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Weekly International
Press Brief
27 : IV - 01 : V : 2020 


Global Economics

The pandemic adds momentum to the deglobalization trend

COVID-19 Could Bring Down the Trading System

The revived centrality of the G20

As coronavirus shocks the energy sector and economy, is now the time for a new energy order?

North Korea: sucession ahead?

With Kim Jong Un Mysteriously Gone, China Is Likely to Make a Power Move

Kim Jong-un Dead or Alive, Trump Should Keep "Maximum Pressure" in Place

History Tells Us How North Korea Would Handle the Death of Kim Jong-un


Compatible Interests? The EU and China’s Belt and Road Initiative

Le Covid-19 dans la relation Europe-Chine

Europe Can Afford to Fight With China

Lebanon: Crisis & Protests

At a Breaking Point

Coronavirus in Precarious Lebanon

Lebanon’s Imminent Financial Crisis

Arch of Crisis

Peace in Ukraine: A Promise yet to Be Kept

Peace in Ukraine I: A European War


The insurgency in Cabo Delgado

¿Prevenir la radicalización combatiendo el terrorismo?


In Defense of the Blob: America’s Foreign Policy Establishment Is the Solution, Not the Problem

The National Debt Dilemma

The next COVID-19 relief bill must include massive aid to states, especially the hardest-hit areas

The corona election: How Trump might use the pandemic to win


China’s Hidden Crackdown in Tibet

Residence permit points systems widen China’s class divide

Unpacking China’s overseas aid program

China’s Impact on Conflict Dynamics in the Red Sea Arena

Making the Most of It, Part II: Xi Jinping Leverages Coronavirus ‘War Without Smoke’ to Spur Digital Transformation, Test National Defense Mobilization


The Gerasimov Doctrine

Putin’s Societal Distancing: Prioritizing Power in the Corona Pandemic

Forward to the Past? New/Old Theatres of Russia’s International Projection

Improvisation and Adaptability in the Russian Military

European Union

The post-coronavirus world is already here

Where in the World Is the EU Now?

Coronavirus Has Revealed the EU’s Fatal Flaw: The Lack of Solidarity

Covid-19 bends the rules on internal border controls: Yet another crisis undermining the Schengen acquis?

Shared goals: How Germany’s crisis response could strengthen Europe

Middle East

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Play Politics With the Coronavirus

Importing Instability? How External Influences Nurture the War in Libya

The Middle East between Collective Security and Collective Breakdown

Why is it So Hard for Iraq to Form A Government?

Latin America

How Political Science Explains Countries’ Reactions to COVID-19

Una ventana de oportunidad para América Latina tras una década perdida

Petrobras entre Nacionalistas y Liberales: del PT a Bolsonaro

The Key to Bolsonaro’s Survival


The missing piece in the debate about the future regional order

India’s Indian Ocean Diplomacy in the COVID-19 Crisis

West Papua: The Issue That Won't Go Away For Melanesia

China and the West competing over infrastructure in Southeast Asia


Defusing the Political Crisis in Guinea

Al-Shabab’s Territory in Somalia Is a COVID-19 Powder Keg

Is COVID-19 enabling debt-trap diplomacy?

Chad’s Escalating Fight against Boko Haram

Transitional Justice

Breaking the Cycle of Violence: Transitional Justice for the Victims of ISIS in Syria

Healing the Wounds of the Past


Bertelsmann Transformation Index (BTI 2020)

Trends in World Military Expenditure, 2019

Books & Reviews

Deliberative Democracy in the EU: Countering Populism with Participation and Debate [e-book]

The Polarization Paradox

Our China Problem

Les autres, l’Europe et Magellan

“City on Fire: the fight for Hong Kong” by Antony Dapiran

How to wage war

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