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Weekly International
Press Brief
20 - 24 : IV : 2020 


World post-Covid 19

Cooperation After Covid-19

What world post-COVID-19? Three scenarios

Covid 19: Democracy & Authoritarianism

Autocratization by Decree: States of Emergency and Democratic Decline

Coronavirus Threatens Freedom in North Africa

Covid 19 & Protests

Civil Society and the Coronavirus: Dynamism Despite Disruption

Could the Covid crash spark another Arab Spring?

Israel Shows Us the Future of Protest

WHO’s Future

The Answer Is to Empower, Not Attack, the World Health Organization

Key Questions for WHO 


The Coronavirus Oil Shock Is Just Getting Started

How Covid-19 Will Revolutionise the World Energy Markets

Negative oil prices: Why Asian nations may struggle to take advantage

Gas Heats Up the Eastern Mediterranean


Same but Different? A Comparison of Ebola Virus Disease and Covid-19 After the Ebola Epidemic in Eastern DRC (2018–20)

Pandemics Can Mean Strike Waves

New Pathogen, Old Politics


Why the UK should extend the transition period

The Hard Truths of Brexit

Could the COVID crisis be an economic opportunity for Brexit Britain?


¡Castigo de Alá! El movimiento yihadista global ante la crisis del COVID-19

ISIS looks to prosper in a world distracted by the virus

Salafi-jihadi ecosystem in the Sahel

U.S.-Russia Relations

COVID-19 Could Completely Change U.S.-Russia Relations

Don’t Bet on Reset: US-Russian Relations in the Wake of the Coronavirus


We Are Living in a Failed State

Americans give President Trump poor ratings in handling COVID-19 crisis

What a White-Supremacist Coup Looks Like

Resisting the Authoritarian Impulse


From Non-Interference to Wolf Warrior: Chinese Foreign Internal Defense

Is it time for a ‘new way of war?’ What China’s army reforms mean for the rest of the world

A Framework for Understanding Chinese Political Interference in Democratic Countries


The Kremlin faces setbacks in the Balkans

The Desanctification of Putin: The Political Costs of COVID-19 Are Beginning to Mount

Sociétés militaires russes. Wagner, combien de divisions?

European Union

Facts, not words: the EU role in the de-confinement phase

How Is Eu Cooperation On The Covid-19 Crisis Perceived In Member States?

A problem shared: Russia and the transformation of Europe’s eastern neighbourhood

Middle East

Beyond Yemen’s Militiadoms: Restarting from local agency

Iran's Evolving Approach to Asymmetric Naval Warfare: Strategy and Capabilities in the Persian Gulf

Egypt and the Gulf: Allies and Rivals

Ramadan to Test Religious Elements of Saudi Pandemic Response

El sionismo vuelve a cerrar filas en Israel

Latin America

Latin America Must Act – Or Brace for Political Instability

Why Jair Bolsonaro’s Coronavirus Denialism Won’t Hurt Him

Political violence, state incapacity and post-peace agreement Colombia

North America

5 Reasons to Strengthen Mexico-U.S. Cooperation, Now

Mexico’s Governors Find Their Voice – and the Spotlight – in COVID-19


How Central Asia Copes With COVID-19

Covid-19: l’Asie orientale face à la pandémie

The return of old-style Malay-centric politics?

COVID19 and competition for influence in South Asia

Indo Pacific Power and Security Equations-Post 2020


The importance of Australia’s Pacific step-up in the post-virus environment

Was 2020 Australia’s peak?

Has the cost of Australia’s future submarines gone up? Part 1


One size fits all? Why lockdowns might not be Africa’s best bet.

Protecting Civilians After UNAMID: Options for a Follow-on Mission in Sudan

A democracy of chameleons

The Central Sahel: Scene of New Climate Wars?

Water Security and Governance in the Horn of Africa

Transatlantic Relationship

The Pandemic and the Toll of Transatlantic Discord

The U.S.-China Race and the Fate of Transatlantic Relations

Nuclear deterrence

The impact of AI on nuclear deterrence: China, Russia, and the United States

Perspectives on Nuclear Deterrence in the 21st Century

The Urgent Need for a U.S.-Iran Hotline

Arms Control in Iran: Preventing A Full-Blown Nuclear Crisis

Maintaining Nuclear Safety and Security During the COVID-19 Crisis

Historical Memory

Gaps and Omissions in Europe’s New Memory Wars


Can the New ‘Magi’ Save Nato?


2020 World Press Freedom Index


The ‘new normal’: Thoughts about the shape of things to come in the post-pandemic world

Books & Reviews

US Policy Toward Africa: Eight Decades of Realpolitik [Introdução]

Globalization is scarcely new: it dates back to the year 1000

Thomas Piketty Turns Marx on His Head

The Thorny Road to the 19th Amendment

The Force of Non-Violence by Judith Butler

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