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Weekly International
Press Brief
19 - 23 : X : 2020 


US Election

The Election That Could Break America

Trump or Biden Can Still Fix Foreign Policy

Too Much to Lose: Steering the U.S. Away from Election-Related Violence

Large Shares of Voters Plan To Vote a Straight Party Ticket for President, Senate and House

Chile’s Referendum

Chile y la Constitución: modelo neoliberal “contra las cuerdas”

Chile, dificultades en el gobierno de los tiempos mejores

Chile Can’t Wait Longer for a New Constitution


Breaching International Law Comes at a Price

Brexit and the Dismal Reality of “Take Back Control”

A Tale Of Batteries, Brexit and EU Strategic Autonomy

EU-China Relationship

The Problems of Reciprocity

EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment

Transatlantic Relationship

Europe Must Grow Up and Stop Moaning About Trump

The Consequences of a Trump or Biden Win for Transatlantic Trade

Trump ou Biden: Comment reconstruire la relation transatlantique ?

Eleições na Bolívia

>Bolivia's MAS Socialists Are Back. What's Next? 

Golpe electoral en Bolivia

Understanding Bolivia’s Election


The Women’s March of Belarus

What Belarusians Think About Their Country’s Crisis


A Time to Heal, A Time to Build

U.S. Foreign Policy Never Recovered From the War on Terror

Sleepwalking Into World War III

Pivoting to Asia Doesn’t Get You Out of the Middle East


Taiwan Opinion Polling on Unification with China

Xi’s world: Covid has accelerated China’s rise

Prospects of a Hydrogen Economy with Chinese Characteristics

China’s 17+1 initiative stalls amid security concerns and broken promises


Russians Don’t Back Down

Emulation and Military Change in Russia

Navalny poisoning sanctions: the fate of the six

Russia's Lost War

European Union

De Venus a Jano: la UE y el desorden internacional

Defending Europe’s Economic Sovereignty: new ways to resist economic coercion

L’arrêt de la Cour de Karlsruhe : un coup de tonnerre dans un ciel serein ?

North America

Morena: lecturas de la disputa por su dirigencia

This Isn’t the Path to Solving Mexico’s Inequality

Middle East

Moving Past Libya’s Failures

What Would Happen If Israel and Saudi Arabia Established Official Relations?

Back into the Shadows? The Future of Kata'ib Hezbollah and Iran's Other Proxies in Iraq

The Unintended Consequences of Turkey’s Quest for Oil

The Syrian Mercenaries Fighting Foreign Wars for Russia and Turkey


Majority Rules in Myanmar’s Second Democratic Election

Domestic Politics in Southeast Asia and Local Backlash against the Belt and Road Initiative

Thailand: Protests and political headwinds amidst a pandemic

Measuring Shinzo Abe’s Impact on the Indo-Pacific

India and the Quad: Future Directions and International Relations Theory


Cabo Delgado and the Rise of Militant Islam: Another Niger Delta in the Making?

The New Idea of Africa in the Context of COVID-19

Six questions qui façonnent l’élection présidentielle en Côte d’Ivoire

Cellou Dalein Diallo ou Alpha Condé : la Guinée dans une dangereuse incertitude

Why can’t the AU seem to deter coups?

Climate Change

Climate Change As An Unconventional Security Risk

Climate policy, environmental justice, and local air pollution


2020 Asia Power Index


Year 30: Germany’s Second Chance

Books & Reviews

Religious Identity in US Politics [introduction]

Democracy in Peril?

Losing Ground: The crisis of the two-party system.

Burke’s Defense of Natural Rights and the Limits of Political Power

Conflict Central


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