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Brexit II
5 | April | 2018

On March 29th, Theresa May formally activated the article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, triggering the process of negotiations that will lead to the permanent separation between the United Kingdom and the EU. If one considers the speech of the British prime-minister, given in January, the idea of a hard Brexit gains track casting a shade of skepticism over the next two years.

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The government's negotiating objectives for exiting the EU [17/01/2017]
Prime Minister, Theresa May, set out the Plan for Britain, including the 12 priorities that the UK government will use to negotiate Brexit

Beyond Brexit: a Global Britain [02/12/2016]
Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, delivers first major policy speech at Chatham House

Britain After the Brexit: A Vision of a Global Britain [05/10/2016]
The Prime Minister, Theresa May, speaking at Conservative Party Conference at The ICC, Birmingham


Brexit: EP outlines its red lines on latest UK citizens’ rights proposals [08/11/2017]
European Parliament

Countdown to Brexit: UK imports and exports in six charts [09/2017]
Andrew Walker, BBC

Brexit timeline: From referendum to EU exit [28/08/2017]
Sanya Khetani-Shah and Ginger Hervey, Politico

Review of EU-third country cooperation on policies falling within the ITRE domain in relation to Brexit
AA.VV., Committee on Industry, Research and Energy of the European Parliament (ITRE)

Negotiating documents on Article 50 negotiations with the United Kingdom
European Commission

Safeguarding the position of EU citizens in the UK and UK nationals in the EU [26/06/2017]
Prime Minister's Office

Alternatives to membership: possible models for the United Kingdom outside the European Union
UK Government

Timeline of events leading up to Brexit [29/03/2017]
Associated Press

What happens now that Britain has triggered Article 50? [29/03/2017]
The Economist

Eight key points you need to know about the Brexit negotiations [29/03/2017]
The Guardian

Britain and Europe: The view from the FT archive [22/01/2016]
Financial Times


Opinions & Analysis
No Brexit for a Eurozone Britain? [02/04/2018]
Yanis Varoufakis, Project Syndicate

The Brexit Transition Deal [26/03/2018]
Silvia Merler, Bruegel

Britain’s latest Brexit strategy: any deal will do [22/03/2018]
Philip Stephens, Financial Times

7 Things to Know About the Past 7 Years of War in Syria [15/03/2018]
Rachel Ansley, Atlantic Council

A U.S. Containment Strategy for Syria [15/03/2018]
Aaron Stein, Foreign Affairs

No One Is Winning the Syrian Civil War [15/03/2018]
Krishnadev Calamur, The Atlantic

Russia’s Greatest Problem in Syria: Its Ally, President Assad [09/03/2018]
Neil MacFarquhar, New York Times

What are they after? [08/03/2018]
William Davies, London Review of Books

Forget the cliff edge, Brexit faces an abyss [08/03/2018]
David M. Herszenhorn, Politico

A Brexit Gentlemen’s Agreement [07/03/2018]
Daniel Gros, Project Syndicate

Britain is still clueless about the EU’s motives in Brexit negotiations [06/03/2018]
Tom Kibasi, The Guardian

Where do the Brexit talks stand after May's speech? [02/03/2018]
Seán Clarke, The Guardian

A Cosy Corbyn Brexit Pitch Is a Political Winner [26/02/2018]
Rafael Behr, Guardian

Labour's Customs Union Proposal Is a Non-Starter [26/02/2018]
Aarti Shankar, Open Europe

Corbyn Offers a Moon-on-a-Stick Brexit [26/02/2018]
Mark Wallace, Conservative Home

Russo-British Relations in the Age of Brexit [02/2018]
Richard Sakwa, IFRI

Corbyn Should Embrace Soft Brexit [25/02/2018]
Matthew d'Ancona, The Guardian

May cannot lead on Brexit. Here’s Corbyn’s chance to seize the day [23/02/2018]
Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian

Why a good Brexit outcome matters (and it’s not just the economy, stupid!) [22/02/2018]
Maria Demertzis and Nicola Viegi, Bruegel

Speed data: just how much appetite is there for a second EU referendum? [21/02/2018]
John Curtice, Prospect Magazine

Is it possible to reverse Brexit? [16/02/2018]
Anand Menon, The Guardian

Fear and abuse won’t change Brexit minds [14/02/2018]
Hugh Muir, The Guardian

Since this government can’t govern, parliament must take charge of Brexit [11/02/2018]
Andrew Rawnsley Andrew Rawnsley The Guardian

'I won't butt out' [11/02/2018]
George Soros, The Daily Mail

17 Reasons to Love Brexit [10/02/2018]
Anthony Browne, Spectator

Brexit has replaced the UK’s stiff upper lip with quivering rage [08/02/2018]
Martin Wolf, Financial Times

Germany’s New Foreign Minister Won’t Help Mrs May on Brexit [07/02/2018]
Denis MacShane, LinkedIn

Theresa May can’t afford red lines on Brexit [06/02/2018]
Charles Grant, Politico

Another Brexit Referendum? [31/01/2018]
Yasmeen Serhan, The Atlantic

Impact du Brexit: la tartuferie britannique [30/01/2018]
Etienne Lefebvre, Les Echos

'Brexit is winning everywhere': Nigel Farage full interview [08/01/2018]

It Takes More Than Bluster to Brexit [19/12/2017]
Susan Mckay, New York Times

Theresa May's Brexit Dilemma: It Comes Down to Party vs. Country [19/12/2017]
Matthias Matthijs, Foreign Affairs

Brexit suggests we’re on the right side of history [16/12/2017]
Robert Tombs, Spectator

Brexit: the night parliament took back control [14/12/2017]
David Allen Green, Financial Times

This is why Irish politicians are frustrated with the U.K.’s Brexit negotiations [05/12/2017]
Neil Dooley, Washington Post

Theresa May’s Blue Monday [05/12/2017]
Fintan O’Toole, New York Review of Books

Deal or no deal? Confused May in alignment only with herself over Irish issue [04/12/2017]
John Crace, The Guardian

Europe’s Crisis Starts at Home [04/12/2017]
Mark Leonard, Project Syndicate

The Irish border has crashed Brexit negotiations. Here’s what you need to know. [04/12/2017]
Henry Farrell, Washington Post

Brussels, ease up on Theresa May [04/12/2017]
Fabian Zuleeg, Politico

The Brexit ‘patriots’ care little for British history or influence [03/12/2017]
William Keegan, The Guardian

Brexit: EU and UK battle over ‘an accession in reverse’ [02/12/2017]
Alex Barker, Financial Times

Europe Holds All the Cards in the Brexit Talks [01/12/2017]
Charles Grant, Financial Times

£50bn to leave the EU. What an unforgivable waste of money [29/11/2017]
Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian

Brexit will give us back the countryside, as well as our country [29/11/2017]
Roger Scruton, The Spectator

La defensa europea después del Brexit [28/11/2017]
Diego López Garrido y Xira Ruiz Campillo, OPEX

Because of Brexit, Northern Ireland’s Peace Deal Faces Its Toughest Test [28/11/2017]
Graham Walker, World Politics Review

Brexiters, Ireland won’t be tricked by your mendacity over the border issue [23/11/2017]
Brigid Laffan, The Guardian

«Non, le Brexit n’est pas que l’expression du nationalisme anglais» [22/11/2017]
Robert Tombs, Le Monde

Brexit means...? Ou l'urgence de définir le Brexit avant de faire le Brexit [20/11/2017]
Jérôme Gazzano & Andi Mustafaj, Fondation Robert Schuman

The Plot to Stop Brexit [17/11/2017]
George Eaton, New Statesman

Brexit Britain is in denial over immigration [13/11/2017]
Matthew Goodwin, Politico

How to give parliament a say over EU withdrawal bill [12/11/2017]
Seema Malhotra, The Guardian

Brexit has broken British politics [09/11/2017]
Philip Stephens, Financial Times

How to Avoid a Brexit 'Power Grab' Crisis [08/11/2017]
Adam Tomkins, The Scotsman

Why We Need a Modern Brexit [08/11/2017]
Bruno Maçães, Hudson Institute

Why the British Chose Brexit: Behind the Scenes of the Referendum [11/2017]
Anand Menon, Foreign Affairs

No One Knows What Britain Is Anymore [04/11/2017]
Steven Erlanger, New York Times

Boris Johnson: The Joke Is Over [04/11/2017]
Martin Fletcher, New Statesman

How Putin could yet save Britain from Brexit [02/11/2017]
Mark Galeotti, The Guardian

What young Britons really think about Brexit and their prospects outside the EU [01/11/2017]
Avril Keating, The Conversation

After Brexit: Prospects for UK-EU cooperation on foreign and security policy [30/10/2017]
Fraser Cameron, EPC

If you think Brexit looks bad from outside the Government, you should see how bad it looks from the inside [29/10/2017]
William Wallace, The Independent

How Brexit has made Britain the new sick man of Europe [27/10/2017]
George Eaton, Prospect

Crónica de un Brexit anunciado [24/10/2017]
Astrid Portero Hernández, ES Global

Brexit: what the EU and UK still don’t agree on [23/10/2017]
Steve Peers, The Conversation

There is simply no such thing as a “no deal” Brexit [19/10/2017]
Rafael Behr, Prospect Magazine

Theresa May is right on Brexit: no deal is better than a bad deal – for the EU [18/10/2017]
Jens Geier, The Guardian

Does Parliamentary arithmetic add up to Brexit? [10/2017]
Michael Mosbacher, Standpoint Magazine

One Final Offer from the EU to the UK [17/10/2017]
Paul Goldschmidt, The Globalist

'Theresa May Engages in Doublespeak on Brexit' [17/10/2017]
Interview with Keir Starmer, Der Spiegel

Crunching the numbers: Are voters really turning against Brexit? [16/10/2017]
Peter Kellner, Prospect Magazine

Russia-UK Relations Post-Brexit: Opportunity or Dead End? [13/10/2017]
Sarah Lain, Carnegie Moscow Center

Never mind 'hard Brexit', let's talk 'hard remain' [12/10/2017]
Joris Larik, EU Observer

Are the British Preparing to Join NAFTA? [11/10/2017]
Curt Mills, National Interest

The Brexit divorce bill made simple comes in at just €10bn [11/10/2017]
Daniel Gros, Financial Times

Britain Reportedly Considering Joining NAFTA Right as Trump Hopes to Burn It Down [10/10/2017]
Bethany Allen-Ebrahimian, Foreign Policy

Brexit exposes the UK’s weak business strategy [10/10/2017]
Sarah Gordon, Financial Times

It’s a sad truth: on Brexit we just can’t trust the Treasury [08/10/2017]
Bernard Jenkin, The Guardian

Britons need to rediscover the ties that bind [08/10/2017]
David Goodhart, The Guardian

Why it’s not too late to step back from the Brexit brink [07/10/2017]
Jessica Simor, The Guardian

Britain, Divided [07/10/2017]
Rosa Prince, Politico

Europe Could See Another Brexit-Like Rupture—Beyond Spain [05/10/2017]
John Micklethwait, Bloomberg

'Neither a Plan A or a Plan B': What Strategy is London Pursuing with Brexit Talks? [28/09/2017]
Peter Müller and Jörg Schindler, Spiegel

Brexiters are being naive over US trade. Bombardier is a taste of things to come [27/09/2017]
Simon Tilford, The Guardian

Brexit is Britain’s gift to the world [21/09/2017]
Simon Kuper, Financial Times

Britain better off in the single market [15/09/2017]
Frances O’Grady, Politico

Britain better off outside the single market [15/09/2017]
John Mills, Politico               

Brexit’s Irish Question [14/09/2017]
Fintan O’Toole, New York Review of Books

Juncker's EU Expansion Plans Make the Case for Brexit [13/09/2017]
Ross Clark, Spectator

A British Bore: Europe Has Moved On From Brexit [13/09/2017]
Guntram Wolff, The Guardian

What new barriers can EU citizens expect in their daily lives after Brexit? [12/09/2017]
Eleanor Spaventa, The Conversation

The UK’s faith in a ‘sweet Brexit’ isn’t just deluded – it’s dangerous [11/09/2017]
Joris Luyendijk, The Guardian

Stop telling EU nationals in the UK that they’ll be fine after Brexit [06/09/2017]
Pauline Bock, New Statesman

Britain’s Brexit brand is weak and confused [06/09/2017]
John Gapper, Financial Times

Rejecting suicide, Britain settles for self-harm on Brexit [30/08/2017]
Nick Witney, ECFR

Brexit Is Beginning to Look Like No Brexit [28/08/2017]
Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg 

Labour exposes the false promises of Britain’s exit [27/08/2017]
Peter Mandelson, Financial Times

Labour’s soft Brexit ‘solution’ would turn the Brexiters’ lies into reality [27/08/2017]
Toby Moses, The Guardian

What Does Brexit Mean for Northern Ireland? [24/08/2017]
Jorg Schindler, Der Spiegel

The Brexit Customs Vision – Frictions and Fictions [22/08/2017]
Jacques Pelkmans, CEPS

Britain’s Voters Must Have a 2nd Referendum on Brexit [20/08/2017]
Vernon Bogdanor, Guardian

What are the dynamics between EU heavyweights in the face of Brexit? [16/08/2017]
Christel Zunneberg, ECFR

The Good News on Brexit They’re Not Telling You [31/07/2017]
Daniel Hannan, The New York Times

What Price Would Britain Pay to Stop Brexit?[25/07/2017]
George Eaton, New Statesman

In Favor of a Fuzzy Brexit [24/07/2017]
David Goodhart, New York Times

Britain Is Committed to Brexit and Free Trade [23/07/2017]
Liam Fox, Wall Street

Britain faces up to Brexit [22/07/2017]
The Economist

Britain’s European Ties That Bind [19/07/2017]
Ana Palacio, Project Syndicate

Central Europe should be wary of Brexit stopping [19/07/2017]
Tomas Prouza, EU Observer

For a ‘Scrap-it’ Brexit – 33 reasons why … and counting [18/07/2017]
Michael Emerson, CEPS

Can Brexit be stopped? Not by a second referendum [17/07/2017]
Polly Toynbee, Guardian

The Democratic Case for Stopping Brexit [17/07/2017]
Gideon Rachman, Financial Times

Britain Is Shamed and Brussels Triumphant. But Is That Good for Europe? [13/07/2017]
John Micklethwait, Bloomberg

Brexit can still be stopped [12/07/2017]
Matt Kelly, Politico

¿Un Brexit hacia la nada?[12/07/2017]
Joschka Fischer, El País

After the G20 summit, Brexit Britain looks increasingly adrift and friendless [10/07/2017]
Natalie Nougayrède, Guardian

Both Sides Are Going Softer in Brexit Negotiations [10/07/2017]
Pieter Cleppe, Open Europe

MPs and Lords have a patriotic duty to save Britain from itself [10/07/2017]
Steve Richards, The New European

Improve the Brexit offer to EU citizens, or we’ll veto the deal [08/07/2017]
Guy Verhofstadt, The Guardian

One year after the Brexit vote, Britain’s relationship with the E.U. is unlikely to change much. Here’s why. [26/06/2017]
Andrew Moravcsik, Washington Post

The Brexit Vote, One Year Later [06/2017]
Stephen G. Gross, Foreign Affairs

5 principles to guide Britain’s new trade policy [06/2017]
Jean Blaylock, Open Democracy

The sad truth is Europe will be stronger without Britain – but we'll welcome you when you come crawling back [20/06/2017]
Alessio Colonnelli, The Independent

Brexit In Reverse? [19/06/2017]
George Soros, Project Syndicate

Brexit Starts With a Whimper [19/06/2017]
David Francis, Foreign Policy

It’s time to prepare voters for some tough Brexit compromises [19/06/2017]
James Kirkup, The Spectator

Britain is leaving the EU – just as Europe is on the up [18/06/2017]
Natalie Nougayrède, The Guardian

Brexit Chaos [12/06/2017]
Dave Keating, Berlin Policy Journal

La soberanía según Theresa May [06/06/2017]
Daniel Innerarity, El Pais

Finally, the ‘scaremongers’ of Brexit are being proved right [02/06/2017]
Nesrine Malik, The Guardian

Brexit: time for Plan B [30/05/2017]
Andrew Duff, European Policy Centre

Twilight of the postwar era [30/05/2017]
David Reynolds, New Statesman

Why ‘Brexit’ Will Make Britain’s Mediocre Economy Worse [29/05/2017]
Simon Tilford, The New York Times

Why ‘Brexit’ Will Make Britain’s Mediocre Economy Worse [29/05/2017]
Simon Tilford, The New York Times

Britain is making short-sighted diplomatic moves in Europe [28/05/2017]
Tony Barber, Financial Times

Brexit is entrenching some dangerous myths about ‘British’ culture [25/05/2017]
Afua Hirsch, The Guardian

Why no deal would be much worse than a bad deal [24/05/2017]
John Springford, Simon Tilford, CER

Brexit and the Challenge of Citizenship: British passports for EU citizens living in the UK? [22/05/2017]
Elspeth Guild, CEPS

Close-Up: Michel Barnier [19/05/2017]
Dave Keating, Berlin Policy Journal

The liberation of Europe [16/05/2017]
Caroline de Gruyter, ECFR

Brexit or Breakup? [16/05/2017]
Carl Bildt, Project Syndicate

Brexit Can Now Be Quicker But Harder [16/05/2017]
Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg View

What will happen to farmers like me when Brexit turns our industry upside down? [09/05/2017]
Edward Barker, The Guardian

Much Ado About Brexit [09/05/2017]
Peter Kellner, Carnegie Europe

Brussels’ Brexit strategy: Leak early, leak often [09/05/2017]
David M. Herszenhorn, Politico EU

The Remain delusion: "the 48 per cent" do not exist [09/05/2017]
George Eaton, New Statesman

El ‘Brexit’, a la espera del ‘Frexit’ [04/05/2017]
Lluís Bassets, El Pais

Dos tazas, mala receta [04/05/2017]
Santiago Martínez Lage, El Pais

It is in Europe’s interest to treat Britain fairly on Brexit [03/05/2017]
Jean-Claude Piris, Financial Times

Sin miedo hacia el ‘Brexit’ [03/05/2017]
Miguel Otero Iglesias, El Pais

Reflections on Brexit and its Implications for Ireland [02/05/2017]
John Bruton, CEPS

Brexit and the Irish Question [02/05/2017]
Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe

Britain’s complacency over Brexit will end in humiliation [02/05/2017]
Simon Tilford, The Guardian

Le désenchantement du Brexit ou la mise en lumière des coûts de la sortie de l'Union [02/05/2017]
Pascale Joannin, Robert Schuman Foundation

Dueling Accounts of a Brexit Meeting [02/05/2017]
Krishnadev Calamur, The Atlantic

Brexit and the rights of UK and EU expats [01/05/2017]
David Allen Green, Financial Times

A simple people’s Brexit plan can replace May’s flawed strategy [01/05/2017]
Paul Mason, The Guardian

Why is anyone surprised the UK and EU do not agree about Brexit? [01/05/2017]
Dan Roberts, The Guardian

I fear Theresa May is negotiating us all towards Brexit disaster [01/05/2017]
Keir Starmer, The Guardian

Let Britain vote on the final Brexit deal [30/04/2017]
Clive Lewis, Rachael Maskell, The Guardian

Global Economics Monthly May 2017 [27/04/2017]
Robert Kahn, Council on Foreign Relation

Brexit by timetable: the evolution of the EU’s position Part 3 [27/04/2017]
David Allen Green, Financial Times

No cherry picking for Britain [27/04/2017]
Nina Werkhäuser, Deutsche Welle

The ECHR And EU—UK Relations [26/04/2017]
Tom Jenkins, Social Europe

Brexit by timetable: the evolution of the EU’s position Part 2 [26/04/2017]
David Allen Green, Financial Times

Brexit by timetable: the evolution of the EU’s position Part 1 [25/04/2017]
David Allen Green, Financial Times

Brexiting Swiss-style: The best possible UK-EU trade deal [24/04/2017]
John Springford, Centre for European Reform

Will Brexit reopen old wounds with a new hard border in Northern Ireland? [23/04/2017]
, The Guardian

The EU's Brexit Strategy Is to Play for Time [21/04/2017]
Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg View

Playing defence [20/04/2017]
Sophia Besch, Centre for European Reform

How a Conservative election victory would make Brexit harder - and softer [20/04/2017]
George Eaton, New Statesman

Brexiting the Energy Union: what do the negotiation positions imply? [19/04/2017]
Marco Giuli, European Policy Centre

The greatest gamble for Theresa May was not calling an early general election [19/04/2017]
George Eaton, New Statesman

¿Si Gibraltar fuera Español? [17/04/2017]
Henry Kamen, El Mundo

Brussels’ Brexit plan: Treat the UK like Norway [15/04/2017]
Simon Marks, Hans von der Burchard, Politico EU

Los 225 monos del 'Brexit' [13/04/2017]
Juan José Téllez, El Mundo

Ironías británicas [13/04/2017]
Shaun Riordan, El Pais

El ‘Brexit’ mejora la relación de Suiza con Bruselas [13/04/2017]
Rodrigo Carrizo Couto, El Pais

EU agencies: a Brexit loss nobody’s talking about [13/04/2017]
Simon Sweeney, The Conversation

La propuesta de cosoberanía para Gibraltar: beneficios para todos [12/04/2017]
Martín Ortega Carcel, Real Instituto Elcano

Brexit: après May, le déluge [12/04/2017]
Andrew Duff, European Policy Centre

A united Ireland is further away than you think [12/04/2017]
Scott Gilfillan, New Statesman

Our Brexit-driven disregard for Ireland is perilous [12/04/2017]
Nicholas Searle, The Guardian

The pro-European hard Brexit dream [11/04/2017]
Tony Barber, Financial Times

Five lessons Brexit negotiators should take from the League of Nations [11/04/2017]
Quincy R. Cloet, The Conversation

Brexit’s Real Purpose: Killing the EU? [10/04/2017]
Rupert Strachwitz, The Globalist

Brexit Between The Rock and a Hard Place [10/04/2017]
Peter Kellner, Carnegie Europe

Understanding the U.K.'s Strange Singapore Envy [10/04/2017]
Justin Fox, Bloomberg View

What’s the point of keeping Gibraltar? Let’s make life easier, and give it back [10/04/2017]
Michele Hanson, The Guardian

This Is How Germany Sees Brexit [10/04/2017]
Alberto Nardelli, BuzzFeed

Brexit is still happening, just not the way May hoped [09/04/2017]
Simon Usherwood, Al Jazeera

Un 'brexit' duro dará a Europa una segunda oportunidad [09/04/2017]
Iñaki Gil, El Mundo

Britain must look forward, not pine for a lost past [08/04/2017]
Shelina Zahra Janmohamed, The National

Gibraltar Compartido, Mejor Solución de ese anacronismo [08/04/2017]
Víctor de la Serna, El Mundo

Northern Ireland and Brexit: the European Economic Area option [07/04/2017]
European Policy Centre

The Far Right Finally Has Brexit—and It’s Making a Royal Mess of It [07/04/2017]
Gary Younge, The Nation

A Democratic Majority For A ‘Hard Brexit’? [06/04/2017]
Yiannis Kitromilides, Social Europe

Theresa May's foreign policy: trade first, human rights never [06/04/2017]
Tom Brake, New Statesman

Gibraltar once rejected a deal on its status. It will have to think again [06/04/2017]
Peter Hain, The Guardian

Un ‘Brexit’ más suave y amable [06/04/2017]
Joseph H. H. Weiler, El Pais

A Warning Too Late [06/04/2017]
James Kirchick, Commentary

For Germany, Brexit Is More About Politics Than Business [05/04/2017]
Katinka Barysch, Chatham House

The ‘Brexit betrayal’ poses a hazard for Theresa May [05/04/2017]
Sebastian Payne, Financial Times

Brexit Creates Window Of Opportunities For The EU [05/04/2017]
Paul De Grauwe, Social Europe

What is ‘global Britain’? A financier and arms merchant to brutal dictators [05/04/2017]
Nick Dearden, The Guardian

Charging at Windmills [04/04/2017]
Dave Keating, Berlin Policy Journal

The left should learn to love Gibraltar – it’s a multicultural haven [04/04/2017]
Keith Kahn-Harris, The Guardian

El hispanista, el catalanista [03/04/2017]
Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, El Mundo

The Uncertain Overhang on Scotland of the Brexit Process [03/04/2017]
Gautam Sen, IDSA

Gibraltar Erupts as Early Brexit Issue [03/04/2017]
Markus Becker, Der Spiegel

War threats over Gibraltar are rightwing imperial fantasies[03/04/2017]
Paul Mason, The Guardian

Gibraltar Erupts as Early Brexit Issue [03/04/2017]
Markus Becker, Der Spiegel

The New World Order: Every Country for Itself [02/04/2017]
William Magnuson, Time

How to get Britain back into the EU [02/04/2017]
Wolfgang Münchau, Financial Times

Se consumó el divorcio [02/04/2017]
Lorenzo B. de Quirós, El Mundo

Brexit’s ending is yet to be written [01/04/2017]
Timothy Garton Ash, The Globe and Mail

An independent Britain's top priority: staying friends with the EU [01/04/2017]
James Forsyth, The Spectator

The single market offers the UK a way to regain balance [01/04/2017]
Anna Soubry, Financial Times

Bracing ourselves for Brexit [Abril 2017]
Simon Fraser, Chatham House

A lateral thinker’s view on how to save the United Kingdom [Abril 2017]
Andreas Kraemer, Chatham House

David Davis, Britain’s Brexit street fighter [31/03/2017]
George Parker, Jim Pickard, Financial Times

The Temptation of Theresa May [31/03/2017]
Robert Harvey, Project Syndicate

Germany After Brexit [30/03/2017]
Judy Dempsey, Carnegie Europe

The UK’s Brexit bill: what are the possible liabilities?[30/03/2017]
Zsolt Darvas, Konstantinos Efstathiou, Inês Goncalves Raposo, Bruegel

Hopes and Delusions from Brexitasia [30/03/2017]
Markus Becker, Der Spiegel

Michael Heseltine, ex viceprimer ministro británico: "El Brexit es el mayor error histórico desde la Segunda Guerra Mundial" [30/03/2017]
Entrevista a Michael Heseltine, El Mundo

Brussels takes back control of Brexit [30/03/2017]
Philip Stephens, Financial Times

Divorce settlement or leaving the club? A breakdown of the Brexit bill[30/03/2017]
Zsolt Darvas, Konstantinos Efstathiou, Inês Goncalves Raposo, Bruegel

After Article 50, May can divide and deal [30/03/2017]
James Skinner, China Daily

The British bird has flown [30/03/2017]
Nikos Konstandaras, Ekathimerini

Judy Asks: Is Brexit a Distraction From EU Foreign Policy? [29/03/2017]
Carnegie Europe

Article 50 and the Great Repeal Bill Are Only the Beginning [29/03/2017]
Entrevista a Robin Niblett, Chatham House

EU Citizens Back Their Leaders’ Negotiating Stance on Brexit [29/03/2017]
Thomas Raines, Matthew Goodwin, David Cutts, Chatham House

No deal is the worst deal yet Brexfast is still in the cards [29/03/2017]
Fabian Zuleeg, European Policy Centre

Why Spain would like a ‘soft’ Brexit for the UK [29/03/2017]
William Chislett, Real Instituto Elcano

Sturgeon: May cannot now preach to Scotland about self-determination [29/03/2017]
Nicola Sturgeon, The Guardian

Brexit needn’t be a disaster – but both sides must heed some home truths [29/03/2017]
Mogens Peter Carl, The Guardian

Leavers, beware: Theresa May is offering the exact opposite of what you voted for [29/03/2017]
Tim Farron, The Guardian

How does the triggering of article 50 look from Europe? [29/03/2017]
Yanis Varoufakis, Rachida Dati, Sylvie Goulard, Raül Romeva, Derk Jan Eppink, The Guardian

May wants security, free trade, liberal values: just what we’re throwing away [29/03/2017]
Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian

Remainers need a more patriotic tune to challenge a hard Brexit [29/03/2017]
Rafael Behr, The Guardian

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How Jeremy Corbyn changed Britain’s Brexit landscape [28/02/2018]
Charlie Cooper and Tom Mctague, Politico

Brexit legal text signals greater EU urgency [28/02/2018]
David M. Herszenhorn and Jacopo Barigazzi, Politico

Jeremy Corbyn rejects Brexit ‘fantasies’ in customs union bid [26/02/2018]
James Randerson and Charlie Cooper, Politico

How Jeremy Corbyn changed Britain’s Brexit landscape [26/02/2018]
Charlie Cooper and Tom Mctague, Politico

Un nuevo partido británico alienta el empuje por detener el Brexit [20/02/2018]
Pablo Guimón, El País

Theresa May wants new security treaty with EU next year [17/02/2018]
Philip Oltermann, The Guardian

Britain’s Summer of (EU) Love [16/02/2018]
Charlie Cooper, Politico

Boris Johnson: Brexit ‘betrayal’ would be ‘disastrous mistake’ [14/02/2018]
Charlie Cooper, Politico

Brexit: New poll shows Britons don't understand what Theresa May wants from withdrawal [10/02/2018]
Joe Watts, The Independent

Barnier warns UK Brexit transition period 'not a given' [09/02/2018]
Eszter Zalan, EU Observer

Theresa May’s wish list of Brexit contradictions [09/02/2018]
Carsten Volkery, Handelsblatt

UK slams EU's 'bad faith' on Brexit transition [09/02/2018]
Eric Maurice, EU Observer

Soros donated money to campaign for second Brexit EU referendum [08/02/2018]

EU court invited to rule on Brexit rights [08/02/2018]
Peter Teffer, EU Observer

Theresa May’s plan for ‘immediate’ break with EU after Brexit [06/02/2018]
Tom Mctague and Charlie Cooper, Politico

EU plans sanctions if UK violates Brexit transition deal [06/02/2018]
Eszter Zalan, EU Observer

La UE apremia al Reino Unido para que se aclare sobre la futura relación comercial [05/02/2018]
La Vanguardia

Leaked: The 37 EU rules Britain could be forced to accept during Brexit transition [05/02/2018]
Steven Swinford, Telegraph

The great Brexit credibility gap [05/02/2018]
Tom Mctague, Charlie Cooper, David M. Herszenhorn and Jacopo Barigazzi, Politico

Brexit transition must end in December 2020, says Barnier [20/12/2017]
Financial Times

Tusk says Brexit divorce deal to be ratified on Friday [14/12/2017]
Michael Acton, Financial Times

May Says She's Disappointed by Parliament Defeat: Brexit Update [14/12/2017]
Ian Wishart, Tim Ross , and Arne Delfs, Bloomberg

EU reignites dispute over refugee quotas ahead of Brussels summit [13/12/2017]

Parliament Demands Greater Say Over Brexit, Defying Theresa May [13/12/2017]
Stephen Castle, New York Times

UK has 48 hours to agree potential Brexit deal or talks cannot progress [07/12/2017]
Daniel Boffey in Brussels, Lisa O'Carroll in Dublin and Rowena Mason, The Guardian

UK and EU fail to strike Brexit talks deal [04/12/2017]

Theresa May’s last chance Brussels dash [04/12/2017]
Tom Mctague, David M. Herszenhorn and Jacopo Barigazzi, Politico      

Cabinet to meet tomorrow over progress of Brexit negotiations [03/12/2017]

EU and Britain Agree Settlement Post Brexit: Senior EU Official [30/11/2017]
Jan Strupczewski, Reuters

Britain ‘agrees to pay’ EU’s Brexit divorce bill [29/11/2017]
Alasdair Sandford, Euronews

Britain close to deal on Brexit bill with EU: sources [28/11/2017]

Theresa May pushes for Brexit talks progress as she arrives in Brussels [24/11/2017]
Daniel Boffey, The Guardian

Doubts about Brexit on the Rise in Britain [22/11/2017]
Jörg Schindler, Der Spiegel

A quatorze mois du Brexit, Londres revoit ses prévisions de croissance à la baisse [22/11/2017]
Alexandre Counis, Les Echos

Brexit was sold as a savior of Britain's public health system. But many European medical workers are leaving, making staff shortages worse [21/11/2017]
New York Times

EU and U.K. Aim to Strike Brexit Divorce Deal Within Three Weeks [21/11/2017]
Alex Barker & George Parker, Financial Times

Amsterdam, Paris to Host EU Agencies [20/11/2017]
Carmen Paun & Fiona Maxwell, Politico

EU agencies leaving London after Brexit: As it happened [17/11/2017]

David Davis warns EU not to put 'politics above prosperity' in Brexit talks [17/11/2017]
Rowena Mason, Daniel Boffey and Philip Oltermann, The Guardian

EU preparing for Brexit failure, Barnier says
EU Observer

May faces defeat by MPs demanding meaningful vote on final Brexit deal [12/11/2017]
The Guardian

Reino Unido confirma que dejará la Unión Europea el 29 de marzo de 2019 [10/11/2017]
Pablo Guimón, El País

Here's the first evidence Russia used Twitter to influence Brexit [10/11/2017]
Matt Burgess, Wired

First Brexit Talks in a Month—but No Progress  [10/11/2017]
David M. Herszenhorn & Charlie Cooper, Politico

EU gives UK up to 3 weeks to make Brexit bill offer[09/11/2017]
Alex Barker and George Parker, Financial Times

U.K. Has 10 Times More to Lose Than Germany from No Deal Brexit[08/11/2017]
David Goodman, Bloomberg

Irish PM sees Brexit talks moving to next stage in December[08/11/2017]
Padraic Halpin, Reuters

Donald Tusk: EU must stay united or face Brexit 'defeat' [24/10/2017]

U.K. Lawmakers Ask Facebook About Russian Influence in Brexit Vote [24/10/2017]
David D. Kirkpatrick, New York Times

This is what the Brexit cliff edge looks like [19/10/2017]

What happens at the Brexit cliff edge [19/10/2017]
David M. Herszenhorn, Politico

Brexit : les négociations achoppent sur le coût du divorce [18/10/2017]
Cécile Ducourtieux et Philippe Bernard, Le Monde

Brexit is Not a Priority for Europe say Economists [18/10/2017]
Emma Wall, Morning Star

EU to Prepare for U.K. Trade Deal Even as Brexit Talks Stall [17/10/2017]
Helene Fouquet, Nikos Chrysoloras and Ian Wishart, Bloomberg

UK to begin registering EU nationals for 'settled status' by end of 2018 [17/10/2017]
Alan Travis and Lisa O'Carroll, The Guardian 

May, Juncker Call for Faster Brexit Talks [15/10/2017]
Andrew MacAskill & Alastair Macdonald, Reuters

Germany and France push harder line on Brexit talks [14/10/2017]
Jacopo Barigazzi and Maïa De La Baume, Politico

Labour flags up Brexit poll suggesting public regrets decision [13/10/2017]
The Guardian

Michel Barnier says talks on Brexit bill are in ‘deadlock’[12/10/2017]
David M. Herszenhorn and Maïa De La Baume, Politico   

Brexit poses threat to London’s role as global markets hub [10/10/2017]
Philip Stafford, Financial Times

Theresa May sets out Brexit options including 'no deal' [09/10/2017]

EU Tells May Brexit Ball Is in U.K.’s Court, Not Other Way Round [09/10/2017]
Ian Wishart and Tim Ross, Bloomberg

Post-Brexit invisible border is impossible, says Irish report [08/10/2017]
The Guardian

Theresa May's Brexit plans in ruins after France and Germany 'reject transitional arrangement' [07/10/2017]
Tom Peck, The Independent

Portugal’s foreign minister: No prospect of ‘sufficient progress’ in Brexit talks [05/10/2017]
Paul Ames, Politico

Brexit : Londres se prépare au cas où la négociation tournerait court [03/10/2017]
Alexandre Counis, Les Echos

David Davis: EU Brexit briefings ‘offensive, even insulting’ [03/10/2017]
Charlie Cooper, Politico      

Big majority for European Parliament motion critical of Brexit talks progress [03/10/2017]
Maïa De La Baume, Politico

Brexit: MEPs urge delay in trade talks decision [03/10/2017]

'Speeches are not negotiating positions', Juncker tells May [03/10/2017]

Banks’ Brexit Moving Costs Are Seen Topping $500 Million Each [02/10/2017]

Brexit Talks Warmer After May’s Speech, but No Closure [29/09/2017]
Alastair Macdonald & Jan Strupczewski, Reuters

UK claims 'decisive progress' made in Brexit talks [28/09/2017]

EU on Brexit: Progress Made but Not Enough to Open Trade Talks [28/09/2017]
Laurence Norman, Wall Street Journal

Banks Are Said to Begin Brexit Exodus Despite Transition Call [28/09/2017]
Gavin Finch, Bloomberg

Merkel to May: Brexit Means Brexit [14/09/2017]
Philip Stephens, Financial Times

UK to offer EU deals on foreign policy and joint military operations [12/09/2017]
Rowena Mason, The Guardian

Brexit : les députés britanniques adoptent le « Repeal Bill » [12/09/2017]
Le Monde

David Davis: No deal worse for some EU countries than for UK [05/09/2017]
Charlie Cooper, Politico

Brexit: Labour prepares first attempt to vote down EU withdrawal bill [04/09/2017]
Rowena Mason and Anushka Asthana, The Guardian

After Three Rounds of Brexit Talks, a Gaping Divide [04/09/2017]
David M. Herszenhorn & Charlie Cooper, Politico

Listos para el divorcio violento con Londres [04/09/2017]

Carlos Yárnoz, El País

Brexit’s Repeal Bill Faces Scrutiny After Summer: QuickTake Q&A [04/09/2017]
Thomas Penny, Alex Morales and Charlotte Ryan, Bloomberg

'Thanks Brexit': Pound nears euro parity [01/09/2017]

Round of Brexit talks to end in bad blood [31/08/2017]
EU Observer

UK wants to copy and paste EU trade deals after Brexit [30/08/2017]
Simon Marks, Politico

Juncker critica las propuestas de Londres para el Brexit: “Ninguna es satisfactoria” [29/08/2017]
Álvaro Sánchez, El País

EU and UK zero in on their first Brexit agreement: Food quotas [28/08/2017]
Simon Marks, Politico

Labour positions itself as party of soft Brexit [27/08/2017]
James Randerson, Politico

Les Britanniques demandent à l’UE d’être flexible [27/08/2017]
Le Monde

UK seeks to end 'direct' rule of EU court [23/08/2017]
Andrew Rettman, EU Observer

David Davis to avoid putting Brexit payment on table in Brussels [23/08/2017]
Jennifer Rankin, The Guardian

Brexit : Londres adoucit peu à peu ses positions [23/08/2017]
Les Echos

Theresa May’s not-so-red line on the European Court [23/08/2017]
Charlie Cooper and Annabelle Dickson, Politico

ECJ clarity makes Brexit deal more likely [23/08/2017]
Charlie Cooper, Politico

Après le Brexit, Londres refusera la compétence directe de la Cour de justice de l’UE [23/08/2017]
Le Monde

UK and EU stuck on 'philosophy' of Brexit bill [27/07/2017]
Eszter Zalan, EU Observer

UK requests EU migration study, 13 months after Brexit vote [27/07/2017]
Peter Teffer, EU Observer

EU’s Top Negotiator Warns of Possible Delays to Brexit Talks [27/07/2017]
Jan Strupczewski & Gabriela Baczynska, Reuters

EE UU y Reino Unido empiezan a discutir su relación comercial tras el Brexit [24/07/2017]
Sandro Pozzi , El País

La UE y Reino Unido constatan sus diferencias sobre el Brexit [18/07/2017]
Claudi Pérez, El País

Author of Article 50 calls for Brexit to be stoppedi [18/07/2017]
Financial Times

One Issue That Could Break the Brexit Talks [17/07/2017]
Yasmeen Serhan, Atlantic

As London Feuds, Full Brexit Negotiations Open in Brussels [16/07/2017]
Alistair Walsh, Reuters

The agenda for the first full round of Brexit negotiations [15/07/2017]
Maïa De La Baume, Politico

“Britain’s voice is going to diminish, I’m afraid”: Nicholas Soames warns of a “near-fatal” Brexit [14/07/2017]
Anoosh Chakelian, New Statesman

Britain Takes Step Toward Brexit With Repeal Bill [13/07/2017]
William James & Elizabeth Piper, Reuters

EU draws red line under European court powers ahead of Brexit talks [12/07/2017]
Simon Marks and Giulia Paravicini, Politico

Michel Barnier to UK: build trust by showing ‘flexibility’ on Brexit bill [12/07/2017]
David M. Herszenhorn, Politico

David Davis: transitional period may be needed during Brexit [11/07/2017]
Lisa O'Carroll, Guardian

Theresa May’s latest headache — Brexatom [11/07/2017]
Sara Stefanini, Politico

UK should stay in Euratom nuclear body, says Labour [11/07/2017]
Anushka Asthana and Heather Stewart, Guardian

Theresa May asks Jeremy Corbyn to help deliver Brexit and support her policies amid Tory leadership plots [10/07/2017]
Steven Swinford, Telegraph

Theresa May plans relaunch after election fiasco [08/07/2017]
Tom McTague, Politico

Britain Leaving Europe: Brexit May Be 'an Error' Says Major Anti-Europe Campaigner [04/07/2017]
Josh Lowe, Newsweek

EU says Britain must respect the rule of its top court after Brexit [29/06/2017]
Simon Marks, Harry Cooper, Quentin Ariès and Annabelle Dickson, Politico

Leaders unimpressed by May’s offer to EU citizens [23/06/2017]
Eszter Zalan, EU Observer

Brexit: UK caves in to EU demand to agree divorce bill before trade talks [20/06/2017]

EU and UK’s Brexit talks ‘start off on right foot’ [19/06/2017] 
David M. Herszenhorn & Charlie Cooper, Politico

UK business groups plead for economy to be put first in Brexit talks [18/06/2017]
Katie Allen, The Guardian

Brexit Talks Set to Begin amid Chaos in London [16/06/2017]
Peter Müller and Jörg Schindler, Der Spiegel

May presses Macron on Brexit trade talks [26/05/2017]
Financial Times

We are ready for Brexit talks, says EU's chief negotiator [22/05/2017]
The Guardian

Brexit : que contient la feuille de route des ministres des Vingt-Sept ?[22/05/2017]
Le Monde

Brexit negotiations set to start on 19 June [19/05/2017]
The Guardian

Brexit talks could collapse over UK divorce bill, says EU negotiator [18/05/2017]
The Guardian

Cualquier país de la UE podrá vetar el pacto comercial de la era posBrexit [16/05/2017]
El Pais

Tony Blair says hard Irish border after Brexit would be a disaster [12/05/2017]
The Guardian

Brexit talks uncertainty 'leaves 45% chance of no deal', says article 50 author [04/05/2017]
The Guardian

Blair announces return to British politics to fight Brexit [02/05/2017]

May’s Election Fighting Talk Fuels Brexit War of Words With EU [02/05/2017]

Labour should offer referendum on Brexit terms, MPs say [30/04/2017]
The Guardian

Europe could allow a united Ireland to join EU after Brexit [28/04/2017]
The Guardian

Britain’s divorce bill must be settled before Brexit talks, says Angela Merkel [27/04/2017]
The Guardian

Royaume-Uni : l’UE « s’unit contre nous » sur le Brexit, accuse Theresa May [27/04/2017]
Le Monde

David Cameron: Brexit vote ended a 'poisoning' of UK politics [26/04/2017]
The Guardian

European parliaments 'could get vote on transitional Brexit deal' [26/04/2017]
The Guardian

Jobs hold fast in shadow of Brexit… for now [25/04/2017]

Brexit talks place citizens’ rights in limbo [24/04/2017]

Argentina: Brexit could end Europe's support for UK control of Falklands [20/04/2017]
The Guardian

Brexit: foreign states may have interfered in vote, report says [12/04/2017]
The Guardian

EU27 set to approve Tusk’s tough draft Brexit guidelines [11/04/2017]
Financial Times

Will London Fall?[11/04/2017]
The New York Times

Los líderes de los países del sur de la UE defienden la "unidad" frente al Brexit [10/04/2017]
El Mundo

Pro-Brexit group unveils plan to cut net migration to 50,000 a year [09/04/2017]
The Guardian

Scottish Leader, Nicola Sturgeon, Criticizes British Prime Minister [06/04/2017]
The New York Times

Ireland asks Merkel for post-Brexit help [06/04/2017]
Politico EU

Britain should 'share sovereignty of Gibraltar with Spain' – Peter Hain [06/04/2017]
The Guardian

Experts Believe Exit from Brexit Would Be Legally Possible [05/04/2017]
Der Spiegel

El Parlamento Europeo marca sus condiciones para el Brexit [05/04/2017]
El Mundo

When Britain Split From Europe, in a Big Way [04/04/2017]
The New York Times

German president attacks 'irresponsible' Brexit campaign [04/04/2017]
The Guardian

Spain shows Brits how to keep calm and lobby on[03/04/2017]
Politico EU

UK seeks to cool tensions with EU over Gibraltar[03/04/2017]
The Guardian

Diplomacia real ante el Brexit [03/04/2017]
El Mundo

David Davis: Mr. Brexit, el ‘bastardo encantador' [02/04/2017]
Cinco Dias

El mercado ve el divorcio UE-Reino Unido demasiado rosa [02/042017]
Cinco Dias

El ex líder conservador Michael Howard asegura que May iría a la guerra para defender Gibraltar [02/04/2017]
El Mundo

Brexit: l’UE veut imposer son mode d'emploi [31/03/2017]
Le Temps

Andrew Rosindell: "No nos dejaremos intimidar por España" [31/03/2017]
El Mundo

What is the Great Repeal Bill? The only explanation you need to read [30/03/2017]
The Daily Telegraph

Using security as Brexit bargaining chip is reckless and lacks credibility [30/03/2017]
The Guardian

Brexit : May alterne concessions et menaces à l’égard de l’UE [30/03/2017]
Le Monde

Merkel marca una línea dura ante el adiós británico a la UE [30/03/2017]
El Pais

Britain and EU: the breakdown of a decades-long marriage [29/03/2017]
The Guardian

Angela Merkel rejects one of Theresa May's key Brexit demands [29/03/2017]
The Guardian

The key issues Theresa May has to grapple with in her Article 50 letter - in 6 charts [29/03/2017]
The Daily Telegraph

What shape will Brexit be in by April 2019? [29/03/2017]
Financial Times

The countdown: how the UK's departure from the EU could unfold [29/03/2017]
The Guardian

Derrière les politesses, le Brexit promet un affrontement musclé [29/03/2017]
Le Temps

Brexit : quatre enjeux pour un casse-tête [29/03/2017]
Le Monde

Cut the EU red tape choking Britain after Brexit to set the country free from the shackles of Brussels [28/03/2017]
The Daily Telegraph

Scottish parliament votes for second independence referendum [28/03/2017]
The Guardian

As Brexit begins, the British face a Europe with far more at stake [28/03/2017]
The Washington Post

Sadiq Khan: give EU citizens 'cast-iron guarantee' they can stay in UK [28/03/2017]
The Guardian

Le Brexit ouvre la voie à un nouveau traité Suisse-UE [28/03/2017]
Le Temps

Escocia, la tierra del Neverendum [28/03/2017]
El Mundo

Y a los 60 años y 4 días, el ‘brexit’ rompió la UE [27/03/2017]
Cinco Días

Labour to set out tough new conditions for backing Brexit [26/03/2017]
The Guardian

British Party That Backed ‘Brexit’ Loses Its Only Member of Parliament [25/03/2017]
The New York Times

Brexit talks will fail without compromise: José Manuel Barroso [25/03/2017]
The Guardian

UK can't blame EU for problems that led to Brexit, says Juncker [24/03/2017]
The Guardian

London fog over Rome as EU gropes for Brexit unity [23/03/2017]

Nick Clegg tells EU march there is a 'perpetual sense of anger' over Brexit [23/03/2017]
The Guardian

Stop bias against Brexit or face fine, BBC warned [22/03/2017]
The Daily Telegraph

EU to hold first Brexit summit a month after article 50 notice [21/03/2017]
The Guardian

Riesgos y oportunidades para España de un ‘brexit’ duro [20/03/2017]
Cinco Días

Theresa May holds back from triggering Article 50 [16/03/2017]
The Economist

Would Spain block Scottish membership of EU? [16/03/2017]
The Guardian

Escocia no es Cataluña ni Irlanda del Norte es Gibraltar [14/03/2017]
El Pais

Parliament passes Brexit bill and opens way to triggering article 50 [13/03/2017]
The Guardian

Lords vote against second Brexit referendum [07/03/2017]
The Guardian

Juncker da un baño de dura realidad a la Unión Europea [06/03/2017]
Cinco Días

UK will have to give up all EU perks after Brexit, François Hollande warns [06/03/2017]
The Guardian

Ireland: The forgotten frontier of Brexit [04/03/2017]
The Daily Telegraph

Theresa May lays down independence vote challenge to Nicola Sturgeon [03/03/2017]
The Guardian

Juncker présente au Parlement européen ses propositions pour relancer l’Union [01/03/2017]
Le Monde

What will Brexit mean for British trade? [24/02/2017]
The Daily Telegraph

What the EU27 want: Brexit red lines from the other side of the table [21/02/2017]
The Guardian

Tony Blair's Brexit speech 'not helpful', says Jeremy Corbyn [18/02/2017]
The Guardian

España, el tercer país mejor situado para atraer capital tras el ‘Brexit’ [31/01/2017]
El Pais

Brexit negotiator warns Donald Trump poses 'third threat' to EU [30/01/2017]
The Guardian

Northern Ireland's EU exit will destroy peace deal, says Gerry Adams [21/01/2017]
The Guardian

Brexit: Theresa May tells EU that 'no deal is better than a bad deal for Britain' [17/01/2017]
The Daily Telegraph

Hard Brexit will hurt UK more, say EU diplomats and business leaders [17/01/2017]
The Guardian

Theresa May to set out 12-point plan for Brexit as she vows a clean break that does not leave the UK 'half-in, half-out' [16/01/2017]
The Daily Telegraph

Theresa May to set out 'Brexit vision' and warn UK will quit single market if it is not given control over borders [04/01/2017
The Daily Telegraph

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