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Weekly International
Press Brief
16 - 20 : XI : 2020



The RCEP Signing and Its Implications

La liberalización comercial avanza en Asia-Pacífico

The impact of the new Asian trade mega-deal on the European Union

Biden’s Administration: the transition

The Presidential Transition Meets Murphy’s Law

With only 11 weeks, a transition delayed is a transition denied

The Biden Transition

G20 Summit

Are expectations from the G20 summit running too high?

Preliminary 2020 G20 Extraordinary Virtual Summit Interim Compliance Report


Biden has little chance of reviving the Iran nuclear deal

Renewing transatlantic strategy on Iran

Maximum Pressure, Minimal Success: Why the United States Needs a Reset with Iran

Turkey & the World

Repairing the Rift with Turkey

The New Turkey and its Nascent Security Regime


The Death of Ayman Al-Zawahri and the Future of Al-Qaida

Islamic State Khorasan Province’s Peshawar Seminary Attack and War Against Afghan Taliban Hanafis

Peru’s Political Crisis

Peru’s Democratic Crisis

Peru’s Problem Is Bigger Than Not Having a President

Great Powers

The Impact of U.S.-China Competition on the American Alliance System

How U.S. Elections Could Impact EU-Russia Relations

Can dialogues advance EU-China trade relations?


The Can-Do Power: America’s Advantage and Biden’s Chance

No Exit: Why the Middle East Still Matters to America

President-elect Biden: Want to reduce polarization? Modernize federal rural policy


Chinese State Power and External Threat Dependence

Regime Realism and Chinese Grand Strategy

How China Uses the People’s Armed Police as Agents of Diplomacy

China’s Digital Silk Road: Economic and Political Significance


Mapa de la presencia e influencia de Rusia en el mundo desde el año 2000

Karabakh Armistice: Azerbaijani National Triumph, Russian Geopolitical Victory

Face à la Turquie, la Russie toujours maître des horloges dans le Caucase ?

European Union

Vencer las limitaciones de los tratados

Securing the EU’s Place in the World

European migration and border management: Future reforms reassert symbolic solidarity

Merkel´s 2020/21 Bismarck Moment

The evolution of European economic institutions during the COVID-19 crisis

North America

In Mexico, the Makings of a Political Crisis

A US Border Crisis Could Be Imminent – Here is How to Avoid It

Middle East

Israel in the Middle East: The next two decades

Dollars to Despots: Sisi’s International Patrons

Violence Erupts in Western Sahara

Algeria takes a step forward

Latin America

El triunfo de Arce abre una nueva etapa en Bolivia: Expectativas y desafíos

The Struggles of Big Populism in Latin America

El plebiscito constituyente en Chile

Bolsonaro’s Rough Day: What Does It Mean?


Political unrest in Kyrgyzstan: between old and new hopes

South Koreans Rarely Think About North Korea

Covid vs. Democracy: India’s Illiberal Remedy

Strengthening US-Japan-Southeast Asia Cooperation On Connectivity In The Indo-Pacific


Africa’s Thorny Horn

Elections will be tricky, but Burkina Faso has an even bigger problem

Tigray’s War Against Ethiopia Isn’t About Autonomy. It’s About Economic Power.

Nonviolent guerrilla cartographers


Hostage state: How to free Bosnia from Dayton’s paralysing grip

Moldova Has a New President. What Next?

Les forces libérales devraient s'imposer aux élections parlementaires du 6 décembre prochain en Roumanie


Contradictions Grow Amid Another BRICS Summit

Full text of BRICS Summit Moscow Declaration

Political Systems

¿Sobrevivirán las monarquías al siglo XXI?


Should America Still Police the World?

Books & Reviews

Isolationism: A History of America’s Efforts to Shield Itself From the World

In ‘A Promised Land,’ Barack Obama Thinks — and Thinks Some More — Over His First Term

Best of enemies: How Hitler and Stalin mirrored each other

Quel modèle économique pour l'après Covid ?

1619 and the Poisoned Well of Identity Politics

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