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Weekly International
Press Brief
27 - 31 : VII : 2020 


US-China Tensions

> U.S.-China confrontation is like nothing we’ve seen before

> Yes, to balance China, let’s bring Russia in from the cold

> Mike Pompeo Just Declared America’s New China Policy: Regime Change

Transatlantic Relations

> Trans-Atlantic Ties Should Put Finance, Not Security, First

> Trump’s Troop Move Is 21st-Century Strategy

EU: Recovery Fund

> Europe’s Expensive Coronavirus Summit

> The European Council and Europe's Magic Lantern

> Is the EU Council agreement aligned with the Green Deal ambitions?

US Presidential Election

> Trump Is the Election Crisis He Warns About

> Here’s How Biden’s Possible VP Picks Stack Up on Foreign Policy


> The Mosque, the Dam, and Erdogan’s Widening Culture War

> The New Turn in Turkey’s Foreign Policy in the Middle East

> Damaging judicial impartiality


> The inevitable partner: Why Europe needs to re-engage with Africa

> Implications of COVID-19 for a new Africa–Europe Strategic Partnership

> Refocusing the Africa-EU strategy


> The Tactics and Targets of Domestic Terrorists

> Boko Haram’s Expansionary Project in Northwestern Nigeria


> The American-style Covid-19 recession

> America Must Become a World Model Again

> Racial Cycles

> The Third Neighbor: Can America Live With Putin's Russia?


> China’s Pandemic Power Play

> Post-COVID, China Set to Gain in Central Asia

> Can China’s Military Win the Tech War?

> China’s Eurasian Ambitions


> Russia’s Permanent Revolution of Dignity

> Russie: les patrons de l’énergie face aux sanctions occidentales

> Why the anti-Putin protests in Russia’s eastern city are something new

> Networks and Links: Why Russia’s Infrastructure is Holding Back its Pivot to Asia

European Union

> Europe's helpless foreign policy

> Vers la fin de l’Union européenne ou son renouveau ?

> The Future of the E3: Post-Brexit Cooperation Between the UK, France and Germany

> The Impact of Monetary Policy on Structural Reforms in the Euro Area

Middle East

> Tarhuna, Mass Graves, and Libya’s Internationalized Civil War

> The UAE in Libya and Yemen: Different Tactics, One Goal

> The End of the Middle East’s Trickle-Down Economy

> Assessing Iraqi Kurdistan's stability: how patronage shapes conflict

> Regional Power United Arab Emirates

Latin America

> ¿Qué hacer ante el órdago electoral en Venezuela?

> Perú: reforma política y elecciones

> Needed: Latin Leadership for a New Inter-American System

> Bolivia: A Pivotal Moment for Populism and the Pandemic Response


> Could ASEAN move the region beyond the US–China dynamic?

> Resuming of a Frozen Conflict: Escalating Tensions on the Azerbaijani-Armenian Border

> Which Side Would the U.S. Public Choose in an India-China Conflict?

> How COVID-19 is Changing Indian Federalism


> Why Ukraine Really Is On the Road to Reform

> A Revival of the Left in the Age of Coronavirus?


> Sudan, a coup laboratory

> Covid-19 is accelerating multilateralism in Africa

> Elections in Côte d’Ivoire: President Ouattara’s Dilemma

> Kenya’s electoral authoritarianism

Democracy & Authoritarianism

> Can Elections Be Credible During a Pandemic?

> The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Populism, Nativism, Isolationism, and Protectionism


> Russia’s Behaviour Risks Weaponizing Outer Space

> La militarización del espacio, ¿hacia una carrera de armas en la atmósfera?

> The Assumptions of the New U.S. “Defense Space Strategy”

Technology and international relations

> Could a Bridge between the EU and Latin America Boost Innovation "Sovereignty" in a Multipolar World?

> Europe, The Us And Huawei: Do Hang Up!


> The Global God Divide

> Religion and Forced Displacement in the Eastern Orthodox World

Books & Reviews

> Turkey in Transition: The Dynamics of Domestic and Foreign Politics [Introduction]

> A KGB Man to the End

> El ascenso al poder de Mohammed bin Salmán

> Les années 1990, un continent inexploré

> Superpower showdown


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Weekly International
Press Brief
13 - 17 : VII : 2020 


Iran between the Nuclear & New Alliances

> The Importance of Ending the Arms Embargo: What Is Iran's Plan?

> How Iran’s Oil Infrastructure Gambit Could Imperil the Strait Of Hormuz

> A pragmatic partnership: Why China and Iran try to collaborate

Poland Election

> Presidential Elections in Poland: Politically toxic, legally dubious

> What Poland’s Presidential Election Means for the EU

> Poland under Duda: A divided country, dividing Europe

EU-India Summit

> Reflections on the EU-India Summit: Some small steps towards breaking a pattern of unrequited love?

> In times of strategic confusion, deeper dialogue is a must

> EU-India Relations Set For A New Era

USA-China Relations

> China vs. America

> The US-China Cold War Has Already Started

> Getting Real About the Thucydides Trap

West Bank’s Annexation

> Framing an EU Response to Israel’s Annexation of the West Bank

> Don’t Give Up on the Two-State Solution

Lebanon’s Challenges

> Capitalizing on the Pandemic: Party Responses and the Need for Grassroots Organizing in Lebanon

> Lebanon’s Hidden Gold Mine

> Hezbollah Sees an Opportunity in COVID-19


> Making sense of resilience in the Boko Haram crisis

> The EU’s external action on counter-terrorism: Development, structures and actions


> Why time is running out for Trump’s reelection

> The indispensable power

> The race for Biden’s foreign policy agenda

> Will the Black Lives Revolution Change the Country or Just a Street Name?


> China’s Military Modernisation: Recent Trends

> China’s global investment vanishes under COVID-19

> Why now? Understanding Beijing’s new assertiveness in Hong Kong


> East Ukraine’s European roots and the myths of Putin’s Russian World

> How Improved US-Russian Relations Could Weaken Putin’s Case for Remaining in Kremlin Until 2036

> The Oil Price Crash: Will the Kremlin’s Policies Change?

European Union

> The EU Budget as an Opportunity in the Crisis

> The big engine that might: How France and Germany can build a geopolitical Europe

> Raising Europe’s Global Role Starts at Home

> The legacy of Potsdam: the future of EU-UK security relations after Brexit

> How to make EU bonds a safe(r) European asset

Middle East

> Political Instability Deepens in Tunisia

> Egypt’s Military Limitations: Cairo’s Options to Defend Eastern Libya

> The New Turn in Turkey's Foreign Policy in the Middle East: Regional and Domestic Insecurities

> Hope in Space

Latin America

> Corona Crisis and Political Confrontation in Brazil

> La geopolítica alimentaria, Mercosur y China

> Governance challenges in contemporary Cuba: social policies and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals


> Singapore’s Election: The PAP Triumphs, But Long-Term Trends Suggest a Viable Opposition

> Taiwan tiptoes in cross-strait relations

> Sri Lanka Headed for Elections: Democracy in Distress?

> ASEAN economic prospects amid emerging turbulence

> Strategic Competition: Why Pakistan Matters


> The (un)surprising effectiveness of African mediation efforts

> Tanzania’s former foreign minister prepares to take on Magufuli

> Ending the Dangerous Standoff in Southern Somalia

> What data tells us about COVID-19, security and regional peace operations in Africa

North America

> López Obrador’s Washington visit played straight into Trump’s hands

> Mexique-États-Unis: Tiangui mexicain à la Maison-Blanche


> How NATO Can Avoid a Strategic Decoupling in the Eastern Mediterranean

> NATO Needs a Tactical Readiness Initiative

Global Health

> Access to COVID-19 Vaccines and Medicines – a Global Public Good

> The Politics of a COVID-19 Vaccine

Democracy & Authoritarianism

> The Pandemic Could Be the Crisis Liberalism Needed

> Global Democracy & Covid-19: Upgrading International Support

Political Economy

> A Future History of Capitalism

> How the pandemic is changing the economy


> The United States Needs a New Foreign Policy

Books & Reviews

> Political Repression in Bahrain [Author Q&A / Excerpt]

> Twilight of Democracy by Anne Applebaum review – when politics ends friendships

> The Herculean Effort to Build an American Army

> This Land Is Not Your Land: The Ethnic Cleansing of Native Americans

> Are We Overreacting on Climate Change?

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Weekly International
Press Brief
29 : VI - 03 : VII : 2020 


Hong Kong

Hong Kong: prendre la mesure du choc

Hong Kong: The finishing blow

English translation of the Law of the People's Republic of China on Safeguarding National Security in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

German EU Council presidency

Five points to make the EU stronger

Capitaine dans la tempête: défis et enjeux de la présidence allemande du Conseil de l’Union européenne

Has a Red Line Been Crossed in Serbia? Enlargement as Yet Another Crucial Test for the German EU Presidency


Playing Pick-Up-Sticks in Libya

Is Cairo Going to War?

La crise libyenne – le triangle Russie-Turquie-France


This Time, Russia Is in Afghanistan to Win

The ‘Spies and Commandos’ of Afghanistan

West Bank Annexation

What Annexation Would Really Mean for Middle East Peace: Benjamin Netanyahu Is Ready to Bury the Two-State Solution

Palestine on the Brink of Crisis


European Union Terrorism Situation and Trend Report (TE-SAT) 2020

From fringe to mainstream: The extreme rightwing in Europe

Takuba: A New Coalition for the Sahel?

Great Powers

Balancing act: Major powers and the global response to US-China great power competition

Everyone Misunderstands the Reason for the U.S.-China Cold War


The Vision Thing: Is Grand Strategy Dead?

The Case for Kissinger

Evaluating House Democrats’ new climate change report


COVID-19 accelerates China’s political economic transformation

What’s Behind China’s ‘Street-Stall Economy’ Discussion?

Xi Jinping’s Internal Great Wall

Emperor Xi reinvents Chinese Checkers: Only CPC Wins


Lower Thresholds, Greater Ambiguity

Expert Opinions on Russia’s Basic Nuclear Deterrence Principles

La Russie et l’Amérique latine au XXIe siècle: un rapprochement difficile

Russia’s Poseidon poser for arms control and naval defence

European Union

Why the UK Has Taken Foreign Policy Out of Brexit Negotiations

Emerging stronger from the crisis

Suspension of EU funds for breaches of the rule of law – a dose of tough love needed?

Alemania, 1990-2020: continuidad, centrismo y progresismo conservador

Middle East

A return to Africa: Why North African states are looking south

Why are most Arabs so prepared to trust the military?

Risk Perception and Appetite in UAE Foreign and National Security Policy

Rethinking Peace in Yemen

Latin America

Elecciones presidenciales dominicanas: fin de época (¿y hegemonía?) en la República Dominicana

Brazil and the economics of the virus

Radiografía de la boliburguesía, la casta que se adueñó de Venezuela

Argentina’s Opposition Has a Dilemma


The Map of Political Forces in Today’s Ukraine

Las elecciones generales en Serbia y el futuro de Kosovo


Nuclear Strategy in South Asia: A Facade of Peace between India and Pakistan

Religion and the Secular State in Kyrgyzstan

Southeast Asian democracies in declining health amid Covid-19

Another Act against democracy in the Philippines


Kiribati: une victoire d’influence pour la Chine dans le Pacifique

New Zealand’s Quiet China Shift

Australia’s serious strategic update


What role for the AU as Somalia prepares for elections?

Mozambique’s Insurgency Is a Regional Problem

Malawi’s Re-Run Election is Lesson for African Opposition

Community-based reconciliation in practice and lessons for the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission of Zimbabwe


America should welcome a discussion about NATO’s nuclear strategy

What Poland wants when it comes to US troops

Democracia & Autoritarismo

Psychology of Authoritarianism

How Democracies Can Win the Information Contest

Transatlantic Relations

Losing Germany

Is COVID-19 a Game Changer for Transatlantic Narratives on China?


The Burden of Being Part of History

Books & Reviews

The World [Excerpt]

The Nine Lives of Modernization Theory

Rigged: America, Russia and 100 Years of Covert Electoral Interference by David Shimer - review

The two Sudans

Madeleine Albright Out of Power

textfile5redComplete Press Brief

Weekly International
Press Brief
08 - 12 : VI : 2020 


Post Covid-19 International Order

The Pandemic and Political Order

Welcome Back to Kissinger’s World

Middle Powers After the Middle Power Moment 

Why a new Yalta wouldn’t end the malaise between the West and Russia

USA Protests’

The George Floyd Protests: A Global Rallying Cry for Democracy

A New Civil Rights Movement Is a Foreign Policy Win: This Is What Democracy Looks Like

Trump’s Threat to Use the Military Against Protesters: What to Know


For the US and China, Thucydides’ Trap Is Closing

Could War on Huawei Lead to War With China? 

China toys with a new propaganda technique: Irony

Transatlantic Relations & European Defense

Trump’s Sudden Troop Withdrawal From Germany 

Will U.S. Troop Pullouts Accelerate European Defense Integration?

Withdrawing 9,500 troops from Germany will be costly for U.S.

Sudan in Transition

UN Security Council Walks Tightrope with Creation of New Mission in Sudan

Multiplying crises: The coronavirus in Sudan

Notes on post-revolutionary Sudan


Brazilians Die, Bolsonaro Shrugs

A Nightmare Scenario in Brazil’s Institutional Crisis

Why America’s Protests Resonate So Deeply in Brazil


Pierre Nkurunziza's Death and the Future of Burundi

I cry, not for Nkurunziza, but for the lives he broke

Transition and continuity in Burundi


The Geopolitics of Post-Brexit Britain

EU-UK negotiations: no need to panic (yet)

Libya’s Conflict

The Cairo Declaration is a false resolution to Libya's conflict

Libya’s Legitimacy Crisis: Hostage to the Skhirat Agreement


>The Controller: How Basil Hassan Launched Islamic State Terror into the Skies

Violent extremism in Africa: Popular assessments from the ‘Eastern Corridor’

Terrorism in Afghanistan: A Joint Threat Assessment


Biden’s Journey Left

The Self-Defeating Executive Order Against the International Criminal Court

The pandemic adds significantly to the risk of a contested result and a constitutional crisis

Exceptionalism Is Killing Americans: An Insular Political Culture Failed the Test of the Pandemic


Rise of e-RMB: Geopolitics of China’s Digital Currency

Chine, puissance normative

On the Yunnan-Rakhine Corridor

Covid-19 and its aftermath: Impact on China’s soft power


Double Shock: The Impact of COVID-19 and the Oil Price Collapse on Russia’s Energy Sector

Russian Policy on Nuclear Deterrence

Russian Economic Sovereignty in the COVID-19 Age

Pandemic Blasts Change Through Russia’s Church

European Union

EU Security and Defense Challenges: Toward a European Defense Winter?

Friends in Need: The Corona Pandemic Changes the Landscape of Groups and Coalitions in the EU

Is the COVID-19 crisis an opportunity to boost the euro as a global currency?

Le destin de l’économie allemande est inséparable de celui de l’Europe

¿Protestantes contra católicos en la UE?

Middle East

The Oil for Security Myth and Middle East Insecurity

Destroying Lebanon to Save It

Geopolitical and Geoeconomic Challenges to China’s Silk Road Strategy in the Middle East

Al Assad y la lucha fratricida por el poder en Siria

Latin America

COVID-19 May Ultimately Strengthen Latin America’s Democracies, Not Destroy Them

Chile: The COVID-19 catches up with President Sebastián Piñera

Cuba: crisis económica, sus causas, el COVID-19 y las políticas de rescate

Guyana’s final hurdle


Interpreting the India-Nepal border dispute

Renewed Crisis on the Korean Peninsula

The Asia Pacific’s “Age of Uncertainty”

East Asia decouples from the United States: Trade war, COVID-19, and East Asia's new trade blocs


Decentralisation Amidst Hybrid Governance: Case Of Northern Mali

Mozambique ante la insurgencia islamista

The DRC is riveted by a political thriller

L’Afrique de l’Est face à la gestion du COVID-19. Un enchevêtrement de crises?

Bridging the Divide in Ethiopia’s North

Climate Change

From pandemics to floods: Inequality as a comorbidity

Climate Change and Populism: Comparing the populist parties’ climate policies in Denmark, Finland and Sweden


NATO and CSDP: party and public positioning in Germany and France

NATO: Rebranding exercise or new product launch?


The EU’s international politics of cyberspace in an emerging post-liberal order

Intelligence artificielle et cybersécurité


Global Peace Index 2020


Why Are Fossil Fuels So Hard To Quit?

Books & Reviews

Divided We Fall: What Is Tearing America Apart?

Les violences du militantisme radical en France

War for Eternity by Benjamin R Teitelbaum review – starstruck by Steve Bannon?

Is There a Religious Left?

The Debate Over the Word ‘Fascism’ Takes a New Turn

textfile5redComplete Press Brief

Weekly International
Press Brief
01 - 05 : VI : 2020 


Protests in America

The Drivers of Deadly Conflict Emerge in the U.S.

Fury at America and Its Values Spreads Globally

Military Prestige During A Political Crisis: Use It And You’ll Lose It

Foreign Policy By Example: Crisis at Home Makes the United States Vulnerable Abroad

Covid 19 & International Order

Taking stock: Where are geopolitics headed in the COVID-19 era?

El orden internacional tras la COVID-19: estados más replegados y potencias más débiles

¿Podrá reinventarse el multilateralismo? El orden internacional y el coronavírus

COVID-19: le monde d’après est déjà là…

U’s Recovery Fund

Is democracy the missing link in EU recovery plans?

Algunos apuntes sobre el fondo de recuperación europeo

The Recovery Fund Faces A Tricky Passage

Recovering a meaningful debate about Europe

Hong Kong

What the End of One Country, Two Systems Means for Hong Kong, Taiwan and the World

Options on Hong Kong: A Suggested NSC Memo


Brazil Is Suffering. Bolsonaro Isn’t

Los frentes abiertos de Bolsonaro

Brazil Suffers Its Own Scourge of Police Brutality


The Folly of Decoupling From China: It Isn’t Just Perilous—It’s Impossible

China Is Weaponizing Globalization


Lessons from the Global Counterterrorism Forum for International Cooperation on Pandemics

La crise pandémique et les groupes armés non étatiques : l’exemple de Daech et du Hezbollah

Designating the Russian Imperial Movement a Terrorist Organization: a Drop in the Bucket of Needed U.S. Counter-Extremism Responses


Le « trumpisme » en politique étrangère : vision et pratique

Immature leadership: Donald Trump and the American presidency

Another American first: a self-collapsing empire!

Can Congress’ ‘Most Successful Bill’ Fix the Legislative Branch?


Chinese Crisis Decision Making—Managing the COVID-19 Pandemic Part One: The Domestic Component

Chinese defence spending in the age of COVID-19

China after the pandemic: Insecurity spills over to contradictory foreign policy actions

China's Arctic Strategy In Iceland And Greenland


Mutations, ambitions et limites de la culture stratégique russe contemporaine

Decoding Russia’s Official Nuclear Deterrence Paper

Forward to the Past? New/Old Theatres of Russia’s International Projection

Pakistan’s Role in Russia’s Greater Eurasian Partnership

European Union

Five ways that the coronavirus should transform the EU

Des défis et contraintes d'une "Commission géopolitique" pour une souveraineté européenne

Brexit: How “No Deal” became the bookies’ favourite

Uniformity and Differentiation in the Fundamentals of EU Membership

EU-China trade and investment relations in challenging times

Middle East

From risk to opportunity: Local governance in the southern Mediterranean

Two Paths to Dominance: Military Businesses in Turkey and Egypt

Successes and shortcomings: How Algeria’s Hirak can inform Lebanon’s protest movement

A new Gaza: Turkey’s border policy in northern Syria

Latin America

Colombia y la crisis venezolana: una estrategia fallida

Puntos para una agenda política en América Latina

Four Urgent Questions on Bolivia’s Election

Honduras’ opposition needs to learn from its mistakes

Nuevas incertidumbres y posibilidades en el tablero colombiano


China and Japan’s Island Dispute

The Endangered Asian Century: America, China, and the Perils of Confrontation

COVID-19 Presents Fresh Challenges to a Struggling Central Asia

Vietnam’s party politics back on centre stage

Timor-Leste’s New Kingmakers


States, Not Jihadis, Exploiting Corona Crisis In West Africa

Au Malawi, un scrutin qui dure depuis un an

Does the Sahel really need more AU troops?

Le Kenya, un acteur régional majeur


Understanding the Iran-Venezuela Relationship

Transatlantic Relations

Trump's Covid-19 Response Is Deepening The Transatlantic Rift

NATO’s role in a transatlantic strategy on China

The U.S.-China Race and the Fate of Transatlantic Relations

International Security

La multipolarité nucléaire : mythes et réalités de la compétition

The Post-INF European Missile Balance: Thinking About NATO’s Deterrence Strategy


History Will Judge the Complicit

Books & Reviews

The World: A Brief Introduction [excerpt]

Where does the US go now?

Democracy’s Red Line

The Corrupt Bargain

The Left Side of History


textfile5redComplete Press Brief

Weekly International
Press Brief
25 - 29 : V : 2020 


Hong Kong in Turmoil

Is Hong Kong Still Autonomous? What to Know About China’s New Laws

Hong Kong Calls. Can Europe Respond?


The Coronavirus Must Push Europe to Rescue Multilateralism

How to repair multilateralism after covid-19

Tensions at the South China Sea

Preventing a Clash in the South China Sea

Chinese Coercion in the South China Sea: Resolve and Costs

Post Covid-19 International Order

The End of World Order and American Foreign Policy

World Order after Covid-19

Syria’s Conflict

Syria Redux: Preventing the Spread of Violent Extremism Through Weaponized Populations and Mobile Safehavens

Syrie – la maison Assad ébranlée

Syria's Constitutional Committee Is Not About the Constitution

Open Skies Treaty

How a US withdrawal from the Open Skies Treaty would benefit the Kremlin

The Open Skies Treaty and prospects for European confidence-building measures 

U.S. Withdrawal From Open Skies Bolsters Case for New Strategic Regime

Israeli Government

Israel’s New Government Is a Many-Headed Hydra

Israel Coalition: Third Time Lucky or Same Old Story

Belarusian election

The least predictable Belarusian election in decades

Israel & Palestinian

Years of dereliction has left the PLO facing annexation without a plan

How Should the PA Respond to the US-Israeli Annexation Plan?


Planète nucléaire: le TNP à l’épreuve de la Covid-19

COVID-19 has given the 2020 NPT Review Conference a reprieve. Let’s take advantage of it

Learning From the 2015 NPT Review Conference

International Economy

COVID-19’s reality shock for external-funding dependent emerging economies

Lessons from China: This is how COVID-19 could affect globalization


Al Qaeda and ISIS Had a Truce in Africa—Until They Didn’t

The Evolution of East African Salafi-jihadism

How the coronavirus increases terrorism threats in the developing world

Great Powers

The Coronavirus and the US-Russia-China Triangle

Russia-China Partnership Proves Immune to Coronavirus

Great-power competition and COVID-19


Build a Better Blob

The Shape of a Real Grand Strategy

How Violent Protests Change Politics

The George Floyd Tragedy Is Part of a Bigger National Problem


China’s revisionism: From Hong Kong to India’s borders

The role of the National People’s Congress in China’s party-state constitutionalism

What Do Taiwan’s People Think About Their Relationship to China?

The Rise of Xi Jinping and China’s New Era: Implications for the United States and Taiwan


Russia and Collective Security: Why CSTO Is No Match for Warsaw Pact

Pandemic Heightens Need to Reset Belarus-Russia Ties

Putin’s Hollow Power Verticals, Revealed

European Union

A Tricky Path for Europe’s Recovery Fund

Europe's moment: Repair and prepare for the next generation

The End of Europe’s Chinese Dream

A Just Transition Fund – How the EU budget can help with the transition

Middle East

New Political Parties and the Reconfigu­ration of Turkey’s Political Landscape

The Impact of the Oil Crisis on the MENA Region

The political economy of economic policy in Iraq

The Nonsense Of “Neo-Ottomanism”

Latin America

The authoritarian temptation

Uruguay, the exception to Latin America’s COVID-19 surge

How Venezuela Should Think About Reopening Its Economy

Inserción externa y crecimiento de la economía cubana


The BRI in Post-Coronavirus South Asia

Shaping South Korea’s middle-power future

Why We Should Worry About China and India’s Border Skirmishes

Nepal: Amendment to Constitution Delayed: Why?


How Will the Coronavirus Crisis Affect Africa’s Developmental Focus?

Creating colonial Portugal in Africa

Will Burundi’s Disputed Election Mark a New Chapter or a Return to Violence?

Last Month Could’ve Been a Real Turning Point for Africa-China Ties


El poder de las diásporas en el siglo XXI

The Role of Diasporic Structures in Crisis Governance During the COVID-19 Global Pandemic

War & Peace

Peering into the Crystal Ball: Holistically Assessing the Future of Warfare


Stronger Together: NATO’s Evolving Approach Toward China

NATO and the Frameworks of Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament: Challenges for the 10th NPT Review Conference


Britain Adrift: The United Kingdom’s Search for a Post-Brexit Role

Books & Reviews

L'Europe doit retrouver le fil de son histoire

Do Autocracies Really Have an Advantage over Democracies?

A Few Good Men: Trump, the Generals, and the Corrosion of Civil-Military Relations


The “Miracle” Of Dunkirk

textfile5redComplete Press Brief

Weekly International
Press Brief
18 - 22 : V : 2020 


International Order

The United States and the New World Disorder: Retreat from Primacy

From Wuhan to the World: How the Pandemic Will Reshape Geopolitics

How to repair multilateralism after covid-19

In the Post-Pandemic Cold War, America Is Losing Europe


The Abbas declaration: Why this time may be different

Could the Pandemic Jump-Start National Reconciliation in Palestine?

Palestinian Politics After Abbas

Peace Process in Afghanistan

Rival Afghan leaders strike a power-sharing deal, but there are plenty of other obstacles on the road to peace


Taiwan’s president begins her second term with a call for unity

China’s Provocations Around Taiwan Aren’t a Crisis


Geostrategic Dimensions of Libya’s Civil War

Challenges to Internationally Mediated Peace in Libya

Moscow-Supported Forces Besieging Tripoli Retreat


The Minsk Conundrum: Western Policy and Russia’s War in Eastern Ukraine

The Uneven First Year of Zelenskiy’s Presidency


To act, or not? Al-Shabaab’s response to a Covid-19 crisis in Somalia

Extremism and Terrorism in a Time of Pandemic

Rise O Muwahhid, Wherever You May Be: An Analysis of the Democratization of the Terrorist Threat in the West


U.S. Foreign Policy for the Middle Class: Perspectives from Nebraska

The Future of Trump’s ‘America First’ Agenda Hangs on Pompeo’s Scandals

The Future of the Dollar: U.S. Financial Power Depends on Washington, Not Beijing

It's Time for an America First Green New Deal


L'économie et la diplomatie: les deux défis de la Chine dans le monde post-Covid-19

Previewing China’s National People’s Congress Session

Towards Urban Decoupling? China’s Smart City Ambitions At The Time Of Covid-19

China Declares Victory Over Both the Coronavirus and Critics of the Communist Party at the Biggest Political Event of the Year

¿Qué papel juega China en el mapa de la cooperación para el desarrollo?


Centre and Periphery in Russia. Is Something Changing?

COVID-19: A Reckoning for Russia’s Asian Energy Aims

Sanctions Against Russia: A Look Into 2020

2020: el año en el que Vladimir Putin vive peligrosamente

European Union

Pushing the EU to a Hamiltonian Moment

How to Ensure the EU’s Rule-of-Law Monitoring Does Not Legitimize Autocracies in the Making

Three Ways Covid-19 Will Cause Economic Divergence in Europe

Europe Needs a Regional Strategy on Iran

The EU’s strategic sovereignty starts in Eastern Europe

Middle East

New Political Parties and the Reconfigu­ration of Turkey’s Political Landscape

L'Arabie Saoudite face au COVID-19: l'ambition contrariée

Don’t Overthink the Assad-Makhlouf Feud

Weighing U.S. Troop Withdrawal from Iraq: Strategic Risks and Recommendations

Latin America

Latin America Needs to Protect Itself From the Virus of Populism

Democracy Delayed: COVID-19’s Effect on Latin America’s Politics

Bolivia: coronavirus y retroceso democrático

Guyana’s recount: patience, not sanctions

Brazil’s Opposition Is Still Divided. Here’s Why.


Covid Corrections: How the Pandemic Reveals the Failures of India’s Growth Model

Taking Stock of Myanmar’s Political Transformation since 2011

Leveraging ASEAN to respond to COVID-19

West Papua: Looking for an opening

Post-Pandemic Central Asia: Moving Beyond ‘Helicopter Money’


How African countries are dealing with elections during COVID-19

Meeting the Promise of the 2010 Constitution: Devolution, Gender and Equality in Kenya

La stratégie économico-sécuritaire russe au Mozambique

Risks of delaying Africa’s free trade deal

Lockdowns, curfews and prayer: Exploring East African countries’ COVID19 response

Authoritarianism & Democracy

State of the world 2019: autocratization surges – resistance grows


War Is Not a Metaphor

Books & Reviews

The Iranian Revolution at Forty [chapter 1]

Economic policy remains hotly contested in South Africa: this detailed history shows why

Exit from Hegemony: The Unraveling of the American Global Order

Mussolini's War by John Gooch review – fascist dreams of the 1930s and 40s

Botch on the Rhine


textfile5redComplete Press Brief

Weekly International
Press Brief
11 - 15 : V : 2020 


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