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G20 Summit
25 | July | 2017

The 2017 G20 Summit was held in Hamburg, on the 7th and  8th of July, with an agenda marked by issues such as climate change, counter-terrorism, international trade and security policy, in a moment when tensions are mounting in various parts of the world.




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The T20: Germany's G20 Presidency
T20 Germany


Opinions & Analysis 
The Real Power of the G-20 [25/07/2017]
Amrita Narlikar, Foreign Affairs

The G20 Is Dead. Long Live the G20' [15/07/2017]
Roland Rajah, Australian Financial Review

The G20 Hamburg Summit [13/07/2017]
Oded Eran, INSS

The Trump Vision for America Abroad [13/07/2017]
Gary D. Cohn and H. R. Mcmaster, New York Times

The new world divide [12/07/2017]
Thomas Wright, Brookings Institution

The G20’s Harmony Without Trump [11/07/2017]
Jeffrey D. Sachs, Project Syndicate

Who Needs America? The G-19 Might Be Here to Stay [11/07/2017]
Joshua Keating, Slate

The G-20 steadily progresses [11/07/2017]
Homi Kharas, Brookings

The G-20: Another Vacuous Meet-and-Greet [10/07/2017]
Walter Russell Mead, Wall Street Journal

G20 is desperately trying to save a failed world order [09/07/2017]
Nick Dearden, Al Jazeera

Trump, North Korea and shifting alliances: is this a new world disorder? [08/07/2017]
Simon Tisdall, Guardian

The G-20’s new Compact with Africa: A promising initiative requiring sustained commitment [07/07/2017]
Amar Bhattacharya and Brahima Sangafowa Coulibaly, Brookings Institution

The battle for world leadership [07/07/2017]
Marwan Bishara, Al Jazeera

Merkel Must Fight to Keep Africa a Priority at the G-20 Summit [07/07/2017]
Jenerali Ulimwengu, DW

Trump contra casi todos [07/07/2017]
Felipe Sahagún, El Mundo

Hamburg G 20: A test for the China-EU-US triangle [07/07/2017]
François Godement, ECFR

Donald Trump’s Credibility Problem at the G-20 Summit [06/07/2017]
John Cassidy, New Yorker

Triple threat to Merkel’s G20 bump: Putin, Erdoğan, Trump [06/07/2017]
Janosch Delcker, Politico

The 5 Most Important Things the G-20 Won't Do [06/07/2017]
Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg

A vueltas con el orden global [06/07/2017]
Javier Solana, El País

The Hamburg G-20 summit: Reshaping the economy to serve people and society [05/07/2017]
Colin I. Bradford, Brookings Institution

What's at Stake at the G20 Summit [05/07/2017]
Heribert Dieter, Yasushi Kudo, Fyodor Lukyanov, Sunjoy Joshi, Samir Saran, Ye Yu, Sook Jong Lee, Steven Blockmans, Daniel Gros, Tom Bernes, Elizabeth Sidiropoulos and Carlos Ivan Simonsen Leal, Council on Foreign Relations

The Hamburg G20: A clash of competing visions of world affairs [05/07/2017]
Josef Janning, ECFR

Judy Asks: Is the G20 at a Crossroads? [05/07/2017]
Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe

The G20 to End all G20s [05/07/2017]
Dave Keating, Berlin Policy Journal

Hostages to History at the G-20 Summit [05/07/2017]
George Friedman, Geopolitical Futures

Productive equity and why it matters to the G-20 [03/07/2017]
Zia Qureshi, Brookings Institution

Le G20 qui vient : quels enjeux? [03/07/2017]
Jean-Paul Betbèze, Fondation Robert Schuman

What to Know About the Hamburg G20 Summit [30/06/2017]
James McBride, Council on Foreign Relations


The Hamburg tussle: working around Donald Trump at G20
The Hindu

A Remarkable G-20 Minus One [10/07/2017]
Japan Times

G19 [10/07/2017]
El País

Multilateralism and free trade should be safeguarded at G20 summit [07/07/2017]
People’s Daily

The G20’s Role Reversals [07/07/2017]
Project Syndicate


G20 consensus highlights cooperation as major trend in global governance [10/07/2017]
People’s Daily

Europe triumphs at G20, Merkel survives it [10/07/2017]
Matthew Karnitschnig, Politico

Was the G-20 Summit Really Worth It? [09/07/2017]
Florian Gathmann and Philipp Wittrock, Der Spiegel

G20 leaders restate opposition to protectionism [09/07/2017]
Derek Scally, Irish Times

Trump Keeps It Friendly With Xi at G20 on North Korea Threat [09/07/2017]
Jeff Mason, Reuters

A Look Back at the Summit [08/07/2017]
Der Spiegel

G20 leaders' statement on climate change highlights rift with US [08/07/2017]
Oliver Milman, The Guardian

G-20 Shows Trump's America Is Going Its Own Way [08/07/2017]
Josh Wingrove, Gregory Viscusi and Arne Delfs , Bloomberg

Hamburg protests rage as G20 leaders meet [08/07/2017]
Al Jazeera

Donald Trump returns home as the odd man out after 'G19' summit [08/07/2017]
David Smith, The Guardian

Merkel Calls for G20 Compromise as Crunch Climate Talks Start [07/07/2017]
Bew York Times

Trump and Putin take center stage as Hamburg's G20 begins [07/07/2017]

With U.S.-Russia Relations Plummeting, Trump Set To Hold First Talks With Putin [07/07/2017]
Mike Eckel, Radio Free Europe

World Leaders Pressure Trump on Climate at Start of G20 Summit [07/07/2017]
Noah Barkin & Andreas Rinke, Reuters

Triple threat to Merkel’s G20 bump: Putin, Erdoğan, Trump [06/07/2017]
Janosch Delcker, Politico

Trump May Find Some Allies on Climate Change at G-20 Meeting [05/07/2017]
Lisa Friedman, The New York Times

The African Century: German leadership and the G20 partnership [12/06/2017]
New African Magazine


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