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Swedish election
10 | September | 2018

The Swedish general election, on the 9th of September, gave the Social-Democrats first place, albeit with their worst result ever (28.4%). The Moderates followed at 19.8% and the Sweden Democrats – a far-right party, in third place, at 17.6%. What impact will this outcome have on the country and in Europe? 


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The Swedish electoral system
Information om Sverige

The Sweden Election Playbook
Politico and The Local


Opinions & Analysis
The biggest story of Sweden’s election is a familiar one: Political fragmentation [10/09/2018]
Adam Taylor, Washington Post

Swedish Unexceptionalism [10/09/2018]
Ivar Ekman, Foreign Affairs

What sort of government might Sweden have after the election? [10/09/2018]
Nicholas Aylott, The Local

Sweden’s election is no political earthquake despite far-right gains [10/09/2018]
Cas Mudde, The Guardian

Cómo frenar el populismo antinmigración [10/09/2018]
Gonzalo Fanjul, El País

From Sweden to Brexit, immigration is the issue dividing Europe [10/09/2018]
Simon Jenkins, The Guardian

In Sweden, the Elite Lost Touch with the People [09/09/2018]
John Fund, National Review

After Sweden’s vote, a far-right test of Europe’s tolerance [09/09/2018]
Doug Saunders, Globe & Mail

With Sweden poised for a massive swing to a party with neo-Nazi roots tomorrow... why is the most liberal country in Europe lurching to the Far Right? [08/09/2018]
Robert Hardman, Daily Mail

The Swedish Prime Minister has gambled with his country’s future [08/09/2018]
Douglas Murray, The Spectator

Unlocking Sweden’s EU potential [07/09/2018]
Josef Janning, ECFR

Sweden's election is being misreported abroad – and this is a problem [07/09/2018]
James Savage

Sweden election shows it’s not the economy, stupid [07/09/2018]
Swaha Pattanaik, Reuters

Sweden — Preparing for the Wolf, not Crying Wolf: Anticipating and Tracking Influence Operations in Advance of Sweden’s 2018 General Elections [07/09/2018]
Kristine Berzina, German Marshall Fund

Swedes Can’t Go Home Again [06/09/2018]
Andrew Brown, Foreign Policy

Sweden Democrats – anti-immigration, anti-EU party set to win more votes than ever [06/09/2018]
Anamaria Dutceac Segesten, The Conversation

So Long, Swedish Welfare State? [05/09/2018]
Nima Sanandaji, Foreign Policy

Sweden on the Populist Precipice? Not So Fast [05/09/2018]
Anders Borg, Bloomberg View

How the rise of the Swedish radical right changed the most stable party system in Europe [03/09/2018]
Nicholas Aylott and Niklas Bolin, EUROPP

Why Sweden’s 2018 Elections Matter [03/09/2018]
Scott B. MacDonald, National Interest

Wildfires and migrants: the issues defining a very uncertain election in Sweden [31/08/2018]
Anamaria Dutceac Segesten, The Conversation

The march of the populist right: Is Sweden next? [31/08/2018]
Pawel Zerka, ECFR

Sweden’s election is about more than the Sweden Democrats [28/08/2018]
Anders Hellström, EUROPP

How robust is Sweden's democracy? (Clue: not very) [28/04/2018]
Emma Löfgren, The Local

El populismo en Suecia: polarización socioeconómica en el modelo de Estado socialdemócrata [2017]
Khali El-Ahmad, CIDOB


La Suède, un pays européen comme les autres [10/09/2018]
Le Monde

Disruption in Sweden [10/09/2018]
Weekly Standard

The far right: on the march [07/09/2018]
Irish Times

Sweden’s unique political brand is put to the test [06/09/2018]
Financial Times

A Swedish Shake-Up [05/09/2018]
Wall Street Journal

Danger ahead [02/09/2018]
The Guardian


Factbox: Swedish election - parliament seats by party [10/09/2018]

The Campaign Against Europe Just Got a Boost From Swedish Voters [10/09/2018]
Ian Wishart, Bloomberg

Sweden election: far right makes gains as main blocs deadlocked [10/09/2018]
The Guardian

Turnout up in Swedish election [10/09/2018]
The Local

La ultraderecha coge fuerza en Suecia a costa de los partidos tradicionales [10/09/2018]
Belén Domínguez Cebrián, El País

Sweden braces for political uncertainty as far right makes gains [10/09/2018]
Charlie Duxbury, Politico             

Suède : l'extrême droite ne parvient pas à bouleverser le paysage politique [10/09/2018]
Frédéric Faux, Le Figaro

The Latest: Swedish PM Summons 'Good Forces' After Setback [09/09/2018]
New York Times

Elections en Suède : « C’est l’avenir de notre démocratie libérale qui est en jeu » [09/09/2018]
Anne-Françoise Hivert, Le Monde

Sweden: far right gains threaten Europe's most stable political order [09/09/2018]
Jon Henley, The Guardian

Stefan Löfven, la bandera del Estado de bienestar sueco [09/09/2018]
Belén Domínguez Cebrián, El País

Jimmie Åkesson, la limpia de nazis en la ultraderecha sueca [09/09/2018]
Belén Domínguez Cebrián, El País

Swedish election: PM says voting for anti-immigration SD is 'dangerous' [08/09/2018]

Why Sweden’s Far Right Is On the Rise [08/09/2018]
Krishnadev Calamur, The Atlantic

Sweden elections 2018: Who's who? [08/09/2018]
David Martin, DW

En Suède, le parti antimigrants en position de pivot aux législatives [08/09/2018]
Anne-Françoise Hivert, Le Monde

Swedish minnows get election boost from gender battle [08/09/2018]
Nathalie Rothschild, Politico

Why Sweden’s election promises to change the country [07/09/2018]
The Economist

‘We’re insubordinate’: the rural towns at forefront of Swedish populist wave [07/09/2018]
Richard Orange, The Guardian

Nationalist Lead in YouGov Poll Has Sweden on Edge Ahead of Vote [05/09/2018]
Rafaela Lindeberg, Bloomberg

Will Sweden be able to form a government? Four possible election scenarios [04/09/2018]
The Local

Good Sweden/Bad Sweden: what rich, yet divided, Gothenburg reveals [03/09/2018]
Richard Milne, Financial Times

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