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Weekly International
Press Brief
09 - 13 : III : 2020 


Global Health: Covid 19

> How coronavirus could change the global order

> Covid-19 in China, the US, India: Comparative crisis management 101

> How Does the WHO Help Fight Pandemics?

Covid 19: Economic & Financial Crisis

> The Global Economic Impacts of COVID-19

> An effective economic response to the Coronavirus in Europe

Putin & Constitutional Reform

> Keeping His Options Open: Why Putin Decided to Stay On

> Russia’s Uncertain Regime Transformation

> Constitutional changes in Russia: Too much too late?

50 yeard of the NPT

> The NTP Turns 50: Will It Get to 60?

> The Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons at 50

Energy Security

> The Great Oil War of 2020 Has Begun. Can Russia Win?

> Why Current Saudi-Russia Oil Price War Is Not Déjà Vu

> Saudi Arabia and Russia feud over coronavirus oil response: Will everyone lose?

Migrations & Refugees: Turkey & EU

> Wilful blindness: How the EU should revise its refugee deal with Turkey

> Walking headlong into disaster

US Democratic Primaries

> Why Michigan’s Primary is as Important as Super Tuesday

> Biden Is the Candidate of the Resistance

> Biden Has Cured Dems of Their Belief in a Savior President

Internacional Security: Arms Control

> Strategic Spiral: Arms Control, U.S.-Russian Relations, and European Security

> No One Wins an Arms Race or a Nuclear War

> Is This the End of the Open Skies Treaty?

Idlib Escalation

> Idlib’s crucible moment: The cost of jihadist proxies and geopolitical tensions

> Russie-Turquie. Alliance impossible, rupture improbable

Chile: changing country

> Chile’s October Surprise

> Chile: Notes from a Revolt


> Al-Qaeda: Threat or Anachronism?

Great Powers

> One War Is Not Enough: Strategy and Force Planning for Great Power Competition

> What Does Great Power Competition Mean?


> Trump Hijacked U.S. Foreign Policy During His Impeachment

> A program for strengthening the Federal Reserve's ability to fight the next recession


> The Belt and Rebranding Initiative

> El despliegue mediático global de China: mucha inversión, poca credibilidad


> The World Through Moscow’s Eyes: A Classic Russian Perspective

> We Need a Small War

European Union

> Trois fois deux pour l'Europe. Comment un renforcement des relations bilatérales France-Allemagne, Allemagne-Pologne et France-Pologne peut faire avancer l'UE

> In search of a European Russia Strategy

> Digitalising Defence: Protecting Europe in the age of quantum computing and the cloud

> Représentation et participation: réinventer la démocratie européenne

Middle East

> Israel goes to the Polls… Again

> Les économies du Golfe et la transition énergétique

> Russia and Pakistan in the Middle East: Approaches to Security in the Gulf

> Home and away: Mohammad Bin Salman projects his power

Latin America

> The oil curse makes inroads in Guyana’s election

> Colombia at a Stabilization Crossroads

> Imagining a Resolution of Venezuela’s Crisis

> Géopolitique de l’Amazonie


> Taiwan’s minor parties a force to be reckoned with?

> The Maldives slipping away from China towards India in Indian Ocean game play

> Rodrigo Duterte Will Not Go Gently

> India-Pakistan peacemaking: Beyond populist religious diplomacy


> Stop Russia From Sparking Another Bosnian War

> UK–Russia Security Relations: Talking To Understand


> On the Divergent Trajectories of African Islamism: Explaining Salafi Non-Radicalisation in Zanzibar

> Mozambique Is a Failed State. The West Isn’t Helping It

> Kony’s rebels remain a threat, but they’re also selling honey to get by

> Guinea-Bissau’s Political Crisis Raises Fears of Another Coup

> How Can African States Become More Influential in the UN Security Council?


> Multilateralism: Variants, Potential, Constraints and Conditions for Success

> Germany in the United Nations Security Council: Reforming Multilateralism


> Opening the fifth seal: Catholic martyrs and forces of religious competition

> Wars of Religion

Transitional Justice

> Arab dictators take note

> Teaching transitional justice after conflict and terror: Cases of Kosovo and Norway


> Beyond Great Forces: How Individuals Still Shape History

Books & Reviews

> Foreign Policy is Much More Than a Liberal vs. Conservative Brawl

> Les partis pris discutables d’une somme sur le Coran 

> Elegía por un mundo perdido

> Book review “Electoral Politics in Africa since 1990”

> “Vietnam’s Strategic Thinking During the Third Indochina War” by Kosal Path


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