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Italian-style government
21 | June | 2018

After several days of alarm in Europe and the markets, following the presidential veto to the first government proposal by 5 Stars and Northern League, the coalition partners have agreed upon a new government under the leadership of law professor Giuseppe Conte, defining migration issues as one of the main flags of their mandate.

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Governo M5s-Lega, il contratto di governo: la versione definitiva del testo [18/05/2018]
Il Fatto Quotidiano

Opinions & Analysis
The Outrage Cycle, Italian Style [21/06/2018]
Rachel Donadio, The Atlantic

The Conte Government: Radical Change or Pragmatic Continuity in Italian Foreign and Defence Policy? [15/06/2018]
Alessandro Marrone, IAI

The EU Needs to Work with Italy [14/06/2018]
Luigi Scazzieri, Berlin Policy Journal

Italy’s democracy proves Machiavelli was right [08/06/2018]
Nathan Gardels, Washington Post

En Italie, l’improbable attelage et le pouvoir [08/06/2018]
Marc Verzeroli, IRIS

Italy: The Bright Side of Populism? [08/06/2018]
Jan-Werner Müller, New York Review of Books

Scapegoating the EU won’t fix Italy [07/06/2018]
Daniel Gros, Project Syndicate

Will Italy’s Populists Upend Europe? [05/06/2018]
Mark Leonard, Project Syndicate

Why the New Italian Government Puts the EU Reform at Risk [06/2018]
Pol Morillas & Eleonora Poli, CIDOB

New Italian government: little regard is paid to what voters really think [03/06/2018]
Roberto Saviano, The Guardian

Lack of European reform, not Italy, will break the Eurozone [03/06/2018]
Wolfgang Münchau, Financial Times

The populist answer to Italy’s woes? Bring back the technocrats [03/06/2018]
Tobias Jones, The Guardian

Italy’s Establishment Runs Out of Tricks [01/06/2018]
Christopher Caldwell, Weekly Standard

The EU Must Realize That Populism Is a Symptom of Real Policy Failure [01/06/2018]
Angelos Chryssogelos, Chatham House

Italy’s Organic Crisis [05/2018]
Thomas Fazi, American Affairs Journal

Is Italy the Achilles Heel of Europe? [31/05/2018]
Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe

What Italy’s Crisis Means for Europe [30/05/2018]
Lucrezia Reichlin, Project Syndicate

An Italian Crisis Would Be Limited to Italy Alone [30/05/2018]
Holger Schmieding, The Globalist

Who lost Italy? [30/05/2018]
Daniel Gros, CEPS

A Silent Coup in Italy [29/05/2018]
Sohrab Ahmari, Commentary

Harakiri, Italian style [29/05/2018]
Jan Zielonka, Open Democracy

Italy’s Thwarted Populists May Have Their Revenge on Europe [29/05/2018]
Ishaan Tharoor, Washington Post

A League of their own [29/05/2018]
Ernst Hillebrand, IPS

Normas y valores [29/05/2018]
Pedro Rodríguez, ABC

Will Italy's Next Elections Be a Referendum on Democracy? [28/05/2018]
Henry Newman, Spectator

Italy Sets Stage For Fierce Battle Over EU [28/05/2018]
Tony Barber, Financial Times

«Non, le Mouvement 5 étoiles n’est pas ancré à gauche» [28/05/2018]
Sylvain Kahn, Le Monde

Italie: « L’argumentaire xénophobe et eurosceptique ne doit pas l’emporter » [28/05/2018]
Marie Bassi, Le Monde

With no progressive force to give it shape, Italians’ anger has hit a wall [27/05/2018]
Kenan Malik, The Guardian

Italy’s belligerent new coalition is bad news for the EU [24/05/2018]
Lorenzo Marsili, The Guardian

Italy Needed a Government. It Got a Circus. [24/05/2018]
Aaron Robertson, Foreign Policy

Italy’s new government: why a political novice is a strategic choice for prime minister [24/05/2018]
Daniele Albertazzi, The Conversation

Italy's New Government: Bad News for Europe But No Cause for Panic in Markets [23/05/2018]
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard, PIIE

Italy Is on a Collision Course With the EU [23/05/2018]
Dominic Green, Weekly Standard

Italy's New Government Could Be the Force That Finally Breaks Europe [23/05/2018]
Sebastian Mallaby, Washington Post

Italy Is on a Collision Course With the EU [23/05/2018]
Dominic Green, Weekly Standard

«Il est trop tôt pour voir dans l’axe populiste transalpin un nouveau modèle dominant en Europe» [22/05/2018]
Gilles Ivaldi, Le Monde

Why Europe Should Care About the Italian Elections…and Why Germany Clearly Doesn’t [18/05/2018]
Chiara Rosselli, German Marshall Fund

What Europe Should Do About Italy [30/05/2018]

For Italy, all roads lead to EU values [30/05/2018]
Christian Science Monitor

Mattarella acierta [29/05/2018]
El País

A Stopgap Government in Italy [29/05/2018]
The New York Times

Italy’s political standoff: time for a fresh election [28/05/2018]
The Guardian

Italian Trumpism Is No Less Dangerous than the Original [25/05/2018]
Der Spiegel

Italy politics - Apocalypse near [22/05/2018]
The Malta Independent

Conte supera el último examen para empezar a gobernar [06/06/2018]
Rossend Domènech, El Periódico

Italy's new PM vows radical change as party bosses nod [05/06/2018]
Steve Scherer & Angelo Amante, Reuters

Matteo Salvini, grand absent d’un conseil des ministres européens sur l’immigration [05/06/2018]
Jean-Pierre Stroobants, Le Monde

How Draghi lost Italy [01/06/2018]
Jacopo Barigazzi, Politico

Italy government: Leaders talk amid political crisis [30/05/2018]

A Naples, la colère contre Rome des militants du Mouvement 5 étoiles [30/05/2018]
Jérôme Gautheret, Le Monde

The Man Who Wouldn't Yield [28/05/2018]
Hans-Jürgen Schlamp, Der Spiegel

Italy’s populists blame Germany for thwarted effort to form government [28/05/2018]
Regina Krieger & Ruth Berschens, Handelsblatt

Italie : cinq dates pour comprendre la crise institutionnelle [28/05/2018]
Simon Auffret, Le Monde

New elections loom in Italy amid calls for Mattarella to be impeached [28/05/2018]
Angela Giuffrida, Stephanie Kirchgaessner and Jon Henley, The Guardian

En Italie, Carlo Cottarelli, un nouveau chef du gouvernement voué à ne pas durer [28/05/2018]
Charlotte Chabas, Le Monde

Italy's Giuseppe Conte gives up trying to form government [28/05/2018]

In Italy, an 'Unprecedented Political and Institutional Clash' [27/05/2018]
Giada Zampano, Politico             

Italy’s populists pull out of bid to form government [27/05/2018]
James Politi, Financial Times

Italy’s president scotches populist governing alliance [27/05/2018]
Giada Zampano , Politico

Jobs to watch in the Italian government [26/05/2018]
Jacopo Barigazzi, Politico

Italy's New Goverment Is Bad News for the Euro [25/05/2018]
Der Spiegel

Giuseppe Conte asked to form Italian government [24/05/2018]
Giada Zampano , Politico

New populist coalition puts Italy on collision course with EU [19/05/2018]
Jeremy Gray, Handelsblatt

Italy’s immigrants fear tough times as populist coalition heads for power [19/05/2018]
Angela Giuffrida, The Guardian

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