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Syrian War: international escalation
3 | July | 2018

After a suspected chemical attack in opposition-held Douma on April 7, the US President announced a military response,  joined by France and the UK, against the Syrian regime. Russia alerted to the possible consequences of an intervention and, despite the escalation in international tensions, the UN Security Council failed to adopt three resolutions to establish responsibility for the attack.

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Syrian civil war map: Who's in control where [14/04/2018]
Alia Chughtai, Al Jazeera

Map: Russia And Iran In Southwest Syria [12/04/2018]
Institute for the Study ofWar

Syria's War: The Descent into Horror
Zachary Laub, Council on Foreign Relations

Opinions & Analysis
Syria’s Final Frontiers? [28/06/2018]
Entrevista a Nicholas Haslam, Carnegie Middle East Center

How US-Turkey deal in Manbij could affect Russia's influence [22/06/2018]
Metin Gurcan, Al Monitor

Keeping the Calm in Southern Syria [21/06/2018]
International Crisis Group

The Escalating Conflict with Hezbollah in Syria [20/06/2018]
Seth G. Jones & Maxwell B. Markusen, CSIS

Russia’s cautious role in Syria [20/06/2018]
Zeidon Alkinani, Open Democracy

Turkey Cultivating Ever-Deeper Roots in Syrian Territory [14/06/2018]
Fehim Tastekin, Al-Monitor

Russia as Restraining Factor in the Iranian-Israeli Confrontation in Syria [29/05/2018]
Zvi Magen, Vera Michlin-Shapir, and Udi Dekel, INSS

Only the US can prevent more clashes between Israel and Iran in Syria [11/05/2018]
Lina Khatib, The Guardian

What Iran Really Wants in Syria [10/05/2018]
Payam Mohseni & Hassan Ahmadian, Foreign Policy

New Directions in Syria? [08/05/2018]
Ghida Tayara, Carnegie Middle East Center

Syria crisis enters new danger zone [02/05/2018]
Michael Dempsey, The Hill

Trump, Syria – and the threat of regional conflagration [02/05/2018]
Fawaz A. Gerges, Qantara

Frappes occidentales en Syrie : quel défi pour la diplomatie française? [27/04/2018]
Brahim Oumansour, IRIS

Who will side with whom if Syria explodes? [21/04/2018]
Tony Duheaume, Al Arabiya

In Syria’s Complex War, Is Turkey’s Erdogan the Wiliest Player? [19/04/2018]
Frida Ghitis, World Politics Review

Dear Bashar al-Assad Apologists: Your Hero Is a War Criminal Even If He Didn’t Gas Syrians [19/04/2018]
Mehdi Hasan, The Intercept

Trump declares ‘Mission Accomplished’ on Syria attacks — but whose mission? [18/04/2018]
Andrew Bacevich, Boston Globe

Trump needs to define achievable political objectives in Syria [18/04/2018]
Michael Young, The National

Bolton dealing to build an Arab military force in Syria [18/04/2018]
Zachary Cohen, CNN

Control of the Syrian Airspace: Russian Geopolitical Ambitions and Air Threat Assessment [18/04/2018]
Can Kasapoglu, CSS

Syria strikes violated international law – are the rules of foreign intervention changing? [18/04/2018]
Jan Lemnitzer, The Conversation

The Syria Strike: A Mere Bump in the Road for Assad [18/04/2018]
John McLaughlin, Ozy

Iran Faces Strategic Decision – Whether to Respond To Israel's Operations Against Its Military Expansion In Syria, Which Could Lead To Iran-Israel War [17/04/2018]
Yigal Carmon and A. Savyon, MEMRI

4 essential elements of a U.S. strategy on Syria [17/04/2018]
Michael E. O’Hanlon, Brookings Institution

As the U.S. and Russia Spar Over Syria, China Sits Strategically on the Sidelines [17/04/2018]
Logan Pauley, World Politics Review

Launching missiles was the easy bit. Now what about Syria’s future? [17/04/2018]
Juliet Samuel, Gulf News

Back to Normal in Syria [17/04/2018]
Joshua Keating, Slate

Syria War's Game Theory Is Too Complex to Predict [17/04/2018]
Eli Lake, Asharq Al Awsat

The search for truth in the rubble of Douma – and one doctor’s doubts over the chemical attack [17/04/2018]
Robert Fisk, Independent

The realities of Syria’s war remain unchanged by western strikes [16/04/2018]
Gideon Rachman, Financial Times

Here Are All the Reasons Striking Syria Was a Bad Idea [16/04/2018]
Ted Galen Carpenter, National Interest

The many things Trump didn’t accomplish in the latest Syria strike [16/04/2018]
Ishaan Tharoor, Washington Post

Striking Syria Was the Right Caller [16/04/2018]
Jim Geraghty, National Review

Trump’s Realist Syria Strategy [16/04/2018]
Walter Russell Mead, Wall Street Journal

«Les frappes en Syrie sont-elles justifiées par la “responsabilité de protéger”?» [16/04/2018]
Jean-Baptiste Jeangène Vilmer, Le Monde

In Syria, Moscow Is Defending a Narrative, Not a Country [16/04/2018]
Maxim Trudolyubov, Kennan Institute

Two and a half cheers for the Syria strike [16/04/2018]
Dalibor Rohac, AEIdeas

Iran's Real Enemy in Syria [16/04/2018]
Karim Sadjadpour, The Atlantic

Washington’s biggest mistake in Syria [15/04/2018]
Mohammad Ghaderi, Teheran Times

It was right to strhke, but only bringing Russia to the table can end the Syrian conflict [15/04/2018]
Lina Khatib, The Guardian

After the Syria Strike, a Strategy [15/04/2018]
Ryan Crocker and Michael O’Hanlon, Wall Street Journal

The Fruits of Iran's Victory in Syria [15/04/2018]
Ariane Tabatabai, Lawfare

Why Russia did not respond to the US strikes on Syria [15/04/2018]
Leonid Issaev, Al Jazeera

Legal Questions Loom Over Syria Strikes [15/04/2018]
Entrevista a John B. Bellinger III, Council on Foreign Relations

How Syria Came to This [15/04/2018]
Andrew Tabler, The Atlantic

Syria has paid a terrible price for the west’s disastrous policy of doing nothing [15/04/2018]
Andrew Rawnsley, The Guardian

The West Rebukes Russia in Syria [15/04/2018]
Jacob Shapiro, Geopolitical Futures

What next for Syria after the US-led attacks? [15/04/2018]
Rami G Khouri, Al Jazeera

Non-Accomplishment in Syria [15/04/2018]
Paul R. Pillar, National Interest

The Syria powder keg: danger in rush for influence on crowded battlefield [15/04/2018]
Lulian Borger, The Guardian

Syria’s Axis of Evil Cannot Be Trusted [15/04/2018]
Abdulrahman Al-Rashed, Asharq Al-Awsat

No, US strikes on Syria will not start World War III [14/04/2018]
Malak Chabkoun, Al Jazeera

Was Trump’s Strike on Syria Justified? [14/04/2018]
Joshua Keating, Slate

The New Cold War Is Boiling Over in Syria [14/04/2018]
Dmitri Trenin, Foreign Policy

Will the US and Russia go to war over Syria? [13/04/2018]
Ruth Citrin & Kadri Liik & Jeremy Shapiro, ECFR

The Syrian War Is Actually Many Wars [13/04/2018]
Krishnadev Calamur, The Atlantic

«Pourquoi punir Bachar el-Assad n'est pas une si mauvaise idée» [13/04/2018]
Antoine Viktine, Le Figaro

Will the US and Russia go to war over Syria? [13/04/2018]
Ruth Citrin & Kadri Liik & Jeremy Shapiro, ECFR

Iran Is Outpacing Assad for Control of Syria's Shia Militias [12/04/2018]
Phillip Smyth, Washington Institute

Turkey's running out of time to pick a partner in Syria [12/04/2018]
Fehim Tastekin, Al Monitor

America's Interests in Syria Beyond Deterring Chemical Weapons Use [12/04/2018]
Jennifer Cafarella, Institute for the Study ofWar

U.S. Response to the Reported Chemical Attack in Douma, Syria [11/04/2018]
Rebecca Hersman & Melissa Dalton, CSIS

Have Iran, Russia and Turkey reached agreement on future Syrian state? [11/04/2018]
Hamidreza Azizi, Al Monitor

Syria: Act Decisively or Not at All [11/04/2018]
Anthony Cordesman, CSIS

More U.S.-Israeli Coordination Could Change the Balance of Power in the Middle East [10/04/2018]
Michael Doran, New York Times

Trump Needs to Be More Trumpian in Syria [10/04/2018]
Michael Doran, New York Times

Macron Needs to Attack Syria [09/04/2018]
Benjamin Haddad, Foreign Policy

Syria’s latest chemical massacre demands a global response [09/04/2018]
Michelle Bentley, The Conversation

Control of the Syrian Airspace: Russian Geopolitical Ambitions and Air Threat Assessment [09/04/2018]
Can Kasapoğlu, SWP

NATO Allies Go Head to Head in Syria [09/04/2018]
Oytun Orhan, German Marshall Fund

The latest chemical attack in Syria reveals the bankruptcy of Trump’s policies toward Assad [08/04/2018]
Max Boot, Washington Post

Conditioning American withdrawal from Syria [06/04/2018]
James Dobbins & Jeffrey Martini, Al Monitor

Israel, Hizbollah and Iran: Preventing Another War in Syria [07/02/2018]
International Crisis Group


How a Victorious Bashar al-Assad Is Changing Syria [30/06/2018]

Trump missing piece in Putin’s Syria plan [03/06/2018]
Al Monitor

Syrian people pay the price [03/05/2018]
Al Ahram

War for War: On U.S. Strikes in Syria [16/04/2018]
The Hindu

Japan Should Join Call For Real Syria Sanctions [16/04/2018]
Japan Times

A Trump Strategy for Syria [15/04/2018]
Wall Street Journal

Syria’s political problem can’t have a military solution [15/04/2018]
Gulf News

Bombing Syria will not provide a lasting solution [15/04/2018]
Financial Times

Western strikes are too little, too late [14/04/2018]
Khaleej Times

Assad has lost all right to sovereignty [13/04/2018]
The National

Why Intervening in Syria Is the Wrong Move [13/04/2018]
Der Spegel

We must not let memories of Iraq paralyse us in facing Putin and Assad over Syria [11/04/2018]
The Sun

Syrie: l’inéluctable riposte occidentale [10/04/2018]
Le Monde

Trump’s dangerous ‘Twitter Doctrine’ in Syria [11/04/2018]
Boston Globe

Don't Blindly Follow Trump [10/04/2018]

Syrian Situation Calls For Caution [10/04/2018]

Assad's Cannot Go Unpunished [10/04/2018]
The National

Syria Isn’t Just About Syria [10/04/2018]
Weekly Standard

Meeting the Limits of Bluster in Syria [09/04/2018]
New York Times

Trump’s Approach to Syria Is No Way to Run a War [06/04/2018]
New York Times

After the fall of Eastern Ghouta, the Syrian civil war has graduated to a new phase [25/03/2018]
The National

Syrian Rebels in Surrender Talks in Southwest near Israel and Jordan [03/07/2018]
Louisa Loveluck, Washington Post

Syria cease-fire deal unravels as Trump, Putin prepare to meet [26/06/2018]
Laura Rozen, Al Monitor

Exode massif face à l'avancée des forces du régime dans le sud de la Syrie [26/06/2018]
Agence France Presse

Assad offensive creeps closer to southwest Syria ceasefire zone [24/06/2018]
Alexandra Gutowski & Caleb Weiss, Long War Journal

Syria’s Assad Defies U.S., Presses Southwest Assault [22/06/2018]
Angus McDowall & Tom Perry, Reuters

Assad Says He’s Open to Establishing Iranian Bases in Syria [14/06/2018]

European Leaders Agree Iranian Forces Must Leave Syria, Israeli Officials Say as Netanyahu Wraps Up Tour [07/06/2018]
Noa Landau, Haaretz

Russia Finds Navigating New Development Tricky in Syria [06/06/2018]
Anton Mardasov, Al-Monitor

Syrie : « violations graves du droit international » lors de la bataille de Rakka [05/06/2018]
Allan Kaval, Le Monde

Kahlon: We'll do everything to kick Iranians out of Syria [10/05/2018]
Ynet News

Israeli Minister: If Iran Attacks From Syria, Assad's 'Blood Is Forfeit' [07/05/2018]
Jerusalem Post

Syria’s Assad Presses Offensive, Missile Strikes Raise Escalation Risk [30/04/2018]
The Editors, Reuters

Iran, Russia, Turkey Close Ranks on Syria Coordination Amid U.S. Pressure [30/04/2018]
A Correspondent in Beirut, Al-Monitor

Syria: western nations seek to bypass Russian veto at UN [24/04/2018]
Patrick Wintour, The Guardian

Russia to Move Air Defenses to Syria 'Soon,' Warns Israel Against Attack [23/04/2018]
Anna Ahronheim, Jerusalem Post

US Syria effort hinges on unreliable Egypt [20/04/2018]
Jack Detsch, Al Monitor

Insurgents South of Syrian Capital Surrender [20/04/2018]
Angus McDowall, Reuters

Militants given 48 hours to surrender enclave near Damascus-report [19/04/2018]
Arab News

Bolton dealing to build an Arab military force in Syria [18/04/2018]
Zachary Cohen, CNN

Syrie: les difficultés de l’OIAC pour inspecter le site de Douma [18/04/2018]
Stéphanie Maupas et Benjamin Barthe, Le Monde

New war authorization from Congress unveiled following Syria strikes [17/04/2018]
Ted Barrett, CNN

The Latest: Officials say Turkey wants reduced Syria tension [17/04/2018]
Associated Press

Attaque chimique en Syrie: la difficile mission des inspecteurs internationaux [17/04/2018]
Le Figaro

Israel and U.S. Working Together to Blunt Iran's Expansion in Syria [17/04/2018]
Dion Nissenbaum and Rory Jones, Wall Street Journal

Inspectors reportedly reach alleged Syria chemical attack site [17/04/2018]
CBS News

Trump has reportedly halted new sanctions against Russia [17/04/2018]
Pat Ralph, Business Insider

Saudi Arabia says open to sending troops to Syria under wider coalition [17/04/2018]

Syrie: la défense antiaérienne victime d'une fausse alarme après les frappes occidentales [17/04/2018]
Le Figaro

Pentagon Denies Carrying out Military Operation in Syria’s Homs [17/04/2018]
Asharq Al Awsat

Israel Planning for Direct Retaliatory Attack from Iran [17/04/2018]
Anna Ahronheim, Jerusalem Post

S.Arabia Says Open To Sending Troops To Syria Under Wider Coalition [17/04/2018]
Jerusalem Post

Egypt to decline any request by US to send troops to Syria: former intelligence official [17/04/2018]
Taha Sakr, Egypt Independent

False alarm, not outside attack, sets off Syria air defences [17/04/2018]
Los Angeles Times

EU Threatens New Syrian Sanctions but No Clear Russian Target [16/04/2018]
Robin Emmott & Gabriela Baczynska, Reuters

Sabbagh: Tripartite aggression on Syria aimed at hindering work of fact-finding mission [16/04/2018]

Military Source: Israel Conducted April 9 Strike On Syrian Airbase [16/04/2018]
Jerusalem Post

Haley: US troops to stay in Syria until goals achieved [15/04/2018]
Al Jazeera

U.S. Plans to Impose Sanctions on Russia Over Alleged Chemical Weapons Use in Syria [15/04/2018]
Carol Morello & James McAuley, The Washington Post

What mission has the US accomplished in Syria? [15/04/2018]
Al Jazeera

Putin: Further Syria strikes to cause chaos in international ties [15/04/2018]
Al Jazeera

Assad's brutal strategy survives regardless of Trump's victory tweet [15/04/2018]
Patrick Wintour, The Guardian

Syria: western allies launch diplomatic offensive in wake of strikes [15/04/2018]
Patrick Wintour, The Guardian

China says Syrian strikes violate international law, urges dialogue [14/04/2018]

‘Mission Accomplished!’ But What Is the Mission in Syria? [14/04/2018]
Peter Baker, The New York Times

Syria fired 40 missiles 'at nothing' after allied air strikes destroyed three Assad chemical sites [14/04/2018]
Gareth Davies, The Telegraph

What are Syrians saying about the US-led attacks? [14/04/2018]
Al Jazeera

Netanyahu Tells Putin: Israel Will Not Permit an Iranian Military Presence in Syria [12/04/2018]

White House: Trump still weighing 'all options' on Syria despite military threats [11/04/2018]
Cristiano Lima, Politico

If Iran Acts Against Israel, the Assad Regime Will Disappear [11/04/2018]
Ben Caspit, Jerusalem Post

Kremlin to Trump: We don't engage in Twitter diplomacy [11/04/2018]
Al Jazeera

Israel Moves to Block Iran's Military Presence in Syria [11/04/2018]
Amos Harel, Haaretz

WHO demands access to 'chemical attack' victims in Syria [11/04/2018]
Susan McFarland, UPI

Top iranian official says israel to face 'response' over air base attack [10/04/2018]
Jerusalem Post

Russia says it warned U.S. of 'grave repercussions' if Syria attacked [09/04/2018]
Michelle Nichols, Reuters

Syria to chair UN disarmament forum on chemical & nuclear weapons; watchdog calls on US &EU to walk out [09/04/2018]
UN Watch

White House: US and France promise a 'strong, joint response' on Syria after suspected chemical attack [09/04/2018]
Tara Francis Chan, Business Insider

Trump to Decide Soon Whether to Retaliate for ‘Barbaric Act’ in Syria [09/04/2018]
Peter Baker, New York Times

Mattis 'not ruling out' Syria military action after Douma attack [09/04/2018]
Al Jazeera

Iran-Israel Conflict Escalates in Shadow of Syrian Civil War [09/04/2018]
Ben Hubbard and David M. Halbfinger, New York Times

Syria chemical attack: Scores killed in Douma, rescuers say [08/04/2018]
Al Jazeera

Trump Drops Push for Immediate Withdrawal of Troops from Syria [04/04/2018]
Julie Hirschfeld Davis, New York Times

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