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Weekly International
Press Brief
06 - 10 : IV : 2020 


Covid 19 & Conflicts

> Global Ceasefire Call Deserves UN Security Council’s Full Support

> Can the Coronavirus Reset the Abkhazia Conflict?

> Conflict and peace scenarios in times of COVID-19

COVID 19 & Global Order

> About declaring a new pandemic world order  

> Lecciones de una crisis global: coronavirus, orden internacional y el futuro de la UE

> Diplomacy at the UN in the Time of Coronavirus

COVID 19 & Global Economy

> Don’t Count on China to Lift the Global Economy

> Las dos fases económicas del coronavirus

> The Normal Economy Is Never Coming Back

Oil & Energy Security

> Can Saudi Arabia win the oil price war?

> COVID-19’s Threat to Energy Security

> Russia Is Losing the Oil War - and the Middle East

G20 Agenda

> The G20 should expand trade to help developing countries overcome COVID 19

> The G20 Agreement the World Needs Now

Yemen's War

> Injurious Involvement

> The Coronavirus Pandemic Could Be the Key to Peace in Yemen

Polónia | Poland

> Pressure Test

Chile’s Constitutional Process

> The Constitutional Process in Chile

> Chile’s New (Fragile) Social Truce

Great Powers

> China and the return of great power strategic competition

> Strategic Rivalry between United States and China

> Re-Engaging Russia


> In Search of the American State

> The U.S. Government Is Finally Getting Tough on White Nationalist Terrorism

> Not Him, Them


> The Belt and Road After COVID-19

> Xi Jinping emerges stronger from Covid-19 outbreak


> Russia’s new Arctic policy document signals continuity rather than change

> Are Russians Finally Sick of Putin?

> Six Years After Crimea: The Outlook for a “Russia-Friendly” Political Establishment in Ukraine

European Union

> Views from the capitals: How the row over coronabonds is tearing Europe apart

> Old Divisions Threaten Europe’s Economic Response to the Coronavirus

> The European Green Deal after Corona

> Las contradicciones del “Imperio europeo” en los Balcanes occidentales

> Deterrence and Defense in Times of COVID-19: Europe’s Political Choices

North America


Middle East

> Iran’s Unconventional Alliance Network in the Middle East and Beyond

> Benny Gantz Did the Right Thing by Putting His Country First

> Geopolitics and the Greater Maghreb Security Complex in a Time of Financial Distress

> Idlib’s crucible moment: The cost of jihadist proxies and geopolitical tensions

> A New Security Architecture for the Middle East?

Latin America

> In Bolivia, a contested race to choose Morales’ successor

> Mexico's Fuels Market and a "Double Whammy"

> ‘Máxima presión’ sobre Venezuela y Cuba

> Latin America on the brink of sanitary and economic collapse


> Asia after the pandemic

> It is Time for a Government of National Reconciliation in Afghanistan

> Mauritius: Old and new challenges in a post-pandemic world

> Beyond binary choices? Navigating great power competition in Southeast Asia

> Indonesia’s and Australia’s middle-power moment


> Supporting Mozambique’s Response to the Growing Insurgent Threat in Cabo Delgado

> African States Must Localise Coronavirus Response

> Lesotho’s Tom Thabane clings to power against the odds

> Un débat inclusif pour une sortie de crise en République de Guinée

> Fewer migrants to Europe, bigger problems for Africa

International Security

> Prevent the outbreak of another global security threat. Extend New START.

> Is France’s Nuclear Shield Big Enough to Cover All of Europe?

Climate Change

> The Climate Club: How to Fix a Failing Global Effort

> L'énergie et le climat face aux chocs du Covid-19 : à quitte ou double ?


> NATO@71

> Let's Get Moving

Democracy & Authoritarianism

> A Lost Decade for Third-Wave Democracies?

> How Will the Coronavirus Reshape Democracy and Governance Globally?


> Why this crisis is a turning point in history

Books & Reviews

> Why global warming needs national solutions [excerpt]

> Indo-Pacific Empire: China, America and the Contest for the World’s Pivotal Region

> La diplomatie française en pratique(s)

> After Cosmopolitanism

> A Few Good Men: Trump, the Generals, and the Corrosion of Civil-Military Relations

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