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Weekly International
Press Brief
13 - 17 : IV : 2020 


Global Health

Covid-19: Why did global health governance fail?

The World Health Organization and Pandemic Politics

The WHO Shouldn’t Be a Plaything for Great Powers

Covid 19 & Global Order

No, the Coronavirus Will Not Change the Global Order

No, COVID-19 Isn’t Turning Europe Pro-China (Yet)

Covid-19 and the liberal international order: Exposing instabilities and weaknesses in an open international system

The Pandemic Won’t Make China the World’s Leader

Avoiding a Virus-Induced Cold War with China

Covid 19, Authoritarianism & Democracy

Avoiding Authoritarian Pitfalls During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Democracy Talks: COVID-19, Authoritarianism, and Democracy

Coronavirus is also a threat to democratic constitutions

South Korea’s Elections

Implications of South Korea’s Historic COVID-19 Elections

The Virus Rejuvenates Moon Jae-in’s Presidency

South Korea Is a Liberal Country Now


Leak Reveals Jihadists’ Weakening Grip in Syria’s Idlib

Education and Boko Haram in Nigeria

Resilient social networks: Southeast Asia’s enduring terrorist threat


America’s COVID-19 Disaster Is a Setback for Democracy

Recentering the United States in the Historiography of American Foreign Relations

Trump’s strategy in Venezuela: Domestic or foreign policy?

What the United States loses by quitting the Open Skies treaty, in one chart

Can History’s Biggest Stimulus Stave Off a Coronavirus Depression?


Xi Jinping’s leadership of China looks secure – but his enemies are circling

Same as it Ever Was: China’s Pandemic Opportunism on its Periphery

Could the Coronavirus Start a War Between Taiwan and China?


Russian Presidency in the SCO

European Lockdown Hits Russia’s Gas Market

The Importance of Turkey in Russian Policy

Russians See Putin as Champion of Oligarchs

European Union

Brexit: A Pragmatic Trade Agreement?

COVID-19: A turning point for the EU?

COVID-19: Which Effects on Defence Policies in Europe?

Las contradicciones del “Imperio europeo” en los Balcanes occidentales

Middle East

Behind the Front Lines in Yemen’s Marib

Moyen-Orient: l'économie dans la course à la puissance

“A Force They Haven’t Seen Before”: Insurgent ISIS in Central Syria

The Faint Red Line: How the West Should Respond to the Syria Chemical Weapons Report

Islamic Authority and Arab States in a Time of Pandemic

Latin America

The Constitutional Process in Chile

Turmoil in the Western Hemisphere

Sanctions Relief for Venezuela? Trump’s Plan Points the Way.

América Latina: Derechos civiles y políticos en tiempos de pandemia


Malaysia’s surprise new cabinet

Why Philippine Solidarity With Vietnam in South China Sea Fishing Row Matters

Southern Philippines: Tackling Clan Politics in the Bangsamoro

Covid-19: l’Asie orientale face à la pandémie

Regional Rivalry in the Indo-Pacific: Vietnam’s Role as the 2020 Chair of ASEAN


New Zealand: Life under lockdown and the view of outside

Reshaping Australia’s health security engagement in the Indo-Pacific


Why Mali Needs a New Peace Deal

Guinea’s Elections Had a Clear Winner. But Its Contest for Power Isn’t Over

Coronavirus Response Threatens Ethiopia’s Fragile Political Transition

L’arrivée du COVID-19 en Afrique subsaharienne, quels scénarios ?


COVID-19: ¿amenaza u oportunidad para la OTAN?

NATO and the Rise of China: How a “NATO-Pacific Forum” Could Augment Alliance Cohesion


A Comprehensive Framework for Studying Migration Policies

International Security

Nuclear Non-Proliferation in a Deadlock

How nuclear forces worldwide are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic

Transatlantic Relations

The EU as a digital regulatory superpower: Implications for the United States

The Atlantic Alliance Had Preexisting Conditions. The Pandemic Will Worsen Them

The Coronavirus Stress Test Is Just Beginning for the Transatlantic Alliance

Climate Change

Carbon Critical: The Great Unwanted Climate Experiment

Lessons from COVID-19 on climate change policy

Books & Reviews

Prince Of Diplomats

‘How to Make Love to a Despot’ Review: Safe—But Not for Democracy

A Twentieth-Century Crusade: The Vatican’s Battle to Remake Christian Europe

El mayor gato por liebre de la historia

When to Leave?

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