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Weekly International
Press Brief
01 - 05 : VII : 2019


Greek Elections

> Salvar al soldado Tsipras

> Greece Wave 3: Pre-election Study

Hong Kong Protests

> Hong Kong’s Muzzled Generation Cries Out

> Hong Kong protests enter a new phase

Migrations & Refugees

> Multilateral peace operations and the challenges of irregular migration and human trafficking

> Ciudades Santuario: Una Perspectiva Global

> What If They Return?

Modi’s India

>Great expectations for Modi’s new term

> Los desafíos del nuevo gobierno de Modi y las implicaciones para su política exterior

> How Modi turned the Gulf to his favor

Conflicting Libya

> Libya’s global civil war

> Libya: A legislative blunder and the long winter ahead

> Missing in Libya

Arch of Crisis

> A People-Centered Approach to Conflict Resolution in Ukraine


> How to Win Friends and Wage Jihad: Understanding al Qaeda’s Pragmatism

> Islamic State Comes for South Asia

Great Powers

> The Osaka Meeting: Is the Tide Turning in US-Russian Relations?

> Dealing with the Dragon

> Confronting the Russian Challenge

> First salvo: missile tests mark intensified US-China competition


> The Fourth of July Has Always Been Political

> America’s Indefensible Defense Budget

> Why Would Trump Want a Trade War With India?


> La Russie en quête de son «Internet souverain»

> Greater Eurasia: The Emperor’s New Clothes or an Idea whose Time Has Come?

> Russia’s Military Posture in the Arctic: Managing Hard Power in a ‘Low Tension’ Environment


> What happened to the ‘Canberra consensus’ on Australia–China relations?

> China's Military Power: Modernizing a Force to Fight and Win

European Union

> New EU-Mercosur trade agreement: The agreement in principle

> El acuerdo UE-Mercosur: ¿quién gana, quién pierde y qué significa el acuerdo?

> La politique de développement: une réponse aux européennes ?

Middle East

> Challenges for Egypt’s Fragile Stability

> Southern Lebanon: The Land of Three Armies

> Baghdadʹs new era of freedom

> Tunisia Keeps Calm and Carries on After Latest Terrorist Attack

Latin America

> The Lima Summit: A Trial by Fire for the Pacific Alliance

> The Armed Forces in the Venezuelan crisis

> Remarks: The Importance of Strong Institutions for Latin America

> Crackdown Raises Stakes as Honduran Protesters March On


> Crouching China, Hidden North Korea Agenda

> Seoul and Tokyo: No Longer on the Same Side

> Washington’s fragile economic plans for the Indo-Pacific


> The Fight for the Poorest Country in Europe


> Escalating Tensions between Uganda and Rwanda Raise Fear of War

> Mauritania's Vote Entrenches a Ruling Clique For Decades

> Abiy Ahmed’s Reforms Have Unleashed Forces He Can No Longer Control

> The AfCFTA Is Laudable, but Its Imminent Benefits Are Overstated


> North of 26 degrees south and the security of Australia: views from The Strategist


> Emerging security challenges in NATO’s southern neighbourhood

> Operationalizing Cyberspace as a Military Domain: Lessons for NATO

Identity politics

> Why Religious Tolerance Won in Indonesia but Lost in India

Democracy & Authoritarianism

> The “new era” of digital authoritarianism

International Security

> No Time to Abandon Denuclearization

> Nuclear War with North Korea Is Still Possible. Trump’s ‘Walk’ Across the DMZ Made That Less Likely.

> The Destabilizing Danger of Cyberattacks on Missile Systems


> Trends in Armed Conflict, 1946–2018


> The (Temporary) End of Economic History

Books & Reviews

> The Myth of Independence: How Congress Governs the Federal Reserve [Chapter 1]

> “Seven Hundred Years, A History of Singapore”

> Museveni’s new vision turns sour: A review of ‘Combatants’

> Imagining a Nuclear War With North Korea: The 2020 Commission, Misperception, and Trump

> A Long & Undeclared Emergency


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