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Weekly International
Press Brief
22 - 26 : VII : 2019


UK new leadership

> The Ham of Fate

> Boris Johnson and Brexit: What to expect

> With Boris Johnson, Will Britain Get Brexit or a General Election?

Tensions at the Persian Golf

> Iran: The Case Against War

> Clarifying Freedom of Navigation in the Gulf

> Britain’s Power Play in the Persian Gulf

Ukraine Parliamentary Elections

> Landslide Victory for Zelensky’s Party in Ukraine: What Next?

> Much Ado About Volodymyr Zelensky

> A New Start for the Ukrainian Parliament

North Korea

> Kim Jong Un’s New Ballistic Missile Submarine: The Future of North Korea’s Undersea Nuclear Deterrent

> Sino-U.S. Strategic Competition Impedes a Nuclear Deal With North Korea

Spanish Government

> Spagna: doppia fumata nera per Sánchez, si va a settembre

U.S. Pakistan Ties

> Despite Khan’s Visit, U.S.-Pakistan Ties Aren’t Ready for a Reset

> How Pakistan Is Playing Washington—Again

Puerto Rico Protests

> What’s Going On in Puerto Rico?

> America’s Forgotten Colony: Ending Puerto Rico’s Perpetual Crisis

Peace in Afghanistan

> Is Peace Actually on the Horizon in Afghanistan?


> The Tale of Turkey and the Patriots

> The Russian Sale of S-400 Missiles to Turkey May Change Power Equilibrium in the Middle East


> No, President George W. Bush Did Not Undermine American Power and International Order

> The U.S. Immigration Debate

> 2020 and beyond: Maintaining the bipartisan narrative on US global development


> China issues white paper on national defence: Picks up the US gauntlet

> Saving the Nation by Sacrificing Your Life: Authoritarianism and Chiang Kai-shek's War for the Retaking of China

> The Anti-Islamic Movement in China


> Moscow Protests: A Crisis of the Authorities’ Own Making

> Rebels without a Cause: Russia’s Proxies in Eastern Ukraine 

> Hungarian-Russian Economic Relations

> Russia’s Changing Identity: In Search of a Role in the 21st Century

European Union

> Un nuevo liderazgo en política exterior para una Europa más fuerte en el mundo

> Why Did Italy Fall out of Love with Europe?

> Modelos para armar: gobiernos de coalición en la UE

> EU–Turkey Migration Cooperation: From Saving the Day to Sustainable Mixed Migration Governance

> The Iranian Effect on Europe and Brexit

North America

> Mexico’s New National Guard: What It Is, and What It Isn’t

Middle East

> No Deal This Century?

> The Hashd is dead, long live the Hashd! Fragmentation and consolidation

> Yemen Poses a Big Test for Iran

> Iran Across the Border: Israel's Pushback in Syria

Latin America

> Is Uruguay’s Brand of Pragmatic Leftism on the Way Out?

> Brazil, BRICS and Bolsonaro: A once fast-growing BRIC nation is now the weakest BRIC in the wall

> Does the Mercosur Trade Deal Mean Brazil Will Finally Open Up?

> Dialogue in Barbados: will it yield results?


> Duterte’s federalist project indefinitely on hold

> West Papua’s Quest for Independence

> Nepal: PM Oli’s Many Challenges:

> Abe and the LDP remain dominant after Japan’s Upper House elections


> Macron's Belgrade Pivot

> A Play with No End: What the Gilets Jaunes really want


> Why South Africa needs Democratic Socialism

> How viable is dialogue with al-Shabaab and Boko Haram?

> Record Number of Forcibly Displaced Africans Likely to Grow

> The Struggle For Liberty in Africa

Democracy & Authoritarianism

> Digital authoritarianism and the threat to global democracy


> Getting Deterrence Right on NATO’s Eastern Flank

> Moscow’s Anti-NATO Deception

International Security

> A Primer on Analyzing Nuclear Competitions

> How Dangerous Was Kargil? Nuclear Crises in Comparative Perspective

International Order

> Orden global, tecnología y la geopolítica del cambio

> International Democracy Support: Filling the Leadership Vacuum


> Max Weber Diagnosed His Time and Ours

Books & Reviews

> Politics and Society in the Contemporary Middle East [chapter 1]

> Tres escritores que unieron China y Occidente

> The Road to Unfreedom: Russia, Europe, America

> Usted es un fascista

> L'héritage de Nuremberg


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