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Italian election
5 | April | 2018

The coming parliamentary election of March 4 happen in a moment of crisis and great social uproar, with immigration and security issues at the centre of the election campaign. With polls indicating a weakening of the traditional parties and the rise of the right-wing radical parties, the formation of the next Government and choose the new Prime Minister is still very difficult to predict.

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Electoral Results

Italy elections 2018 polls: who is running and why it matters
Financial Times


Opinions & Analysis
Juegos malabares en Italia para formar gobierno [03/04/2018]
Pablo Martín de Santa Olalla Saludes, ES Global

Italy’s violent extremist past haunts the populist present [02/04/2018]
James Politi, Financial Times

Italy Is the West’s Future [16/03/2018]
Matthew Goodwin, Chatham House

Will Italian Populism Save Europe? [15/03/2018]
Alberto Alemanno, Politico EU

Quel balzo sul carro del Movimento 5 Stelle [15/03/2018]
Paolo Mieli, Corriere della Sera

Nothing’s Left [14/03/2018]
Nicola Melloni, Social Europe

Italian party’s loss ‘shows limits of science advocacy politics’ [10/03/2018]
David Matthews, Times Higher Education

The People Vs. Democracy? [09/03/2018]
Jan-Werner Müller, Social Europe

D’Alema: «Populisti? No, li vota la sinistra. E il Pd si confronti con M5S» [09/03/2018]
Entrevista a Massimo D’Alema

Italy: First European Country in The Hand of Populists? [09/03/2018]
Maurizio Cotta, Social Europe

Italy’s 2018 Elections: A Hung Parliament and Four Government Scenarios [08/03/2018]
Alessandro Marrone, IAI

Want to understand what is Wrong with Europe? Look at Italy [08/03/2018]
Helen Thompson, New York Times          

Italy’s Inconclusive Election Puts President Center Stage [08/03/2018]
James Politi, Financial Times

Italy’s Howl of Nihilism [08/03/2018]
Giuliano Ferrara, Politico EU

The populists may have won, but Italy won't leave the euro [07/03/2018]
Michael Cottakis, EU Observer

Elezioni 2018, Nadia Urbinati: «La nostra democrazia è in transizione» [07/03/2018]
Entrevista a Nadia Urbinati, Lettera 43

Europe Sails into Uncharted Waters [07/03/2018]
Louis Golino, Atlantic Council

The Italian Center-Left Didn’t Collapse. It Never Existed. [07/03/2018]
Anna Momigliano, Foreign Policy

The populists may have won, but Italy won't leave the euro [07/03/2018]
Michael Cottakis, EU Observer

The Italian Implosion [06/03/2018]
Rachel Donadio, The Atlantic

Give populists a chance [06/03/2018]
Paul Taylor, Politico

Italy’s election was actually quite traditional [06/03/2018]
Leonid Bershidsky, Japan Times

Will Putin Benefit From Italian Populist Parties’ Kremlin Leanings? [06/03/2018]
Stephanie Kirchgaessner, The Guardian

5 scenarios for Italy’s next government [05/03/2018]
Jacopo Barigazzi, Politico             

Italy’s Five-Star Electoral Performance [05/03/2018]
Roger Cohen, New York Times

Death of the dinosaurs [05/03/2018]
Alberto Mingardi, Politico

Italy, Europe’s breakaway province [05/03/2018]
Stefano Stefanini, Politico

Italy’s election is another blow to the European establishment [05/03/2018]
Ishaan Tharoor, Washington Post

How the Italian elections main losers could decide the future of the country (and of Europe) [05/03/2018]
Enea Desideri, Open Europe

Populist gains in Italy show the scale of Europe’s anger epidemic [05/03/2018]
Rafael Behr, The Guardian

No Answers For Italy [05/03/2018]
Tony Barber, Financial Times

Italy Takes a Step Back from Europe [05/03/2018]
Ferdinando Giugliano, Bloomberg View

Two Ways to Read Italy's Election Results [05/03/2018]
Rachel Donadio, The Atlantic

Steve Bannon's Italian Dream Comes True [04/03/2018]
Barbie Latza Nadeau, Daily Beast

Whatever happens in this election, Italy has fallen out of love with the EU [04/03/2018]
Luigi Scazzieri, Telegraph

How Italy's Five-Star Movement Is Winning the Youth Vote [02/03/2018]
Emily Schultheis, The Atlantic

Italy: Following Britain towards the exit? [02/03/2018]
Josef Janning, ECFR

Leading the Way? Italy’s External Migration Policies and the 2018 Elections: An Uncertain Future [01/03/2018]
Anja Palm, IAI

Will Italy Cross the Illiberal Rubicon? [28/02/2018]
Dominique Moisi, Project Syndicate

The Many Unknowns Heading into Italy’s Perilous Elections [28/02/2018]
Mark Gilbert, World Politics Review

Italy votes: Europe in the Italian election [28/02/2018]
Teresa Coratella, ECFR

Italy’s new election rules are supposed to make its government more stable. Don’t count on it. [28/02/2018]
Alessandro Chiaramonte and Vincenzo Emanuele, Washington Post

Why the Italian left looks doomed in this weekend’s elections [28/02/2018]
James Newell, The Guardian

Italy’s Election Is a Shipwreck [27/02/2018]
Luigi Zingales, Foreign Policy

Silvio Berlusconi: what to expect from the comeback king in Italy’s election [27/02/2018]
James Newell, The Conversation

Europe's Center-Left, Sidelined [27/02/2018]
Joel Weickgenant, RealClearWorld

4 ways the EU let Italy get away with murder [26/02/2018]
Giulia Paravicini, Politico

Yet Another Threat to the EU [23/02/2018]
Mike Scrafton, The Stategist

Italy election: how populist Five Star Movement is wrecking government hopes for the mainstream [23/02/2018]
Martin J. Bull, The Conversation

Italian Foreign Policy: A Message in the Bottle to the Next Italian Government [23/02/2018]
Nathalie Tocci, IAI

The fascist movement that has brought Mussolini back to the mainstream [22/02/2018]
Tobias Jones, The Guardian

Italy's Election Could Change Everything [21/02/2018]
Scott MacDonald, National Interest

Migration myths dominate Italian election campaign [21/02/2018]
Stefano M. Torelli, ECFR

Berlusconi’s comeback shows that Italy still struggles with its fascist past [21/02/2018]
Sabrina Gasparrini, The Guardian

In the war against election interference, Italy takes the lead [20/02/2018]
Rick Noack, Washington Post

Italian elections and the crisis of European democracy [19/02/2018]
Lorenzo Marsili, Al Jazeera

L’attesa del 5 marzo [16/02/2018]
Antonio Polito, Corriere della Sera

Silvio Berlusconi, the candidate of calm [14/02/2018]
Alberto Mingardi, Politico           

What to Know About Italy’s 2018 Elections [14/02/2018]
James McBride, Council on Foreign Relations

L’Italie, le pays où la gauche a disparu [12/02/2018]
Gaël Brustier, Slate

Fascism is back in Italy and it’s paralysing the political system [11/02/2018]
Roberto Saviano, The Guardian

¿Es Silvio Berlusconi inmortal... o casi? [09/02/2018]
Rubén Amón, El País

Italy is being driven into the arms of fascists [08/02/2018]
Rula Jebreal, The Guardian

The election of fear [08/02/2018]
Ferruccio Pastore, Politico

Five Star Struggles to Be Italy’s Agent of Change [08/02/2018]
Bill Emmott, Financial Times

El momento decisivo de la izquierda italiana [07/02/2018]
Pablo Martín De Santa Olalla, El País

Italy’s Defence Policy: What to Expect from the 2018 Elections? [01/2018]
Alessandro Marrone, IAI

Italy’s through-the-looking-glass election [31/01/2018]
Giuliano Ferrara, Politico

Italy’s political threat to the EU and to investors [28/01/2018]
Wolfgang Münchau, Financial Times

The Bunga-Bunga Party Returns to Italy [04/01/2018]
Bill Emmott, Project Syndicate

There’s an election in Italy next year – and M5S has some familiar problems [11/10/2017]
Daniele Albertazzi, The Conversation

Governo Gentiloni, c’è il vuoto (ma non sia una resa) [15/03/2018]
Corriere della Sera

Demagogues Win as Europe’s Populist Tide Sweeps Italy [05/03/2018]
New York Times

La hora de Italia [04/03/2018]
El País

En Italie, les élections de la peur [18/02/2018]
Le Temps

Incertidumbre italiana [02/01/2018]
El País

Italian Government Talks Show No Sign of Breaking Deadlock [05/04/2018]
Crispian Balmer & Giuseppe Fonte, Reuters

Italian President Starts Difficult Talks With Parties on New Government [04/04/2018]
Giovanni Legorano, The Wall Street Journal

Italy Seeks New Government Across Deepening North-South Divide [03/04/2018]
Giovanni Legorano & Eric Sylvers, The Wall Street Journal

En Italie, les parlementaires font leur rentrée, mais le gouvernement reste dans les limbes [23/03/2018]
Jérôme Gautheret, Le Monde

Italy’s League Leader Opens Door to Government Deal with Five Star [14/03/2018]
Gavin Jones & Claudia Cristoferi, Reuters

New Italian government brings uncertainty for Libya [13/03/2018]
Justin Salhani, Al Monitor

Italy’s Beaten Center-Left Vows to Stay Out of Power [12/03/2018]
James Politi, Financial Times

Italy’s 5Stars’ dilemma: It won. Now what? [06/03/2018]
Giada Zampano, Politico             

Italy’s Surging Populists Run into a Political Muddle. But for How Long? [05/03/2018]
Jason Horowitz, New York Times

Italy’s Renzi Quits Party Helm, Rules Out Deals to Form Government [05/03/2018]
Isla Binnie, Reuters

Silvio Berlusconi’s grand failure [05/03/2018]
Giulia Paravicini, Politico             

The man who could be Italy’s next prime minister [05/03/2018]
Maïa De La Baume, Politico        

Eurosceptic Italy in race to form majority government [05/03/2018]
Stephanie Kirchgaessner and Daniel Boffey, The Guardian

Italy chooses, Brussels worries [05/03/2018]
Maïa De La Baume, Politico        

La Liga reivindica su derecho a gobernar Italia [04/03/2018]
Daniel Verdú, El País

In Italy Election, Anti-E.U. Views Pay Off for Far Right and Populists [04/03/2018]
Jason Horowitz, New York Times

Europe’s Fragile Center Takes New Blows [04/03/2018]
Marcus Walker, Wall Street Journal

Fragmented Italian election result reveals power of populists [04/03/2018]
Michael Birnbaum, Washington Post

Italy’s angry election [03/03/2018]
Hanne Cokelaere and Jacopo Barigazzi, Politico

Why Matteo Renzi’s star is fading [02/03/2018]
Silvia Sciorilli Borrelli, Politico

Antonio Tajani agrees to be Forza Italia’s prime ministerial candidate [02/03/2018]
Zoya Sheftalovich, Politico

Berlusconi, breaker of Italy’s glass ceiling [02/03/2018]
Hannah Roberts, Politico            

Steve Bannon in Rome to 'support far-right candidate' in Italian election [01/03/2018]
Stephanie Kirchgaessner, The Guardian

Will Russia Meddle in Italy’s Election? It May Not Have To [01/03/2018]
Jason Horowitz, New York Times

Why Italian Elections Matter: A New Type of Populism Is Rising [01/03/2018]
Giovanni Legorano, Wall Street Journal

Italy’s 5Stars jump the gun and unveil Cabinet team [01/03/2018]
Giada Zampano, Politico              

Matteo Salvini extends Northern League's appeal as far south as Sicily [01/03/2018]
Stephanie Kirchgaessner and Lorenzo Tondo, The Guardian

Elecciones en Italia: De la retórica anti-inmigración a la violencia [02/2018]
Francesco Pasetti, CIDOB

The Mystery Man Who Runs Italy’s ‘Five Star’ From the Shadows [28/02/2018]
Jason Horowitz, New York Times

Why Matteo Renzi’s star is fading [28/02/2018]
Silvia Sciorilli Borrelli, Politico

'There is no long-term vision': young Italians lose faith in politics [26/02/2018]
Angela Giuffrida, The Guardian

Renzi: "Se il Pd perde, nessun passo indietro" [26/02/2018]
La Reppublica

Women dominate Italy’s army of undecided voters [26/02/2018]
James Polity, Financial Times

Bonino: "Io premier candidata da Berlusconi? È fantascienza" [26/02/2018]
Monica Rubino, La Reppublica

Emma Bonino: Italy's pro-Europe, pro-immigrant conscience [26/02/2018]
Stephanie Kirchgaessner, The Guardian

Renzi: "Se il Pd perde, nessun passo indietro" [26/02/2018]
La Reppublica

Italy's poor south looks to 5-Star for hope at election [25/02/2018]
Gavin Jones, Reuters

Italy Scrambles to Fight Misinformation Ahead of Its Elections [24/02/2018]
Yasmeen Serhan, The Atlantic

Russia, Euroskeptic Parties, and Italian Elections [23/02/2018]
Giovanna De Maio, German Marshall Fund

Elections en Italie: Bruxelles s’attend au «pire scénario» [23/02/2018]
Cécile Ducourtieux, Jérôme Gautheret et Jean-Pierre Stroobants, Le Monde

Berlusconi v Salvini: the bitter fight for control of Italy's right wing [23/02/2018]
Stephanie Kirchgaessner, The Guardian

Italian Election's Biggest Winner Is Europe [22/02/2018]
Jacopo Barigazzi, Politico

El Laboratorio Del Doctor Grillo [22/02/2018]
Daniel Verdú, El País

Silvio Berlusconi Touts Moderate as Italy’s Next Premier [22/02/2018]
James Politi, Financial Times

With elections imminent, Italy pulls out the stops to fight fake news [22/02/2018]
Catarina Fernandes Martins, CS Monitor

Make the Papal States Great Again [21/02/2018]
Anna Momigliano, Foreign Policy

The tiny new party that may hold the key to Italy’s election [21/02/2018]
The Economist

Italy election: violence and harassment rise in echo of 1970s unrest [21/02/2018]
Stephanie Kirchgaessner, Angela Giuffrida and Lorenzo Tondo, The Guardian

Make the Papal States Great Again [21/02/2018]
Anna Momigliano, Foreign Policy

Italian election leaves science out in the cold [20/02/2018]
Alison Abbott, Nature

Élections législatives en Italie : la vaste supercherie [20/02/2018]
Dominique Dunglas, Le Point

Explained: Italy’s general election and why it's important for Europe [19/02/2018]
Chris Harris, Euronews

Now Bots Are Trying to Help Populists Win Italy's Election [19/02/2018]
Chiara Albanese, Bloomberg

In search of Italy’s silent majority [19/02/2018]
James Politi, Financial Times

Italy's Northern League pledges mass migrant deportations [19/02/2018]
Stephanie Kirchgaessner, The Guardian

Viaje A Los Grandes Escenarios De La Italia Que Vota [18/02/2018]
El País

'Italians First': Anti-immigrant sentiment becomes focus as parties chase undecided voters ahead of country's election [18/02/2018]
Francesca De Benedetti, Independent

El centro derecha ganará las elecciones en Italia, según todos los sondeos [16/02/2018]
Ángel Gómez Fuentes, ABC

Italy Heading for Post-Election Deal, but Don’t Tell the Voters [16/02/2018]
Steve Scherer, Reuters

Economists Predict What Might Happen in the Italian Elections [16/02/2018]
Andre Tartar, Bloomberg

Uncertainty reigns in final polls ahead of Italy election [16/02/2018]
Isla Binnie, Reuters

Vaccine debate gives Italian election campaign a shot in the arm [14/02/2018]
Sarah Wheaton and Giada Zampano, Politico    

Italian election pledges: Pizza or pazza? [13/02/2018]
Giada Zampano , Politico

Italy's M5S party leader promises to expel 'bad apples' before election [13/02/2018]
Stephanie Kirchgaessner and Angela Giuffrida, The Guardian

The ultimate guide to who's who in the Italian general elections [12/02/2018]
Lillo Montalto Monella, Euronews

She Won Italians’ Hearts. But Can She Win Their Votes? [09/02/2018]
Elisabetta Povoledo, New York Times

Giorgia Meloni, the friendly face of Italy's surging far right [09/02/2018]
Angela Giuffrida, The Guardian

Italy shooting raises stakes in immigration debate [06/02/2018]
Anna Momigliano, Politico

Italy Can't Get No Respect [05/02/2018]
Paul Taylor, Politico

Berlusconi Takes a Trumpian Turn on Immigration [05/02/2018]
Barbie Latza Nadeau, Daily Beast

Législatives en Italie : "Ce ne sera pas le grand retour de Berlusconi" [29/01/2018]
Europe 1

Berlusconi Is Back. Again. This Time, as Italy’s ‘Nonno’ [29/01/2018]
Jason Horowitz, News York Times

5Stars consider post-election pact with far right [25/01/2018]
Jacopo Barigazzi, Politico

La derecha se une para gobernar Italia [09/01/2018]
Soraya Melguizo, El Mundo

Italy’s Matteo Renzi struggles to find allies in comeback bid [05/01/2018]
James Polity, Financial Times

En Italie, les élections législatives auront lieu le 4 mars 2018 [28/12/2017]
Le Monde

Italy’s President Dissolves Parliament and Officially Opens Election Season [28/12/2017]
Gaia Pianigiani, New York Times

Italy’s Former PM Renzi Loses More Allies as Election Nears [06/12/2017]
Valentina Consiglio, Reuters

Berlusconi's improbable return to politics: Why Italy is giving him another look [06/12/2017]
Nick Squires, CS Monitor

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