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Germany: coalition agreement
| March | 2018

On February 7th, 5 months after the elections for the German Parliament, CDU/CSU and SPD have reached a coalition agreement for the formation of a new government, bringing relief to national institutions and Europe. Nevertheless, the long and difficult period of talks and  losses in the federal elections, led to an heated debate on the future of the two main parties and their leaderships.

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“Ergebnisse der Sondierungsgespräche von CDU, CSU und SPD”Resultados de las conversaciones de CDU, CSU y SPD (12 de enero de 2018) - Extractos
Real Instituto Elcano

Provisional results
Federal Returning Officer

How does the German general election work? [16/09/2017]
Rebecca Staudenmaier, DW

German election: What you need to know about Germany's political parties CDU, CSU, SPD, AfD, FDP, Left Party, Greens [06/09/2017]

German election 2017 poll tracker
Financial Times

Opinions & Analysis
Germany’s Post-Merkel Power Fraus [19/03/2018]
Paul Hockenos, Foreign Policy

So You’ve Got Populists in Your Parliament. What Next? [14/03/2018]
Anna Sauerbrey, New York Times

Germany’s Dangerous Political Marriage [13/03/2018]
Helmut K. Anheier, Project Syndicate

Merkel’s Victory Exposes Europe’s Political Fault Lines [06/03/2018]
Richard Ogier, Globe and Mail

Where's the Enthusiasm? Germany's New Milquetoast Government [05/03/2018]
Florian Gathmann, Der Spiegel

The End of Little Germany? [05/03/2018]
Sophia Besch, Project Syndicate

German Politics: The Limbo Is Over [05/03/2018]
Holger Schmieding, The Globalist

How the Left destroyed its voter base [02/03/2018]
Peter Franklin, UnHerd

'The Stability of Our Political System Is at Stake' [26/02/2018]
Entrevista a Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, Der Spiegel

Germany’s New Grand Coalition bodes ill for German leadership [26/02/2018]
Laura-Hope Gammell, German Marshall Fund

Merkel Created Germany’s Far Right [24/02/2018]
Fredrik Erixon, The Spectator

The last thing Germany – and Europe – needs is a grand coalition [23/02/2018]
Timothy Garton Ash, The Guardian

A minority government could win back voters in political debate [21/02/2018]
Helmut K. Anheier, Handelsblatt

Germany’s political identity crisis [20/02/2018]
Leopold Traugott, Politico

Angela’s Merkel government of losers [19/02/2018]
Josef Joffe, Politico

Martin Schulz, the man who could only disappoint [18/02/2018]
Ulrike Guérot, Politico

Could coalition save the Social Democrats? [15/02/2018]
Claus Leggewie, Handelsblatt

Más de lo mismo [12/02/2018]
Antonio Navalón, El País

Alemania al estilo europeo [12/02/2018]
Xavier Vidal-Folch, El País

Germany gets a taste of grassroots revolt [11/02/2018]
Wolfgang Münchau, Financial Times

Angela Merkel declares victory and surrenders [09/02/2018]
Andreas Kluth, Handelsbatt

Merkel's coalition giveaways will be her downfall [08/02/2018]
Thomas Sigmund, Handelsblatt

Germany’s new coalition comes with risks for Europe – and Brexit [08/02/2018]
Alan Posener, The Guardian

Too soon for champagne toasts to GroKo [07/02/2018]
Ulrike Esther Franke, ECFR

The Dangers of Cartel Government [07/02/2018]
Doug Bandow, The American Conservative

Fazer das fraquezas forças [07/02/2018]
Teresa de Sousa, Público

US tax reform and implications for the German coalition agreement [07/02/2018]
Guntram B. Wolff, Bruegel

Une Allemagne européenne [07/02/2018]
Jean-Christophe Ploquin, La Croix

The 'Mutti' Complex: Why German Politics Can't Move Beyond Merkel [06/02/2018]
René Pfister, Der Spiegel

German Politics Is Tilting Toward European Federalism [04/02/2018]
Wolfgang Munchau, Financial Times

Why the Problems for Germany’s Centrists Are Only Beginning [04/02/2018]
Andrew Green, World Politics Review

Uncomfortable questions for Merkel’s Germany [30/01/2018]
Frederick Studemann, Financial Times

Germany’s bland grand coalition [25/01/2018]
Clemens Fuest, Handelsblatt

Germany, Waiting for GroKo [22/01/2018]
Derek Scally, Berlin Policy Journal

Another Grand Coalition Takes Shape in Berlin [22/01/2018]
Sudha David-Wilp, Foreign Affairs

German Politics: What If the SPD Balks? [20/01/2018]
Holger Schmieding, The Globalist

Dudas en la socialdemocracia alemana [18/01/2018]
Marcos Suárez Sipmann, Política Exterior

In Germany, Merkel’s center-right party may be trying to form a government with the center-left. That could be a problem. [06/12/2017]
Stephen J. Silvia, Washington Post

In Merkel’s Crisis, Echoes of Weimar [04/12/2017]
Charles S. Maier, New York Review of Books

'I'm Made of Stern Stuff' [01/12/2017]
Entrevista a Martin Schulz, Der Spiegel

Is Germany Ready for a Minority Government? [01/12/2017]
Corinna Blutguth, German Marshall Fund

A New Grand Coalition for Germany – and Europe [28/11/2017]
Jeffrey D. Sachs, Project Syndicate

Germany’s coalition woes reveal the failing centre [26/11/2017]
Wolfgang Munchau, Financial Times

Merkel — and Davos — Rebuked in Germany [25/11/2017]
Michael Barone, National Review

Germany’s place at the centre of the EU cannot hold [25/11/2017]
Enrico Ellero, Financial Times

In praise of minority government [24/11/2017]
Andreas KluthAndreas Kluth, Handelsblatt

Stop the World. Germany Is Stepping Off [24/11/2017]
Philip Stephens, Financial Times

What Merkel’s political woes mean for the EU [24/11/2017]
John Lloyd, Reuters

Between ice cream cakes and revolution [23/11/2017]
John Kornblum, Handelsblatt

Is Merkel on her way out? Yes, but not quite yet. [22/11/2017]
Dan Hough, Washington Post

A World Without Merkel [22/11/2017]
Marc Champion, Bloomberg

Angela Merkel’s Failure May Be Just What Europe Needs [22/11/2017]
Ross Douthat, New York Times

La agonía de Angela Merkel asusta a Europa [21/11/2017]
Carlos Elordi, El Diario

Germany's Chance for a Reset [21/11/2017]
Sudha David-Wilp, German Marshall Fund

Angela Merkel faces her greatest challenge [21/11/2017]
Matthew Qvortrup, New Statesman

And Yet, Europe: Atlanticism after the German Election [21/11/2017]
Carolin Wefer, German Marshall Fund

Germany Wins, Merkel Loses [21/11/2017]
Ullrich Fichtner, Der Spiegel

A Profound Examination of Germany's Future [20/11/2017]
Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe

Germany Has Plunged into Unprecedented Political Chaos [20/11/2017]
Paul Hockenos, Foreign Policy

PISM Spotlight: No “Jamaica” Coalition in Germany: What Next? [20/11/2017]
Sebastian Płóciennik, PISM

Germany and the Age of Political Absolutism [20/11/2017]
Anna Sauerbrey, New York Times

Is Angela Merkel’s tenure as German chancellor drawing to a close? [20/11/2017]
Wolfgang Munchau, Financial Times

Germany's Plunge Into Unprecedented Political Chaos [20/11/2017]
Paul Hockenos, Foreign Policy

Elections allemandes : «Il n’y a pas de rival sérieux qui émerge» [20/11/2017]
Entrevista a Hans Stark, Libération

What a Mess! [20/11/2017]
Bettina Vestring, Berlin Policy Journal

What does Germany’s political crisis mean for Brexit? [20/11/2017]
Martin Kettle, The Guardian

Germany's Coalition That Couldn't [20/11/2017]
Thomas Kleine-Brockhoff, GMF

The German political system is pretty much kaput. This is why Angela Merkel’s departure could be very good or very bad for Brexit  [20/11/2017]
Sean O’Grady, Independent

Everyone Loses in Coalition Collapse [20/11/2017]
Philipp Wittrock, Der Spiegel

Martin Schulz Faces a Fight for Survival [17/11/2017]
Veit Medick, Der Spiegel

Why Social Democrats Have Become Irrelevant [17/11/2017]
John Lloyd, Reuters

What to Expect from the New German Government? [17/11/2017]
Thomas Kleine-Brockhoff & Kevin Cottrell, German Marshall Fund

Germany's Unrepresentative Democracy [15/11/2017]
Bettina Vestring, Berlin Policy Journal

The long and winding road to Jamaica [09/11/2017]
Josef Janning, ECFR

Could Germany's FDP sink Angela Merkel's coalition talks? [06/11/2017]
Jefferson Chase, DW

Germany shifting to the right [02/11/2017]
Alexander Görlach, Real Instituto Elcano

Why the AfD Could Be Good for German Democracy: Will It Bring an End to the CDU-SPD Consensus? [02/11/2017]
Hans Kundnani, Foreign Affairs

'We Know How This Movie Ends' [25/10/2017]
Joschka Fischer, Der Spiegel

Merkel's "Homelessness" of Power and the Future of the EU [23/10/2017]
Benjamin Zyla, CIPS

Germany Must Consider Dangerous Alliances [23/10/2017]
George Friedman, Mauldin Economics

Merkel pays a high price for her fourth term [09/10/2017]
Miguel Otero-Iglesias, Elcano

How Merkel Wins While Disappointing Everyone [09/10/2017]
Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg 

What Drove the Votes for Germany's AfD? [06/10/2017]
Alexander Roth & Guntram Wolff, Bruegel

Views from the capitals: How to constrain populism in Germany [05/10/2017]

Brun «Völkisch» [04/10/2017]
Uwe Puschne, Libération

Same, Same, but Different – Germany After the 2017 Elections [03/10/2017]
Sophie Arts, German Marshall Fund

Germany’s Social Democrats need more than just a time-out [03/10/2017]
Michael Bröning, Politico

'We Don't Like Islamic Invasion': The Leader of Germany's Rising Right Speaks Out [02/10/2017]
Entrevista a Alexander Gauland, The Atlantic

The Disastrous Decline of the European Center-Left [02/10/2017]
Sheri Berman, The New York Times

German election: An opening for Poland? [29/09/2017]
Piotr Buras, ECFR

A Jamaican Germany is good for Europe [29/09/2017]
Guntram B. Wolff, Bruegel

Return of the German Volk [29/09/2017]
Roger Cohen, New York Times

The End of the Roth Republic [29/09/2017]
Derek Scally, Berlin Policy Journal

Tras las elecciones en Alemania: un "grand bargain" para Europa [09/2017]
Pol Morillas, CIDOB

What Does The German Election Mean For Brexit? [28/09/2017]
Sophia Besch, Deutsche Welle

Germany’s Foreign Policy following the Parliamentary Elections [28/09/2017]
Yotam Rosner, INSS

German elections: The collapse of consensus [28/09/2017]
Marcus Colla, The Interpreter

The Geography of German Populism: Reflections on the 2017 Bundestag Election [28/09/2017]
Martin Eiermann, Tony Blair Institute for Global Change

Merkel y el arte de gobernar [27/09/2017]
Sandra León, El País

Yes, the German election has created a problem for euro area reform [27/09/2017]
Jeromin Zettelmeyer, PIIE

A Test for Europe’s German Anchor [26/09/2017]
Daniela Schwarzer, Project Syndicate

The German shake-up: Rocky road ahead for Angela Merkel [26/09/2017]
Thorsten Benner, Al Jazeera

Now The Right in Berlin: The German Elections of 2017 [26/09/2017]
Bharat Wariavwalla, IDSA

The Populist Wave Reaches Germany [26/09/2017]
William A. Galston, The Wall Street Journal

Germany’s Grave New World [26/09/2017]
Joschka Fischer, Project Syndicate

Boring Election, Big Consequences [26/09/2017]
Steven Keil, Peter Sparding, US News

Merkel paga un alto precio por su cuarto mandato [26/09/2017]
Miguel Otero Iglesias, Elcano

“Taking our Fate into our own Hands”: U.S.-German Relations in Merkel’s Fourth Term [25/09/2017]
Jeffrey Rathke, CSIS

German Politics Is Giving Rise to a New Tide of Populism [25/09/2017]
Doug Bandow, National Interest

After the election, Germany’s democracy faces its hardest test since 1949 [25/09/2017]
Constanze Stelzenmüller, Washington Post

Sigue Merkel. Vuelve la política [25/09/2017]
Diego Íñiguez, Estudios de Política Exterior

A Populist Upheaval on the Right [25/09/2017]
Christian Teevs, Spiegel

How Germans Re-Elected Merkel While Boosting Her Opponents [25/09/2017]
Andre Tartar, Cedric Sam, Hayley Warren and Sam Dodge, Bloomberg

Far-Right Gains Set To Alter Germany's Relationship With U.S, E.U. [25/09/2017]
Entrevista a Karen Donfried, NPR

In Germany, the Center Holds [25/09/2017]
Anna Sauerbrey, New York Times

The AfD’s breakthrough shows that parties of the left must get radical [25/09/2017]
Paul Mason, The Guardian

The Twilight of Angela Merkel [25/09/2017]
Roger Cohen, New York Times

A New Germany [25/09/2017]
Stefan Kuzmany, Spiegel

Merkel’s Bittersweet Victory [25/09/2017]
Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe

Germany’s Weimar Ghosts [25/09/2017]
Harold James, Project Syndicate

What the stunning success of AfD means for Germany and Europe [24/09/2017]
Cas Mudde, The Guardian

Merkel's Next Steps [24/09/2017]
Sudha David-Wilp, Foreign Affairs

Germany’s election gives the country a reality check  
Anne Applebaum, Washington Post

Eight Lessons from Germany's Elections [24/09/2017]
Sebastian Fischer, Spiegel

How Angela Merkel Has Redefined Leadership [22/09/2017]
Bernd Ulrich, Carnegie Europe

What Russia Has Achieved During the German Election [22/09/2017]
Stefan Meister, Europe’s World

Merkelism vs. Trumpism [22/09/2017]
Jochen Bittner, New York Times

Germany votes: What to look out for on election night [21/09/2017]
Ulrike Esther Franke, ECFR

German election: Not so dull after all [21/09/2017]
Piotr Buras, ECFR

A tarefa difícil de Merkel será negociar uma coligação [21/09/2017]
Patrícia Daehnhardt, Jornal de Negócios

In the Centre of the Centre [21/09/2017]           
Thomas Meaney, London Review of Books

Kremlin narratives on Crimea resurface in German election debate [19/09/2017]
Andreas Umland, ECFR

«L’immobilisme économique ne pourra être une option pour le futur ou la futur(e) chancelier(e)» [19/09/2017]
Dorothea Bohnekamp, Le Monde

What Britain needs to understand about the profound and ancient divisions in Germany [19/09/2017]
James Hawes, New Statesman

Six things to know about the German election [19/09/2017]
Manès Weisskircher, LSE

SPD's Martin Schulz: Angela Merkel has no vision for the future [16/09/2017]
Entrevista a Martin Schulz, DW

Merkel Can't Lead Germany, Much Less the Free World [15/09/2017]    
Alex Berezow, National Interest

Where the Real Battle Is in Germany's Election [13/09/2017]     
Job Janssen, RealClearWorld

The Unfinished Business Awaiting Germany’s Next Leader [11/09/2017]              
Judy Dempsey, Centre for International Governance Innovation

Élections allemandes : le jour d'après [09/09/2017]
Hans Stark, Politique étrangère

Why everyone’s fighting to come third in Germany’s election [09/09/2017]
William Cook, Spectator

L'Allemagne sur la scène internationale. En quête de stabilité dans un monde qui change  [08/09/2017]
Barbara Kunz, Hans Stark & Stephan Martens, IFRI

Comment assurer la paix en Europe? Entretien avec la chancelière fédérale Angela Merkel [08/09/2017]
Barbara Kunz, IFRI

German Elections: After the Debates [07/09/2017]
Timo Lochocki, German Marshall Fund

Will The Upcoming Election Deepen the Division of Germany? [06/09/2017]
David Clarke, Europe’s World

Merkel and Schulz Deliver a Masterclass in Stability [05/09/2017]
Frederick Studemann, Financial Times

Germany's Boring Politics Are a Sign of Rare Strength [04/09/2017]
Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg

'In Everything I Do, I Aim to Strengthen Democracy' [01/09/2017]
Entrevista a Angela Merkel, Der Spiegel

Germany votes: A lot of quiet before the storm [01/09/2017]
Josef Janning, ECFR

Germany’s ‘Comfort Zone’ Election Could Still Surprise [29/08/2017]
Nikolaus Blome, Financial Times

Europe in the German federal elections: What do the manifestos say? [26/08/2017]
Christel Zunneberg, ECFR

The German Election Season Is Quiet. Too Quiet. [24/08/2017]
Jochen Bittner, New York Times

Three to Tango? [24/08/2017]
Dave Keating, Berlin Policy Journal

Elections to the Bundestag: make or break for the liberal party [23/08/2017]
Artur Ciechanowicz, OSW

The Misery of Germany’s Election Campaign [21/08/2017]
Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe

#BTW17: Social Media in the German Parliamentary Elections [17/08/2017]
Ray Serrato, Democracy Reporting International

What The German Elections Mean for Europe [20/07/2017]
Sophia Besch, CER

Entre vieillissement et migrations : la difficile équation allemande [06/2017]
Anne Salles, IFRI

Germany votes: European dilemmas in the Federal Election[30/05/2017]
Almut Möller, Aslı Aydıntaşbaş, Sebastian Dullien & Kadri Liik, ECFR

Germans lose appetite for Greens [30/05/2017]
Janosch Delcker, Politico EU

Germany’s liberal comeback: a safe protest vote [26/05/2017]
Konstantin Richter, Politico EU

Angela’s campaign secret: Be Merkel [22/05/2017]
Matthew Karnitschnig, Politico EU

Merkel Uses Law and Order to Bust the Populists [15/05/2017]
Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg View

A New Yalta and the Revival of Europe [16/05/2017]
Roger Cohen, The New York Times

Germany Is Still Merkel's Country [16/05/2017]
Jacob Heilbrunn, The National Interest

What does the victory of Merkel's CDU in a regional election spell for Germany? [15/05/2017]
Kay-Alexander Scholz, Deutsche Welle

State Election Loss Has Merkel Challenger on the Ropes [15/05/2017]
Florian Gathmann, Der Spiegel

In Germany, more momentum for Merkel [15/05/2017]
Constanze Stelzenmüller, The Washington Post

Martin Schulz: We took a punch but weren’t knocked out [15/05/2017]
Janosch Delcker, Politico EU

Time to risk something new [14/05/2017]
Volker Wagener, Deutsche Welle

The comeback of Angela Merkel [09/05/2017]
Constanze Stelzenmüller, The Washington Post

The Forever Chancellor [09/05/2017]
Cameron Abadi, Foreign Policy

There May Be No Alternative to Merkel, After All [08/05/2017]
Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg View

Merkel’s conservatives win regional German election [07/05/2017]
Janosch Delcker, Politico EU

How Merkel Got Her Groove Back [05/05/2017]
René Pfister, Der Spiegel

How Far to the Right Is Alice Weidel? [04/05/2017]
Melanie Amann, Sven Becker, Der Spiegel

The Spirits She Called [27/04/2017]
Bettina Vestring, Berlin Policy Journal

German Nationalists Double Down on Extremism [24/04/2017]
Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg View

Can Martin Schulz beat Angela Merkel? [20/04/2017]
Christian Odendahl, Centre for European Reform

The Man with the Plan? [11/04/2017]
Derek Scally, Berlin Policy Journal

Germans need to recognize that the future of the free world depends on their election [06/04/2017]
James Kirchick, LA Times

Angela Merkel should step down [02/04/2017]
Stephen Kinzer, The Boston Globe

Alternative für Deutschland : quels risques pour l’Allemagne ? [30/03/2017]
Hans Stark, Institut Français de Relations Internationales

Martin Schulz and Emmanuel Macron could save Europe [26/03/2017]
Wolfgang Münchau, Financial Times

German Voters Reject a Government with Radicals [27/03/2017]
Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg View

Schulz effect faces first major test [25/03/2017]
Janosch Delcker, Politico EU

Merkel and the rise of the right [24/03/2017]
Volker Wagener, Deutche Welle

A Franco-German Defense Deal for Europe [23/03/2017]
Claudia Major, Carnegie Europe

How Martin Schulz Could Beat Angela Merkel [23/03/2017]
Jochen Bittner, The New York Times

3 takeaways from the Schulz coronation [21/03/2017]
Janosch Delcker, Politico EU

Can Martin Schulz beat Angela Merkel? [20/03/2017]
Christian Odendahl, Centre for European Reform

Germany’s Election Is Starting to Get Exciting [04/03/2017]
Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe

Meet Martin Schulz, the Europhile populist shaking up Germany’s elections [02/03/2017]
Constanze Stelzenmüller, The Brookings Institution

Close-Up: Martin Schulz [01/03/2017]
Barbara Wesel , Berlin Policy Journal

Meet Martin Schulz, the Europhile populist shaking up Germany’s elections [27/02/2017]
Constanze Stelzenmüller, The Washington Post

January Surprise [25/01/2017]
Derek Scally, Berlin Policy Journal

In campaign debut, Martin Schulz leans left [22/02/2017]
Florian Eder, Politico EU

The Only Thing That Can Beat Merkel Is Anti-Merkel [22/02/2017]
Paul Hockenos, Foreign Policy

Merkel Rival Criticized for Role in Dubious Staff Perks [21/02/2017]
Peter Müller, Christian Reiermann, Der Spiegel

Political consultant: Schulz has fighting chance of winning German election [21/02/2017]
Entrevista a Michael Spreng, EurActiv

Merkel's Conservatives Divided as Campaign Begins [09/02/2017]
Melanie Amann, Christiane Hoffmann, Christoph Schult, Der Spiegel

Germany’s new front-runner: The Schulz [08/02/2017]
Matthew Karnitschnig, Politico EU

'The Trump Approach Will Never Be Our Approach' [08/02/2017]
Entrevista a Martin Schulz, Der Spiegel

Meet the Man Who Will Challenge Merkel [01/02/2017]
Matthias Bartsch, Sven Böll, Markus Feldenkirchen, Valerie Höhne, Horand Knaup, Ralf Neukirch, Der Spiegel

Martin Schulz, the outsider insider [26/01/2017]
Timo Lochocki, Politico EU

How Trump and Putin may actually help Angela Merkel to victory [26/01/2017]
Malte Lehming, The Washington Post

Sigmar Gabriel exits stage left [25/01/2017]
Josef Joffe, Politico EU

Alternative for Germany and the Rise of Right-Wing Populism [17/01/2017]
Marcel Lewandowsky, Sustainable Security

The AfD: Finally a Successful Right-Wing Populist Eurosceptic Party for Germany? [28/01/2015]
Kai Arzheimer, West European Politics

El regalo alemán [04/03/2018]
El País

Allemagne: une coalition pour l’Europe [09/02/2018]
Le Monde

El bien común prevalece en Alemania [08/02/2018]
La Vanguardia

Un sacrificio que alivia a Europa [08/02/2018]
El Mundo

Germany’s grand coalition: continuity carries risks [07/02/2018]
The Guardian

Merkel's new deal will reshape the fate of Europe [07/02/2018]

Germany, Democracy and the World: The End of the End of History [23/11/2017]
Klaus Brinkbäumer, Der Spiegel

La fin sans éclat de l’ère Merkel [22/11/2017]
Le Temps

Ms. Merkel Struggles to Hold Germany Together [22/11/2017]
New York Times

Alemania en crisis [22/11/2017]
El País

Reports of the Death of German Stability Are Greatly Exaggerated [21/11/2017]
The Economist

Germany’s political crisis: the start of the post-Merkel era? [21/11/2017]
The Guardian

Merkel's Top Challenge Isn't German Nationalists [26/09/2017]

Angela Merkel confronts a new political landscape [25/09/2017]
Financial Times

Merkel’s victory is tinged with regret [25/09/2017]
Gulf News

Merkel wins fourth straight election [25/09/2017]
Japan Times

The Kremlin creeps into Germany [25/09/2017]
Washington Post

Merkel’s victory [24/09/2017]
The Guardian 

Allemagne, une campagne électorale trop atone [19/09/2017]
Le Monde

Slow and steady [17/09/2017]
The Guardian

Aviso para el SPD [16/05/2017]
El Pais

The Guardian view on the German elections: Angela Merkel keeps winning [14/05/2017]
The Guardian

The Revitalization of Democracy in Germany [16/02/2017]
Der Spiegel


Germany Promised ‘Grand Coalition for the Little People’ in Merkel’s Fourth Term [12/03/2018]
Philip Oltermann, The Guardian 

German Social Democrats unveil Cabinet picks for new government [09/03/2018]
Ginger Hervey, Politico               

German President Steinmeier proposes Merkel as chancellor [05/03/2018]

Las bases del SPD aprueban por mayoría repetir la Gran Coalición con Merkel [04/03/2018]
Ana Carbajosa, El País

The beginning of Merkel’s end [26/02/2018]
Matthew Karnitschnig, Politico

Merkel's CDU votes in favour of coalition deal with center-left SPD [26/02/2018]

Angela Merkel Unveils Cabinet Picks [25/02/2018]
Matthew Karnitschnig, Politico

Merkel quells party rebellion ahead of coalition deal vote [26/02/2018]

Merkel gives pivotal job to conservative Catholic, sparking succession talk [19/02/2018]
Andrew Bulkeley, Handelsblatt

As Germany waits, Social Democrats settle scores [15/02/2018]
Matthew Karnitschnig, Politico

Allemagne: Martin Schulz démissionne de la direction du SPD, Olaf Scholz assure l’intérim 16 [14/02/2018]
Thomas Wieder, Le Monde

Schulz, Merkel and How Not to Negotiate a Coalition [12/02/2018]
Der Spiegel

Outrage as east Germany left without a seat in new cabinet [12/02/2018]
Donata Riedel & Barbara Gillmann, Handelsblatt

Andrea Nahles to take over as head of Social Democrats on Tuesday: reports [12/02/2018]
Myfanwy Craigie, Politico           

Angela Merkel defends 'painful' compromises that kept her in power [11/02/2018]
The Guardian

Germany's Angela Merkel says she's still in control, despite coalition concessions to SPD [11/02/2018]

Olaf Scholz: We won’t dictate to other European countries [10/02/2018]
Mark Scott, Politico

A student called Kevin holds the fate of the Merkel coalition [10/02/2018]
Kate Connolly, The Guardian

Schulz gives up German foreign minister role after SPD backlash [09/02/2018]
Financial Times

Angela Merkel last East German standing in new cabinet [09/02/2018]

Après l’accord de coalition en Allemagne, les Européens impatients de négocier [08/02/2018]
Cécile Ducourtieux, Le Monde

5 takeaways on German coalition deal [08/02/2018]
Matthew Karnitschnig, Politico

Allemagne : les gagnants et les perdants du «contrat de coalition» [08/02/2018]
Gwénaëlle Deboutte, La Croix

Julian Voje: "La Afd está intentando captar tránsfugas, y pagan mucho dinero..." [08/02/2018]
Teresa Aburto, El Mundo

EU relieved after Merkel clinches grand coalition deal [07/02/2018]
Eric Maurice, EU Observer

Angela Merkel paie le prix fort pour obtenir sa grande coalition [07/02/2018]
Nicolas Barotte, Figaro

German conservatives smart at coalition concessions [07/02/2018]
Guy Chazan, Financial Times

Wolfgang Schäuble successor to be SPD heavyweight Olaf Scholz [07/02/2018]
Darrell Delamaide, Handelsblatt

Germany's Rightwing AfD Gears Up to Play Noisy Opposition Role [07/02/2018]
Philip Oltermann, The Guardian

German coalition talks drag on [07/02/2018]
Eric Maurice, EU Observer

Merkel, dispuesta a “compromisos dolorosos” para cerrar hoy un pacto para la gran coalición [06/02/2018]
La Vanguardia

Fear and Loathing in the Bundestag [05/02/2018]
Emily Schultheis, The Atlantic

Allemagne: sociaux-démocrates et conservateurs sur le point de conclure un «contrat de coalition» [05/02/2018]
Thomas Wieder, Le Monde

German Parties Make Final Push for Coalition Deal [04/02/2018]
Paul Carrel & Andreas Rinke, Reuters

A New Leader in the Race to Succeed Merkel [30/01/2018]
Melanie Amann and Ralf Neukirch, Der Spiegel

Allemagne: les négociations pour former un gouvernement reprennent [26/01/2018]
Le Monde

Distrust and Anger: Inside Germany's Rocky Coalition Talks [19/01/2018]
Melanie Amann, Veit Medick, Ralf Neukirch and René Pfister, Der Spiegel

Parties Aim to Wrap Up German Coalition Talks by Next Weekend [25/01/2018]
Andreas Rinke, Reuters

Allemagne : les sociaux-démocrates approuvent le principe d’une coalition avec Merkel [21/01/2018]
Cécile Boutelet, Le Monde

En Allemagne, le SPD doit se prononcer pour ou contre une coalition avec Merkel [20/01/2018]
Cécile Boutelet, Le Monde

Progress for Merkel in Search for a Government [12/01/2018]
Florian Gathmann, Der Spiegel

Las claves del preacuerdo en Alemania [12/01/2018]
Carmen Valero, El Mundo

Germany Takes Political Vacuum in Its Stride, for Now [20/12/2017]
Madeline Chambers, Reuters

Country without a Government: Merkel's Difficult Road to a Coalition [15/12/2017]
Der Spiegel

Schulz sets tough agenda for German coalition talks [01/12/2017]
Tobias Buck, Financial Times

The Dispiriting Prospect of a New Grand Coalition [01/12/2017]
Der Spiegel

German stability tested in Schulz-Merkel talks [01/12/2017]
Andrew Rettman, EU Observer

German President Begins Crucial Coalition Talks [30/11/2017]
Tobias Buck, Financial Times

Why German Markets Aren’t Worried About Angela Merkel. Yet. [28/11/2017]
Jack Ewing, New York Times

Merkel struggles to rescue coalition talks [28/11/2017]

Germany’s SPD sets out conditions for joining Merkel in government [26/11/2017]
Cat Contiguglia, Politico

Angela Merkel: ‘I absolutely do not favor’ a new election [25/11/2017]
Sara Stefanini, Politico

Christian Lindner’s German government gamble [22/11/2017]
Matthew Karnitschnig, Politico

German coalition talks: Merkel seeks to break stalemate [22/11/2017]

Merkel's Troubles May Spell Trouble for All of Europe [22/11/2017]
Steven Erlanger, New York Times

Diccionario de la crisis política alemana [22/11/2017]
Ana Carbajosa, El País

Germany's president to urge Green and FDP leaders to restart talks[21/11/2017]
Philip Oltermann, The Guardian

Merkel hints fresh elections preferable to minority government as talks fail[20/11/2017]
Philip Oltermann and Dan Roberts, The Guardian

Europe Faces a Hamstrung Germany After Merkel’s Coalition Bid Fails[20/11/2017]
Tony Czuczka and Birgit Jennen, Bloomberg

Is Germany's Political Stability Slipping Away?[20/11/2017]

What's Next for Merkel and Germany? [20/11/2017]
Severin Weiland, Der Spiegel

German election: Preliminary coalition talks collapse after FDP walks out  [19/11/2017]

Coalition Talks Go Into Overtime [17/11/2017]
Anna Reimann, Der Spiegel

Germany's Social Democrats plan overhaul after election loss [06/11/2017]
Elizabeth Schumacher, DW

German Coalition Talks Deal Early Blow to Macron on Europe [25/10/2017]
Noah Barkin & Andreas Rinke, Reuters

German Parliament Makes Schaeuble Speaker, AfD Takes Seats [24/10/2017]
Geir Moulson, Associated Press

Weakened Merkel Warns of Compromise as Talks on Coalition Start [18/10/2017]
Madeline Chambers, Reuters

Merkel Moves Left to Disarm the Right [18/10/2017]
Melanie Amann, Tobias Hausdorf, Ralf Neukirch and Cornelia Schmergal, Der Spiegel

Germany's Angela Merkel Agrees to Limits on Accepting Refugees [10/10/2017]
Melissa Eddy, New York Times

How a populist revolt shook rich, conservative Bavaria [10/10/2017]
Guy Chazan, Financial Times

German conservatives, liberals call for compromise on migration [06/10/2017]
Esther King, Politico

Angela Merkel’s New Refugee Dilemma [02/10/2017]
Janosch Delcker, Politico

Can Germany Make an Unwieldy Coalition Work?[29/09/2017]
Der Spiegel

'Revenge of the East'? How anger in the former GDR helped the AfD [28/09/2017]
Philip Oltermann, The Guardian

Migration: Angela Merkel's first hurdle to forming a coalition [27/09/2017]
Samantha Early, DW

Merkel’s Bavarian frenemies cause coalition trouble [27/09/2017]
Janosch Delcker, Politico

German finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble to be Bundestag speaker [27/09/2017]
Kate Connolly , The Guardian

Who is Andrea Nahles, the new SPD leader in parliament? [27/09/2017]
Nicole Goebel, DW

Allemagne : les négociations pour une coalition s’annoncent difficiles pour Merkel [26/09/2017]
Le Monde

The AfD Heartland: A Visit to Germany's Flyover Country [26/09/2017]
Heike Klovert, Spiegel

'Populist' Surge in German Elections — Russia Reacts [25/09/2017]
Moscow Times

How the AfD Steamrolled Germany's Mainstream Parties [25/09/2017]

Germany's Far Right Complicates Life for Merkel - and the E.U. [25/09/2017]
Steven Erlanger, New York Times

Who voted for whom in this year’s German general election? [25/09/2017]
Von George Arnett, Welt

Challenges Merkel faces as she starts fourth term as German chancellor [25/09/2017]
Kate Connolly, The Guardian

FDP: Are Germany's 'liberals' in reality 'libertarians'? [25/09/2017]
Mara Bierbach, DW

Merkel’s poll win unlikely to make much difference to Brexit, analysts say [25/09/2017]
The Guardian

Meet the Lesbian Goldman Sachs Economist Who Just Led Germany’s Far Right to Victory [24/09/2017]
Paul Hockenos, Foreign Policy

How voters switched parties at the German election – visualised [24/09/2017]
Von George Arnett, Welt

What is the role of Germany's parliamentary opposition? [24/09/2017]
Carla Bleiker, DW

Merkel Re-Elected as Right Wing Enters Parliament [24/09/2017]
Charles Hawley, Spiegel

German elections could bring a new wave of extremism [21/09/2017]

5 things to watch in final days of German campaign [19/09/2017]
Florian Eder, Politico

German elections: Angela Merkel finds support for refugee stance on final days of campaign [19/09/2017]
Patrick Donahue, Sidney Morning Herald

German election: Polls and odds tracker as Merkel seeks fourth term as Chancellor [18/09/2017]
Ashley Kirk & Patrick Scott, Telegraph

Refugees in Germany can’t vote. But their future is at stake in the upcoming election  [18/09/2017]
Griff Witte and Luisa Beck, Washington Post

Polls suggest jump in German far-right party's support [18/09/2017]
Al Jazeera

German election 2017: How Angela Merkel became the 'cool' option for young voters  [18/09/2017]
Chloe Farand, Independent

SPD voters hopeful despite new low in German election polls [15/09/2017]

German election: Why this vote matters [15/09/2017]
Paul Kirby, BBC News

Fake news busters [14/09/2017]
Mark Scott, Politico

When is the German election 2017? Will Angela Merkel LOSE power? [14/09/2017]
Alice Foster, Telegraph

AfD Sets its Sights on German Parliament [13/09/2017]
Der Spiegel

Germany Prepares for Possible Russian Election Meddling [07/09/2017]
Fabian Reinbold, Der Spiegel

The Unequal Battle Between Martin Schulz and Angela Merkel [05/09/2017]
Christiane Hoffmann and René Pfister, Der Spiegel

German election TV duel: as it happened [03/09/2017]

'Send Merkel Home' Says Far-Right Opposition During Divisive German Campaign [02/09/2017]

Germans on the Eve of the Election: 'I've Never Seen So Much Hate' [01/09/2017]
Nils Minkmar, Der Spiegel

Angela Merkel faces protests in Germany's nationalist heartlands [31/08/2017]
The Guardian

Key moments from Germany’s small-party election debate [31/08/2017]
Janosch Delcker, Politico             

German far right down but poised for parliament [31/08/2017]
Victor Brechenmacher, Politico

German election: Polls and odds tracker as Merkel seeks fourth term as Chancellor [28/08/2017]
Ashley Kirk & Patrick Scott, Telegraph

Where German electoral contenders stand on Europe [28/08/2017]
Janosch Delcker, Politico

Schaeuble won't say whether he'll be finance minister after vote [28/08/2017]

Angela Merkel loses popular support ahead of German election — these are her key opponents [10/08/2017]

What you need to know about Germany's far-right AfD party [04/08/2017]

Social Democrats rule out coalition with Merkel's CDU in key German state [16/05/2017]
Deutsche Welle

10 things you need to know about the AfD [16/05/2017]
Deutsche Welle

What's Wrong With Germany's Green Party [15/05/2017]
Der Spiegel

En Allemagne, les libéraux-démocrates rêvent d’un retour au Bundestag [15/05/2017]
Le Monde

Merkel's party wins German state election in rival's heartland [15/05/2017]
The Guardian

Germany's AfD Limps into Election Campaign [09/05/2017]
Der Spiegel

State Election Loss Spells Trouble for Schulz Candidacy [08/05/2017]
Der Spiegel

En Allemagne, le parti d’extrême droite AfD désigne deux dirigeants pour les législatives [23/04/2017]
Le Monde

German Campaign Turning into a Debate Over Europe [10/04/2017]
Der Spiegel

German SPD considers liberal-Green coalition [31/03/2017]
Politico EU

Germany's 'Schulz effect' fails to deliver in first election test [27/03/2017]

Merkel's Challenger Rules Out Trump-Style Campaign in Germany [19/03/2017]

AfD and National Front converge ahead of elections [07/03/2017]

Germany’s Social Democrats make big welfare promises [06/03/2017]
Politico EU

Schulz shuffles the deck of German politics [24/02/2017]

What the terms 'right' and 'left' mean in the German election [17/02/2017]
Deutsche Welle

Angela Merkel, Squeezed by Far Right, Now Faces a Rising Left [12/02/2017]
The New York Times

How to influence voters and tamper with the German election [19/01/2017]
Deutsche Welle

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