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Iran Presidential Election
30 | May | 2017

Hassan Rouhani was reelected president of Iran in May 19th by achieving more than 50 percent of the votes in the first round. Rouhani is a moderate and stands for diplomatic openness in foreign policy. He was a key player in the 2015 nuclear agreement.



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Opinions & Analysis
A Turning Point for Iran? [30/05/2017]
Christopher R. Hill, Project Syndicate

Ignore Trump, Iran has something to celebrate [28/05/2017]
Emma Graham-Harrison, The Guardian

En Iran, la patience selon Hassan Rohani [27/05/2017]
Louis Imbert, Le Monde

Iran's election results a win-win for Khamenei [25/05/2017]
Alireza Ramezani, Al-monitor

Iran’s Islamic Evolution Through the Ballot Box [25/05/2017]
Marc Champion, Ladane Nasseri, Bloomberg

Iran’s Long Economic Journey [24/05/2017]
Hassan Hakimian, Project Syndicate

What’s on Rouhani’s second-term economic agenda? [23/05/2017]
Bijan Khajehpour, Al-monitor

The Iranian Opportunity [22/05/2017]
Javier Solana, Project Syndicate

The Rouhani Factor [22/05/2017]
Abbas Milani, Project Syndicate

How Hassan Rouhani Won in Iran [22/05/2017]
Vali Nasr, The Atlantic

Iran's hardliners control narrative in the name of democracy [22/05/2017]
Jennifer Attieh, The National

Stay the Course With Rouhani [21/05/2017]
Robert Harvey, Project Syndicate

Rouhani’s victory won’t change anything in Iran [21/05/2017]
Marc Martinez, The National

Iranians Re-Elect a Fake Reformer in a Fake Election [21/05/2017]
Eli Lake, Bloomberg View

In wake of Rouhani's win, conservative rivals vow to remain on scene [21/05/2017]
Arash Karami, Al-monitor

Analysis: Six Takeaways From Rohani's Victory In Iran [20/05/2017]
David Patrikarakos, RFE

What's in a ring? Iran's Khamenei sends mixed election messages [19/05/2017]
Saeed Kamali Dehghan, The Guardian

Is Iran’s Election a Litmus Test for the Next Supreme Leader? [18/05/2017]
Micah Zenko, Council on Foreign Relations

Iran’s Bipolar Election [18/05/2017]
Ali Vaez, Crisis Group

State of Iran’s race: Rouhani v. Raisi [18/05/2017]
Suzanne Maloney, Brookings Institution

What Iran’s high-stakes election means for voters and the world [18/05/2017]
Amir Handjani, Reuters

Maximum Drama, Minimum Change: Iran’s Presidential Elections [18/05/2017]
Karim Sadjadpour, The Atlantic

Iran election: frantic campaigning as high-stakes vote goes down to wire [18/05/2017]
Emma Graham-Harrison, The Guardian

Rohani, la mejor opción para el régimen en Irán [18/05/2017]
Ramin Jahanbegloo, El Pais

How much power does Iran's president have? [18/05/2017]
Entrevista a Adnan Tabatabai, Deutche Welle

In Iran’s Presidential Elections, Reformists’ Hopes Are Limited [17/05/2017]
Scheherezade Faramarzi, The Nation

Can Rouhani Pull Off a Win in Iran? [16/05/2017]
Saeid Golkar, Dina Smeltz, Real Clear World

Will Iran's next president care enough to put the environment first? [16/05/2017]
Ali Mirchi and Kaveh Madani, The Guardian

Could the Iranian Economy Sink Rouhani? [15/05/2017]
Djavad Salehi-Isfahani, Project Syndicate

Hassan Rouhani's attacks on rivals for president cross Iran's red lines [12/05/2017]
Saeed Kamali Dehghan, The Guardian

Rouhani struggles to dominate Iran election [10/05/2017]
Francis Matthew, The Gulf New

Economic fears dominate the minds of Iranian voters [07/05/2017]
Majid Rafizadeh, The National

A very public spat in Iran [07/05/2017]
Shahir ShahidSaless, The Gulf News

4 reasons Rouhani is winning Iran's foreign policy debate [05/05/2017]
Hassan Ahmadian, Al-monitor

Who will rule Iran? Tehran’s presidential election foreshadows succession politics [03/05/2017]
Suzanne Maloney, Brookings Institution

Could Iran's Rouhani Lose? [03/05/2017]
Alireza Nader, RAND

Iran’s Presidential Test [01/05/2017]
Ray Takeyh, Council on Foreign Relations

Iran polling: Will vote see Rouhani-Ghalibaf rematch? [25/04/2017]
Matt Dabrowski, Al-monitor

Is there anything Iran’s presidential election can change? [24/04/2017]
Heshmat Alavi, Al Arabiya

Is conservative Iranian candidate reviving Ahmadinejad’s Cabinet? [24/04/2017]
Arash Karami, Al-monitor

Iran's election: It's not about moderates or hardliners [24/04/2017]
Saeid Golkar, Al Jazeera

Is prominent conservative cleric really a threat to Rouhani? [23/04/2017]
Ali Hashem, Al-monitor

Ethnic, environmental protests may merge in Iranian election year [21/04/2017]
Brenda Shaffer, Al Arabiya

As Iran's election nears, cracks appear in conservative camp [20/04/2017]
Saeid Jafari, Al-monitor

Iran's 2017 Election: Ahmadinejad’s Candidacy Signals the Regime's Weakening [19/04/2017]
Heshmat Alavi, The Diplomat

Iran’s election is soon, but still there is no clarity [18/04/2017]
Majid Rafizadeh, The National

Is Tehran's mayor lobbying to be only conservative candidate? [18/04/2017]
Rohollah Faghihi, Al-monitor

Iran elects: Ahmadinejad may be disqualified, but his influence has staying power [14/04/2017]
Mahan Abedin, Middle East Eye

How Not to Analyze Iran’s Elections [13/04/2017]
Michael Rubin, Commentary

Will Iranians re-elect Rouhani? [12/04/2017]
Ted Regencia, Al Jazeera

Ahmadinejad is running for president in Iran ... again [12/04/2017]
Rohollah Faghihi, Al-monitor

Iran’s Presidential Candidates: Two of the Same [12/04/2017]
Shahriar Kia, American Thinker

Iran's Electoral Landscape Takes Shape [11/04/2017]

Iranian conservative coalition at risk of collapse [11/04/2017]
Rohollah Faghihi, Al-monitor

Rowhani’s re-election depends on Trump [08/04/2017]
Huda al Husseini, Al Arabiya

Ebrahim Raisi, the new candidate in Iran's presidential election [07/04/2017]
Heshmat Alavi, American Thinker

Iran’s ‘Deep State’ Could Unseat Rouhani With A Khamenei-Backed Hard-Liner In Upcoming

Elections [05/04/2017]
Muhammad Sahimi, Contributor, The Huffington Post

Iranian Regime's Concerns Persist Ahead of May Elections [30/03/2017]
Heshmat Alavi, The Diplomat

As Presidential Election Nears, Iran's Hardliners Flex Their Muscles [09/03/2017]
Yigal Chazan, The Diplomat

Trump and the Iranian Elections [07/02/2017]
Ariane M. Tabatabai, Foreign Affairs


Iran’s Rouhani wins a second term [23/05/2017]
The Japan Times

Tras sus éxitos internacionales, Irán debe iniciar reformas internas [21/05/2017]
El Mundo

Con Rohaní, Irán no retrocede [20/05/2017]
El Pais

There’s no clear winner for America in Iran’s presidential election [18/05/2017]
The Washington Post

The Non-Choice in Iran [08/05/2017]
The Wall Street Journal


In Remote Iranian Province, Women Make Gains At Ballot Box [26/05/2017]

Iran : la victoire de Hassan Rohani affaiblit les ultraconservateurs [20/05/2017]
Le Monde

Iran election: huge turnout in presidential poll after bitter contest [20/05/2017]
The Guardian

Juan Cole: “Si las mujeres y los jóvenes van a votar, ganará Rohaní” [19/05/2017]
El Pais

Election présidentielle en Iran : les pro-Rohani disent ne pas vouloir « retourner en arrière » [19/05/2017]
Le Monde

Iran : les enjeux de l’élection présidentielle [18/05/2017]
Le Monde

The state of Iran’s presidential election after recent exits [17/05/2017]
Al Arabiya

Iran election: Jahangiri quits, backs Rouhani [16/05/2017]
Middle East Eye

Irán se pronuncia sobre su apertura al mundo en las presidenciales [16/05/2017]
El Pais

Iran presidential elections: Tehran mayor drops out to back hardliner [16/05/2017]
The Guardian

El frente conservador cierra filas en las presidenciales de Irán [15/05/2017]
El Pais

En Iran, le dernier débat télévisé de la campagne présidentielle tourne au grand déballage [13/05/2017]
Le Monde

Iran's Rouhani lashes rivals with rare criticism of security forces, ruling clerics [09/05/2017]
The Washington Post

In Second Iranian Presidential Debate, Conservatives Accuse Rohani Of Failing To Cash In On Nuclear Deal [05/05/2017]

Iran’s frontrunners both well-connected to Arab Shiites [02/05/2017]
Asia Times

No Woman Has Ever Run For Iranian President. Will Azam Taleghani Be The First? [19/04/2017]

Hassan Rouhani faces tough re-election race as candidate list closes [16/04/2017]
The Guardian

The Story Of Iran's Presidential Elections [12/04/2017]

Iran election: Shock as Ahmadinejad registers candidacy [12/04/2017]
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Why empty suit shops and barber's chairs could spell trouble for Iran's President Hassan Rouhani [10/04/2017]
LA Times

Rohani Coy As He Kicks Off Election Season, Concedes He's 'Not Fully Satisfied' [10/04/2017]

In Iran, Emerging Hard-Liner Stakes Future On Unseating Rohani [06/04/2017]

Iran’s Elections: True Change or Just More of the Same? [03/04/2017]
The Media Express

Here's one country where hard-liners might not be poised for election success: Iran [17/03/2017]
LA Times

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