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Election of the 9th UN Secretary-General
06 | October | 2016

Last Tuesday, October 6th, after a formal election, Antonio Guterres was recommended unanimously by the Security Council as the best candidate to run as Secretary General. The former High Commissioner for the Refugees will start as the 9th Secretary General of the United Nation in January, after the approval by simple majority of the General Assembly, in a closed door voting. The choice of Guterres has been considered the most transparent process of this kind in the history of the organization.


Procedure of Selecting and Appointing the next UN Secretary-General

1 for 7 billion – Find the Best UN Leader

Campaign To Elect a Woman UN Secretary-General

António GuterresCandidate for the position of Secretary-General of the United Nations

Opinions & Analyses

Why Is There Still No Woman at the UN Helm?[07/10/2016]

Anne Marie Goetz, IPI Global Observatory

How does Russia view the next UN /Secretary General?[07/10/2016]

Alexey Khlebnikov, Ksenia Zubacheva, Oleg Egorov, Russia Direct

Antonio Guterres, another male UN chief: "Maybe next time, said feminists the world over – again” [07/10/2016]

Daniel Flitton, The Sydney Morning Herald

ONU escolhe um candidato fora do comum para secretário-geral [06/10/2016]

Matias Spektor, A Folha de S. Paulo

António Guterres: Good for the U.N., good for the world, but gender issues remain [06/10/2016]

Elizabeth Ferris, The Brookings Institution

Incoming UN chief a friend of Israel, but won’t shy away from criticism [06/10/2016]

Raphael Ahren, The Times of Israel

The new UN secretary general’s biggest priority must be Syria [06/10/2016]

Mark Seddon, The Guardian

Com escolha de ex-chefe do Acnur, refugiados pautarão temas globais [06/10/2016]

Mathias Alencastro, A Folha de S. Paulo

Why Guterres won the race for U.N. secretary general despite not being a woman [06/10/2016]

, The Washington Post

5 things to know: Portuguese who said no to EU but yes to UN [06/10/2016]

Peter Wise, Financial Times

Antonio Guterres - A man of words and not (yet) deeds [06/10/2016]

Johannes Beck, Deutsche Welle

Susana Malcorra: "Confirmo que seguiré siendo lo que soy: la canciller de la Argentina" [06/10/2016]

Entrevista a Susana Malcorra, Clarín

Vetoes, Zombie Candidates, and the Lowest Common Denominator: Selecting the UN Secretary-General [05/10/2016]

Francesco Mancini, IPI Global Observatory

The Unfinished Reform Of Selecting The United Nations Secretary General [05/10/2016]
Vesselin Popovski, The Huffington Post

Who Should Lead International Institutions? [05/10/2016]
Ngaire Woods, Project Syndicate

The UN Security-Council Has Selected A Secretary-General Of Humanity [05/10/2016]

Yasmine Sherif, The Huffington Post

World’s Top Diplomat — It’s Guterres Of Portugal! [05/10/2016]

Evelyn Leopold, The Huffington Post

A «Clean» Election for the Next UN Secretary General Gets Dirty [05/10/2016]

Joseph Braude, Majalla

Probable next UN chief widely seen as modernizer [05/10/2016]

Barry Hatton, Associated Press

Is the door still ajar for Kevin Rudd to be the next UN secretary general?[04/10/2016]

Carl Ungerer, The Guardian

Helen Clark: UN needs a well-established leader, not a technocrat [03/10/2016]
Entrevista a Helen Clark, EurActiv

China Eyes Ending Western Grip on Top U.N. Jobs With Greater Control Over Blue Helmets [02/10/2016]

Colum Lynch, Foreign Policy

What Africa Should Demand From the Next United Nations Secretary General [02/10/2016]

Danny Bradlow's, The Conversation Africa

ONU : quand des Anglais préfèrent une commissaire européenne [30/09/2016]

Jacques Hubert-Rodier, Les Echos

The Peace Operations Challenge for the Next Secretary-General [30/09/2016]

Paul D. Williams, IPI Global Observatory

UN: Hard-won Transparency Being Dealt Away Behind Closed Doors [30/09/2016]

José Ramos-Horta, The Huffington Post

The United Nations needs a leader like Danilo Turk [29/09/2016]

The Wall Street Journal is Wrong: António Guterres is the Best to Run the UN [28/09/2016]

André Corrêa d’Almeida e Alexandra Carreira, The Huffington Post

Why Kristalina Georgieva is the best choice for UN secretary-general [28/09/2016]

Barbara Wesel, Max Hofmann, Deutsche Welle

Next secretary-general: no charisma required [27/09/2016]

Gwynne Dyer, The Japan Times

Is The Race For The World’s Top Diplomat Deadlocked? [26/09/2016]

Evelyn Leopold, The Huffington Post

Wanted: A strong hand to guide the UN [26/09/2016]

Derek Burney eFen Osler Hampson, The Globe and Mail

ONU : pour un secrétaire général énergique [26/09/2016]

Renaud Girard, Le Figaro

Antonio Guterres to Al Arabiya: This is my vision to the U.N [23/09/2016] - vídeo

Entrevista a António Guterres, Al Arabiya

Opinion Journal: The End of the United Nations? [22/09/2016] – Vídeo

Entrevista a Vuk Jeremic, The Wall Street Journal

How (not) to pick the UN secretary-general [22/09/2016]
Benjamin Oreskes e Ryan Heath, Politico EU

Choosing the next UN chief is 'intensely political' [22/09/2016]

Entrevista a Mats Berdal, Deutsche Welle

Who Can Lead The UN? [21/09/2016]

José Ramos-Horta, The Huffington Post

ECFR’s World in 30 Minutes: Who will be the next UN Secretary-General? [19/09/2016] – Áudio

Entrevista a Richard Gowan, ECFR

January 1, 2017: Let the Honeymoon for UN Reform Begin [18/09/2016]

Thomas G. Weiss & Tatiana Carayannis, IPI Global Observatory

On Europe, the UN Security Council and the race for next UN-SG [12/09/2016]

Joël Ruet, Diplomatic Courrier

What next in the race to the United Nations’ top job? [12/09/2016]
Kailey Lockwood, New Europe

Will the Cost of Becoming the Next Secretary-General Be a Less Western U.N.? [12/09/2016]
Richard Gowan, World Politics Review

Guterres Leads Latest Poll for UN Secretary-General Again, but It May Not Matter [09/09/2016]

Laura E. Kirkpatrick, Pass Blue

Selection of next UN Secretary-General has been game-changing process, says outgoing General Assembly President [08/09/2016]

Entrevista a Mogens Lykketoft, UN News Centre

Global Health Must Remain a Critical Priority for Next U.N. Secretary-General [08/09/2016]

José Luis Castro, Real Clear Health

Kevin and the Turnbull government make a Ruddy mess over the UN secretary-general vacancy [05/09/2016]

Paddy Gourley, The Sydney Morning Herald

New UN secretary-general must commit to accountability [28/08/2016]
Lauren Carasik, Al Jazeera

The misunderstood Asian who helms the UN [27/08/2016]

Tommy Koh, The Straits Times

What Do UN Staff Members Want From the Next Secretary-General? [24/08/2016]

Maurizio Guerrero, Pass Blue

Una mujer para la Secretaría General [18/08/2016]

Shazia Rafi, El Pais

Kevin Rudd: My 10 principles to reform the United Nations, before it's too late [08/08/2016]

Kevin Rudd, The Guardian

Who Will Lead the United Nations? [07/08/2016]

John Bolton, The Wall Street Journal

US and Russia brawl over race for UN chief [05/08/2016]
Benjamin Oreskes e Nahal Toosi, Politico EU

How Will the New U.N. Secretary General Be Chosen — and How Does That Impact Israel? [02/08/2016]

, Forward

Australia’s Puerile Politics on the Global Stage [01/08/2016]

Gareth Evans, Project Syndicate

Why Did Turnbull Decide Against Endorsing Rudd for UN Secretary General? [01/08/2016]

Grant Wyeth, The Diplomat

Antonio Guterres, the Man Who May Become the Next UN Secretary-General [23/07/2016]

Devirupa Mitra, The Wire

Here’s How the Next UN Secretary General Candidate Will be Selected [21/07/2016]

Mark Leon Goldberg, UN Dispatch

Who Can Run The U.N.? [21/07/2016]

Ian Bremmer, Time

Q&A with UN Secretary General Candidate Antonio Guterres [20/07/2016]

Entrevista a Antonio Guterres, Time

So, You Want to Be U.N. Secretary-General? [20/07/2016]

Colum Lynch, Foreign Policy

Q&A with UN Secretary General Candidate Christiana Figueres [20/07/2016]

Entrevista a Christiana Figueres, Time

Q&A with UN Secretary General Candidate Danilo Turk [20/07/2016]

Entrevista a Danilo Turk, Time

Q&A With U.N. Secretary-General Candidate Helen Clark [20/07/2016]

Entrevista a Helen Clark, Time

Q&A with UN Secretary-General Candidate Igor Luksic [20/07/2016]

Entrevista a Igor Luksic, Time

Q&A with UN Secretary General Candidate Irina Bokova [20/07/2016]

Entrevista a Irina Bokova, Time

Q&A with UN Secretary-General Candidate Miroslav Lajcak [20/07/2016]

Entrevista a Miroslav Lajcak, Time

Q&A with UN Secretary-General Candidate Natalia Gherman [20/07/2016]

Entrevista a Natalia Gherman, Time

Q&A with UN Secretary-General Candidate Srgjan Kerim [20/07/2016]

Entrevista a Srgjan Kerim, Time

Q&A with UN Secretary General Candidate Susana Malcorra [20/07/2016]

Entrevista a Susana Malcorra, Time

Q&A with UN Secretary General Candidate Vesna Pusic [20/07/2016]

Entrevista a Vesna Pusic, Time

Q&A with UN Secretary-General Candidate Vuk Jeremic [20/07/2016]

Entrevista a Vuk Jeremic, Time

Selection of next U.N. chief reaches critical stage [15/07/2016]

Hitoki Den, The Japan Times

Can a Consummate Insider Bring the Change the U.N. Desperately Needs? [05/07/2016]

Colum Lynch, Foreign Policy

What Will New Leadership Mean for the UN? [30/06/2016]

Barbara Crossette, The National

Is this the next UN Secretary General?[21/06/2016]

Stefan Labbé, Open Canada

The race to the 38th floor [13/06/2016]

Krishnan Srinivasan, The Hindu

Chloé Maurel : « Le futur secrétaire général de l’ONU doit donner plus de place aux pays du Sud » [03/06/2016]

Entrevista a Chloé Maurel, Jeune Afrique

Eastern Europe bungles shot at top UN job [17/05/2016]
Benjamin Oreskes, Politico EU

Challenges and Opportunities for the United Nations [11/05/2016]

António Guterres, The Huffington Post

Acertar en la elección [09/05/2016]

José Manuel García-Margallo, El Pais

Will the Next U.N. Secretary-General Be From Eastern Europe?[29/04/2016]

Reid Standish, Foreign Policy

Want to lead the UN? First, face the public [12/04/2016]
Benjamin Oreskes, Politico EU

Madam Secretary-General? [08/03/2016]
Anne Marie Goetz, Open Democracy

Why Angela Merkel Could Lead the U.N. [16/02/2016]

Inside the Bulgarian brawl for UN chief [28/12/2015]
Benjamin Oreskes, Politico EU

Georgieva’s UN job mission [04/11/2015]
Benjamin Oreskes, Politico EU

How Not to Select the Best UN Secretary-General [28/10/2015]
Alvaro de Soto, The Huffington Post

How to Select the Next UN Secretary-General [04/05/2015]

Ngaire Woods e Nina Hall, Project Syndicate

The Race to Be UN Secretary-General: Five Questions for the Candidates [07/04/2016]

Megan Roberts, Council on Foreign Relations

The UN Secretary-General in his or her labyrinth [01/03/2016]

Simon Chesterman, The Strait Times

Will the next UN secretary general be a woman?[09/07/2015]

Salima Yacoubi Soussane, The Guardian


Choice for UN chief offers hope the body can meet the many challenges of today [08/10/2016]

South China Morning Post

Novidade na ONU [07/10/2016]

A Folha de S. Paulo

The UN — a new Secretary General [06/10/2016]

The Express Tribune

A New Voice for a Complicated World [05/10/2016]
The New York Times

The Guardian view on the UN secretary general: a real leader is needed [04/10/2016]

The Guardian

Who Will Run the U.N.? [23/09/2016]

The Wall Street Journal

Antonio Guterres, le bon candidat pour l’ONU [16/09/2016]

Le Monde

What It Takes to Lead the United Nations [13/09/2016]

Bloomberg View

The UN Could Use a Little More Democracy [25/07/2016]

Bloomberg View

A golden chance for the United Nations to pick a leader who can truly represent the interests of all [18/04/2016]

South China Morning Post

Clark for UN secretary-general [06/04/2016]

Otago Daily Times



Voting for New UN Secretary General Showed EU Bias – Slovak Foreign Minister [08/10/2016]


Guterres, pick for UN chief, spurs hope on Syrian refugee crisis [07/10/2016]

Nikkei Asian Review

A woman will not lead the U.N. now, but equality fight continues [07/10/2016]


Nomination of UN Secretary-General 'Proof Russia & West Can Reach Agreement' [07/10/2016]


Security Council nominates Portugal's Guterres as U.N. chief [06/10/2016]

UN diplomats cast lot with Portugal's Guterres [07/10/2016]

Nikkei Asian Review

Why wasn't a woman elected as UN secretary general? [06/10/2016]

BBC News

Desafíos del nuevo jefe de la ONU: Siria y los abusos sexuales de los cascos azules [06/10/2016]

El Pais

Antonio Guterres, futur secrétaire général de l’ONU [06/10/2016]

Le Monde

Can new UN chief Guterres deliver on expectations? [06/10/2016]

Middle East Eye

Guterres, un portugués con determinación y cero enemigos para la ONU [06/10/2016]

El Pais

‘All the world listens to him’: how Antonio Guterres carved legacy as a tireless refugee advocate before securing top job at UN [06/10/2016]

South China Morning Post

UN Secretary-General: The 'most impossible job on earth' [06/10/2016]

The Straits

Otro triunfo de la diplomacia portuguesa [06/10/2016]

El Pais

Guterres has a delicate path to tread at the UN [06/10/2016]

Financial Times

Meet António Guterres, the U.N.’s Ninth Secretary General [06/10/2016]


António Guterres Pledges to Help Vulnerable as Secretary General [06/10/2016]

The New York Times

Security Council nominates Portugal's Guterres as U.N. chief [06/10/2016]


Antonio Guterres, el político que no perdió la humanidade [06/10/2016]

El Mundo

Secrétaire général de l’ONU, une mission presque impossible [06/10/2016]

La Croix

Antonio Guterres, socialista y firme defensor de los refugiados [05/10/2016]

Carolina Brunstein, Clarín

Security Council powers weigh in to pick new UN chief [05/10/2016]

The Straits Times

Antonio Guterres ‘Clear Leader’ for UN Secretary-General Post – Churkin [05/10/2016]


Who is Antonio Guterres, the next Secretary-General of the United Nations?[05/10/2016]

The Daily Telegraph

Vetada por Reino Unido, Susana Malcorra perdió en la ONU y fue electo un português [05/10/2016]


Security Council Backs António Guterres to Be Next U.N. Secretary General [05/10/2016]
The New York Times

Portugal's Guterres looks set to become next UN chief [05/10/2016]
Al Jazeera

Upstart in UN Secretary-General Race Faces Security Council Vote [05/10/2016]


Former prime minister of Portugal poised to become U.N. secretary general [05/10/2016]

The Washington Post

Russian Envoy Says Next UN Chief Should Be Eastern European Woman [04/10/2016]


Georgieva urges UN to remake case for global united action [03/10/2016]

Associated Press

Georgieva: UN would be inclusive with EEurope woman chief [02/10/2016]

Associated Press

Georgieva’s bid for UN top job hits Russian snag[30/09/2016]
Politico EU

Former New Zealand PM Helen Clark expected to battle on for UN top job [30/09/2016]

The Guardian

The challenging tasks for the new UN secretary-general [30/09/2016]

The Jakarta Post

Russia questions Bulgaria over new candidate for UN chief [29/09/2016]

The Daily Star

Bokova: I’m still in the UN race [29/09/2016]

The Sofia Globe

Nudged by Berlin, EU’s Georgieva jumps into UN leadership race [28/09/2016]

Financial Times

Bulgaria replaces candidate for the United Nations' top job [28/09/2016]

Associated Press

Diplomats: Portugal's Guterres tops fifth poll for UN chief [26/09/2016]

Associated Press

Deal-making and dirty tricks: inside the race for UN secretary general [26/09/2016]

The Guardian

Over 60% of Bulgarians Support Bokova’s Candidacy for UN Secretary-General [21/09/2016[


Intrigue in the campaign to select the next secretary general of the United Nations [21/09/2016]

The Washington Post

Meet the woman who hopes to save the world: Irina Bokova [21/09/2016]

The Sydney Morning Herald

Hunt for UN chief reverts to exercise in backroom dealing [14/09/2016]

Financial Times

Russian favorite Bokova could be first female UN chief [13/09/2016]

Deutshce Welle

Christiana Figueres withdraws from race for UN Secretary General post [13/09/2016]

The Hindu

Germany and Russia caught up in spat over Bulgaria UN chief candidate [12/09/2016]

Deutsche Welle

Clarity awaited in Bulgaria’s Bokova – Georgieva UN chief nomination drama [12/09/2016]
Sofia Globe

Portugal's Guterres still leads race for U.N. chief after fourth ballot [09/09/2016]

Deal-making and dirty tricks: inside the race for UN secretary general [06/09/2016]

The Guardian

'Cry from the heart': how Kevin Rudd would have fixed the United Nations[31/08/2016]

The Sydney Morning Herald

Helen Clark lags as former Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Guterres leads race to become UN chief [31/08/2016]

The Sydney Morning Herald

Guterres tops latest vote for UN chief, Lajčák surges into second [30/08/2016]
Politico EU

UN chief says he'd like a woman to be next secretary-general [16/08/2016]

Associated Press

Argentine candidate for U.N. chief sees sexism in vote [15/08/2016]

The Daily Star

Ban Ki-moon destaca el nuevo perfil internacional de Argentina [08/08/2016]

El Pais

Portugal's Antonio Guterres leads race to be next UN secretary-general [05/08/2016]

Deutsche Welle

Australian leader refuses to nominate political rival Rudd to top UN job [29/07/2016]

Deustche Welle

Climate change chief Christiana Figueres enters race to head UN [27/07/2016]

Financial Times

Race for top UN job kicks off quietly [22/07/2016]

Nikkei Asian Review

Former Portuguese Prime Minister António Guterres Leads Race to Be Next U.N. Secretary-General [21/07/201]

Foreign Policy

Two Early Front-runners Emerge in Race for UN Chief [21/07/2016]

Voice of America

Secrecy Reigns as U.N. Seeks a New Secretary General [21/07/2016]

The New York Times

ONU: une femme pourrait succéder à Ban Ki-moon [21/07/2016]

Le Figaro

Bokova Seeks First Female UN Chief Job as Initial Voting Starts [21/07/2016]


Former Australian Prime Minister Rudd seeks top UN post [18/07/2016]

Deutsche Welle

Who will be the next UN Secretary-General to replace Ban Ki-moon?[13/07/2016]

The Daily Telegraph

Next U.N. chief ballots remain secret, despite televised debates [13/07/2016]


The next UN secretary general: the 12 vying to replace Ban Ki-moon [12/07/2016]

The Guardian

ONU : l’ancienne « Madame climat » annonce sa candidature au poste de secrétaire général [08/07/2016]

Le Monde

Ban Ki-moon à la tête de l’ONU, quel héritage ?[21/06/2016]

Le Monde

U.N. Secretary-General Front-Runner Faces Internal Uproar [24/05/2016]

Foreign Policy

Campaign to elect a woman to be the next United Nations Secretary General picks up steam [24/05/2016]

The Independent

Eastern Europe bungles shot at top UN job [17/05/2016]
Politico EU

U.N. chief hopefuls take part in public dialogue for first time [18/04/2016]

The Hindu

Antonio Guterres and Helen Clark emerge as front runners to become next UN secretary general after ‘town hall’ meetings [16/04/2016]

South China Morning Post

UN seeks increased transparency in selecting leader [15/04/2016]

The Times of Israel

How the new UN secretary-general will be selected [14/04/2016]

The Times of India

Recherche secrétaire général de l'ONU pour succéder à Ban Ki-Moon [13/04/2016]

Le Figaro

Interviews for top UN job put Europe in spotlight [13/04/2016]
Politico EU

United Nations begins first ever public hearing to choose secretary general [13/04/2016]

Deustche Welle

Candidates for new UN secretary-general to start pitches in public [12/04/2016]

Financial Times

Here Are the Candidates for the Next U.N. Secretary-General [12/04/2016]


Decenas de países piden que la ONU elija a una secretaria general [12/04/2016]

El Pais

UN chief hopefuls face grilling on Middle East crises [11/04/2016]

Middle East Eye

Rights groups set 'priorities' for next UN chief [11/04/2016]

Deustche Welle

Now, UNSG hopefuls to interact with nations, be quizzed [10/04/2016]

The Hindu

Candidates for Next UN Secretary-general to Face Nations for the First Time [09/04/2016]


Ex-New Zealand PM who froze Israel ties enters race for UN head [05/04/2016]

The Times of Israel

Renewed debate over possible Merkel candidacy to lead UN [17/02/2016]

Deutsche Welle

Bulgarian enters race for UN top job [10/02/2016]
Politico EU

Une Européenne en lice pour succéder au secrétaire général de l'ONU ?[17/01/2016]

Le Figaro

Bulgaria puts forward Bokova’s candidacy for UN Secretary-General [13/01/2016]

Inside the Bulgarian brawl for UN chief [28/12/2016]

Politico EU

UN Eases Selection Rules to Facilitate Woman Acceding to Top Job [16/12/2016]


United Nations formally kicks off race for next secretary-general [15/12/2016]


Georgieva to run for UN Secretary-General [03/11/2015]

Less secretary, more general: Elders push new plan for picking UN chief [23/10/2016]

The Guardian

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