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Syrian Conflict
11 | April | 2018

Since the cease-fire reached by Jordan, the USA and Russia, took effect on the 9th of July, tensions have de-escalated, with the Islamic State sustaining a number of heavy defeats. In various parts of Syria, negotiations for rebuilding are already under way, while talk increases of the nearing endgame and the maintenance of Assad in power.


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Background Briefing on the Joint Statement by the President of the United States and the President of the Russian Federation on Syria [11/11/2017]
U.S. State Department

Statement by the High Representative/Vice-President Federica Mogherini on ceasefire in Syria [09/07/2017]
European Union External Action

Unanimously Adopting Resolution 2361 (2017), Security Council Renews Mandate of United Nations Disengagement Observer Force for Additional Six Months [29/06/2017]
UN Security Council 

Opinions & Analysis
Analysis: A premature declaration of victory in Syria? [06/04/2018]
Thomas Joscelyn, Long War Journal

Can Russia, Iran and Turkey agree on a roadmap for Syria? [05/04/2018]
Leonid Issaev, Al Jazeera

In or Out? Mixed Signals from Trump Administration on Syria [04/04/2018]
Cipher Brief

Iran's Syria policy: the view from the street [04/04/2018]
Alex Vatanka, Middle East Institute

Should the Obama administration have made different decisions about Syria? This is what a controversial study found. [02/04/2018]
Mona Yacoubian, Washington Post

Trump's about-face in Syria [30/03/2018]
Paul Salem and Charles Lister, Middle East Institute

Assad’s Divide and Conquer Strategy Is Working [28/03/2018]
Aron Lund, Foreign Policy

Seven Years into the Syrian War, Is There a Way Out? [28/03/2018]
Katy Collin, Lawfare

Britain’s latest Brexit strategy: any deal will do [22/03/2018]
Philip Stephens, Financial Times

Stop Falling for Assad’s Bogus Ceasefires [03/2018]
Mohammed Alaa Ghanem, Chatham House

7 Things to Know About the Past 7 Years of War in Syria [15/03/2018]
Rachel Ansley, Atlantic Council

A U.S. Containment Strategy for Syria [15/03/2018]
Aaron Stein, Foreign Affairs

No One Is Winning the Syrian Civil War [15/03/2018]
Krishnadev Calamur, The Atlantic

Charities and terrorism: Lessons from the Syrian crisis [14/03/2018]
Rodger Shanahan, Lowy Institute

Is the Syrian Regime 'Winning' the War? [13/03/2018]
Lina Khatib, Asharq Al Awsat

Russia’s Greatest Problem in Syria: Its Ally, President Assad [09/03/2018]
Neil MacFarquhar, New York Times

What are they after? [08/03/2018]
William Davies, London Review of Books

Does the EU have a Syria strategy? [08/03/2018]
Willem Oosterveld, EU Observer

Stakes rise in Syria as Turkey clashes with pro-Assad militias [06/03/2018]
Metin Gurcan, Al Monitor

Wanted: A Strategy For Stabilizing Syria [06/03/2018]
Michael O'Hanlon, Brookings Institution

What Putin Wants in Syria [28/02/2018]
Nina L. Khrushcheva, Project Syndicate

When is a Ceasefire Not a Ceasefire? In Syria, When Most of the Killing is Allowed [28/02/2018]
Alex J. Bellamy, Global Observatory

An Eventful Week in the Syrian War [26/02/2018]
George Friedman and Xander Snyder, Mauldin Economics

Waiting for Putin and Assad to run out of people to kill. Is that our plan? [25/02/2018]
Ian Bond, The Guardian

Why Iran Doesn’t Want Escalation in Syria [22/02/2018]
Hamidreza Azizi, Al-Monitor

Regime Gains in Damascus: May 1, 2016 - February 22, 2018 [22/02/2018]
Christopher Kozak, Institute for the Study of War

Syria is devastated. Where are the women? [22/02/2018]
Jamille Bigio and Rachel Vogelstein, CNN

In Syria, Alliances Shift Again [21/02/2018]
Xander Snyder, Geopolitical Futures

What Does the US Want in Syria? [19/02/2018]
Christopher R. Hill, Project Syndicate

Syria’s Erupting Fault Lines [18/02/2018]
Mona Yacoubian, Defense One

Ending America’s Disastrous Role in Syria [16/02/2018]
Jeffrey D. Sachs, Project Syndicate

The Ultimate Rent-a-War Being Fought in Syria [16/02/2018]
Thomas Friedman, Straits Times

What Syria Reveals About the Future of War [16/02/2018]
Steven Metz, World Politics Review

Syria's War Has Never Been More International [15/02/2018]
Uri Friedman, The Atlantic

What Are Real Reasons Behind Russian Troop Drawdown in Syria? [14/02/2018]
Maxim A. Suchkov, Al-Monitor

Israel’s Engagement in Syria: Causes and Significance [14/02/2018]
Carmit Valensi, Zvi Magen and Sima Shine, INSS

Syria: New rules of the game? [13/02/2018]
Julien Barnes-Dacey, ECFR

Russian Casualties and Moscow’s Intent [13/02/2018]
Frederic C. Hof, The New Atlanticist

Syria: You Own It, You Fix It, So Just Rent It [13/02/2018]
Thomas L. Friedman, New York Times

Averting Disaster in Syria’s Idlib Province [09/02/2018]
International Crisis Group

Hypocritic Oath [09/02/2018]
Annie Sparrow, Foreign Policy

Why Is the Syrian War Still Raging? [08/02/2018]
Ben Hubbard and Jugal K. Patel, New York Times

Russia's failure at Sochi means more war for Syria in 2018 [07/02/2018]
Neil Hauer, Middle East Eye

Hearing on Syria: Which Way Forward? [06/02/2018]
Mara Karlin, House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on the Middle East and North Africa

Vladimir Putin’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ Moment [06/02/2018]
Neil Hauer, Foreign Policy

The Syrian Congress in Sochi: Too Much Too Soon [02/02/2018]
Yuri Barmin, RIAC

Putin Wants Syria Talks to Last Forever [02/02/2018]
Leonid Bershidsky, Moscow Times

What the Turkish Invasion Means for Syria [02/02/2018]
Christian Esch, Maximilian Popp, Christoph Reuter and Christoph Scheuermann, Der Spiegel

In Push to End Syrian War, where are the Women? [01/02/2018]
Jamille Bigio and Rachel Vogelstein, CFR

Trump Has Big Plans for Syria. But He Has No Real Strategy. [30/01/2018]
Charles Lister and William F. Wechsler, Politico

What is the US endgame in Syria? [26/01/2018]
Samer Abboud, Middle East Eye

Back to What Future? What Remains for Syria’s Displaced People [18/01/2018]
Kheder Khaddour, Carnegie Middle East Center

How Syria’s Civil War Ends [04/12/2017]
David L. Phillips, Huffington Post

Possible shift of US position on Syria, Iraq still possible [02/12/2017]
Walid M. Sadi, Jordan Times

Strike on Iranian base in Syria: Dealing with problem while it's still small [02/12/2017]
Ron Ben-Yishai, Ynet News

Amid Russian and Syrian Regime Triumphalism, Is the War in Syria Effectively Over? [30/11/2017]
Michael Young, Carnegie Middle East Center

Private military companies: Moscow’s other army in Syria [29/11/2017]
Metin Gurcan, Al Monitor

Iran and Russia, Growing Apart: Rising Dissent Over the IRGC's Militias [29/11/2017]
Alex Vatanka, Foreign Affairs

Is Russia afraid of losing Syria? [29/11/2017]
Leonid Issaev, Al Jazeera

Putin’s Syria Diplomacy Seeks to Minimize Risks for Russia [28/11/2017]
Mark N. Katz, Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington

IDF prepares for 'new' Syria [22/11/2017]
Ben Caspit, Al Monitor

Israel’s Red Lines on Iran’s Foothold in Syria [22/11/2017]
Udi Dekel, Zvi Magen, INSS

Trump Cedes Syrian Postwar Planning to Putin [21/11/2017]
Michael Crowley, Politico

Turkey, Iran, Russia: Trilateral distrust in Syria [20/11/2017]
Ali Bakeer, Al Monitor

Reconstructing Aleppo: The hidden power of investors [20/11/2017]
Mamoun Fansa, Qantara

Putin-Trump statement on Syria contradicts Erdogan’s calculations [15/11/2017]
Fehim Tastekin, Al Monitor

A Lesson From Syria About Conspiracy Theories [15/11/2017]
George Monbiot, Guardian

Russia in Syria: A course strewn with obstacles [07/11/2017]
Stephen Blank, The Interpreter

No easy way out of reconstructing Raqqa [06/11/2017]
Brian Reeves and Tamara Cofman Wittes, Brookings Institution

How Assad 'won the war' [03/11/2017]
Malak Chabkoun, Al Jazeera

Syria Is Sliding Towards Partition [02/11/2017]
Alexander Bick, War on the Rocks

Keeping Out of Syria: The Least Bad Option [11/2017]
Robert S. Ford, Foreign Affairs

Two Years of Russian Military Operations in Syria: Results and Prospects [30/10/2017]
Anna Maria Dyner, PISM

Syria's Extremist Opposition: How Western Media Have Whitewashed the Rebels' Record [30/10/2017]
Max Abrahms, Foreign Affairs

Syrian Kurds focused on federalism [27/10/2017]
Mohammad Bassiki, Al Monitor

Syria’s Last Battles [26/10/2017]
Yezid Sayigh, Carnegie Middle East Center

La amenaza química del Daesh tras la pérdida del califato [26/10/2017]
René Pita y Juan Domingo, Elcano

Moscow eyes working with tribes as its next move in Syria [25/10/2017]
Anton Mardasov, Al Monitor

Russia Vetoes Extension of U.N. Inquiry into Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack [24/10/2017]
Rhys Dubin, Foreign Policy

After Raqqa, Islamic State in Syria will adapt and reemerge in new forms [23/10/2017]
Samer Abboud, Middle East Eye

Who will pay for the reconstruction of Raqqa? [23/10/2017]
James Denselow, Al Jazeera

Why does Israel keep attacking Syria? [23/10/2017]
Zena Tahhan, Al Jazeera

The Tragic Legacy of Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently [21/10/2017]
David Remnick, The New Yorker

Following Islamic State ouster, tribes key to stability in eastern Syria [20/10/2017]
Mona Alami, Al Monitor

What are Turkey’s Ultimate Aims in Syria? [19/10/2017]
Michael Young, Carnegie Middle East Center

Why Jordan is Deporting Syrian Refugees [19/10/2017]
Alice Su, The Atlantic

Chute de Rakka : « Un “califat” s’effondre, un nouveau Moyen-Orient émerge » [19/10/2017]
Alain Frachon, Le Monde

Course de vitesse militaire en Syrie [18/10/2017]
Bachir El-Khoury, ORIENT XXI

The Islamic State Is Not Beaten and Will Return [17/10/2017]
Shiraz Maher, New Statesman

Russia Renews Targeting Civilians: August 14 – October 7, 2017 [16/10/2017]
Matti Suomenaro et al., ISW

Interpreting the Fall of Islamic State Governance [16/10/2017]
Aaron Zelin, Washington Institute

Israel-Iran conflict in Syria reaching point of no return [08/10/2017]
Alex Fishman, Ynet News

Le Sud-ouest syrien champ clos des rivalités régionales et internationales [05/10/2017]
Joe Macaron, ORIENT XXI

The price of peace? How Damascus strikes deals with beaten rebels [05/10/2017]
Jonathan Steele, Middle East Eye

Reconstruction in Syria: The next battleground [04/10/2017]
Bernedetta Berti, Qantara

Russia may have saved the Assad regime. But its real ally has been terrorism [03/10/2017]
Faisal Al Yafai, The National

Not-So-Soft Power: Russia’s Military Police in Syria [02/10/2017]
Mark Galeotti, War on the Rocks

Turkey’s Incursion into Syria: Making Things Better or Worse? [02/10/2017]
Steven Cook, CFR

Assad's Victory in Syria Has Cost Him Control of the Country [01/10/2017]
Daniel R. DePetris, The National Interest

Two Years on, the Stakes of Russia's War in Syria Are Piling [29/09/2017]
Vladimir Frolov, Moscow Times

Trump's plan to stop Iran in Syria is MIA [27/09/2017]
Josh Rogin, Washington Post

How Putin Checkmated the U.S. In Syria [26/09/2017]
Anna Borshchevskaya, Forbes

What’s Next in Deir Ezzor? [22/09/2017]
Entrevista a Hassan Hassan, Carnegie Middle East Center

It's All to Play For in Syria, and Russia Is Winning [19/09/2017]
John McLaughlin, Ozy

« Pourquoi l’intervention militaire russe en Syrie est un succès »  [14/09/2017]
Michel Goya, Le Monde

Splitting Civil Society from the Jihadists in Idlib [14/09/2017]
Ruwan Rujouleh, Washington Institute

Iran Expands Its Economic Sphere of Influence in Syria [13/09/2017]
Ahmad Majidyar, The Middle East Institute

The Business of War: Egypt, Others Eye Reconstruction Bids [12/09/2017]
David Awad, Al-Monitor

The Growing Power of Water in Syria [12/09/2017]
Samuel Northrup, FIKRA

Self-defense and strategic direction in the skies over Syria [11/09/2017]
Ryan Fishel and Aaron Stein, War on the Rocks

Don’t let the Islamic State slip the noose in Syria [11/09/2017]
Maxim A. Suchkov, Al Monitor

Principio del fin en Siria [11/09/2017]
Jesús A. Núñez Villaverde, Elcano

Israel's Bombing of a Weapons Factory in Syria: What Comes Next? [08/09/2017]
Elliott Abrams, CFR

The Assad Regime’s Chemical Weapons Problem [08/09/2017]
David Adesnik, Foundation for the Defense of Democracies

How to Understand Israel's Strike on Syria [08/09/2017]
Amos Yadlin, New York Times

Sending a Signal to Syria [08/09/2017]
Yaakov Amidror, Israel Hayom

Israel Slow to Recalibrate on Syria [05/09/2017]
Ben Caspit, Al-Monitor

The Challenge of Iran in Russia-Dominated Syria [03/09/2017]
Zvi Magen, Udi Dekel, and Sima Shine, INSS

Trump’s Big Decision in Syria [01/09/2017]
David Ignatius, The Washington Post

Preventing A Jihadist Factory in Idlib [31/08/2017]
Fabrice Balanche, Washington Institute

Rules for reconstruction in Syria [24/08/2017]
Steven Heydemann, Brookings

The Iranian Threat in Syria: As Bad as It Seems? [23/08/2017]
Udi Dekel and Carmit Valensi, INSS

Bashar Assad's Pyrrhic Victory in Syria[22/08/2017]
Jacques Neriah, JCPA

The Battle for Raqqa: A War of Tactics and Caution [22/08/2017]
Abdullah al-Ghadawi, Atlantic Council

What the West Got Wrong in Syria [22/08/2017]
Nikolaos van Dam, Foreign Policy

Trump’s Syria Strategy Hinges on Russia [08/08/2017]
Peter Rough, Foreign Policy

Turkey Needs New Syria Plan as CIA Ends Rebel Support [27/07/2017]
Fehim Tastekin, Al-Monitor

Say Goodbye to Regime Change in Syria [25/07/2017]
Scott Ritter, American Conservative

The Profit of Palmyra [25/07/2017]
Colum Lynch,Foreign Policy

Syria ceasefire reflects big power diplomacy [24/07/2017]
Mahan Abedin, Middle East Monitor

America's Coming Role in Syria [24/07/2017]
Youssef Sadaki, FIKRA Forum

Next Israel-Hezbollah confrontation could be in Syria [21/07/2017]
Mona Alami, Al Monitor

Why Israel Can’t Support a Cease-Fire in Syria [20/07/2017]
Shmuel Rosner, New York Times

The Regime and Loyal Militias Will Struggle to Disentangle Their Relationship [07/2017]
Mazen Ezzi, Chatham House

Syrian cease-fire a delicate balance of vastly different goals [17/07/2017]
Hamidreza Azizi, Al Monitor

The Ceasefire and U.S. Interests on the Jordan-Syria Border [17/07/2017]
David Schenker and Hanin Ghaddar, Washington Institute for Near East Policy

Scramble for Syria [07/2017]
Mohammad-Reza Djalili and Thierry Kellner, Cairo Review of Global Affairs

Why Trump's Syrian Ceasefire Makes Israel Nervous [14/07/2017]
David Makovsky, Politico

Trump’s Syria Cease-Fire Is Doomed [13/07/2017]
Robert Ford, The Atlantic

Syria and the case for editorial accountability [12/07/2017]
Muhammad Idrees Ahmad, Al Jazeera

The Next Battle: State Department, US Military Divided Over Kurdish Fighters In Syria (And Russia) [11/07/2017]
Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, Defense One

Why Latest Syria Ceasefire Is Exactly What Putin Wanted [11/07/2017]
Anna Borshchevskaya, Forbes

Ankara may be counting on US-Russian rivalry in Syria [11/07/2017]
Semih Idiz, Al Monitor

Trump-Putin Meeting a Potential Game Changer for Syria [10/07/2017]
Alexey Khlebnikov, Middle East Institute

The Kremlin’s Contradictory Behavior in Syria [07/07/2017]
Anton Mardasov, Al-Monitor

What Assad Has Won [07/07/2017]
Kamel Daoud, The New York Times

The battle for Aleppo is over. I returned to my hometown to see what’s left. [07/07/2017]
Jwanah Qudsi, Washington Post

The Battle for Raqqa and the Challenges after Liberation [27/06/2017]
Hassan Hassan, CTC Sentinel

It's Time to Break Up Syria [25/06/2017]
Denis Dragovic & Richard Iron, National Interest

Syria: Are There Any Steps Forward? [06/06/2017]
AA.VV., Council on Foreign Relations 

After the fall of Eastern Ghouta, the Syrian civil war has graduated to a new phase [25/03/2018]
The National

Syria: seven years of conflict [15/03/2018]
Irish Times

What Happened to Trump’s Red Line on Chemical Weapons? [09/03/2018]
New York Times

Syria’s War Heats Up Again [22/02/2018]
The Economist

The powerful compete, Syrian civilians pay [22/02/2018]
The Guardian

Who Has Innocent Syrians’ Blood on Their Hands? [21/02/2018]
New York Times

Infierno sirio [19/02/2018]
El País

Who can win the peace in Syria? [01/02/2018]
CS Monitor

Moment of truth for a Syrian peace [28/11/2017]
CS Monitor

Prolonging the agony in Syria [28/11/2017]
Jordan Times

Asad y Putin: alianza infame [22/11/2017]
El Mundo

Syria's future is wedded to cement and consensus [13/11/2017]
The National

A peace settlement in Syria achieved by sidestepping justice cannot last [12/11/2017]
The National

La liberación de Raqa [18/10/2017]
El País

El califato se hunde, el yihadismo no [18/10/2017]
La Vanguardia

Israel's Strike in Syria Should Be a Wake-Up Call for Trump [14/09/2017]
Washington Post

Trump’s Syria Muddle [23/07/2017]
Wall Street Journal

Syrian Cease-Fire Is a Baby Step Toward Peace [18/07/2017]

Will Turkey Spoil U.S.-Russia Syria Progress? [09/07/2017]


WHO demands access to 'chemical attack' victims in Syria [11/04/2018]
Susan McFarland, UPI

Top iranian official says israel to face 'response' over air base attack [10/04/2018]
Jerusalem Post

Russia says it warned U.S. of 'grave repercussions' if Syria attacked [09/04/2018]
Michelle Nichols, Reuters

Syria to chair UN disarmament forum on chemical & nuclear weapons; watchdog calls on US &EU to walk out [09/04/2018]
UN Watch

White House: US and France promise a 'strong, joint response' on Syria after suspected chemical attack [09/04/2018]
Tara Francis Chan, Business Insider

Trump to Decide Soon Whether to Retaliate for ‘Barbaric Act’ in Syria [09/04/2018]
Peter Baker, New York Times

Former Air Force Chief: Reaction Time Suggests Israel Behind Syria Strike [09/04/2018]
Maariv Online, Jerusalem Post

Israël accusé d’avoir bombardé une base aérienne syrienne [09/04/2018]
Piotr Smolar, Le Monde

Mattis 'not ruling out' Syria military action after Douma attack [09/04/2018]
Al Jazeera

Iran-Israel Conflict Escalates in Shadow of Syrian Civil War [09/04/2018]
Ben Hubbard and David M. Halbfinger, New York Times

Syria chemical attack: Scores killed in Douma, rescuers say [08/04/2018]
Al Jazeera

Syria rebels begin leaving last Ghouta town under deal [08/04/2018]
Middle East Eye

Trump Drops Push for Immediate Withdrawal of Troops from Syria [04/04/2018]
Julie Hirschfeld Davis, New York Times

A Divergent 'Alliance of Convenience': Russia, Turkey, Iran Try to Plan Syria's Future [04/04/2018]
Mike Eckel, Radio Free Europe

Trump: Saudis need to pay if they want US troops to stay in Syria [04/04/2018]
Al Jazeera

Trump Says He Wants 'Quick' Decision On Withdrawing U.S. Troops from Syria [04/04/2018]
Radio Free Europe

Trump seeks Syria pullout as advisers warn of hard work ahead [03/04/2018]
Phil Stewart & Steve Holland, Reuters

Turkey Expands Operations in Syria and Iraq [03/04/2018]
Jonathan Spyer, Jerusalem Post

Guta se convierte en la mayor victoria militar de Assad desde la toma de Alepo oriental [03/04/2018]
Mikel Ayestaran, ABC

Iran Builds Facilities in Syria Close to Russian Bases to Avoid Being Attacked [26/03/2018]
Asharq Al Awsat

Syrian Rebels Reach Evacuation Deal in Eastern Ghouta [20/03/2018]
Suleiman Al-Khalidi, Reuters

Turkish military, FSA take entire control of Afrin city center: Erdoğan [18/03/2018]
Hurriyet Daily News

Civilians Flee as Two Big Syria Battles Enter Decisive Phases [16/03/2018]

Syria: Briefing by Special Envoy [15/03/2018]
What's in Blue

Thousands of civilians flee southern Syrian towns as air strikes return [13/03/2018]
Middle East Eye

Turkish Military Says Has Encircled Syria’s Afrin Town [13/03/2018]
Tuvan Gumrukcu & Tom Perry, Reuters

U.S. Says Russia, Syria, Iran Not Honoring Cease-Fire, Warns Of Action [13/03/2018]

Russia threatens military action against US in Syria [13/03/2018]
Kathrin Hille, Financial Times

Russia Vows ‘No Break' For Syrian Rebels in Ghouta [13/03/2018]

Macron's 'red line': France will strike Syria chemical arms sites in event of attack [12/03/2018]
Middle East Eye

Iranian mistrust of Russia surges as Syrian war winds down [12/03/2018]
Rohollah Faghihi, Al Monitor

Syrian Observatory says war has killed more than half a million [12/03/2018]

Russia Considers Changing Course in Syria [09/03/2018]
Maxim Suchkov, Al Monitor

Syria war: UN aid convoy re-enters Eastern Ghouta amid 'calm' [09/03/2018]

Turkey’s War on Kurds Unsettles Fronts in Northern Syria [09/03/2018]
Phillip Issa, New York Times

After Reports of Chemical Attacks, White House Considers New Military Action Against Syrian Regime [06/03/2018]
Karen DeYoung, Missy Ryan, Josh Dawsey and Carol Leonnig, The Washington Post

Pentagon: Operations against ISIS in eastern Syria 'paused' [05/03/2018]
Robert Burns, Washington Post

Syria Lets Aid Reach Ghouta but Blocks Medical Supplies, Presses Assault [05/03/2018]
Angus McDowall and Stephanie Nebehay, Reuters

Syrie: Assad déterminé à poursuivre l'offensive dans la Ghouta [05/03/2018]
Alexis Feertchak, Le Figaro

Report: Images Reveal New Iranian Military Base Outside Damascus [28/02/2018]
Anna Ahronheim, Jerusalem Post

North Korea's Syrian Connection [27/02/2018]
Samuel Ramani, The Diplomat

Syrian civil war map: Who controls what? [27/02/2018]
Alia Chughtai, Al Jazeera

Russia-sponsored truce begins in Syria's Eastern Ghouta [27/02/2018]
Al Jazeera

Violence Rages Unabated in Ghouta as Syria Defies U.N. Cease-Fire Resolution [26/02/2018]
Liz Sly, The Washington Post

Russia orders five-hour daily truce in Syria's eastern Ghouta [26/02/2018]
Angus McDowall & Jack Stubbs, Reuters

Syrie: fragile désescalade dans la Ghouta orientale [26/02/2018]
Benjamin Barthe, Le Monde

Russia's most advanced fighter arrives in Syria [24/02/2018]
Ryan Browne and Jamie Crawford, CNN

L’ONU vote une résolution « réclamant » un cessez-le-feu en Syrie [24/02/2018]
Marie Bourreau, Le Monde

Deaths Mount in Syria Bombing Campaign Near Damascus [23/02/2018]
Daily Star

Syrie : Moscou s’oppose à un cessez-le-feu humanitaire [22/02/2018]
Marie Bourreau, Le Monde

U.N. pleads for truce to avert 'massacre' as strikes hit Syria's Ghouta for fifth day [22/02/2018]
Suleiman Al-Khalidi, Al Jazeera

Syrian Conflict 101: A 2018 Guide to the Main Factions [22/02/2018]
Seth J. Frantzman, Jerusalem Post

Haley: UN must end 'barbaric' attacks in Eastern Ghouta [22/02/2018]
Al Jazeera

Syria's Eastern Ghouta faces 'another Aleppo' [21/02/2018]
Tamer Osman, Al Monitor

En Syrie, les raids sur la Ghouta n’observent pas de trêve [21/02/2018]
Marianne Meunier, La Croix

UN Security Council to vote on Syria ceasefire [21/02/2018]
Al Monitor

Syria Rebel Leader Says New 'Holocaust' Underway [20/02/2018]
Ynet News

Syrie: au moins cent civils tués dans des bombardements du régime sur l’enclave rebelle de la Ghouta [20/02/2018]
Le Monde

How post-ISIS scramble for advantage in Syria raises risk of wider war [16/02/2018]
Scott Peterson, CS Monitor

Syria conflict: US and Turkey agree to avert Manbij clash [16/02/2018]

New fronts emerge in Syria as Assad, allies push for victory [15/02/2018]
Times of India

U.S. Strikes Killed Scores of Russia Fighters in Syria, Sources Say [13/02/2018]

Syria’s war mutates into a regional conflict, risking a wider conflagration [12/02/2018]
Liz Sly and Loveday Morris, Washington Post

Syrian Frontline Town Divides NATO Allies Turkey and U.S. [12/02/2018]
Dominic Evans, Reuters

Mattis: 'Self-Defense' Attack Doesn't Mean US Getting into Syrian Civil War [09/02/2018]
Carla Babb, VOA

France urges halt to air strikes, aid corridors in Syria [09/02/2018]

Turkey says to host Syria summit with Russia, Iran [08/02/2018]

Far from Winding Down, Syria’s War Escalates on Multiple Fronts [08/02/2018]
Anne Barnard and Hwaida Saad, New York Times

Syria war: Assault on besieged Eastern Ghouta kills 200 in four days [08/02/2018]

US-led coalition strikes kill pro-regime forces in Syria [08/02/2018]
Barbara Starr and Ryan Browne, CNN

Assad Is Still Using Chemical Weapons in Syria [06/02/2018]
Krishnadev Calamur, The Atlantic

‘Extreme’ Suffering in Syria as Government Steps Up Bombing [06/02/2018]
Anne Barnard, New York Times

Mattis warns Syria not to use chemical weapons again [02/02/2018]
Wesley Morgan, Politico

Sochi Meeting Hangs Over Last Day of Syrian Peace Talks [26/01/2018]

Syrian Peace Talks Start in Vienna as Russian Meeting Looms [25/01/2018]

The Syrian Battlefield Grows Yet More Complicated [25/01/2018]
Krishnadev Calamur, The Atlantic

Assad's Victory: What Comes after War in Syria? [24/01/2018]
Susanne Koelbl, Der Spiegel

U.S. Strategy Shift in Syria Turns Focus to Iran From ISIS [17/01/2018]
Alexa Corse, Wall Street Journal

Syrian government envoy: U.S. and Turkish troops should leave Syria [22/12/2017]

Trump to Let Assad Stay Until 2021, as Putin Declares Victory in Syria [11/12/2017]
Robin Wright, New Yorker

Putin orders beginning of withdrawal from Syria [11/12/2017]
Al Jazeera

Pentagon signals open-ended troop commitment in Syria [06/12/2017]
Middle East Eye

U.S. Says 2,000 Troops Are in Syria, a Fourfold Increase [06/12/2017]
John Ismay, New York Times

Israel, Iran duel on Syrian soil [04/12/2017]
Ben Caspit, Al Monitor

U.S. Nat’l Security Adviser McMaster: 80% of Pro-Assad Forces in Syria are Iranian Proxies [04/12/2017]
The Tower

Syrian Kurdish YPG says it seized eastern region from Daesh [04/12/2017]
Jordan Times

Syrian Kurds seize territory from IS with US, Russian support [03/12/2017]

Help Assad or Leave Cities in Ruins? The Politics of Rebuilding Syria [03/12/2017]
Somini Sengupta, New York Times

Syrian state media: Israeli missiles strike near Damascus [02/12/2017]
Associated Press

Syrian govt negotiator quits Geneva, says may not return [02/12/2017]
Daily Star

Russian spy chief said to visit Israel for Syria talks briefing [27/11/2017]
Times of Israel

Syria Kurds say US to 'adjust' weapons deliveries [27/11/2017]
Jordan Times

Syria opposition meets in Riyadh under pressure to compromise [22/11/2017]
Middle East Eye

Assad to Putin: Thank you for 'saving our country' [22/11/2017]
Al Jazeera

Assad makes last-minute trip to Russia before trilateral summit [21/11/2017]
Maxim A. Suchkov, Al Monitor

¿Realmente está cerca el final de la guerra en Siria? [21/11/2017]
Lluís Miquel Hurtado, El Mundo

Vladimir Putin briefs Donald Trump on plan to end Syrian civil war [21/11/2017]
The Guardian

Poutine vante les succès militaires d'Assad avant un sommet avec l'Iran et la Turquie [21/11/2017]
L’Orient le Jour

Syria: Russia blocks extension of chemical attacks probe [17/11/2017]

Southern Syria Deal Fails to Constrain Iran, al Qaeda [15/11/2017]
Genevieve Casagrande, Patrick Hamon, and Bryan Amoroso, Institute for the Study of War

Air raids kill 43 civilians in Syria's Aleppo [14/11/2017]
Al Jazeera

Erdogan Swipes at Russia, U.S. Missions in Syria [13/11/2017]

Netanyahu: Israel Will Act in Syria 'In Accordance with Our Security Needs' [13/11/2017]
Anna Ahronheim, Jerusalem Post

Israel signals free hand in Syria as US Russia expand truce [12/11/2017]
Daily Star

Israel says US-Russia ceasefire deal in Syria does not meet demands [12/11/2017]
Times of Israel

Israel's Patriot Missile System Downs Assad Regime Drone on Syrian Border [11/11/2017]
Noa Shpigel and Yaniv Kubovich, Haaretz

Trump and Putin endorse political solution to Syria conflict [11/11/2017]
The National

After IS Collapse, Syria Government Faces U.S.-Backed Kurds [10/11/2017]
Sarah El Deeb, Times of India

Final Islamic State Defeat Brings Syria's War to a Crossroad [09/11/2017]
Donna Abu-Nasr, Bloomberg

Syrian Forces Capture ISIS Border Stronghold [09/11/2017]
Louisa Loveluck, Washington Post

Washington, Paris, Londres et Berlin condamnent une attaque au gaz sarin en Syrie, en mars [08/11/2017]
Le Monde

Russia and West clash over blaming Syria for chemical use [07/11/2017]
Washington Post

The Messaging App Fueling Syria’s Insurgency [06/11/2017]
Adam Rawnsley, Eric Woods, and Christian Trieber, Foreign Policy

Russia accuses US of ‘war crime’ regarding humanitarian aid in Syria [04/11/2017]
Al Arabiya

Ce qu’il faut retenir de la reprise de Deir ez-Zor par l’armée syrienne [03/11/2017]
Le Monde

Russian summit on Syria raises controversy, doubt [02/11/2017]
Anton Mardasov, Al Monitor

Opposition leader implores US not to abandon Syria to Russia and Iran [01/11/2017]
Bryant Harris, Al Monitor

Syria's warring sides meet for fresh talks in Astana [30/10/2017]
Al Jazeera

Kurdish crisis imperils US anti-terror fight in Syria [30/10/2017]
Jack Detsch, Al Monitor

Moving deeper into Syria's desert, ISIS appears to be regrouping [30/10/2017]
Bassem Mroue, CS Monitor

Syrian war: All you need to know about the Astana talks [30/10/2017]
Al Jazeera

Why Israel Is Giving Syrians Free Spaghetti (And Health Care) [28/10/2017]
Neri Zilber, Politico

Tillerson Says Assad Family’s Reign ‘Is Coming to an End’ in Syria [26/10/2017]
Gardiner Harris, The New York Times

Russia Vetoes U.N. Resolution on Extending Syria Gas Attacks Probe [24/10/2017]

US-led coalition denies deadly Syria strikes in Deir Ezzor [24/10/2017]
The National

U.S.-Backed Fighters Take Largest Syrian Oil Field from ISIS [22/10/2017]
Anne Barnard, The New York Times

Raqqa to be part of 'federal Syria', U.S.-backed militia says [20/10/2017]
Tom Perry, Reuters

Syrian Reconstruction Spells Juicy Contracts for Russian, Iranian Firms [20/10/2017]
Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian, Foreign Policy

Iranian military chief visits frontline near Syria's Aleppo [20/10/2017]
Middle East Online

After Raqqa, the U.S. Sees Russia, Assad Looming Over Remaining Syrian Battlefield [19/10/2017]
Karen DeYoung & Liz Sly, The Washington Post

Next round of Astana talks on Syria set for Oct. 30-31, Kazakhstan says [19/10/2017]
Daily Sabah

Raqa liberators ready for civilian handover, on to next battle [19/10/2017]
Middle East Online

Ce qu’il faut retenir de la chute de Rakka [17/10/2017]
Le Monde

Netanyahu Tells Russian Defense Minister: We Will Not Allow Iran into Syria [17/10/2017]
Itamar Eichner, Ynet News

The Defeat of ISIS in Raqqa Tests U.S. Commitment to Syrian Kurds [17/10/2017]
Louisa Loveluck & Liz Sly, The Washington Post

Raqqa, ISIS Capital in Syria, Falls to U.S.-Backed Militias [17/10/2017]
John Davison, U.S. News

Evacuation ends as ISIL defeat in Syria's Raqqa nears [15/10/2017]
Al Jazeera

ISIL faces imminent Raqqa defeat, Syria's YPG says [14/10/2017]
Al Jazeera

Turkish troops enter northern Syria in new operation[13/10/2017]
Al Jazeera

Who are Syria's opposition alliances? [10/10/2017]
Samer Abboud, A Jazeera

Assad regime allows Daesh terrorists into Syria's Idlib [10/10/2017]
Daily Sabah

Nusra Front, Islamic State clash in Syria's Hama province [09/10/2017]

Israel considered attacking Syria crematorium – report [08/10/2017]
Sue Surkes, Times of Israel

US-backed SDF to launch offensive to retake Raqqa [08/10/2017]
Zena Tahhan, A Jazeera

Syria war: Fighting worst since battle for Aleppo – ICRC [05/10/2017]

Russia says its airstrikes wounded al-Qaida leader in Syria [04/10/2017]
Associated Press

IS claims deadly suicide attack in Syrian capital [03/10/2017]
Associated Press

Jordan Seeks More Security Guarantees in South Syria Truce [02/10/2017]
Alice Su & Karin Laub, Washington Post

Afghan Teenagers Recruited in Iran to Fight in Syria, Group Says [01/10/2017]
Nada Homsi, NYT

Syria's war has deadliest month this year - monitor group [01/10/2017]

En Iran, ces jeunes qui rêvent de faire la guerre en Syrie [29/09/207]
Louis Imbert, Le Monde

Vladmir Putin Meets Erdogan to Secure Syria De-Escalation Zone [28/09/2017]
Deutsche Welle

Israel Is Going to War in Syria to Fight Iran [28/09/2017]
Jonathan Spyer, Foreign Policy

Fresh Syria peace talks to start in a month: UN envoy [27/09/207]
Canberk Yuksel, Anadolu

Syrie: la Russie annonce avoir tué des commandants jihadistes [27/09/207]
L’Orient le Jour

U.S. allies accuse Russia of strikes in eastern Syria [25/09/207]
Erin Cunningham and David Filipov, Washington Post

The Iraqi militia helping Iran carve a road to Damascus [22/09/2017]
Babak Dehghanpisheh, Reuters

En Syrie, les ambiguïtés de la « Pax Poutina » [18/09/2017]
Isabelle Mandraud et Benjamin Barthe, Le Monde

Syrian army and allies close in on Islamic State in Deir al-Zor [17/09/2017]

La coalition affirme que des frappes russes ont blessé des Syriens soutenus par Washington [17/09/2017]
Le Monde

Russia, Turkey, Iran Agree On Borders Of Syrian 'De-Escalation Zones' [15/09/2017]
Radio Free Europe

Syria Situation Report: August 31 - September 14, 2017 [14/09/2017]

Russia fires cruise missiles at IS stronghold in east Syria [14/09/2017]
Nataliya Vasilyeva, Associated Press

Exclusive: Syria calls off mysterious million tonne Russian wheat deal [13/09/2017]

Hezbollah Declares Syria Victory, Russia Says Much of Country Won Back [12/09/2017]
Tom Perry & Katya Golubkova, Reuters

Hundreds of Isis defectors mass on Syrian border hoping to flee [12/09/2017]
The Guardian

Iran strikes deal with Syria to repair power grid [12/09/2017]
Bozorgmehr Sharafedin & Ellen Francis

The Last Days of ISIS’ Capital: Airstrikes if You Stay, Land Mines if You Flee [08/09/2017]
Somini Sengupta, New York Times

Ex-IDF intel chief: Israel enforcing its ‘red lines’ with Syria strike [07/09/2017]
Stuart Winer, Times of Israel

L’aviation israélienne frappe un site stratégique syrien [06/09/2017] 
Piotr Smolar et Benjamin Barthe, Le Monde

The U.S. Is Far More Deeply Involved In Syria Than You Know [06/09/2017]
Borzou Daragahi, Buzz Feed

UN: Syrian government responsible for sarin chemical attack in April [06/09/2017]
Sara Shayanian, UPI

Syrian army, allies break Islamic State siege in eastern city [05/09/2017]

France Says Powers Must Impose Transition on Syrians, No Role for Assad [04/09/2017]
John Irish, Reuters

Iraqi PM Abadi declares Nineveh province freed from Islamic State [31/08/2017]
Andrew V. Pestano, UPI

Lebanon, Syria declare ceasefires in fight against ISIL [27/08/2017]
Al Jazeera

Syria opposition asked to come to terms with Assad's political survival [24/08/2017]
CS Monitor

In talks with Putin, Netanyahu to focus on Iran threat [23/08/2017]
Times of Israel

The West Supplied Chemical Weapons to Syrian Rebels, Says Russian Foreign Ministry [17/08/2017]
Moscow Times

Assad Advisor Says Syria War Nearing Its End [18/08/2017]

Putin Signs Syria Base Deal, Cementing Russia’s Presence There for Half a Century [27/07/2017]

U.S.-Backed Syrian Fighters Control Almost Half of Raqqa [27/07/2017]
Sarah El Deeb, Associated Press 

Syria activists: Despite truce, strikes near Damascus kill 8 [25/07/2017]

Russia Deploys Checkpoints in Southwestern Syria [24/07/2017]

Hezbollah says battle with Nusra Front almost won at Syria-Lebanon border [24/07/2017]
John Daviso, Reuters

New Syrian banknote may be more than meets the eye  [24/07/2017]
Tamer Osman, Al-Monitor

Jihadist group cements control of Syria's Idlib province: rebels [23/07/2017]
Suleiman Al-Khalidi, Reuters

CIA Reportedly Halting Support for Syria Rebels [20/07/2017]

Turkish and Kurdish forces clash in northern Syria, tensions rise [18/07/2017]
Al Jazeera

US-backed forces battle IS in heart of Syria’s Raqqa [18/07/2017]
Associated Press

Pentagon: Rebel forces taking heavy casualties in Raqqa fight [17/07/2017]
Jack Detsch, Al-Monitor

EU Sanctions 16 More Syrians over Chemical Attacks [17/07/2017]

'Precarious calm' in southwest Syria amid cease-fire [14/07/2017]
Mohammad Ersan, Al-Monitor

Envoy to US says Turkey was ready to provide ‘tens of thousands of troops’ for Raqqa offensive [14/07/2017]
Jack Detsch, Al-Monitor

Secret Details of Trump-Putin Syria Cease-fire Focus on Iranian Proxies [11/07/2017]
Colum Lynch, Robbie Gramer, Dan De Luce, Paul McLeary, Foreign Policy

Syria: Rebels Claim to Shoot Down Assad Warplane Near Russia and U.S. Ceasefire Zone [11/07/2017]
Callum Paton, Newsweek

Syrian Cease-fire Largely Holding as UN Convenes New Peace Talks [10/07/2017]

U.S.-Russian ceasefire deal holding in southwest Syria [09/07/2017]
Ellen Francis, Globe & Mail

Exclusive: Kurdish YPG militia expects conflict with Turkey in northern Syria [05/07/2017]
Rodi Said and Dominic Evans, Reuters

Russia Deploys a Potent Weapon in Syria: The Profit Motive [05/07/2017]
Andrew E. Kramer, New York Times

L'ONU mandate une juge française pour la Syrie [04/07/2017]
Louis Chahuneau, Le Point


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