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Weekly International
Press Brief
28 : IX - 02 : X : 2020 


US Presidential Election

First US Presidential Debate – Five Key Questions Answered

Large-scale political unrest is unlikely, but not impossible

A Foreign Policy for the Day After Trump

Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict

A hill here, a village there: Nagorno-Karabakh and the salami-slicing wars

> Is Peace Possible Between Armenia and Azerbaijan?

Armenia-Azerbaijan War: Military Dimensions of the Conflict

Belarus Protests

The Making of a Revolution

Planning for Belarus After Lukashenko

How a Dictator Became Vulnerable


Finding Britain’s role in a changing world: Protecting the UK’s ability to defend its value

Le drame du Brexit n’est pas encore terminé

A Terrible Border Is Reborn? Ireland And A No-Deal Brexit

Sri Lanka

Political Upheaval in Sri Lanka

No Accountability for War Crimes in Sri Lanka

European Migration Pact

Uncertain solidarity: Why Europe’s new migration pact could fall apart

Perceiving Migration Crises: A View from the European Neighbourhood                                                                                       

Malta, Italy, and Mediterranean Migration

Deciphering the European Union’s New Pact on Migration and Asylum

Eastern Mediterranean Tensions

How to Defuse Tensions in the Eastern Mediterranean

European Foreign Policy Is Drowning in the Mediterranean

30 years of german reunification

Since reunification, Germany has had its best 30 years. The next 30 will be harder

Germany's Reunification, Thirty Years Later

Gorbachev Was Right About German Reunification


Incompatible Bedfellows: UN Peace Operations and Counterterrorism

Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan Factions Reunited for ‘Holy War’ Against Islamabad

Making The U.S. Military’s Counter-Terrorism Mission Sustainable


L’état C’est Trump

Le renouveau du secteur nucléaire aux États-Unis. De "Make America Great Again" à l’"Energy Dominance"

> Nuclear War with North Korea Shouldn’t Be an Option

The United States in Russia’s Public Opinion and Contemporary Political Thought


The Unfinished Chinese Civil War

People's Liberation Army Operational Concepts

There Never Was a Cold War China


Russia’s nuclear doctrine moves the focus from non-Western threats

Moscow's Perspective: The West Is Responsible for Navalny’s Poisoning

European Union

Europe’s double bind

Europe’s Global Test

The EU must overhaul its farming policy to save the Green Deal

A proposal for a public infrastructure leasing entity for Europe

Une Union toujours plus géopolitique ?

Middle East

How Palestinians agreed on elections

A Pit(i)less Blame Game at the Beirut Port of Institutional Corruption

Middle East and North Africa: Terrorism and Conflicts

Another Invasion of Kuwait

Qatar’s Looming Decisions on LNG Expansion

Latin America

What Went Right (and Wrong) in Latin America’s Anti-Corruption Fight?

Bolivia: ¿vuelve el MAS al poder?

What Venezuela’s Henrique Capriles Really Wants

Washington’s ‘Blind Eye’ Toward Human Rights Abuses in Latin America


Southeast Asia is Rushing Headlong Toward an ‘Asian Fall’

What a China+1 Policy Might Look Like for Japan?

Reimagining India’s Engagement with BIMSTEC

Winning Strategic Competition in the Indo-Pacific

The lull before the storm: the worst may be yet to come in the Korean Peninsula


Australia must demand answers on Asian Development Bank funding in Papua New Guinea

The Australia–India Strategic Partnership: Accelerating Security Cooperation In The Indo–Pacific


Safeguarding Democracy in West Africa

Nigeria at 60

Covid-19 and Africa’s Recession: How Bad Can It Get?

Three African Countries Brace for Potential Election Turmoil

In the shadow of a liberation war


Arctic Matters: Sino-Russian Dynamics

Phantom Peril in the Arctic


Why Europe Wins

Books & Reviews

A World Safe for Democracy: Liberal Internationalism and the Crises of Global Order [excerto]

‘Abe: Abraham Lincoln in His Times,’ by David S. Reynolds: An Excerpt

Rethinking the Liberal World Order

Horizontes de ‘democradura’

Our Most Vulnerable Election


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