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Donald J. Trump elected as 45th President of the USA
29 | November| 2016

After a long evening of vote counting, the United States of America has a new elected president, Donald J. Trump. The candidate of the Republican Party won a comfortable victory of 289 electoral votes while the Democratic Party only took 218. In the day after, analysts, scholars and policy makers start the debate on how this populist president will impact the United States domestically, its foreign policy and in the superpower relations with the rest of the world.

2016 Presidential Election Results [09/11/2016] 

Letter from Presidents Tusk and Juncker to congratulate Donald Trump on his election as the next President of the United States [09/11/2016]
European Council

Hillary Clinton’s concession speech full transcript: 2016 presidential election [09/11/2016]

Transcript: Donald Trump’s victory speech[08/11/2016]
New York Times

Opinions & Analysis

For Clues About Trump, Look Around the World [29/11/2016]
Joshua Kurlantzick, Council on Foreign Relations

In Light of the Elections: Recession, Expansion, and Inequality [25/11/2016]
Olivier Blanchard, PIIE

Trump and Brexit: The Cost of Failure to Empathize
Matt Waldman, Chatham House

Victoria de Trump: ¿regalo envenenado para Israel? [25/11/2016]
Itxaso Domínguez de Olazábal, Estudios de Política Exterior

Is this how democracy ends? [25/11/2016]
David Runciman, London Review of Books

Le monde selon Trump. Anticiper la nouvelle politique étrangère américaine [25/11/2016]

Donald Trump Faces the Reality of World Trade [22/11/2016]
Martin Wolf, Financial Times

Republicans in Congress got a “seats bonus” this election (again) [22/11/2016]
Molly E Reynolds, Brookings

Cooperation With Russia Is Possible [22/11/2016]
Kathryn Stoner, The Atlantic

The Electoral College Was Meant to Stop Men Like Trump From Being President [21/11/2016]
Peter Beinart, The Atlantic

What Could Trump’s Russia Policy Actually Look Like? [18/11/2016]
Matthew Rojansky Friday, World Politics Review

Goodbye, American neoliberalism. A new era is here [17/11/2016]
Cornel West, The Guardian

Rural Hispanic voters — like white rural voters — shifted toward Trump. Here’s why. [17/11/2016]
Geraldo L. Cadava, Washington Post

The real reason Trump won: White fright [17/11/2016]
Christopher Sebastian Parker, The Conversation

Want America First? Try Free Trade [16/11/2016]
Thomas J. Bollyky and Edward Alden, The New York Times

The End of the Clintons: Mediacracy [16/11/2016]
Matthew Continetti, Commentary Magazine

The United States and Mexico: Moving beyond the election’s vitriol and strengthening a multifaceted partnership [16/11/2016]
Vanda Felbab-Brown, Brookings

Enough Hysterics. Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Isn’t Reckless or Radical. [16/11/2016]
Edward Luttwak, Foreign Policy

The normalisation of Donald Trump [16/11/2016]
Marwan Bishara, Al Jazeera

Trump’s triumph and the end of American supremacy [15/11/2016]
Xuan Loc Doan, Asia Times

Many Question Marks Over Trump’s Asia Policy [15/11/2016]
Walter Russell Mead, American Interest

Trump's Voters Knew Who They Were Pulling the Lever For [15/11/2016]
Christopher Caldwell, Weekly Standard

America Has Abdicated Its Leadership of the West [14/11/2016]
Dirk Kurbjuweit, Der Spiegel

The Anti-Élite, Post-Fact Worlds of Trump and Rousseau [14/11/2016]
Pankaj Mishra, New Yorker

Trump could put the US economy back on track [14/11/2016]
David P. Goldman, Asia Times

The triumphant GOP is mired in crisis after crisis [14/11/2016]
Michael Gerson, Washington Post

How Donald Trump filled the dignity deficit [14/11/2016]
Arthur C. Brooks, The Wall Street Journal

Santos Panics With the Election of Trump [14/11/2016]
Mary Anastasia O’Grady, The Wall Street Journal

What America's Economy Needs from Trump [14/11/2016]
Joseph Stiglitz, Project Syndicate

7 Reasons Why Clinton Lost & Trump Won [14/11/2016]
Jonathan Alter, The Daily Beast

Killing the ‘sisterhood’: why identity politics didn’t work for Clinton [13/11/2016]
Naomi Schaefer Riley, New York Post

An Absurd and Dangerous President [13/11/2016]
Klaus Brinkbaumer, Der Spiegel

What Netanyahu Wants from Trump [13/11/2016]
Uri Savir, Al-Monitor

Against Trumpian Triumphalism [13/11/2016]
E.J. Dionne, Washington Post

The 'Constitution Spring' [13/11/2016]
Hugh Hewitt, Washington Examiner

The GOP's ObamaCare Strategy Pays Off [13/11/2016]
Tevi Troy and Lanhee Chen, Wall Street Journal

A clean shave for President Trump — but not a free one [12/11/2016]
Ruth Marcus, Washington Post

Now Is Not the Time for the U.S. to Abandon NATO – Nor Should Its European Allies Go It Alone [12/11/2016]
Jens Stoltenberg, The Guardian

President Donald Trump: political mastermind [12/11/2016]
Freddy Gray, The Spectator

How Europe should deal with a Trump Administration [11/11/2016]
Ulrich Speck, Elcano

Trump’s new world disorder
Philippe Legrain, The Strategist

Thoughts for the Horrified [11/11/2016]
Paul Krugman, The New York Times

The View From Trump Tower [11/11/2016]
David Brooks, The New York Times

Four trends from US state and local elections [11/11/2016]
Amy Liu and Nathan Arnosti, Brookings

This is no time to be diplomatic – we should not wish Donald Trump well [11/11/2016]
Metiria Turei, The Guardian

«Le terme “populisme” est un obstacle à une analyse sérieuse des transformations de la politique» [11/11/2016]
Entretien avec Catherine Colliot-Thélène, Le Monde

Will President Trump Wage A Trade War? [11/11/2016]
Edward Alden, Newsweek

Donald Trump Is the End of Global Politics as We Know It [11/11/2016]
Yascha Mounk, Foreign Policy

The Taming of Trump [11/11/2016]
Nouriel Roubini, Project Syndicate

U.S. Allies and Rivals Digest Trump’s Victory [11/11/2016]
Thomas Carothers, Lizza Bomassi, Amr Hamzawy,  Ariel (Eli) Levite, Douglas H. Paal,  George Perkovich,  Marc Pierini, Karim Sadjadpour, James L. Schoff, Ashley J. Tellis, Dmitri Trenin & Frederic Wehrey, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

Trump got more votes from people of color than Romney did. Here’s the data. [11/11/2016]
Karthick Ramakrishnan, Washington Post

Hate Trump if you want. But democracy requires respecting the winner’s legitimacy. [11/11/2016]
Andrew Sabl, Washington Post

Trump’s Campaign Rhetoric Charts a Difficult Course for National Security [11/11/2016]
Steven Metz, World Politics Review

Are There Limits to Trump’s Power? [10/11/2016]
Eric Posner, New York Times

Alliances Matter. Here's How to Persuade [10/11/2016]
Trump Stewart Patrick, Defense One

What Comes After the Uprising [10/11/2016]
Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal

Make the Solar System Great Again [10/11/2016]
Mark R. Whittington, The Wall Street Journal

Et si Trump était le symbole de la vitalité démocratique américaine? [10/11/2016]
Marc Crapez, Le Figaro

What Europe's Far Right Sees in Trump's Win [10/11/2016]
Krishnadev Calamur, The Atlantic

Middle East Will Quickly Teach Trump Rules of the Game [10/11/2016]
Akiva Eldar, Al-Monitor

Trumped: What the new U.S. President will do about North Korea [10/11/2016]
Andrei Lankov, NK News

Why HuffPost’s Presidential Forecast Didn’t See A Donald Trump Win Coming [10/11/2016]
Natalie Jackson, Huffington Post

La fin d'une Amérique ouverte au Monde [10/11/2016]
Dominique Moïsi, Les Échos

Faut-il changer le système électoral américain? [10/11/2016]
Daniel Fortin, Les Échos

Donald Trump is the American Machiavelli [10/11/2016]
David Ignatius, Washington Post

L’accélérateur des populismes européens [10/11/2016]
Richard Werly, Le Temps

After Trump, I'm losing faith in democracy [10/11/2016]
Matthew Parris, The Spectator

The Rage of White, Christian America [10/11/2016]
Robert P. Jones, New York Times

Who Is President Trump? [10/11/2016]
Jeffrey Frankel, Project Syndicate

Trump voters will not like what happens next [10/11/2016]
Garrison Keillor, Washington Post

America Elects a Bigot [10/11/2016]
Charles M. Blow, New York Times

Trump Was Stronger Where The Economy Is Weaker [10/11/2016]
Jed Kolko, FiveThirtyEight

Global Perspectives: Rapid Reactions to U.S. Election Results [10/11/2016]
AA.VV, Council on Foreign Relations

America can survive Trump. Not so the west [10/11/2016]
Philip Stephens, Financial Times

Donald Trump Is About to Become America's President. Here's What His Foreign Policy Should Be. [10/11/2016]
Doug Bandow, National Interest

Protecting Europe in the Age of Trump [10/11/2016]
Guy Verhofstadt, Project Syndicate

How Important Is the U.S. President - Or Any Leader? [10/11/2016]
George Friedman, Geopolitical Futures

When the White House changes hands, it is a dangerous time in foreign policy [10/11/2016]
Phil Potter and Tony Lucadamo, Washington Post

5 Foreign-Policy Flashpoints That Await Donald Trump [10/11/2016]
Uri Friedman, The Atlantic

Why the gender gap doomed Hillary Clinton [10/11/2016]
Michael Tesler, Washington Post

Dans l'inconnu [10/11/2016]
Nicolas Barré, Les Echos

Entre le «populisme» de Trump et l'«élitisme» de Clinton, la voie du conservatism [10/11/2016]
Vincent Le Biez, Le Figaro

A Divided and Pessimistic Electorate [10/11/2016]
Pew Research Center

Goodbye to All That? World Order in the Wake of Trump [10/11/2016]
Stewart M. Patrick, Council on Foreign Relations

Can Trump walk away from the Iran deal? [10/11/2016] 
Michael Rubin, AEIdeas

La contrarrevolución de Donald Trump [10/11/2016]
Lluís Bassets, El País

Trump throws the future of NATO into doubt. Europe must step up to defend itself [10/11/2016]
Juliet Samuel, Telegraph

How Donald Trump broke the old rules of politics — and won the White House [09/11/2016]
Marc Fisher, Washington Post

The Trump Opportunity [09/11/2016]
Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal

The End of the Pantsuit Nation and the Force of Subliminal Messages [09/11/2016]
Federiga Bindi, Huffington Post

The Polls Missed Trump. We Asked Pollsters Why [09/11/2016]
Carl Bialik and Harry Enten, FiveThirtyEight

A quoi ressemblerait une présidence Trump ? [09/11/2016]
Laurence Nardon, Ramses 2017

What a Trump Presidency Means for Pakistan [09/11/2016]
Kunwar Khuldune Shahid, The Diplomat

What a President Trump Means for Foreign Policy [09/11/2016]
Elizabeth N. Saunders, The Washington Post

What Does Trump’s Election Victory Mean? Learning to Live With Uncertainty [09/11/2016]
Judah Grunstein, World Politics Review

Global Stability in the Trump Era [09/11/2016]
Carl Bildt, Project Syndicate

Democrats, Trump, and the Ongoing, Dangerous Refusal to Learn the Lesson of Brexit [09/11/2016]
Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept

Trump Didn't Split the Republican Party--He Strengthened It [09/11/2016]
Fred Barnes, Weekly Standard

Absorbing the Impossible [09/11/2016]
Maureen Dowd, New York Times

Donald Trump Won. Prepare For Uncharted Geopolitical Waters in Asia [09/11/2016]
Ankit Panda, The Diplomat

President-elect Trump — a tsunami and its unknowable consequences [09/11/2016]
David Horovitz, Times of Israel

Trump victory is a win for the little guy over the elite [09/11/2016]
Michael Goodwin, NY Post

Trump y la Internacional Populista [09/11/2016]
Anne Applebaum, El País

Trump's Victory Ushers in Dangerous Instability[09/11/2016]
Roland Nelles, Der Spiegel

Why Trump’s Victory Has Closed Russia’s Road to Change[09/11/2016]
Mikhail Fishman, Moscow Times

The Challenges and Opportunities that Await President-Elect Trump [09/11/2016]
AA.VV., Atlantic Council

Why a Trump Presidency Might Not Be as Awful as We Fear [09/11/2016]
Max Boot, Foreign Policy

An American Tragedy[09/11/2016]
David Remnick, New Yorker

Donald Trump’s Foreign-Policy Challenges [09/11/2016]
Joseph S. Nye Jr., Project Syndicate

What happens when President Trump has to face reality? [09/11/2016]
Eugene Robinson, Washington Post

Can Donald Trump Be a Good President?[09/11/2016]
Peter Feaver, Foreign Policy

Democracy Is More Than Just Winning Elections[09/11/2016]
Peter Beinart, The Atlantic

Can Republicans Contain Trump? [09/11/2016]
David Frum, The Atlantic

Trump’s America, Hiding In Plain Sight[09/11/2016]
Evan Osnos, New Yorker

Don't Mourn, Fight Like Hell[09/11/2016]
Clara Jeffery, Mother Jones

China Just Won The U.S. Election[09/11/2016]
James Palmer, Foreign Policy

The US has elected its most dangerous leader. We all have plenty to fear[09/11/2016]
Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian

America reaps a whirlwind for undermining its middle classes[09/11/2016]
David McWilliams, Irish Times

Yes, the election polls were wrong. Here's why[09/11/2016]
Mona Chalabi, The Guardian

How Obama Inadvertently Set Stage for Trump's Presidency [09/11/2016]
Josh Kraushaar, National Journal

Desconcierto. Incertidumbre. Vértigo [09/11/2016]
Ana Palacio, El País

Trump and the linkage of domestic and foreign politics [09/11/2016]
Shadi Hamid, Brookings

The Donald and the Shy Trump voter [09/11/2016]
Tom Switzer, The Strategist

A Few Thoughts on the Unthinkable[09/11/2016]
Ryan Lizza, Benjamin Wallace-Wells, and Adam Davidson, New Yorker

The Democratic Party Establishment Is Finished[09/11/2016]
Jim Newell, SLATE

Europe, Alone in Trump’s World [09/11/2016]
Mark Leonard, Project Syndicate

America was never ready for a woman president [09/11/2016]
Annalisa Merelli, Quartz

Trump and Brexit: why it’s again NOT the economy, stupid[09/11/2016]
Eric Kaufmann, LSE

Donald Trump gana en las urnas a Hillary Clinton, los medios de comunicación y las encuestas [09/11/2016]
Iñigo Sáenz de Ugarte, El Diario

Experts weigh in: What this election means for U.S. foreign policy and next steps [09/11/2016]
Daniel L. Byman, Dany Bahar, Sarah Yerkes, Pavel K. Baev, Dhruva Jaishankar, Richard C. Bush, Dan Arbell, David Dollar, Elizabeth Ferris, Ranj Alaaldin, Beverley Milton-Edwards, Federica Saini Fasanotti, Bruce Riedel, Robert L. McKenzie, Matteo Garavoglia, Natan Sachs, Kemal Kirişci, Ted Piccone, and Philippe Le Corre, Brookings

The Economic Fallout[09/11/2016]
Paul Krugman, New York Times

President-Elect Trump and the Middle East[09/11/2016]
Robert Satloff, Washington Institute

Donald Trump is moving to the White House, and liberals put him there[09/11/2016]
Thomas Frank, The Guardian

What A Difference 2 Percentage Points Makes [09/11/2016]
Nate Silver, FiveThirtyEight

How eight years of Barack Obama created Donald Trump [09/11/2016]
Simon Heffer, Telegraph

We just saw what voters do when they feel screwed. Here’s the economic theory of why they do it [09/11/2016]
James Allworth, Quartz

How Trump could spark a new world crisis [07/11/2016]
Thomas Wright, Brookings

American Political Decay or Renewal? The Meaning of the 2016 Election [08/2016]
Francis Fukuyama, Foreign Affairs

Questioning Donald Trump[22/11/2016]
New York Times

The new nationalism [19/11/2016]
The Economist

Allies versus IS - Donald Trump’s US Presidency [17/11/2016]
Irish Examiner

Trump’s disturbing choice to put the alt-right in the White House [14/11/2016]
Washington Post

A respectful but firm message to Mr. Trump [12/11/2016]
Washington Post

‘Trumpeconomics’, un salto en el vacío [11/11/2016]
El País

The Wrong People to Drain the Swamp [11/11/2016]
New York Times

Face au défi Trump, « Europe First » [11/11/2016]
Le Monde

The UK and Trump: hold on to liberal values [11/11/2016]
The Guardian

Why Trump's victory isn't like Brexit [10/11/2016]
The Spectator

Las promesas de Trump [10/11/2016]
5 Dias

Un muro de democracia anti-Trump [10/11/2016]
El País

Keep the Electoral College [10/11/2016]
USA Today

Republicans face a daunting task: Governing[09/11/2016]
Washington Post

President elect Donald Trump: the Guardian view on a dark day for the world[09/11/2016]
The Guardian

If Donald Trump really wants to be Mr Brexit, he must open America to the world, not pull up the drawbridge [09/11/2016]

Dems Need To Get Past Their Hysteria & Move On [09/11/2016]
New York Post

The people v the people [09/11/2016]
The Economist

President-elect Trump’s humble request [09/11/2016]
CS Monitor

President Trump is good for India and bad for China, Pakistan. Here's why[09/11/2016]
Economic Times

President-Elect Trump[09/11/2016]
Wall Street Journal

Steven Mnuchin Is Donald Trump’s Expected Choice for Treasury Secretary [29/11/2016]
Julie Hirschfeld Davis, Binyamin Appelbaum and Maggie Haberman, New York Times

Trump Meets Petraeus as Secretary of State Sweepstakes Heat Up [28/11/2016]
Maggie Haberman, Adam Nagourney and Gardiner Harris, New York Times

California Official Says Trump’s Claim of Voter Fraud Is ‘Absurd’ [28/11/2016]
Adam Nagourney, New York Times

Combative, Populist Steve Bannon Found His Man in Donald Trump [27/11/2016]
Scott Shane, New York Times

Trump to scrap Nasa climate research in crackdown on ‘politicized science’ [24/11/2016]

Trump, in Interview, Moderates Views but Defies Conventions[23/11/2016]
Michael D. Shear, Julie Hirschfeld Davis and Maggie Haberman, New York Times

Après l’élection de Donald Trump, la Californie se prend à rêver de secession[23/11/2016]
Pierre Bouvier, Le Monde

Donald Trump chose Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina as ambassador to the United Nations. She was an early critic of his run.[23/11/2016]
Maggie Haberman, New York Times

Will Donald Trump's Victory Empower Africa's Strongmen? [23/11/2016]
Jason Burke & Ruth Maclean, The Guardian

Experts Urge Clinton Campaign to Challenge Election Results in 3 Swing States[23/11/2016]
Gabriel Sherman, New York Magazine

For jihadists, Trump election brings a change in strategy [22/11/2016]
Taylor Luck, CS Monitor

EU Lawmakers Endorse Joint European Defense Plans After Trump Victory [22/11/2016]

'Hail Trump!': White Nationalists Salute the President Elect [21/11/2016]
Daniel Lombroso And Yoni Appelbaum, The Atlantic

Sessions dogged by old allegations of racism[17/11/2016]
Scott Zamost, Curt Devine and Katherine Noel, CNN

Pence Tells House GOP to Get Ready for Sweeping Legislation [17/11/2016]
Billy HouseBilly House & Henri GendreauHenri Gendreau, Bloomberg

World Leaders to Seek Pointers From Shinzo Abe Meeting With Donald Trump [17/11/2016]
Simon Tisdall, The Guardian

Donald Trump is already proving he has no idea what he is in for [15/11/2016]

Government Bond Rout Deepens on Trump’s Economic Plans [15/11/2016]
Wall Street Journal

EU Meets to Rethink Defense Options Under Trump Presidency [14/11/2016]
Julian.Barnes and Laurence Norman, Wall Street Journal

Rudy Giuliani Says Defeating ISIS to Be Early Focus of Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy [14/11/2016]
Damian Paletta, Wall Street Journal

China's Xi Reaffirms U.S. Relations in Talk With Trump [14/11/2016]
Associated Press

President-elect Trump speaks to a divided country on 60 Minutes [13/11/2016]
Entrevista a Donald J. Trump, CBS

How President Trump Could Reshape the Supreme Court [13/11/2016]
Jeffrey Rosen, Politico

Hillary Clinton Blames F.B.I. Director for Election Loss [12/11/2016]
Amy Chozick, New York Times

Vice President-Elect Pence to Take Over Trump Transition Effort [11/11/2016]
Michael D. Shear, Maggie Haberman and Michael S. Schmidt, New York Times

The Places That Made Donald Trump President [11/11/2016]
Bob Davis and John W. Miller, Wall Street Journal

‘He Can Build a Wall, but We’ll Just Build a Tunnel’ [11/11/2016]
Alexia Fernández Campbell, The Atlantic

Trump in the White House: The man advising him on the Middle East [11/11/2016]
Middle East Eye

Pourquoi l'élection de Trump constitue un coup de bambou pour le climat [11/11/2016]
La Libre

KKK celebrating Trump’s election with victory parade [11/11/2016]
Natalie Musumeci, New York Post

Merkel Takes Liberal-Democratic Stand in Post-Trump World [10/11/2016]
Stefan Wagstyl, Financial Times

'Build the wall' chants and swastikas in schools - hate crime reports surge in US after Trump win[10/11/2016]
Rebecca Staudenmaier, DW

Obama, Trump Talk Policy Issues in First Meeting [10/11/2016]
Carol E. Lee, Wall Street Journal

Donald Trump Transition Team Planning First Months in Office [10/11/2016]
Wall Street Journal

Why the Trump White House may not change much in Syria [10/11/2016]
CS Monitor

Moscow had contacts with Trump team during campaign, Russian diplomat says [10/11/2016]
David Filipov and Andrew Roth, Washington Post

Rudolf Giuliani sabe cómo Trump puede financiar su muro [10/11/2016]
El Economista

Donald Trump vows to 'drain the swamp' in D.C. in first 100 days [10/11/2016]
Amanda Hoover, CS Monitor

What Trump Means for Africa [10/11/2016]
Simon Allison, Daily Maverick

An easy way to reform the Electoral College [10/11/2016]
Henry Gass, CS Monitor

The decimation of the Democratic Party, visualized [10/11/2016]
Philip Bump, Washington Post

Trump’s Data Team Saw a Different America—and They Were Right [10/11/2016]
Joshua Green & Sasha Issenberg, Bloomberg

Trump's victory is in Iran's interest [10/11/2016]
Shabnam von Hein, DW

Post-Election, People Are Uniting - To Protest Trump [10/11/2016]
Renee Graham, Boston Globe

A Short History of Awkward Presidential Transitions [10/11/2016]
Krishnadev Calamur, The Atlantic

N.Korea urges Trump to abandon DPRK denuclearization [10/11/2016]
Dagyum Ji, NK News

McConnell's Supreme Court gamble pays off in spades [10/11/2016]
Burgess Everett, Politico

President Trump’s Surprisingly Warm Welcome in the Middle East [10/11/2016]
Robin Wright, The New Yorker

75 Lawsuits Against President-Elect Trump  [10/11/2016]
Brandy Zadrozny, Daily Beast

More Americans Voted for Hillary Clinton Than Donald Trump [09/11/2016]
Will Oremus, Slate

États-Unis : la victoire de Donald Trump, quelles conséquences pour l’Afrique ? [09/11/2016]
Benjamin Polle et Jean-Sébastien Josset, Jeune Afrique

Theresa May congratulates Donald Trump on his victory [09/11/2016]

Middle East Reactions to the U.S. Election [09/11/2016]
Middle East Institute

Trump victory: corporate winners and losers [09/11/2016]
Richard Milne, Financial Times

How Hillary Clinton lost [09/11/2016]
Tami Luhby, CNN

How Donald Trump won [09/11/2016]
Maeve Reston and Stephen Collinson, CNN

President Trump: What does this mean for North Korea? [09/11/2016]
NK News

Justin Trudeau congratulates president-elect Trump, vows to 'move forward in a positive way' [09/11/2016]
Kathleen Harris, CBC News

How should Justin Trudeau respond to Donald Trump on trade and economy? [09/11/2016]
David Cochrane, CBC News

Wall Street frets over Trump presidency; Peso plunges; Gold surges [09/11/2016]
Alanna Petroff, CNN

Angela Merkel Issues Not-So-Subtle Warning To Donald Trump After His Presidential Win [09/11/2016]
Huffington Post

La lettre de François Hollande à Donald Trump [09/11/2016]
Ava Djamshidi, Le Parisien

For Russia and Putin, a Surprise Gift From America [09/11/2016]
Neil MacFarquhar, New York Times

In Addition to White House, Republicans Kept the Other House and the Senate [09/11/2016]
Emily Tamkin, Foreign Policy

Is a Trump Presidency Really a Big Win for Putin? [09/11/2016]
Reid Standish, Foreign Policy

Putin congratulates Trump, calls for resuscitating relations [09/11/2016]
Times of Israel

How Republicans scrambled to hold the Senate [09/11/2016]
Manu Raju, CNN

Netanyahu hails Donald Trump as a ‘true friend’ of Israel [09/11/2016]
Times of Israel

How Trump won his map [09/11/2016]
Charlie Mahtesian, Politico

In Trump Win, China Hopes for U.S. Retreat [09/11/2016]
Andrew Browne, Wall Street Journal

'The World Is Crumbling in Front of Our Eyes' [09/11/2016]
Der Spiegel

After Trump’s Upset, White House Shifts to Damage Control [09/11/2016]
Dan De Luce, Foreign Policy

Iran’s Rouhani: Trump cannot reverse nuclear deal [09/11/2016]
Times of Israel

Why Hillary Clinton lost the election: the economy, trust and a weak message [09/11/2016]
The Guardian

President-Elect Donald Trump Faces Foreign-Policy Quandaries [09/11/2016]
Carol E. Lee and Felicia Schwartz, Wall Street Journal

Inside the Loss Clinton Saw Coming [09/11/2016]
Edward-Isaac Dovere, Politico

Présidentielle US. Ce que contient le très inquiétant programme de Donald Trump [09/11/2016]
Paul Laubacher, Nouvel Observateur

The one scenario that could still get Hillary into the White House [09/11/2016]
Laura Italiano, New York Post

Canada's immigration website crashes as Trump's election lead grows[09/11/2016]
The Guardian

How Does the Electoral College Work? [09/11/2016]
Jonah Engel Bromwich, New York Times

How Donald Trump won: The insiders tell their story [09/11/2016]
Dan Balz and Philip Rucker, Washington Post

How Trump Reshaped the Election Map [09/11/2016]
New York Times


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