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Weekly International
Press Brief
18 - 22 : XI : 2019


Protests Worldwide

> Why Iranians Are Revolting Again

> Lebanon’s leap into the unknown

> Why Is South America In Turmoil? An Overview

> Protests in Pakistan could shake prime minister’s mandate

> Gilets jaunes: la fièvre est-elle retombée ?

> Haitian fuel crisis: Petrocaribe’s collateral damage


> Bolivia After Morales: What Lies in Store for the Country?

> The Crisis in Bolivia Roils a Rapidly Changing Latin America

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

> U.S. Recognition of Settlements Will Harm Israel More Than It Helps

> Palestina, una espiral de violencia incesante

Sri Lanka’s Election

> Sri Lanka’s Presidential Election Brings Back a Polarising Wartime Figure

> South Asia's Turn to Illiberal Democracy

Arch of Crisis

>How to End the War in Ukraine: What an American-Led Peace Plan Should Look Like

> The Shoals of Ukraine


> Would terrorists set off a nuclear weapon if they had one? We shouldn’t assume so

> Ante la cuarta fase del yihadismo global

> Tales of an American Lone Wolf Terrorist

Great Powers

> Alternative History: Would Russia in NATO and EU Be Game Changer in West’s Rivalry With China?

> Trump might lose the US–China trade war

> The state of China-European Union economic relations


> EEUU: el estado de la Unión un año antes de las elecciones

> Trump’s Bureaucratic Arson

> U.S. Foreign Exchange Policy—The Trump Administration and the Dollar

> A Dem for All Seasons?


> The testing ground: China’s rising influence in Southeast Asia and regional responses

> Leaked Files Detail Xi’s Crackdown in Xinjiang, and Some Internal Dissent

> The Pressure on China

> Unity, Democracy, and Anti-Americanism in China


> The Last of The Offended: Russia’s First Post-Putin Diplomats

> Investment in Russia Remains a Lottery, Despite Government Promises

European Union

> A Geopolitically Aware EU and Its Eastern European Neighbours: More Realism, More Investment

> Von der Leyen’s Foreign Policy Bucket List

> No electoral system is perfect, but some seem fairer

> Can the European Commission develop Europe's defence industry?

Middle East

> Russia and China in the Middle East: Playing their best cards

> Owners of the Republic: An Anatomy of Egypt’s Military Economy

> Israel’s Political Crisis Deepens

> La Turquie en marge du Golfe: un Spectateur Enragé

Latin America

> Coyuntura, alianzas y desafíos políticos en Uruguay

> Can a Peronist Capitalize on Argentina's New Energy Reality?


> Kyrgyzstan’s Inscrutable President: Assessing Sooronbai Jeenbekov’s First Two Years in Office

> Is Japan weaponising trade against South Korea?

> Delhi’s persistent dogmas 

> Can Widodo stop Indonesia’s increasing Islamisation?


> Between Moderation and Extremism: The Strange Evolution of Hungarian Far-Right

> Life After the Coalition: What Now for Moldova?


> Diversity and Unity: African Agency in International Affairs

> Mauritania’s past doesn’t want to go away

> An interesting election in Namibia, at last

> Three Ways to Improve Multilateral Peacekeeping in Africa (and Beyond)

Democracy & Authoritarianism

> Democracy, Autocracy and Economic Development

> Online disinformation and emerging tech: Are democracies at risk?

International Security

> War Powers Oversight, Not Reform

> Killing New START Is Crazy


> Assessing the Effectiveness of the UN Mission in the Central African Republic

> Armed Non-state Actors Need to be Included in Pragmatic Peacebuilding


> Better police-civilian relations can reduce irregular migration


> Global Terrorism Index 2019

Books & Reviews

> Vanguard of the Revolution: The Global Idea of the Communist Party [Introduction]

> Xi Jinping Knows Who His Enemies Are

> Searching for the man behind the legend of Charlemagne

> Pour un cosmopolitisme démocratique

> China, the US, and the big break

> Los libros del estallido

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