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Weekly International
Press Brief

28 : III - 01 : IV : 2016

Nuclear Security Summit

Nuclear Arms Control for the 21st Century

Africa at the 2016 Nuclear Security Summit

U.S.-Russia Tensions Jeopardize Effort to Lock Down Loose Nukes

Saudi Snub at the Nuclear Summit?

Preventing Nuclear Terrorism: Continuous Improvement or Dangerous Decline?

Arch of Crisis

The French connection: Explaining Sunni militancy around the world

Yemen’s Conflict Changes Course

ISIS is losing ground in Iraq, but stabilizing the country remains a challenge

Syria after the Russian Intervention

Pakistan: The Army Steps In


The Coming ISIS–al Qaeda Merger: It's Time to Take the Threat Seriously

The Military Doctrine of the Islamic State and the Limits of Ba’athist Influence

The Comparative Metrics of ISIS and "Failed State Wars" in Syria and Iraq

Myanmar in transition

Understanding Myanmar

Burma’s Timid Friends

Five ways Myanmar’s new government can succeed


Making Places, Not Bases a Reality

The Last Pro-Trump Argument Implodes

Obama’s Tarnished Legacy in the Middle East


Economic Crisis

Russia’s World: Facing a Century of Instability

Avoiding the Blame for Russia’s Economic Woes

European Union

Europe’s Energy Union: Foreign Policy Implications for Energy Security, Climate and Competitiveness

An Ever-Looser Union: Can Europe Survive Its Current Crises?

Modi in Europe: Relaunching the EU-India Strategic Partnership

The Renationalization of European Defense Cooperation

Middle East

The End is Nigh

«Los jóvenes en el mundo árabe de la "Primavera" democrática al "Invierno" yihadista?: participación y activismo político y social».

Jordan: How Close to Danger?

La fragilidad del experimento democrático tunecino

Dilemmas of Reform: Policing in Arab Transitions

Latin America

¿Hacia dónde se dirigen la crisis de Brasil y Venezuela?

The Fuel for Brazil’s Protests: Anger at the Entire Political Elite

How to Bring Capital to Cuba

100 días de cambio en Argentina

Peru's Path: No Longer So Shining


Peak Japan and its implications for regional security

How Will the Philippines Presidential Election Transform the Country?

Will China Change its North Korea Policy?

Power Politics in (Eur)Asia

Troubles, They Come in Battalions: The Manifold Travails of the Indian Air Force

The domestic politics of Jakarta's South China Sea policy


Tchad: entre ambitions et fragilités

The Motivations of Warlords and the Role of Militias in the Central African Republic (CAR)


The future of Papua New Guinea: Old challenges for new leaders

International Economy

Is the oil price-GDP link broken?

The Future of the WTO after the Nairobi Ministerial Conference

Refugees & Migraton

No Way Out? Making Additional Migration Channels Work for Refugees

What Should the U.S. Do About Refugee Resettlement?

Not likely to go home: Syrian refugees and the challenges to Turkey—and the international community

Peace & War

The role of ex-rebel parties in building peace

Connectivity Wars: Weaponizing Interdependence


Protecting Data Privacy With User-Friendly Software


China’s False Allegations of the Use of Biological Weapons by the United States during the Korean War

The Aftershock of the Nazi War against the Jews: Could the 1948 War Against Israel Have Been Prevented?

Books & Reviews

Power and International Relations: A Conceptual Approach [Chapter 1]

Ruling Russia: Authoritarianism from the Revolution to Putin [Introduction]

India’s War: World War II and the Making of Modern South Asia by Srinath Raghavan

The Victory of Ukraine

Scenario for a Wonderful Tomorrow

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