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General Elections in Turkey
3 | July | 2018

Sunday, the 24th of June, Turkish voters are heading to the polls to elect the President and the members of Parliament. The outcome of the early elections will be decisive for the future of the country and its political system: the possible victory of AKP and the reelection of President Erdogan will mean the consolidation of his power and the implementation of a presidential system, but Muharrem Ince’s vibrant campaign in the last few days may entail further polarization in society and the need for a runoff round.

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Turkey Elections 2018 Results - Presidential and Parliamentary Polls [24/06/2018]
Hurryiet Daily News

Election for Grand National Assembly of Turkey
Election Guide


Opinions & Analysis
What's Next For Turkey's Foreign Policy? [03/07/2018]
Semih Idiz, Al Monitor

Get Ready for a More Aggressive Turkey [02/07/2018]
Sinan Ulgen, Foreign Policy

As A 'Kingmaker,' Turkey's Nationalist Faction Could Bring Trouble [28/06/2018]
Soner Cagaptay, The Hill

Erdogan Is Not Nearly as Powerful as He Seems [28/06/2018]
Ian Bremmer, Time

Smart power rhetoric: One reason for Erdoğan’s re-election [28/06/2018]
Katharina Botel-Azzinnaro, ECFR

Trouble Looms for Turkey’s Transatlantic Ties [27/06/2018]
Ceylan Akman Canbilek, Ian Lesser, Kadri Tastan & Jonathan D. Katz, GMF

The European Union and the New Turkey [26/06/2018]
Marc Pierini, Carnegie Europe

Turkey’s Elections: Will It Be More of the Same? [26/06/2018]
Mohammed Ayoob, The National Interest

Why did Erdoğan win? [26/06/2018]
İbrahim Kalın, Daily Sabah

The European Union and the New Turkey [26/06/2018]
Marc Pierini, Carnegie Europe

Erdoğan the Magnificent [26/06/2018]
Sinan Ülgen, Project Syndicate

Erdogan still faces uphill battle despite electoral victory [26/06/2018]
Semih Idiz, Al Monitor

How to read Turkey’s election results [25/06/2018]
Kemal Kirişci, Brookings

Erdogan Wins a Fresh Mandate in Turkey’s New Presidential System [25/06/2018]
Bulent Aliriza, CSIS

Turkey’s Elections: Partially Free, Fair, and Fake [25/06/2018]
Steven A. Cook, CFR

Erdogan Wins Reelection [25/06/2018]
Halil Karaveli, Foreign Affairs

Will Erdogan Win His Imperial Presidency? [22/06/2018]
Kaya Genc, New York Review of Books

In Turkey, politics is a dangerous thing [22/06/2018]
Elif Shafak, Politico        

Erdogan Seeks New Mandate in Electoral Transition to a Presidential System [22/06/2018]
Bulent Aliriza & Zeynep Zekeler, CSIS

Erdogan’s Plans in Case He Loses [22/06/2018]
Murat Yetkin, Hurriyet Daily News

Turkey’s choice: an election that might be too close to call [21/06/2018]
Ilke Toygür, Real Instituto Elcano

Erdogan Will Win by Any Means Necessary [21/06/2018]
Henri J. Barkey, Foreign Policy

What Turkey’s Elections Mean [21/06/2018]
Sinan Ülgen, Carnegie Europe

What comes after the Turkish elections? [21/06/2018]
Ragıp Soylu, Daily Sabah

The End of the Erdogan Era? [21/06/2018]
Aaron Stein, Foreign Affairs

What Turkey’s High-Stakes Elections Mean for the West [20/06/2018]
Marc Pierini, Axios

I Am Running for President in Turkey. From My Prison Cell. [20/06/2018]
Selahattin Demirtaş, New York Times

There Is Hope for Democracy in Turkey, Even If Erdogan Wins Again [20/06/2018]
Soner Cagaptay, Washington Institute

Turkey’s Erdogan reaches for one-man rule [19/06/2018]
David Gardner, Financial Times

How a tea kettle came to symbolize Turkish election opposition [19/06/2018]
Pinar Tremblay, Al Monitor

Sunday is a Big Day for Turkey. Here’s What to Expect [19/06/2018]
Ian Lesser & Ozgur Unluhisarcikli, German Marshall Fund

Can the Turkish Opposition beat Erdoğan? [19/06/2018]
Luke Frostick and Merve Pehlivan, Open Democracy

Will the elections change Turkish foreign policy? [19/06/2018]
Murat Yetkin, Hurriyet Daily News

Turkey's disparate opposition has galvanised as the 'stop Erdogan' party [19/06/2018]
Faisal Al Yafai, The National

Restoring confidence after elections will be a difficult task [19/06/2018]
Erdal Sağlam, Hurriyet Daily News

Turkey’s Wag-the-Dog Election [19/06/2018]
Turker Erturk & Selim Sazak, Foreign Policy

Can Erdoğan win in the first round? [18/06/2018]
Murat Yetkin, Hurriyet Daily News

Emotional vs. Rational Divide in Turkey’s Transatlantic Identity [15/06/2018]
Özgehan Şenyuva, German Marshall Fund

Can Turkey Overcome Its Bitter Factionalism? [12/06/2018]
Jenny White, New York Times

Erdogan's not doing Turks in Europe any favors [12/06/2018]
Semih Idiz, Al Monitor

Elecciones en Turquía: ¿Será más difícil esta vez? [06/2018]
Eduard Soler i Lecha, CIDOB

Three Scenarios for Turkey’s Elections [05/06/2018]
Marc Pierini, Carnegie Europe

Explaining Turkey’s Snap Elections [31/05/2018]
Ilter Turan, German Marshall Fund

More on the Turkish Elections [29/05/2018]
Barry Stocker, Notes on Liberty

Turkey’s economy and my bank account [28/05/2018]
Nuray Mert, Hurriyet Daily News

Erdogan Is Failing Economics 101 [25/05/2018]
Borzou Daragahi, Foreign Policy

Turkey’s Crossroads [25/05/2018]
Yasemin Ergin, Berlin Policy Journal

Newfound Optimism for Turkey’s Opposition [24/05/2018]
Abdullah Aydogan, CEIP

Erdogan’s latest move towards autocracy [24/05/2018]
Eleanor Eagan, Open Democracy

¿Es posible una derrota de Recep Tayyip Erdogan en Turquía? [22/05/2018]
Miguel Fernández Ibáñez, ES Global

How Nativism in Turkey Is Stifling Democracy [22/05/2018]
Soner Cagaptay, Washington Institute

Upcoming Elections in Turkey: Unfair but Real and Competitive [22/05/2018]
Ozgur Unluhisarcikli, German Marshall Fund

Erdogan and the Queen [14/05/2018]
Simon A. Waldman, EU Observer

Turkey’s Perfect Path to Autocracy [08/05/2018]
Marc Pierini, Carnegie Europe

A Smart Vice-Presidential Nomination can be a Game-Changer [02/05/2018]
Abdullah Aydoğan, Ahval

The Unlikely New Hero of Turkey’s Opposition [21/04/2018]
Fariba Nawa, New Yorker

4 factors that led to Turkey’s snap elections [19/04/2018]
Asli Aydıntaşbaş, ECFR

Turkey Heads to the Polls on June 24 [19/04/2018]
Bulent Aliriza, CSIS

Erdoğan’s Turkey: illiberal democrat takes power [25/06/2018]
The Guardian

Post-election reckoning looming in CHP [10/06/2018]
Daily Sabah

President Erdogan is trampling on Turkey's freedoms [29/04/2018]
Financial Times

Erdogan's ugly win could cause all kinds of problems — even for him [18/04/2018]
Washington Post

How long can Erdogan’s alliance survive? [02/07/2018]
Ayla Ganioglu, Al Monitor

Turkey’s Erdogan, Alliance Partner Agree to Lift State of Emergency [28/06/2018]

Turkey Elections 2018: Election safety violations in Urfa [28/06/2018]
Birgün Daily

Turkey’s main opposition CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu faces calls to resign after election defeat [26/06/2018]
Hurriyet Daily News

Russia welcomes Erdogan’s re-election [26/06/2018]
Yekaterina Chulkovskaya, Al Monitor

Turkey’s main opposition CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu faces calls to resign after election defeat [26/06/2018]
Hurriyet Daily News

Russia welcomes Erdogan’s re-election [26/06/2018]
Yekaterina Chulkovskaya, Al Monitor

Las tres Turquías [25/06/2018]
Andrés Mourenza, El País

5 takeaways from Erdoğan’s Turkish triumph [25/06/2018]
Zia Weise, Politico

Erdoğan claims another victory in Turkey's historic presidential elections [25/06/2018]
Daily Sabah

Turkey's Erdogan Says to Slash Number of Ministries, Speed Up Decisions [22/06/2018]

Turkey's Erdogan, Presidential Rival Both Vow to Send Syrians Home [22/06/2018]
Daren Butler, Reuters

Cracks in the AKP-MHP alliance [22/06/2018]
Emine Kaplan & Selda Güneysu, Cumhuriyet

Turkey’s opposition might actually have a chance [21/06/2018]
Zia Weise, Politico

Erdoğan says ‘may seek coalition if fails to get majority’ [21/06/2018]
Hurriyet Daily News

No reason for state of emergency anymore, Deputy PM Şimşek says [20/06/2018]
Daily Sabah

Opposition candidates offer each other vice president seats ahead of election [20/06/2018]
Daily Sabah

Why Turkey’s election matters for its democracy and for investors [20/06/2018]
Laura Pitel, Financial Times

Immigrants in Turkey vouch for ruling party in elections [20/06/2018]
Anadolu Agency

Turkey could stage fresh election if alliance loses parliament: Erdogan ally [19/06/2018]

Erdogan’s Plan to Raise a ‘Pious Generation’ Divides Parents in Turkey [19/06/2018]
Carlotta Gall, New York Times

Turkey needs new blood, new name: CHP presidential candidate İnce [18/06/2018]
Hurriyet Daily News

Erdogan election success tied to curbing Kurdish vote [18/06/2018]
Laura Pitel, Financial Times

Battle for Kurdish vote turns violent, leaves four dead in Turkey's Suruc [18/06/2018]
Ayla Jean Yackley, Al Monitor

Expat voting ends for Turkish elections in US [18/06/2018]
Anadolu Agency

Turkey's jailed pro-Kurdish candidate makes first TV appearance in 20 months [17/06/2018]

Turkish elections: The fringe nationalist facing a polling day pummelling [16/06/2018]
Alex MacDonald, Middle East Eye

Turkey slams OSCE's election observation interim report [15/06/2018]
Anadolu Agency

Turkish elections: Is Muharrem Ince the man to challenge Erdogan's dominance? [15/06/2018]
Alex MacDonald, Middle East Eye

Facts about presidential candidates for Turkey's June 24 elections [14/06/2018]
Daily Sabah

Erdogan threatens ‘operation’ against Moody’s [14/06/2018]
Adam Samson, Financial Times

Turkey's Erdogan: I will lift state of emergency if re-elected [14/06/2018]
Middle East Eye

Turkey elections: All you need to know about the June 24 polls [13/06/2018]
Umut Uras & Alia Chughtai, Al Jazeera

Erdogan Fights to Keep Power as Bloomberg Poll Shows Tight Votes [13/06/2018]
Benjamin Harvey, Bloomberg

How a Turkish general's smile is now a key election issue [08/06/2018]
Metin Gurcan, Al Monitor

Turkey’s elections to be monitored by 8 international bodies, election watchdog YSK says [08/06/2018]
Daily Sabah

Erdogan on Lira, Monetary Policy, Interest Rates, Parliamentary Election [15/05/2018]

Turkey’s Islamist ‘old guard’ joins Erdogan opponents [07/05/2018]
Sibel Hürtaş, Al Monitor

Turkish opposition candidate for president tells Erdogan 'let's race like men' [05/05/2018]

Turkey: Main opposition names presidential candidate [04/05/2018]
Satuk Bugra Kutlugun, Anadolu Agency

Turkey opposition names rival to Erdogan for June election [04/05/2018]

Turkey's ruling party offers big payouts ahead of critical vote [03/05/2018]
Mehmet Cetingulec, Al Monitor

Turkish opposition parties to sign four-way election aliance [02/05/2018]
Middle East Eye

Former president Abdullah Gul says he won't run for Turkish presidency [28/04/2018]
Middle East Eye

Turquie: Erdogan annonce des élections législatives et présidentielle anticipées pour le 24 juin [18/04/2018]
France 24

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