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Fighting over Mosul
23 | December| 2016

The Iraqi army and its allies launched an offensive strike over Mosul to recover the territory controlled by ISIS. The ground battle resumed the debates on the future of Iraq and the impact of the military strike on the war in Syria.

Opinions & Analysis

Raqqa, Mosul, and the Long War[11/11/2016]
Anthony H. Cordesman, CSIS

Mosul After ISIS: No Clear Plan for Peace[11/11/2016]
James Rupert, USIP

Roads To Raqqa: Potential Turkish And Kurdish Offensives
Fabrice Balanche, Washington Institute

Brace for Terrorism Ripples from Mosul [31/10/2016]
Michael Downing & Matt Mayer, USA Today

Can the Islamic State Lose Mosul and Still Win? [31/10/2016]
Seth G. Jones, Foreign Policy

The battle for Mosul: So far so good [28/10/2016]
Hayder al-Khoei, ECFR

The Meaning of Mosul [26/10/2016]
Philip H. Gordon, CFR

En Mosul se ha vendido el oso antes de cazarlo [26/10/2016]
Jesús A. Núñez Villaverde, Política Exterior

Between Iraq and a hard place: How the battle in Mosul will affect ISIS control in the region [25/10/2016]
Ranj Alaaldin and Sumaya Attia, Brookings

The Islamic State After Mosul [23/10/2016]
Hassan Hassan, New York Times

Are Turkey and Iraq Headed for War in Mosul? [21/10/2016]
Zalmay Khalilzad, The National Interest

The Foreign Fighter Suicide Defense in Mosul [21/10/2016]
Soufan Group

Battle for Mosul Is Too Little, Too Late in Fight Against ISIS [21/10/2016]
Mohammad-Mahmoud Ould Mohamedou, Global Observatory

The History of Mosul, in Five Maps [21/10/2016]
Ishaan Tharoor & Laris Karklis, Washington Post

The Only Way to Really Win Mosul [20/10/2016]
Fareed Zakaria, Washington Post

Russia Won't Negotiate before Aleppo Falls to the Regime [20/10/2016]
Daniel R. DePetris, Atlantic Council

In Mosul, the End Is the Beginning  [20/10/2016]
Reva Goujon, Stratfor

What Would Victory in Mosul Look Like? [20/10/2016]
Saad Aldouri & Renad Mansour, Chatham House

Battle for Mosul: will this be the end of Islamic State? [18/10/2016]
Raffaello Pantucci, New Statesman

Truly winning the battle of Mosul [18/10/2016]
Daniel L. Byman, , Brookings

The Liberation of Mosul Will Go Better Than You Think [17/10/2016]
Michael Knights, Foreign Policy

Recapturing Mosul Is Just a Beginning [17/10/2016]
Brad Stapleton, CATO

Unseating the Caliphate: Contrasting the Challenges of Liberating Fallujah and Mosul [17/10/2016]
Zana Gulmohamad, Combating Terrorism Center

Victory in the Mosul offensive will not solve Iraq’s problems[17/10/2016]
Ranj Alaaldin, The Guardian

Iraq: Recapturing Mosul is Only the Beginning[17/10/2016]

Why the battle for Mosul is a turning point[17/10/2016]
The Economist

Mossoul, clé de l’avenir d’un Irak unifié [17/10/2016]
Myriam Benraad, Orient XXI

The Battle For Mosul: 5 Key Things To Know [17/10/2016]
Greg Myre, NPR


Mosul, la guerra de todas las guerras [19/11/2016]
El Mundo

The moral victory in the battle for Mosul [03/11/2016]
CS Monitor

What is Islamic State's Reach After It Loses Mosul? [26/10/2016]
Chicago Tribune

The battle for Mosul [20/10/2016]
International News

In the battle for Mosul, Islamic State is its own worst enemy [18/10/2016]
CS Monitor

La bataille de Mossoul se joue aussi à Bagdad[18/10/2016]
Le Monde

Une bataille et une reconquête[18/10/2016]
La Libre

After Isis, the future of Mosul will be decided by sectarian forces [17/10/2016]



Battle for Mosul: internally displaced nears 100000, UN agency says [23/12/2016]

The Battle to Retake Mosul Is Stalemated [22/12/2016]
Campbell Macdiarmid, Foreign Policy

Tras dos meses de batalla en Mosul, el ISIS aún controla el 75% de la ciudad [15/12/2016]
Carlos Yárnoz, El País

IS making 'military grade' weapons in Mosul factories [14/12/2016]
Middle East Eye

ISIS Prepares for the Final Battle in Mosul [12/12/2016]
Florian Neuhof, Daily Beast

US defence chief in Iraq to review Mosul op [11/12/2016]
Middle East Eye

Inside the Qayyarah airbase, a strategic springboard in battle for Mosul [08/12/2016]
The National

Inside the Battle for Mosul [07/12/2016]
Wall Street Journal

Iraqi forces fight IS deep inside Mosul, but the battle is far from over [07/12/2016]
Hindustan Times

Iraqis Sheltering in Mosul Create Fresh Hurdles for Aid Agencies [30/11/2016]
Campbell Macdiarmid, Atlantic Council

The Campaign for Mosul: November 22-28, 2016 [28/11/2016]
Emily Anagnostos, ISW

Do Iraqi forces have the manpower to match their firepower in the battle for Mosul? [27/11/2016]
Matt Brown, ABC

Kurds, Shi'ite fighters to coordinate after sealing off Mosul [24/11/2016]

Iraqis Advance in Mosul as Bomb South of Baghdad Kills 21 [24/11/2016]
New York Times

Airstrike Hits Mosul Bridge, Disrupting IS Supply Lines [23/11/2016]
New York Times

Iraqi Special Forces Seize Mosul District in Fresh Push[11/11/2016]

Islamic State abducts more than 200 near Mosul, retreats with thousands: U.N. [08/11/2016]

The Coming Humanitarian Crisis in Mosul, By The Numbers [08/11/2016]
Robbie Gramer, Foreign Policy

Islamic State Tunnels Below Mosul Are a Hidden and Deadly Danger [05/11/2016]
William Booth and Aaso Ameen Shwan, Washington Post

No Plan So Far for U.S. Advisers to Go Into Mosul: U.S. Military [03/11/2016]

Islamic State group leader rallies his fighters in Mosul [03/11/2016]
Adam Schreck, Associated Press

En Irak, les milices chiites lancent la bataille de Tal Afar et suscitent l’inquiétude [02/11/2016]
Allan Kaval, Le Monde

Russian Defense Ministry compares Mosul offensive with Aleppo [01/11/2016]
Karen DeYoung, Washington Post

Iraqi Forces Enter Mosul City Limits, Main Urban Fight Ahead [01/11/2016]
Qassim Abdul-Zahra & Brian Rohan, Associated Press

Mosul: IS group boosts propaganda amid battle [28/10/2016]

Islamic State using hostages as human shields in Mosul – UN [28/10/2016]
The Guardian

Mosul battle: IS 'loses hundreds of fighters' - US generals [27/10/2016]

Des tunnels et des armes de l’EI découverts par les forces irakiennes près de Mossoul [27/10/2016]
Hélène Sallon, Le Monde

In enemy heartland [26/10/2016]
Karim El-Gawhary, Qantara

Iraqi Forces Evacuate 1,000 Civilians From Mosul Front Lines [26/10/2016]
New York Times

Islamic State holds up Iraqi army south of Mosul [26/10/2016]

Iraq Fully Retakes Town Attacked by IS [25/10/2016]

With the battle for Mosul underway, U.S. sets sights on ISIS capital of Raqqa [25/10/2016]
Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Washington Post

Battle for Mosul: Turkey-Iraq row over ISIL operation [24/10/2016]
Al Jazeera

Iraqi Kurds claim capture of town in advance on Mosul [24/10/2016]

Iraqi forces advance near Mosul as IS attacks western town [23/10/2016]
Qassim Abdul-Zahra and Joseph Krauss, Associated Press

Islamic State sets sulfur alight in attempt to foil attack on militant stronghold [23/10/2016]
Kareem Fahim, Thomas Gibbons-Neff, Washington Post

A Precarious Alliance Takes on Islamic State [22/10/2016]
Christoph Reuter, Der Spiegel

Iraq’s U.S.-trained counterterrorism troops join attack on Mosul [21/10/2016]
Loveday Morris, Kareem Fahim, Washington Post

Marching on Mosul [20/10/2016]
The Economist

The Secret Eye Inside Mosul [20/10/2016]
Robin Wright, New Yorker

Civilians in Mosul Face ‘Impossible Choice’ [20/10/2016]
Paul McLeary and Dan De Luce, Washington Post

ISIS on the Run [18/10/2016]
Robin Wright, New Yorker

In Mosul, the battle is for more than territory [18/10/2016]
Anna Mulrine, CS Monitor

Liberating Mosul from ISIS is just a first step [18/10/2016]
Andy Uhler, Market Place

Iraqi Army Drops Leaflets Over Mosul As Forces Prepare For Offensive [17/10/2016]
Huffington Post

Battle for Mosul: what will be the human cost? [17/10/2016]
Kevin Watkins, New Statesman

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