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Weekly International
Press Brief
17 - 21 : VI : 2019


USA-Iran Tensions

> The Strait of Hormuz: A U.S.-Iran Maritime Flash Point

> Iran Seems Prepared for Major - But Measured - Escalation

> “Máxima presión” en el Estrecho de Ormuz

Xi Jinping at North Korea

> From Pariah to Pawn

Hong Kong Protest

> The Leaderless Strategy of Hong Kong’s Protest Movement

> The Hong Kong Extradition Bill and China's Weakness

Istanbul elections

> The stakes are high in Istanbul’s election rerun

> “Whoever Wins Istanbul Wins Turkey”: How a Mayoral Race Has Precipitated a National Crisis

> Turkey’s Hour of Nationalism

> Turkish Voters Upset Erdoǧan’s Competitive Authoritarianism

Trade War

> Are We Ready For a Rare Earths Trade War?

> Trump Has Gotten China to Lower Its Tariffs. Just Toward Everyone Else.

> Xi Jinping’s Trade Conundrum


> The European benchmark for refugee integration: A comparative analysis of the National Integration Evaluation Mechanism in 14 EU countries


> Exploiting Borders in the Sahel: The Islamic State in the Greater Sahara

> Has Islamic State Really Entered the Congo and is an IS Province There a Gamble?

Great Powers

> EEUU contra China: hacia dos ecosistemas enfrentados

> U.S.-Russia Relations: Quest for Stability

> Partnership on the High Seas : China and Russia’s Joint Naval Manoeuvres

> America Must Prepare for the Coming Chinese Empire

> Can Washington and Moscow Agree to Limit Political Interference?


> Wanted in Miami: A Vision for the Americas


> Is China’s new payment system the future?

European Union

> Europe: Is the System Broken?

> Reducing military risk in Europe

> Europe Alone: What Comes After the Transatlantic Alliance

> Europe and the Global AI Race

North America

> The U.S.-Mexico Tariff Threat Has Passed, for Now

> How Mexico and Canada Are Trying to Bypass Donald Trump

> Mexico, Cuba, and Trump’s Increasing Preference for Punishment Over Diplomacy

Middle East

> Egypt’s Only Democratic Leader Helped Kill Its Democracy

> Egypt Doesn’t Matter Anymore

> Iran-Backed Militias Test the Credibility of Iraq’s Prime Minister

Latin America

> La política local de la autocracia cubana

> Why Duque’s Call for National Unity May Be Destined to Fail

> ¿Tiene salida Venezuela?

> ‘Mas de lo Mismo’: Guatemalan Elections Highlight Inchoate Party System


> Great Expectations: ASEAN and the Indo-Pacific

> Japan goes long on Myanmar

> New Balance of Power Takes Shape in Kazakhstan, Defying Assumptions

> ANZUS and alliance politics in Southeast Asia

> The Myth of Indian Strategic Restraint


> Moldovan Regime Change Is Rare Example of Russian-Western Teamwork

> Taking Stock of Zelenskiy’s Presidency


> Africa’s Democratic Moment?

> Vers un retour de l'autoritarisme en Afrique?

> Madagascar: nueva hoja de ruta

> Making the Central African Republic’s Latest Peace Agreement Stick


> A Strategic Plan for the Arctic Council: Recommendations for Moving Forward

Democracy & Authoritarianism

> Is China Challenging the Global State of Democracy?


> Hiperliderazgos

Security & Defence

> Geostrategically motivated co-option of social media: The case of Chinese LinkedIn spy recruitment

History of International Relations

> The Myth of the Wilsonian Moment

International Order

> Can Middle Powers Save the Liberal World Order?

Books & Reviews

> The House of Government: A Saga of the Russian Revolution [Chapter 1]

> Democracy in Crisis

> “The Storm on Our Shores” by Mark Obmascik

> Ian Kershaw: "El comunismo fue, por encima de todo, ausencia de libertad"

> Blessing the holy ICBMs: The Russian Orthodox Church and Putin

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