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Russian election
23 | March | 2018

The presidential election of March 18 confirmed all the projections of a comfortable victory for Vladimir Putin. Despite the ongoing economic crisis and the various conflicts (from Ukraine to Syria) in which the country has been involved, the election campaign focused on security issues and the affirmation of Russia as a great power.

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Elections in the Russian Federation: 2018 Presidential Election [14/03/2018]

2018 Presidential Election: Candidate Ratings [08/02/2018]
Russian Public Opinion Research Center


Opinions & Analysis
Who counted the votes in Russia? We checked. [23/03/2018]
Nazar Boyko and Roman Sverdan, Washington Post

A Mandate for Stagnation: After Russia’s Presidential Election [22/03/2018]
Andrei Kolesnikov, Carnegie Moscow Center

Europe needs a collective defence strategy to counter Russia [22/03/2018]
Guy Verhofstadt, The Guardian

Putin Won. But Russia Is Losing [22/03/2018]
Ian Bremmer, Time

Proyecto inercia: el cuarto mandato de Vladimir Putin [03/2018]
Andrei Kolesnikov, Política Exterior

Putin's Succession Conundrum: How Authoritarians Navigate the Challenge [21/03/2018]
Andrea Kendall-Taylor and Erica Frantz, Foreign Affairs

Presidential election in Russia: Putin’s Stakhanovite record [21/03/2018]
Maria Domańska, OSW

Russia Has an Ideology—and It’s as Entrenched as Communism Was [21/03/2018]
John R. Schindler, Observer

Aggressive Abroad, Putin Is Cautious at Home [21/03/2018]
Ruchir Sharma, The New York Times

Why Putin’s sham election shows what he’s afraid of [20/03/2018]
Vladimir Kara-Murza, Washington Post

And Now What? Russian Foreign Policy in Putin’s Fourth Term [20/03/2018]
Kadri Liik, ECFR

Russia’s Impossible Coalition: Putin’s New Politics [20/03/2018]
Konstantin Gaaze, Carnegie Moscow Center

Putin for the fourth time. The state of and prospects for Russia (2018-2024) [20/03/2018]

Putin después de Putin [20/03/2018]
Mira Milosevich-Juaristi, Real Instituto Elcano

Putin Won at the Ballot Box. He's Losing Elsewhere. [19/03/2018]
Michael Dempsey, Bloomberg

Putin’s Victory, Europe’s Temptation [19/03/2018]
Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe

Putin won reelection yesterday. Now he’s a ‘lame duck.’ What will that mean? [19/03/2018]
Joshua Tucker, Washington Post

In the Russian Election, Voters Had Nothing but Bad Options [19/03/2018]
Masha Gessen, New Yorker

Russia's Next Prime Minister Is in for a Tough Ride [19/03/2018]
Tatyana Stanovaya, Moscow Times

Expect more trouble from Putin after the election [19/03/2018]
Samantha Vinograd, CNN

Putin confronts strategic choice after big Russian election win [19/03/2018]
Kathrin Hille, Financial Times

A Putin le siguen saliendo las cuentas [19/03/2018]
Jesús A. Núñez Villaverde, Real Instituto Elcano

The Poison Putin Spreads [17/03/2018]
Steven Lee Myers, New York Times

These Russian elections follow an old Soviet tradition [17/03/2018]
Roman Dobrokhotov, Al Jazeera

Vladimir Putin’s Politics of Eternity [16/03/2018]
Timothy Snyder, The Guardian

Russia 2018: Predictable Elections, Uncertain Future [16/03/2018]
Aldo Ferrari, ISPI

The Rise of Putin’s Young Technocrats [15/03/2018]
Kathrin Hille & Henry Foy, Financial Times

Putin and Russia in 2018–24: What Next? [15/03/2018]
Andrew Wood, Chatham House

Putin’s Last Hurrah? Cementing His Legacy [15/03/2018]
Lincoln Pigman, RUSI

The Challenges of Putin’s Fourth (and Last?) Term [14/03/2018]
Andrea Aversano Stabile, IAI

Putin suspende en economía [14/03/2018]
Oksana Antonenko, ES Global

Putin's Pivot: 4 New Features of Russian Foreign Policy [14/03/2018]
Daniel Treisman, Russia Matters

Moscow and the Middle East After Russia's Election [12/03/2018]
Anna Borshchevskaya, Washington Institute

Is Putin Popular? [12/03/2018]
Jay Nordlinger, National Review

A Hi-Tech Russian Doll: Putin’s Fourth-Term Reboot [12/03/2018]
Alexander Baunov, Carnegie Moscow Center

Interrogantes ante la nueva victoria de Putin [03/2018]
Nicolás de Pedro, CIDOB

How Russia's Eternal President Has Changed His Country [11/03/2018]
Christian Esch, Der Spiegel

«Le pouvoir russe est obsédé par le contrôle» [09/03/2018]
Entrevista a Tatiana Kastoueva-Jean, Le Monde

Russia before the Presidential Elections 2018 [08/03/2018]
AA.VV., Russia Analytical Digest

Le «poutinisme»: un système prétorien? [08/03/2018]
Jean-Robert Raviot, IFRI 

Putin’s Coming Presidency: Tougher for Russo-Western Relations? [07/03/2018]
Chris Cheang, RSIS

Frozen Landscape: The Russian Political System Ahead of the 2018 Presidential Election [07/03/2018]
Andrei Kolesnikov, Carnegie Moscow Center

Why Putin’s Corruption Crackdown May Be a Pre-Election Show [07/03/2018]
Marc Bennetts, Newsweek

The arrival of post-Putin Russia [01/03/2018]
Ivan Krastev and Gleb Pavlovsky, ECFR

The Real and Hidden Costs of Russia’s Foreign Policy [02/2018]
Stanislav Secrieru, European Union Institute for Security Studies

Putin’s worst enemy: Putin [28/02/2018]
Oksana Antonenko, Politico

Putin’s existential quandary: What happens next? [23/02/2018]
Sergey Aleksashenko, The Daily Star

Russia's Leadership Is Facing a Succession Dilemma [22/02/2018]
Gleb Pavlovsky, Moscow Times

How Navalny changed the rules of the game in Russia [19/02/2018]
Leonid Ragozin, Al Jazeera

The Tragedy of the Working Poor and the Populism of Russia’s Presidential Campaign [16/02/2018]
Irina Meyer-Olimpieva, Kennan Institute

A New Role for United Russia [12/02/2018]
Andrei Turchak, Carnege Moscow Center

The Curious Case of the Television Star Running Against Vladimir Putin [12/02/2018]
Masha Gessen, New Yorker

Russia's system of power defies any rational explanation [11/02/2018]
Lilia Shevtsova, Finanacial Times

Can Putin's opponent win presidency? [10/02/2018]
Fareed Zakaria, GPS

As Vladimir Putin steals the Russian election, our leaders are shamefully silent [08/02/2018]
Simon Tisdall, The Guardian

The Perils of Change: Russians’ Mixed Attitudes Toward Reform [02/2018]
Andrei Kolesnikov & Denis Volkov, Carnegie Moscow Center

How to Monitor Russia's Next Election [07/02/2018]
Grigory Melkonyants, Moscow Times

"The Navalny Effect" on Russia [05/02/2018]
Alexis Mrachek, Heritage Foundation

Russia’s Election: Assured Victory, Protests, and Apathy [02/02/2018]
Yana Gorokhovskaia, Global Observatory

Russia's Election: Why the Show Must Go On [31/01/2018]
Stephen Blank, Lowy Interpreter

Do Russians Want Change? [16/01/2018]
Andrei Kolesnikov & Denis Volkov, Carnegie Moscow Center

A Game with Unknown Rules [04/01/2018]
Maxim Matusevich, Kennan Institute

The Return of Global Russia: An Analytical Framework [14/12/2017]
Paul Stronski & Richard Sokolsky, CEIP

Putin 4.0: The President’s New Modus Operandi [18/11/2017]
Tatyana Stanovaya, Carnegie Moscow Center

Why the Kremlin Needs Sobchak [13/11/2017]
Konstantin Gaaze, Carnegie Moscow Center

‘This Myth About the Great and Horrible Putin’ [23/10/2017]
Susan B. Glasser, Politico

Putin’s Political Machine Defeats Its Purpose [20/10/2017]
Fedor Krasheninnikov, Kennan Institute


Putin contra Navalni [30/01/2018]
El País

'They could be twins': photos appear to show Russians voting twice in election [21/03/2018]
Martin Belam, The Guardian

Trump Congratulates Putin on Re-Election, but Fails to Mention Meddling in U.S. [20/03/2018]
Mark Landler, New York Times

Trump and Juncker under fire for hailing Putin election victory [20/03/2018]
Anushka Asthana, Daniel Boffey and Andrew Roth, The Guardian

Russia election: Muted Western reaction to Putin victory [19/03/2018]

Putin pledges to focus on domestic agenda and national defense [19/03/2018]

What the world is saying about Putin's re-election [19/03/2018]
Times of India

Europe sharply divided over Vladimir Putin's re-election [19/03/2018]
Patrick Wintour and Kate Connolly, The Guardian

Russia: Five Reasons Why Putin's Election Is a Sham [19/03/2018]
Shane Croucher, Newsweek

How Russians in Europe voted in 2018 presidential election [19/03/2018]

Putin winning over 90% of votes at Russian presidential polls in Crimea and Sevastopol [19/03/2018]

Putin winning presidential polls with 73.9% of votes — exit poll [18/03/2018]

Vladimir Putin: How a spy rose to power and held on to it [18/03/2018]
Elizabeth Schumacher, DW

Putin 4.0: as Russian president prepares for fourth term, what next? [18/03/2018]
Andrew Roth, The Guardian

As Putin Sails to Six More Years, Navalny Eyes the Long Game [18/03/2018]
Evan Gershkovich, Moscow Times

How Russia Meddled in its Own Elections [18/03/2018]
Alina Polyakova, The Atlantic

Putin Urges High Voter Turnout Ahead of Russian Election [16/03/2018]
Vladimir Isachenkov, Times of India

Russian election 2018: Voters are faced with a difficult choice – Vladimir Putin or Vladimir Putin [13/03/2018]
Oliver Carroll, The Independent

Beyond Moscow, Apathy Rules Ahead of Russia's Presidential Election [13/03/2018]
Evan Gershkovich, Moscow Times

Russia This Week – Focus On The Presidential Election – March 12, 2018 [13/03/2018]

Russia Analytical Report, March 5-12, 2018 [12/03/2018]
Russia Matters

10 Charts That Explain Life in Putin's Russia [12/03/2018]

Putin's certain victory: What you need to know about the Russian presidential election [11/03/2018]
Roman Goncharenko, DW

Putin Nemesis Navalny, barred from Election, Tries Political Siege [21/02/2018]
Andrew Osborn, Reuters

Russia accuses Europe of meddling in presidential election [15/02/2018]
Emma Anderson, Politico

Who’s who in Russia’s presidential election [12/02/2018]
The Week

Alexei Navalny: The anti-Putin the Kremlin can’t neutralise [10/02/2018]
Isabel Gorst, Irish Times

Putin, Seven Rivals Register for Russia’s Presidential Race [08/02/2018]
Vladimir Isachenkov, Washington Post

Russia Election: Who Are Vladimir Putin’s Challengers? [08/02/2018]
Roman Goncharenko, Deutsche Welle

Alexei Navalny: 'There is no pro-Putin majority' in Russia [08/02/2018]
Zhanna Nemtsova, Deutsche Welle

On the Campaign Trail with a Former Russian Reality Star [08/02/2018]
Emily Tamkin, Foreign Policy

Eight Candidates To Run For President Of Russia [08/02/2018]

Kremlin Sees No Alternative to 'Absolute Leader' Putin [29/01/2018]
Moscow Times

Russia's Youth Takes the Lead in Countrywide Protests Against Putin [28/01/2018]
Moscow Times

73% of Russians Plan to Vote for Putin – Survey [18/01/2018]
Moscow Times

Senate Report Outlines Playbook to Prevent Future Russian Election Meddling [10/01/2018]
Robbie Gramer, Foreign Policy

Putin Confirms He Is Running for President [06/12/2017]
Neil MacFarquhar, The New York Times

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