]
Reinhilde Veugelers and Nick Kingsley

Three ways the US midterm elections will affect world politics [02/11/2018]
Fred Kempe, CNBC

Our right to vote [2/11/2018]
John R. Allen, Brookings Institution

Anticipating trouble: Congressional primaries and incumbent behavior [1/11/2018]
Elaine Kamarck and James Wallner, Brookings Institution

CSIS Election Cybersecurity Scorecard: The Outlook for 2018, 2020 and Beyond [1/11/2018]
William A. Carter, CSIS

Midterms of engagement: How the next US elections will affect Europe [31/10/2018]
Jeremy Shapiro, ECFR

What to Expect from the U.S. Midterm Elections [10/2018]
German Marshall Fund

Will minority and female turnout surges seal Democratic midterm victories? [31/10/2018]
William H. Frey, Brookings Institution

Midterm elections 2018: protegiendo el voto [26/10/2018]
Carlota García Encina, Elcano

Conservative Lawmakers Are Suppressing Voters—Here’s What You Can Do to Fight Back [26/10/2018]
Danielle Root and Connor Maxwell, Center for American Progress

American Democracy Is in Crisis, Not Just Because of Trump [07/08/2018]
Simon Tisdall, The Guardian

Can’t win midterms — on either side — with extreme messaging [05/08/2018]
Douglas Schoen, The Hill


U.S. Elections Are Still a Wreck [26/11/2018]

Go Ahead, Democrats. Fight Over Nancy Pelosi. [18/11/2018]
New York Times

Donald Trump being at bay after the midterms [11/11/2018]
The Observer

A good day for the US democratic system [07/11/2018]
Financial Times

The Democrats Won the House. Now What? [07/11/2018]
New York Times

Washington Will Benefit From Bipartisan Rule [07/11/2018]

The new Congress can shed old habits [07/11/2018]
CS Monitor

A Strong Night for Republicans as 'Blue Wave' Fizzles [07/11/2018]
Washington Examiner

Gridlock Ahead: What Does It Mean for Trumponomics? [07/11/2018]
Investor's Business Daily

Midterms: l’ancrage du trumpisme [07/11/2018]
Le Monde

America Votes (Or Tries To) [06/11/2018]
New York Times

The Only Responsible Choice Is a Democratic Congress [06/11/2018]

Trump, Republicans Have Delivered on Promise of Economic Boom [06/11/2018]
New York Sun

Prosperity Is on the Ballot Tuesday [05/11/2018]
New York Post

Trump Scapegoats Refugee Caravan for Midterm Votes [05/11/2018]
Miami Herald

Why Real Conservatives Will Vote Republican on Tuesday [05/11/2018]
Washington Examiner

Midterms Will Determine Future of Trump Presidency [05/11/2018]
South China Morning Post

Blue wave wanted [04/11/2018]
The Guardian

Tuesday a Chance to Reject Trump's Demagoguery [04/11/2018]
Washington Post

The Elections Offer America a Chance to Change [02/11/2018]
The Economist

A record in ‘diversity’ of candidates [02/11/2018]
CS Monitor

Republicans' Great Enemy: Voters [01/11/2018]
Washington Post

Why Would Dems Oppose Measures Ensuring Clean Elections? [01/11/2018]
Washington Times

Voters: This Is What's at Stake in the Midterms [30/10/2018]
Washington Post



Trump renforce sa majorité au Sénat après une victoire dans le Mississippi [28/11/2018]
Le Monde

In Courting New Liberals, Pelosi Runs a Risk: A Freedom Caucus of the Left [27/11/2018]
Sheryl Gay Stolberg, Astead W. Herndon, New York Times

A Human Rights Champion Comes to the House [14/11/2018]
Robbie Gramer, Foreign Policy

Trump claims 'honest vote' not possible in Florida as counties rush to recount [12/11/2018]
Erin Durkin, The Guardian

Uncounted Ballots, Overvoted Ballots: Why Is the Governor Claiming Fraud in Florida’s Election? [11/11/2018]
Frances Robles and Patricia Mazzei, New York Times

'Democrats won the House but Trump won the election' – and 2020 is next [10/11/2018]
David Smith, The Guardian

A night of firsts: the candidates who made history in the 2018 midterms [07/11/2018]
Sam Levin and Julia Carrie Wong, The Guardian

Midterm Election Results: 4 Key Takeaways [07/11/2018]
Jeremy W. Peters, Matt Flegenheimer, Elizabeth Dias, Susan Chira, Kate Zernike and Alexander Burns, New York Times

Democrats win the House, and Jewish lawmakers step into key roles [07/11/2018]
Ron Kampeas, JTA

A New York, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez devient la plus jeune parlementaire de l’histoire des Etats-Unis [07/11/2018]
Le Monde

Etats-Unis: ce qu’il faut retenir des résultats des élections de mi-mandat [07/11/2018]
Le Monde

Midterms 2018: Obama makes last ditch attempt to win Democrat votes in Virginia with rousing rally speech [06/11/2018]
Andrew Buncombe, The Independent

11 Key Places That Will Decide the Midterm Outcome [06/11/2018]
Charles Mahtesian, Politico

Trump Has Delivered on His Promises at Home and Abroad [06/11/2018]
Brett Decker, USA Today

Dems Aren't Certain to Win House, But They're Clear Favorites [06/11/2018]
Nate Silver, 538

'Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Leftest of Them All?' [06/11/2018]
Deroy Murdock, FOX News

Did Walker, Trump Deal Away Wisconsin Race to Foxconn? [06/11/2018]
Dan Kaufman, New Yorker

National Politics Has Taken Over America [05/11/2018]
Emma Green, The Atlantic

For U.S. Democrats, the House is theirs to lose [04/11/2018]
Michael Wilner, Jerusalem Post

Trump and G.O.P. Candidates Escalate Race and Fear as Election Ploys [22/10/2018]
Alexander Burns & Astead W. Herndon, New York Times

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