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Zimbabwe: factional war of susccession
18 | March | 2018

On November 15th, there was a pacific military coup leading to the resignation of Robert Mugabe, then President of Zimbabwe, for the last 37 years. The liberation war veterans were the perpetrators due to an increasing competition in the dominant-party ZANU-PF. Behind it, there is a dissatisfaction with the removal of former Vice-President, Emmerson Mnangagwa and the rise of the First lady Grace Mugabe as a potential successor.

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Zimbabwe: Full text of Mugabe’s address to the nation [20/11/2017]
Ameh Comrade Godwin, Daily Post

Here is the Official Military Statement Delivered on Zimbabwe Live Television[15/11/2017]
The African Exponent

Statement by the Chairperson of the African Union Commission on the situation in Zimbabwe [15/11/2017]
African Union Press Release

So Who Was Fired From ZANU-PF Along With Mugabe? [19/11/2017]
The African Exponent

Cinq graphiques pour comprendre la situation économique du Zimbabwe [20/11/2017]
Le Monde


Opinions & Analysis
Emmerson Mnangagwa: Toward a New Zimbabwe [12/03/2018]
Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, New York Times

Mugabe’s Misrule [03/2018]
Martin Meredith, Foreign Affairs

Who’s Running the Show in Zimbabwe? [05/01/2018]
Alexander H. Noyes, CSIS

What future for civil society in Zimbabwe? [19/12/2017]
David Kode and Teldah Mawarire, Open Democracy

Zimbabwe: Mugabe Headache for Mnangagwa [10/12/2017]
Everson Mushava, Standard

Zimbabwe after the party — The hangover [10/12/2017]
Tula Dlamini, Standard

We brought you colonialism, now we’ll teach you democracy [06/12/2017]
Frederick Golooba-Mutebi, The East African

How the African Union got it wrong on Zimbabwe [05/12/2017]
Philip Roessler, Al Jazeera

Zimbabwe Cabinet Appointments Disappoint [05/12/2017]
John Campbell, CFR

Grace et Robert Mugabe, la fable sexiste du paradis perdu [05/12/2017]
Sarah-Jane Fouda, Le Monde

Mnangagwa’s disappointing Cabinet [03/12/2017]
Tawanda Majoni, The Standard

The 'alternative facts' of a coup [02/12/2017]
Claudio Sopranzetti, Al Jazeera

Mugabe Falls as Zuma struggles to Hold on [01/12/2017]
Ralph Bunche, CFR

Zimbabwe opposition promises push for reform after new cabinet revealed [01/12/2017]
Jason Burke, The Guardian

L’alliance sacrée de la Zanu-PF et de l’armée douche les espérances de l’opposition au Zimbabwe [01/12/2017]
Jean-Philippe Rémy, Le Monde

AP Interview: Zimbabwe’s president has ‘small window’ to act [30/11/2017]
Christopher Torchia, The Washington Post

The Fall of Mugabe [30/11/2017]
Adekeye Adebajo, The Guardian Nigeria

Los que huyeron de Robert Mugabe [30/11/2017]
Carolina Valdehita, El Mundo

Quelles perspectives pour l’économie après le départ de Robert Mugabe?[28/11/2017]
Victor Bérenger, Jeune Afrique

Zimbabwe: A Faustian Bargain with a Crocodile? [28/11/2017]
Rita Abrahamsen, CIPS

Robert Mugabe’s gone: Epitaph for a revolutionary who gave in to the IMF [28/11/2017]
Yashpal Tandon, The East African

Why African Leaders are Watching Zimbabwe’s “soft coup” [27/11/2017]
David Pilling, Financial Times

Zimbabwe: Mnangagwa is Mugabe [27/11/2017]
Brent Meersman, Alla Africa

Why new leadership may not bring democracy in Harare [25/11/2017]
Nic Cheeseman, The East African

Emmerson Mnangagwa: the 'Crocodile' taking power in Zimbabwe [24/11/2017]
,The Guardian

The West owes Zimbabwe a future [24/11/2017]
Nick Dearden, Al Jazeera

Zimbabwe: Five lessons from Uncle Bob [24/11/2017]
Elsie Eyakuze, Al Jazeera

Zimbabweans are delighted at Mugabe’s fall, but democracy won’t come overnight [23/11/2017]
Basildon Peta, The Guardian

Road to ruin: how the Mugabes' time ran out [23/11/2017]
Jason Burke, The Guardian

Robert Mugabe’s lucky break: he had Grace to act as lightning rod [23/11/2017]
Tania Branigan, The Guardian

Will Mnangagwa usher in a new democracy? The view from Zimbabwe [23/11/2017]
Nic Cheeseman, The Conversation

Le départ de Mugabe au Zimbabwe, nouvelle étape dans les transitions démocratiques en Afrique ? [22/11/2017]
Laura Motet, Madjid Zerrouky, Maxime Vaudano e Aline Leclerc, Le Monde

Mugabe’s fall an ‘unAfrican’ political drama in Zimbabwe [22/11/2017]
Charles Onyango-Obbo, Daily Nation

Robert Mugabe’s departure ushers in a heady new era for Zimbabwe [22/11/2017]
Knox Chitiyo, The Guardian

The fall of Robert Mugabe sends an ominous signal to Africa’s dictators [22/11/2017]
Fred Muvunyi, The Washington Post

Zimbabweans Should Keep Their Focus On The Forthcoming Elections [22/11/2017]
Takudzwa Hillary Chiwanza, The African Exponent

Robert Mugabe’s fall offers faint hope to Zimbabwe opposition [22/11/2017]
David Pilling, Financial Times

Emmerson Mnangagwa: Will Zimbabwe's new ruler break with Mugabe's legacy?[22/11/2017]
Martin Fletcher, New Statesman

Diamonds and the Crocodile: China’s Role in the Zimbabwe Coup [22/11/2017]
Vasabjit Banerjee e Timothy Rich, The Diplomat

Facing Impeachment, Zimbabwe's Mugabe Resigns [21/11/2017]
John Campbell, CFR

Africa’s deft handling of Zimbabwe’s ‘coup’ [21/11/2017]
William Saunderson-Meyer, Reuters

How Zimbabwe’s Mugabe clung to power for almost 40 years [21/11/2017]
Rick Noack, Washington Post

How Influential Is China in Zimbabwe? [20/11/2017]
Alex Vines, Chatham House

Mugabe Holds On [20/11/2017]
John Campbell, CFR

Mugabe and Other Leftist Heroes [20/11/2017]
Bret Stephens, New York Times

The Zimbabwean parliament may plan on impeaching Robert Mugabe, but he won’t give up that easily [20/11/2017]
Kim Sengupta, The Independent

Zimbabwe: New Crocodile, Same Teeth [20/11/2017]
Ashton Robinson, Lowy Interpreter

Zimbabwe: how impeachment would actually works [20/11/2017]
Alex T. Magaisa, African Arguments

La Chine a-t-elle lâché Robert Mugabe ?[20/11/2017]
Sébastien Le Belzic, Le Monde

How Zimbabwe’s economy was brought to the brink of collapse [19/11/2017]
Tony Hawkins e David Pilling, Financial Times

The fall of an African tyrant [19/11/2017]
John Campbell, The Hill

Zimbabwe is not the banana republic of western fancy. After Mugabe, it can thrive [19/11/2017]
Ranga Mberi, The Guardian

A coup by any other name spells trouble for Zimbabwe [19/11/2017]
Muthoni Wanyeki, The East African

Mugabe and Mubarak [18/11/2017]
Elliott Abrams, CFR

Is Zimbabwe ready to move on without Mugabe? [18/11/2017]
Naunihal Singh, Washington Post

Zimbabwe: All-Weather Friends China and Russia Wink As Mugabe Put to the Sword [18/11/2017]
Wendy Muperi, New Zimbabwe

This is redistribution for Zimbabwe’s elite, not revolution in a ruined nation [18/11/2017]
Jason Burke, The Guardian

'Gucci Grace', la férrea primera dama de Zimbabue que también quería ser presidenta [18/11/2017]
Carolina Valdehíta, El Mundo

The twists and turns of an ousted Zimbabwe independence war icon [18/11/2017]
Gitau Warigi, Daily Nation

Thwarted ambitions caused Zimbabwe’s fall from Grace [18/11/2017]
Luis Franceschi, Daily Nation

Mugabe Is Gone, But Zimbabwe's Dictatorship Will Remain [17/11/2017]
John Campbell, Foreign Affairs

Why Zimbabwe’s Military Abandoned Mugabe: The Blood Brotherhood Sticks Together [17/11/2017]
Philip Martin, Foreign Affairs

Responding To Coups That Aren’t Coups [17/11/2017]
John Campbell, CFR

Good coup, bad coup?[17/11/2017]
Ronak Gopaldas, ISS Africa

Zimbabwe: a ‘slow motion coup’ [17/11/2017]
David Pilling e Joseph Cotterill, Financial Times

There Is Hope For Zimbabwe at Last [17/11/2017]
Michael Holman, Financial Times

Zimbabwe: A Quick Primer [17/11/2017]
Entrevista a Kamissa Camara, Foreign Policy Interrupted

Why Mugabe’s ouster is both a tragedy and blessing for Africa [17/11/2017]
Magesha Ngwiri, Daily Nation

Zimbabwe’s Very Peculiar Coup [16/11/2017]
Piers Pigou, International Crisis Group

Mugabe’s demise: What’s next? [16/11/2017]
Svein-Erik Bøthun Helle, Michelsen Institute

What China Thinks About Zimbabwe’s Coup [16/11/2017]
Charlotte Gao, The Diplomat

Mugabe's fall from grace unlikely to end Zimbabwe's political infighting and economic decay [16/11/2017]
Sara Rich Dorman, The National

Power to the party: zimbabwe’s coup isn’t a revolution but a consolidation [16/11/2017]
s.a., African Arguments

How the Situation in Zimbabwe Could Proceed [16/11/2017]
John Campbell, CFR

Did we panic? No, this was a very Zimbabwean coup [16/11/2017]
Blessing Musariri, The Guardian

Mugabe: Between the wife and the loyal lieutenant [16/11/2017]
Alex Magaisa, Al Jazeera

What is a coup? These 40 African countries could help explain [16/11/2017]
Yomi Kazeem, Quartz

How the people of Zimbabwe were sidelined, yet again [16/11/2017]
Takura Zhangazha, Al Jazeera

Mnangagwa & Military May Mean More Bad News For Zimbabwe [16/11/2017]
James Hamill, The Conversation

What Zimbabwe Can Learn from Ghana [16/11/2017]
Colleen Lowe Morna, Mail and Guardian

Zimbabwe Coup [15/11/2017]
Jennifer G. Cooke, CSIS

Military Coup in Zimbabwe Remains Bloodless [15/11/2017]
John Campbell, CFR

Former liberation comrades seal Robert Mugabe’s fate [15/11/2017]
David Pilling, Financial Times

Zimbabwe’s military takeover fits the narrative of its patriarch [15/11/2017]
David Pilling, Financial Times

For Zimbabwe, a Coup Isn’t the Answer [15/11/2017]
Glen Mpani, New York Times

A military coup is afoot in Zimbabwe. What’s next for the embattled nation? [15/11/2017]
David B. Moore, The Conversation

Even if Mugabe has gone, Zimbabweans won’t be dancing in the streets [15/11/2017]
Wilf Mbanga, The Guardian

Here’s what’s happening in Zimbabwe [15/11/2017]
Clionadh Raleigh, The Washington Post

Zimbabwe: Coup or not, this is the end of an era [15/11/2017]
Alex T. Magaisa, African Arguments

After Mugabe’s detention, we’re hoping Zimbabwe’s democracy has been saved [15/11/2017]
Reason Wafawarova, The Guardian

Eyes on the Crocodile as Zimbabwe Military Sweeps to Power [15/11/2017]
Ed Cropley e Cris Chinaka, Reuters

Standoff in Zimbabwe as Struggle to Succeed Mugabe Deepens [14/11/2017]
Piers Pigou, Crisis Group

A Coup Could be in the Works Against Zimbabwe's Mugabe [14/11/2017]
John Campbell, CFR

Le Zimbabwe dans un combat douteux : les conséquences inattendues des sanctions occidentales [17/10/2017]
Vittoria Moretti, IFRI

The last days of Robert Mugabe [01/01/2017]
Martin Fletcher, New Statesman


President must not squander goodwill [03/12/2017]

A hint of mercy in post-Mugabe Zimbabwe [29/11/2017]
CS Monitor

You must give Zimbabweans a better tomorrow [28/11/2017]
The East African

Mnangagwa must walk the talk on graft [26/11/2017]

The Guardian view on Mugabe’s resignation: the end of an era in Zimbabwe [21/11/2017]
The Guardian

Robert Mugabe, the fall of a tyrant [21/11/2017]
New Statesman

Il est temps pour la communauté internationale d’aider le Zimbabwe [21/11/2017]
Le Monde

End of an era for Zimbabwe [20/11/2017]
The Japan Times

Rescuing Zimbabwe from the legacy of Robert Mugabe [19/11/2017]
Financial Times

Calm Down Zimbabwe, President Mugabe is Out [19/11/2017]
The African Exponent

Mugabe is finished but the wounds remain [19/11/2017]
The National

Has the military liberated Zimbabwe? [18/11/2017]
The East African

What happens in Zimbabwe without Mugabe in power?[17/11/2017]
The Washington Post

Zimbabwe after Mugabe [17/11/2017]
LA Times

The Cloudy Dawn of a Post-Mugabe Era in Zimbabwe [17/11/2017]
New York Times

The Crocodile bites Mugabe [15/11/2017]
The Guardian

What happens in Zimbabwe without Mugabe in power? [15/11/2017]
Washington Post

The messy endgame that threatens Zimbabwe [14/11/2017]
Financial Times


UN backs 'free, fair, credible' July elections in Zimbabwe [18/03/2018]
Al Jazeera

Robert Mugabe Says ‘Coup D’Etat’ Ended His Rule in Zimbabwe [15/03/2018]
Joseph Cotterill, Financial Times

Zimbabwe youths complete Mugabe's fall, denouncing him at ZANU-PF meeting [07/03/2018]

Zimbabwe President Promises Elections by July and Says Will Respect Result [24/01/2018]

New Zimbabwe Leader Orders Top Officials to Declare Assets [24/01/2018]

Zimbabwe Military Chief Looks Set for Vice Presidency [18/12/2017]
Emelia Sithole-Matarise, Reuters

Weeks After Mugabe Fell, Zimbabwe Remains in the Army’s Grip [15/12/2017]
Norimitsu Onishi and Jeffrey Moyo, New York Times

Zimbabwe unveils post-Mugabe economic order [09/12/2017]
Al Jazeera

Retour d’un ancien vice-président proche de Grace Mugabe [02/12/2017]
Jeune Afrique

Emmerson Mnangagwa coloca a los militares en los puestos clave del Govierno de Zimbabue [01/12/2017]
El Mundo

Zimbabwe’s New Cabinet: Same Old Guys Plus a Military Touch [01/12/2017]
The African Exponent

IMF to send mission to Zimbabwe in coming days [30/11/2017]

New Cabinet Appointed - Ministerial Portfolios Reduced to 22 [30/11/2017]
The Herald Zimbabwe

Los que huyeron de Robert Mugabe [30/11/2017]
El Mundo

Zimbabwe’s new leader issues ultimatum for externalised funds [28/11/2017]
The Guardian Nigeria

Au Zimbabwe, la retraite dorée de Robert et Grace Mugabe [27/11/2017]
Le Monde

Zimbabwe activists fear post-Mugabe human rights crackdown [26/11/2017]
The Guardian

Los desafíos a los que se enfrenta Zimbabue [26/11/2017]
El Mundo

Au Zimbabwe, la justice déclare que le coup de force de l’armée était légal [25/11/2017]
Le Monde

Zimbabweans yearn for change despite President Mnangagwa’s dark past [25/11/2017]
The East African

Emmerson Mnangagwa Is Sworn In as Zimbabwe’s 2nd Leader Since Independence [24/11/2017]
The New York Times

Zimbabwe grants Robert Mugabe immunity from prosecution [23/11/2017]
The Guardian

Mnangagwa to be sworn in as Zimbabwe’s new president [22/11/2017]
The African East

China turns its back on Comrade Bob to embrace change in Zimbabwe [22/11/2017]
The Guardian

What next for Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace?[22/11/2017]

Robert Mugabe: “héros africain” pour l’UA, fin d’un régime “d’oppression” pour le Royaume-Uni [22/11/2017]
Jeune Afrique

Nace una nueva era en Zimbabue [22/11/2017]
El País

Zimbabwe’s Mnangagwa promises jobs in “new democracy” [22/11/2017]
BBC News

Zimbabwe : qui est Emmerson Mnangagwa, le successeur de Mugabe ?[22/11/2017]
Le Monde

Zimbabwe crisis turns spotlight on China’s role in Africa [21/11/2017]
Financial Times

Mugabe leaves legacy of economic ruin, upheaval in Zimbabwe [21/11/2017]
Washington Post

Boris Johnson signals support for Zimbabwe to rejoin Commonwealth as Robert Mugabe resigns [21/11/2017]

Mugabe resigns under military pressure after 37 years as Zimbabwe’s leader [21/11/2017]
Washington Post

Zimbabwe: les deux semaines qui ont fait tomber Robert Mugabe [21/11/2017]
Le Monde

Zuma joins other regional leaders in angola to discuss Zim crisis [21/11/2017]
News 24

Zimbabwe crisis turns spotlight on China’s role in Africa [21/11/2017]
Financial Times

Zimbabwe’s strange crisis is a very modern kind of coup [21/11/2017]
The Guardian

MDC considers joining forces with Zanu (PF) to impeach Mugabe [20/11/2017]
Business Live

Mugabe Faces Impeachment, Ignores Resignation Deadline [20/11/2017]

Cinq graphiques pour comprendre la situation économique du Zimbabwe [20/11/2017]
Le Monde

Robert Mugabe ignores ZANU-PF deadline to resign [20/11/2017]
Al Jazeera

Chaos in Zimbabwe after Mugabe fails to announce expected resignation [20/11/2017]
The Guardian

El partido de Robert Mugabe forzará su dimisión mediante una moción de no confianza [20/11/2017]
El Mundo

Mugabe no dimite pese al ultimátum de su partido y afronta una moción de no confianza [20/11/2017]
El País

Zimbabwe crisis: Deadline passes for Mugabe to quit as party leader [20/11/2017]
BBC News

Robert Mugabe, le « libérateur » devenu despote [20/11/2017]
Le Monde

Behind Mugabe’s Rapid Fall: A Firing, a Feud and a First Lady [19/11/2017]
The New York Times

Robert Mugabe, el dictador erudito y racista [19/11/2017]
El Mundo

Mugabe agrees to stand down as Zimbabwe president [19/11/2017]

Zimbabwe: President Robert Mugabe Removed As ZANU-PF Party Leader [19/11/2017]
Deutsche Welle

Mnangagwa: Zimbabwe’s “Comeback Crocodile” [19/11/2017]
Mail & Guardian

Ce qu’il faut retenir du discours de Robert Mugabe [19/11/2017]
Le Monde

Robert Mugabe, héros de l'indépendance devenu despote [19/11/2017]
Slate Afrique

Mugabe elude su dimisión en un discurso a la nación rodeado de los generales [19/11/2017]
El País

Zimbabwe : la ligue des jeunes de la Zanu-PF « exige » la démission de Mugabe [19/11/2017]
Jeune Afrique

The tricky business of removing Robert Gabriel Mugabe [18/11/2017]
The East African

Zimbabwe: was Mugabe's fall a result of China flexing its muscle? [17/11/2017
The Guardian

Robert Mugabe, vieil homme affaibli mais politicien habile [17/11/2017]
Le Monde

The Zimbabwe military is discovering it may not be so easy to remove Mugabe [17/11/2017]
The Washington Post

We have made progress [17/11/2017]
The Herald Zimbabwe

Robert Mugabe attends graduation in cap and gown, in first appearance since Zimbabwe's military coup [17/11/2017]

We’re presidents not monarchs, Botswana's Khama tells Mugabe [17/11/2017]
The East African

Golpe contra la dinastía Mugabe [16/11/2017]
El Mundo

Zimbabwe’s military takeover and the slide of Zanu-PF [16/11/2017]
Financial Times

Golpe contra la dinastía de Mugabe [16/11/2017]
El Mundo

Cinco claves para entender qué pasa en Zimbabue [15/11/2017]
El País

How Mugabe's reign over Zimbabwe became a byword for misrule [15/11/2017]
The Guardian

Zuma tells Zimbabwe that army rule is a no-no [15/11/2017]
Times Live

SADC intervenes in tensions between Mugabe and his generals [15/11/2017]
Times Live

Zimbabwe: What Led to Situation in Zimbabwe? [15/11/2017]

Robert Mugabe's Inner Circle Implodes [15/11/2017]
The Atlantic

Zimbabwe takeover seems like a coup, African Union says [15/11/2017]
BBC News

Power slips from Mugabe as military steps in [15/11/2017]
The Guardian Nigeria

Zimbabwe: ZANU-PF youth wing 'ready to die' for Mugabe [14/11/2017]
Al Jazeera

In Implicit Rebuke to Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s Military Says It May ‘Step In’ [13/11/2017]
New York Times

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