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South Korea presidential election
18 | May | 2017

Moon Jae-in, a former human rights layer and the candidate of the Democratic Party is the new president of South Korea. The anticipated election of May 9th  was a consequence of Park Geun-hye impeachment. The new president has two major internal tasks ahead: to improve the economy and to reduce youth unemployment. However, this election became more important internationally due to his rapprochement policy with North Korea.


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Opinions & Analysis 
Can the U.S.-Korea Alliance Survive the Trump-Moon Era [18/05/2017
Scott A. Snyder, Council on Foreign Relations

Korean peninsula: the plot thickens [16/05/2017]
François Godement, ECFR

Moon rise spells trouble for South Korea-Japan relations [15/05/2017]
J. Berkshire Miller, Nikkei Asian Review

Advice for the new president [11/05/2017]
Chung Duck-koo, Korea JoongAng Daily

The unusual taxonomy of political parties and beasts [10/05/2017]
Rashmee Roshan Lall, The National

Self-Reliance and Sunshine: Previewing President Moon's North Korea Policy [10/05/2017]
Hyuk Kim, The Diplomat

Does Moon Jae-in’s Victory Herald a New Dawn for the Sunshine Policy? [10/05/2017]
Troy Stangarone, The Diplomat

Most difficult presidential task: National security [10/05/2017]
Kim Myong-sik, The Korea Herald

South Korea just showed the world how to do democracy [10/05/2017]
Ishaan Tharoor, The Washington Post

When a Political Movement Is Populist, or Isn’t [10/05/2017]
Max Fisher, The New York Times

South Korea’s New President Says His Election Completes the ‘Candlelight Revolution’ [10/05/201]
Entrevista a Moon Jae-in, The Nation

Moon Jae-in faces a dilemma on North Korea [10/05/2017]
John Burton, Nikkei Asian Review

Resurgent conservatives will challenge South Korea's Moon [10/05/2017]
David S. Lee, Nikkei Asian Review

News Analysis: Challenges facing new South Korean president [10/05/2017]
Yoo Seungki, Xinhua

Moon Jae-in Inherits Leadership At An Uncertain Moment For South Korea [09/05/2017]
Scott A. Snyder, Council on Foreign Relations

Can South Korea's New President Make Good on His Promises? [09/05/2017]
Katharine H.S. Moon, Foreign Affairs

Moon’s South Korean Ostpolitik [09/05/2017]
Yoon Young-kwan, Project Syndicate

What South Korea’s election might mean for the long peace in East Asia [09/05/2017]
Timo A. Kivimäki, The Conversation

Young Koreans Are Winning Their Generational War [09/05/2017]
Troy Stangarone, Foreign Policy

An Agenda for South Korea’s New Leader [09/05/2017]
Robert E. Kelly, The New York Times

What South Korea’s election means for Asia’s nuclear crisis [08/05/2017]
John Pomfret, The Washington Post

South Korea's Crucial Election [08/05/2017]
Michael Schuman, Bloomberg View

South Korea's elections and the North Korean threat [07/05/2017]
Peter Ward, Al Jazeera

Understanding South Korea’s Tense Election [04/05/2017]
Scott A. Snyder, Council on Foreign Relations

South Korea’s next president faces a belligerent north and a confused US [04/05/2017]
Markus Bell, Marco Milani, The Conversation

South Korea's presidential race comes down to the wire [03/05/2017]
Hiroshi Minegishi, Nikkei Asian Review


The Indian Express

No Time for Friction With South Korea [11/05/2017]
The New York Times

New ROK leader may help untie peninsula's Gordian knot [11/05/2017]
China Daily

Open-minded leadership [10/05/2017]
The Korea Herald

The pendulum swings in South Korea [10/05/2017]
The Japan Times

Fresh start [09/05/2017]
The Korea Herald

What South Korea’s election means for the U.S. [09/05/2017]
The Washington Post

South Korea’s Moment of Truth [19/04/2017]
The New York Times

South Korea Needs a United Front With the U.S. [09/05/2017]
Bloomberg View


Moon Jae-in faces uphill battle on US ties, THAAD
The Korea Herald

South Korean President-elect Moon’s main policy pledges [09/05/2017]
The Japan Times

South Korea Elects Moon Jae-in, Who Backs Talks With North, as President [09/05/2017]
The New York Times

Don’t expect a new head in Seoul to change the face of China-South Korea ties [09/05/2017]
South China Morning Post

South Korean presidential election sees high voter turnout [09/05/2017]
Nikkei Asian Review

South Korea looks past Park as country votes in presidential election [09/05/2017]
The Guardian

South Korea’s likely next president asks the U.S. to respect its democracy [02/05/2017]
The Washington Post

South Korea election: Who will replace impeached leader Park Geun-hye and what's at stake? [21/04/2017]
The Daily Telegraph

Two front-runners emerge in South Korea's election [20/04/2017]
Nikkei Asian Review

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