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Presidential Elections in Mexico
5 | July | 2018

Andrés Manuel Lopes Obrador was elected President of Mexico on 1 July with the promise of tackling the economic crisis and the growing corruption and violence in the country. It is the first time in decades that a left-wing politician achieves the Presidency in the second biggest economy of Latin America.


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Resultados Preliminares
Instituto Nacional Electoral

Poll Tracker: Mexico's 2018 Presidential Election
Carin Zissis, Council of the Americas


Opinions & Analysis
México cambia el rumbo con Andrés Manuel López Obrador [07/2018]
Jordi Bacaria, CIDOB

AMLO's Biggest Test? Turning His Economic Message Into Reality. [05/07/2018]
Viridiana Ríos, Americas Quarterly

Why a Pragmatic AMLO May Be Here to Stay [05/07/2018]
Mark Feierstein, Americas Quarterly

AMLO and Trump — The odd couple that could oddly narrow the US-Mexico gap [04/07/2018]
Michael Barone, Washington Examiner

Why Mexico’s historic elections may bring about big change [03/07/2018]
Jordi Diez, The Conversation

Three Takeaways From Mexico's Landmark Election [03/07/2018]
Barbara Gonzalez, Texas Observer

López Obrador Is a Pragmatist, Not an Ideologue [03/07/2018]
Andrew Selee, Foreign Policy

Violencia electoral en México: el papel del crimen organizado [02/07/2018]
Cristián Vázquez, Política Exterior

A Volatile Transition For Mexico? [02/07/2018]
John Paul Rathbone, Financial Times

Four Takeaways from AMLO's Victory in Mexico [02/07/2018]
Carin Zissis, Council of the Americas

‘Não há política externa na agenda de Obrador’ [01/07/2018]
Entrevista com Pedro Salazar Ugarte, Estadão

Las elecciones presidenciales, el resultado y el futuro del crimen organizado en Colombia [28/06/2018]
Juan Carlos Garzón & Juan David Gelvez, Elcano

México vota: No más de lo mismo [28/06/2018]
Jorge Ramos, Univision

Change Is Coming to Mexico [28/06/2018]
Jorge Guajardo, The Atlantic

Is Political Change Coming to Mexico? [27/06/2018]
Entrevista a Shannon K. O'Neil, CFR

¿Y si gana AMLO? [26/06/2018]
Carlos Malamud, Elcano

Mexico's Coming Presidential Shakeup [26/06/2018]
Ana Quintana, National Interest

Promise and Populism in Mexico [26/06/2018]
David R. K. Adler, Boston Review

Will Mexican energy reform survive political transition? [06/2018]
Carlos Pascual, David G. Victor, and Rafael Fernandez de Castro, Brookings

Mexico’s Election Is in Play [24/06/2018]
Mary Anastasia O’Grady, Wll Street Journal

As Mexico Moves to Hard Left, Relations With U.S. Set to Change [21/06/2018]
Richard Miles, CSIS

How the results of the Mexican election could impact U.S. national defense [06/06/2018]
Sean Zeigler, Dallas News

Mexico’s Young Voters Are Shaping the Presidential Campaign [22/05/2018]
Arturo Rocha, The Washington Post

A Shaky Debate Won’t Trouble López Obrador. It Might Even Help Him. [21/05/2018]
Benjamin Russell, Americas Quarterly

How North American Ties Fit into Mexico's Elections [15/05/2018]
Carin Zissis, Council of the Americas

The End of Mexican Democracy? [03/04/2018]
Enrique Krauze, New York Times

Mexico's Populist Charges Forth, Fueled by Trump Tweets [03/04/2018]
Desmond Lachman & Ryan Nabil, The Hill

Elecciones en México: prueba de fuego democrática [26/03/2018]
Aldo Adrián Martínez-Hernández, Política Exterior

Elecciones en México, tan cerca de Estados Unidos [03/2018]
Jordi Bacaria, CIDOB

Far-Left Frontrunner For Mexican Presidency May Get Help From Moscow [27/02/2018]
Alidad Vassigh, Worldcrunch

Mexico City’s 2018 elections: An end to the PRD’s 20-year dominance? [16/02/2018]
Emiliano Segura, Global Americans

Is Mexico Ready for a Populist President? [09/02/2018]
Richard G. Miles, Foreign Policy

The Shadow Hanging Over Mexico's 2018 Elections [09/02/2018]
María Amparo Casar, Americas Quarterly

Mexico's Voters Have Bigger Problems Than Trump [31/01/2018]
Shannon K. O'Neil, CFR

Can the PRI Escape Pena Nieto’s Legacy in Mexico's Presidential Election? [11/12/2017]
Paul Imison, World Politics Review

Mexico 2018: It’s Not the Economy, Stupid [16/11/2017]
Macario Schettino, Americas Quarterly

Don't Let Mexico's Elections Become Putin's Next Target [09/11/2017]
Shannon K. O'Neil, CFR


Mexico’s new president: there is an alternative [02/07/2018]
The Guardian

The Price of Electing Saviors in Latin America [28/06/2018]
The Economist

Why Mexico Is Swinging Left [21/06/2018]
The New York Times

Mexico’s could-be president is a lot like Trump. That doesn’t mean they’d get along. [18/06/2018]
Washinton Post

Be very interested in Mexico’s election [16/06/2018]
San Antonio


5 Takeaways From Election of López Obrador [02/07/2018]
Azam Ahmed & Kirk Semple, New York Times

La ambición de Ricardo Anaya fracasa con el Frente [02/07/2018]
David Marcial Pérez, El País

Andrés Manuel López Obrador gana la presidencia de México en su tercer intento: "No les voy a fallar" [02/07/2018]
Maye Primera, Univison

Los retos que enfrenta el nuevo presidente de México en sus relaciones con Estados Unidos [02/07/2018]

López Obrador, an Atypical Leftist, Wins Mexico Presidency in Landslide [01/07/2018]
Paulina Villegas & Azam Ahmed, New York Times

Cuando tu vecino es Donald Trump [29/06/2018]
Javier Lafuente, El País

Anti-corruption watchdogs wonder: 'Who is funding Mexico's presidential candidates?' [29/06/2018]
Christine Murray & Stefanie Eschenbacher, Reuters

Mexican Presidential Campaign Wraps Up With Lopez Obrador in Lead [28/06/2018]
Kevin Sieff & Dudley Althaus, The Washington Post

López Obrador exhibe su poderío con un baño de masas en el Estadio Azteca [28/06/2018]
Jacobo García, El País

Elecciones en México: qué proponen los candidatos en temas clave (y cuáles son sus talones de Aquiles) [27/06/2018]

As Mexico Election Nears, Call for Change Finds Wider Audience [26/06/2018]
Elisabeth Malkin, New York Times

Scourge of Mexico Establishment Poised to Capture Presidency [26/06/2018]
Dave Graham, Reuters

Tinder, gender benders and a warlock: Mexico prepares for crucial elections [26/06/2018]
Daily Sabah

Mexico’s Hardball Politics Get Even Harder as PRI Fights to Hold Onto Power [24/06/2018]
Azam Ahmed and Danny Hakim, New York Times

Elecciones presidenciales en México: ¿quién es el candidato favorito? [19/06/2018]
ES Global

Cyber attack on Mexico campaign site triggers election nerves [14/06/2018]
Daina Beth Solomon, Reuters

Mexican Election Favorite Is ‘Really Not Leftist,’ Adviser Tells Investors [06/06/2018]
Jean Yoon & Paritosh Bansal, Reuters

NAFTA deal very difficult before Mexico election: Guajardo [31/05/2018]

Mexico tycoon warns of 'populist' risk in dig at election front-runner [30/05/2018]
Dave Graham, Reuters

El espectro de la violencia electoral asoma en América Latina [23/05/2018]
Valeria Saccone, ES Global

Business Hates Mexico’s Presidential Front-Runner. And He Doesn’t Care [09/05/2018]
Nacha Cattan & Monte Reel, Bloomberg

Mexico presidential hopeful says he is target of government spying [13/02/2018]

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