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Weekly International
Press Brief
11 - 15 : XI : 2019


Protests Worldwide

Latin America

> Did Chile just find a way out of its crisis?

> Haitian fuel crisis: Petrocaribe’s collateral damage

> Ecuador y los subsidios a los combustibles

Middle East

> After the Lebanon Protests: Between the Party of God and Party of the People

> Don't Overestimate the Power of Iraqi Protests

> Iran’s Protests and the Threat to Domestic Stability

Hong Kong

> Hong Kong’s Violence Will Get Worse

> Gloomy outlook for Hong Kong’s economy


> Bolivia reflects the deep polarization crisis in Latin America

> Latin America Is Too Polarized to Help Stabilize Bolivia

NATO at 70

> NATO at 70: what defence policy and planning priorities?

> Retos políticos de la OTAN en su 70º aniversario

> The 2% Target: Spending Increases and the Russian Threat

Macron and the Future of Europe

> Macron Challenges Europe’s Self-Denial

> What Will Macron’s Words Mean for the Transatlantic Alliance?

Elections in Spain

> Bringing the radical right in: Lessons learned from Spain

Elections at Sri Lanka

> Sri Lanka’s election threatens a return to authoritarian rule

> The end of Sri Lankan democracy?

Trump & Erdogan

> Trump-Erdogan Meeting: Abiding Friendship, Continuing Problems

> Erdogan in Washington: Setting the Agenda for a Pivotal Visit

> Trump and Erdogan's Blind Spot


> Thriving on Chaos


> A Dem for All Seasons?

> The Nonintervention Delusion: What War Is Good For

> Polar Power USA: Full Steam Ahead into the Arctic


> Russia’s southern strategy

> Five Faces of Russia’s Soft Power


> The Ins and Outs of China’s International Development Agency

> The PRC and ROC National Day Ceremonies Offer Starkly Contrasting Views of “One Country, Two Systems”

European Union

> Schengen reloaded

> The new EU leadership: The von der Leyen Commission focuses on Europe’s geo-economic power

> European Union–Eastern Partnership relations: Future opportunities

Middle East

> Peace Is Possible in Yemen

> Proposed Elections in the Palestinian Authority: Why Now, and How Feasible Are They?

> The imminent risk of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East

Latin America

> Argentina 2019: Broken Economy, Strengthened Democracy

> La Alianza del Pacífico: ¿una nueva etapa para el MERCOSUR?

> La incertidumbre en la lucha contra la impunidad en Guatemala


> Ocean of debt? Belt and Road and debt diplomacy in the Pacific

> Prolonged Patience: Elections in Afghanistan

> Indian Foreign Policy in an Increasingly Connected Eurasia

> New U.S. Missiles in Asia Could Increase the North Korean Nuclear Threat

North America

> Canadá y la integración de la diferencia: lecciones del contencioso sobre la secesión de Quebec


> Czechs Back their Civil Society in the Spirit of 1989

> Moldova’s Broad-Based Governing Coalition Falls Apart

> Will Belarus Choose the West?

> Nuevos actores en escena: milicias y paramilitares en la Europa del Este


> Mozambique: An Unexpected Landslide, an Expected Crisis

> Sudan’s chance for democracy

> The (Im)possibilities of Ugandan patriotism

> Is Ramaphosa still kicking the ICC can down the road?

Climate Change

> Southeast Asia Faces Graver Peril From Climate Change Than Previously Thought

> Why climate change matters for monetary policy and financial stability


> The Real Immigration Crisis: The Problem Is Not Too Many, but Too Few

> Refugees at Risk: Managing the European Union’s Declining Power in Turkey

Security & Technology

> 5G and Security: There is More to Worry about than Huawei

> Cybersecurity and digital trade: What role for international trade rules?

> Guardian of the galaxy: EU cyber sanctions and norms in cyberspace


> From Lublin to London, Europe’s Contested Ideas of National Identity

Books & Reviews

> When Religion Kills: How Extremists Justify Violence Through Faith [introduction]

> The New Masters of the Universe

> Political Books: Making Evangelicalism Great Again

> Profiles in Thinking About Courage: inside ‘A Warning’ by Anonymous

> Le macronisme

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