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Weekly International
Press Brief
23 - 27 : XI : 2020


Biden’s Administration

The Fraught Politics Facing Biden’s Foreign Policy

Repairing the World: The Imperative—and Limits—of a Post-Trump Foreign Policy

The Best and Worst U.S. Presidential Transitions in History

Transatlantic Relations

Americans and Germans Head Into 2021 With Divergent Opinions on Transatlantic Alliance

For the West, There Is No Road Back to a Time Before Trump

Peru’s Political Crisis

La ultraderecha pierde en Perú

Can Francisco Sagasti Hold Peru Together?

Perú, una democracia secuestrada de difícil arreglo

UE: Vetoes to the Recovery Plan

The Rule Of Law In The EU Budget: Backing Down Is Too High a Price for the EU to Pay

Can the EU solve the Budget and Rule-of-Law Crisis?

What If the EU’s Economic Recovery Plan Fails?

G20 Summit

Vacuidad y esperanzas del G20

Prospects for a G20 “pandemic treaty”

Balkans: from war to normalization

Getting Serbia-Kosovo Normalization Right

Hostage state: How to free Bosnia from Dayton’s paralysing grip

25 after Dayton: The EU and the accompaniment of Bosnia’s future

Ethiopia’s Civil War

The Situation in Ethiopia is a Unique War and the African Union Has a Legal Duty to Silence the Guns

Ethiopia’s Problems Will Not End with a Military Victory


Why Reforming Islam to Fight Violent Extremism is a Bad Idea

Overlooked and underrated? The role of youth and women in preventing violent extremism


Defense In Depth: Why U.S. Security Depends on Alliances—Now More Than Ever

The U.S. Navy’s Loss of Command of the Seas to China and How to Regain It

Can Janet Yellen Rebuild the U.S. Economy?

This Is How a Constitution Dies


Asia-Pacific Trade Deal RCEP Is Signed; Xi Signals Potential Interest in CPTPP

The Hong Kong National Security Law: A Harbinger of China’s Emerging International Legal Discourse Power

China Diversifies in Central Asia

Current and Future Trends in Chinese Counterspace Capabilities


Russia’s Arctic Strategy through 2035: Grand Plans and Pragmatic Constraints

Russia’s ‘Pivot to Asia’ Encounters New Difficulties

Russia and the CSTO in the Face of Destabilisation in the Neighbourhood

How Biden Will Impact Russian Domestic Policy

European Union

The transformative five: A new role for the frugal states after the EU recovery deal

Unpacking the Brexit Deal: What to Look Out for

Revisiting EU climate and energy diplomacy: A starting point for Green Deal diplomacy?

COVID-19 Reveals Europe's Strategic Loneliness

Allemagne-France: Pour une politique européenne commune à l’égard de la Chine

Middle East

Regional stability is in the interest of both Saudi Arabia and Iran

The Many Faces of Turkey's Religious Soft Power

The Biden Administration Shouldn’t Try to Solve the Israel-Palestinian Conflict—because It Can’t Be Solved

Enhancing Mediterranean Integration

Latin America

AMLO’s threat to Latin American Democracy

Bolivia after the 2020 General Elections

Brazil’s Deadly Calm

Panamericanismo versus latinoamericanismo: tensión geopolítica y civilizacional


Pakistan’s ‘three evils’, CPEC and good governance

Thailand Protesters Gather as Government Weaponizes Lese Majeste

Despite Modi, India Has Not Yet Become a Hindu Authoritarian State

New Asia-Pacific trade deal: Implications for East Asia and the EU

Why the Quad Should Focus on a Strategy to Contain China


Cabo Verde – Presidential Activism during the Pandemic

Tensions cloud December polls in Ghana

Zimbabwe Now: Post-Coup, Mid-Covid; Continuing Crises, Corruption, and Confusion

In Uganda, Another Museveni Crackdown

COVID-19 exacerbating existing security, social and livelihood challenges in the Lake Chad Basin region

Democracy & Authoritarianism

Why the Pandemic and Populism Still Work Together

Panopticon 2.0? AI Enabled Surveillance Practices in Authoritarian Regimes,

How to Save Democracy From Technology: Ending Big Tech’s Information Monopoly


NATO toward 2030: a resilient Alliance and its main priorities

Trump’s Mixed NATO Legacy

Books & Reviews

Politics and Society in Contemporary China [introduction]

Reinventing China

Ambivalence and Desire in Revolutionary Syria

“To Rule Eurasia’s Waves: The New Great Power Competition at Sea”

Law and Leviathan: Redeeming the Administrative State

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