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Weekly International
Press Brief
02 - 06 : III : 2020 


Global Health: Covid 19

> Fight Pandemics Like Wildfires: With Prevention and a Plan to Share the Costs

> The Coronavirus Is Exposing the Limits of Populism

> How to Fight the Economic Fallout From the Coronavirus

International Security: 50 years of the NPT

> Why Arms Control Is (Almost) Dead

> The NPT Turns 50: A Mid-life Crisis?

> The NPT took effect 50 years ago; its purpose has been debated from the beginning

Idlib Escalation

> Idlib: Why a Modest Agricultural Region Became the Nucleus of the Syrian Conflict? How Can It Become its Solution?

> Chronique d’une double crise annoncée : une nouvelle approche nécessaire des relations avec la Turquie

Peace Deal in Afghanistan  

> Peace, Not Justice: Questioning the Top-Down Deal in Afghanistan

> Twelve Ideas to Make Intra-Afghan Negotiations Work

> Afghanistan at Peace or Afghanistan in Pieces – Part One: The First Phase

Refugees: Crisis at the Greek Border

> Erdogan’s refugee gambit

> Europe’s Morality Is Dying at the Greek Border

America’s Presidential Election

> Why Trump Would Easily Beat Biden

> The Party Cannot Hold

> With Afghanistan Deal, Trump Has A Foreign Policy Record He Can Take To Re-Election

Slovakia’s Election

> Voters Have Given Slovakia a Historic Opportunity to Repair its Mistake

> Slovakia: election sees parties changing direction to keep the far right out of power

Israeli Election

> Strike Three: How a Ruling Coalition Still Eludes Israel’s Netanyahu

> Israel’s Electoral Marathon: Coalition Scenarios and Policy Implications

> The Arabs’ Moment


> Whither al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula?

> La participación de las mujeres en el terrorismo: nuevas tendencias

Great Powers

> ‘Spheres of Influence’—a Reality to Be Faced or an Atavism to Be Rejected?

> The Great Power Competition over 5G Communications: Limited Success for the American Campaign against Huawei


> What the Fed should do now to get ready for the next recession

> La politique américaine d'immigration: la fabrique d'une crise

> Twin Pillars: Upholding National Security and Innovation in Emerging Tech


> China’s Military Advancements in the 2010s: Naval and Strike

> China Alters Civil Society Rules, Allowing More Groups to Respond to Coronavirus

> Uyghurs for sale


> La politique arctique de la Russie: une stratégie de puissance et ses limites

> Africa-Russia+: Achievements, Problems, Prospects

> The Significance of Russia’s Militarisation of Crimea

European Union

> Europe (and yes, that includes Britain) can still be a superpower

> Implementing the Global Strategy for the EU’s Foreign and Security Policy

> The Future of Democracy in Europe: Technology and the Evolution of Representation

> A European carbon border tax: much pain, little gain

Middle East

> Tunisie: éviter les surenchères populists

> Allawi withdraws PM nomination: Opportunities in Iraq despite the dysfunction

> Running around in circles: How Saudi Arabia is losing its war in Yemen to Iran

> The Making of a “Resistance Parliament” in Iran and the Challenges Ahead

Latin America

> Dangerous Alliances: Populists and the Military

> How Latin America Can Find Opportunity in Its Migration Challenge

> Suriname and the need for good governance

> Chile, ni tan oasis ni tan infierno


> Beyond Frozen Conflict: Scenarios for the Separatist Disputes of Eastern Europe

> Finding Britain’s role in a changing world

> Ukraine’s Unromantic Reshuffle


> Two steps back for politics in Southeast Asia

> Philippines: When democracies hit midlife crisis

> Middle Powers Will Determine the Future of the Asian Order


> Democracy needs dissent

> One Year After CAR Peace Agreement, Looming Elections Distract from Current Dangers

> The opposition playbook for discrediting elections and its risks


> Freedom in the World 2020: A Leaderless Struggle for Democracy


> The Essence Of Marxism

Books & Reviews

> Surprising News: How the Media Affect—and Do Not Affect—Politics [Introduction]

> Up from Polarization

> How Can Negotiations Bring Wars to an End?

> From the bookshelf: ‘China’s Asia: triangular dynamics since the Cold War’

> Refundar el capitalismo (otra vez)


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