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Weekly International
Press Brief
08 - 12 : VII : 2019


Greek Elections

> Ocho retos para el nuevo Gobierno griego

> Critical Choices Await Greece’s New Government

> Greek election results: the beginning of the end for populism?

Gulf Tensions

> U.S.-Qatar Talks Likely to be Crucial to Iran Policy

> Iran – Stratégie du garrot, stratégie de la grenade, diplomatie de sortie de crise

> The Iran Plan: Can America Contain Tehran's Damage?

International Security: North Korea

> Negotiating Toward a Denuclearization-Peace Roadmap on the Korean Peninsula

> North Korea’s Military Capabilities

> Trump and Kim can’t fix the US-North Korea problem on their own

Peace in Afghanistan?

> An Afghan Opening: Opportunities, Challenges, and Pitfalls

> Reconnecting Afghanistan: Lessons from Cross-border Engagement

> Tell Me How This Ends: Military Advice, Strategic Goals, and the “Forever War” in Afghanistan


> Assad Hasn’t Won Anything

> China and Syria: In War and Reconstruction


> Moscow’s Hand in Sudan’s Future

> Sudanʹs first steps towards democracy?


> Turkey, Russia, and the Looming S-400 Crisis

> Why Turkey is turning away from the U.S. and toward Russia

Arch of Crisis

> Moldova has Become a Geopolitical Battleground between Russia and the West


> Frontlines in Flux in Battle against African Militant Islamist Groups

> The Salafi-Jihadist Reaction to Hindu Nationalism

> Terrorism in Tunisia: more than just foreign connections


> Trump's Mini Trade War with India

> By Other Means—Part I: Campaigning in the Gray Zone


> Takeover Trap: Why Imperialist China Is Invading Africa

> Is China Undermining Human Rights at the United Nations?

> Rule of the Rigid Compromiser


> Putin’s Not-So-Secret Mercenaries: Patronage, Geopolitics, and the Wagner Group

> Why Government Economists Are Getting Nervous in Russia

> Russia in the Western Balkans: Tactical wins, strategic setbacks

European Union

> Memos to the new EU leadership | 2019 – 2024

> The popular will and the European Parliament

> European Defence Ecosystem, Third Countries’ Participation and the Special Case of Turkey

> Europeanisation from below: still time for another Europe?

North America

> Mexico’s Migration Dilemmas: The Border Crisis South of the Border

> In Urzúa's Resignation, AMLO Gets a Wakeup Call

Middle East

> A Sovereign Wealth Fund for the Prince: Economic Reforms and Power Consolidation in SA

> Interconnected: Trade, food security, and stability in the GCC and MENA

> The EU, the US and the Middle East Peace Process: Two-state solution – or dissolution?

Latin America

> Venezuela: Is There a Way Out of its Tragic Impasse?

> Is Ecuador a Model for Post-Populist Democratic Recovery?

> El Salvador’s Tough Policing Isn’t What It Looks Like


> Saving Asia’s Democracies

> Taiwan’s Status is a Geopolitical Absurdity

> No, This Isn't Hong Kong's Tiananmen Moment

> Asia's five futures

> What will the Japanese upper house elections mean for Abe?


> Bosnia’s Last Best Hope

> Romania Sees Need to Overhaul Its Policy Toward Moldova


> Will Ramaphosa’s new reform timetable save Thabane’s skin?

> Somalia-Somaliland: The Perils of Delaying New Talks

> Revitalising the peace in South Sudan

> Escalating Tensions between Uganda and Rwanda Raise Fear of War


> The Russian and Canadian Approach to Extra-Regional Actors in the Arctic


> Approaches to Regional Stability and the Outlook for NATO

> Emerging security challenges in NATO’s southern neighbourhood

> Trends in Canada's Defence Policy, and the Significance for NATO


> Dismantling the Authoritarian-Corruption Nexus


> Command of Space Means Command of the Sea

History of International Relations

> Raison d’Etat: Richelieu’s Grand Strategy During the Thirty Years’ War


> The Classical Liberal Ideal of Equality

Books & Reviews

> Inside African Politics [introduction]

> La historia regresa tras el fin de la historia

> “Japan Rearmed: The Politics of Military Power Book”

> Which is worse?

> Pétain, Salazar, De Gaulle. Affinités, ambiguïtés, illusions (1940-1944): Salazar et les trois France


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