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Weekly International
Press Brief
30 : III - 03 : IV : 2020 


Impacts of COVID 19 Pandemics

> Backgrounder: Covid-19 and States of Emergency in Europe

> The Multilateral System Still Cannot Get Its Act Together on COVID-19

> Coronavirus Has Started a Censorship Pandemic

> The Impact of COVID-19 on Peace Operations

> Pandemics and Power Narratives: The Rashomon Effect

Hungary: from COVID 19 to autocratization

> Orbán Exploits Coronavirus Pandemic to Destroy Hungary’s Democracy

> Orbán Uses Coronavirus to Put Hungary’s Democracy in a State of Danger

> A New Risk to the EU from Coronavirus

Oil & Energy Security

> The Oil Collapse: A Pandemic and a Price War Have Together Brought Energy Markets to a Crisis

> Cashing out – Saudi Arabia’s radical new oil strategy

> Russia Has Designated Itself as the Loser in the Trilateral Oil War


> Are the Taliban Serious about Peace Negotiations?

> Can America Trust the Taliban to Prevent Another 9/11?

> Did Pakistan Win the Afghanistan War?

> Afghanistan Misperceives China as an Honest Broker in Peace Process


> Contending with ISIS in the Time of Coronavirus

> The Islamic State’s Increasing Focus on India

> Why is the US ramping up anti-terrorism efforts in Kenya?

Great Powers

> Russia and China in the Arctic: Cooperation, Competition, and Consequences

> Responding to China’s New Tools of Global Influence

> Decreasing U.S.-China Trade Is Worrisome


> Does America Need an Africa Strategy?

> How Foreign Policy Factors for American Muslims in 2020

> Continuity and Change in US Policies towards the Caspian Region


> China’s Coming Upheaval: Competition, the Coronavirus, and the Weakness of Xi Jinping

> China Looms Large in Central Asia

> Amidst China’s “mask diplomacy” in Europe, Beijing’s global diplomatic offensive and local dynamics


> Unstable Putin

> The Covid-19 pandemic in Russia: No applause for Putin’s political play?

> Russia’s View on Nuclear Arms Control: An Interview With Ambassador Anatoly Antonov

European Union

> The future of Europe is being decided now

> How the coronavirus threatens a geopolitical Europe

> Facing the lower bound: what will the ECB do in the next recession?

> From Strategic Autonomy to the Internationalization of the Euro: Europe’s Challenges and the Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis

Middle East

> L’Iran et ses “proxys” au Moyen-Orient. Les défis de la guerre par procuration

> Looming Challenges for Iraq’s New Government

> Five years on, has the Arab coalition achieved its objectives in Yemen?

> The Perfect Storm: Coronavirus and Climate Change in the Middle East

> Algeria: Between Popular Protests, Political Uncertainty and Regional Turmoil

Latin America

> As coronavirus hits Latin America, expect serious and enduring effects

> Assessing the Political and Social Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis in Latin America

> How to Think About the Lockdown Decision in Latin America

> Turkey and Venezuela: An Alliance of Convenience


> The Tablighi Jamaat tangle

> One small step for Japan’s space security strategy

> Why are some stock markets in Asia less affected by coronavirus?

> South Korea: Elections Amid a Pandemic

> The Coronavirus Is Making U.S.-North Korea-South Korean Relations Worse


> Africa after COVID-19 and the retreat of globalism

> A Heated Debate: Climate Change and Conflict in Africa

> Écosystème des groupes armés en Centrafrique

> Insurgents change tactics as Mozambique seeks help

> Ethiopia’s Transition: Implications for the Horn of Africa and Red Sea Region

Extremism & Radicalisation

> The Nexus between Human Security and Preventing/Countering Violent Extremism

> Prison radicalisation and deradicalisation in Australia


> Autocratization Surges – Resistance Grows 

> Counterterrorism Yearbook 2020


> Democracy, authoritarianism and crises

Books & Reviews

> MBS: The Rise to Power of Mohammed Bin Salman [An Excerpt]

> A People Betrayed by Paul Preston review – a magisterial study of Spain's turbulent past

> East-Central Europe's revolt against imitation 

> Comment financer une vie politique vraiment démocratique?

> Can Democrats save democracy — or even their own party?


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