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Weekly International
Press Brief
27 - 31 : V : 2019


European Elections

> Divide and Obstruct: Populist Parties and EU Foreign Policy

> Portugal: defeat for the right, challenges for the left

> A Scandal in Austria and the Far Right’s Fortunes in Europe

30 yeas after Tiananmen

> ¿Cómo ha cambiado la disidencia china desde Tiananmén?

> The New Tiananmen Papers

India's Election

> After Whipping Up Nationalism to Win a Landslide in India, Can Modi Tone It Down?

> How will Modi’s 2.0 regime affect India–Japan relationship?

> Modi’s Thumping Mandate—but for What?

Arch of Crisis

> Ukrainian President Zelensky: Once a Comedian, Now a Head of State to be Taken Seriously


> Al-Qaeda and Islamic State Reinvigorating East Turkistan Jihad

> The growing Islamic State threat in Central Asia

> Extremist Migration: A Foreign Jihadist Fighter Threat Assessment

Great Powers

> China and Europe: Trade, technology and competition

> Advice for a Dark Age: Managing Great Power Competition


> Let the Monroe Doctrine Die

> Treaties in the Age of Donald Trump

> Beware The Decline of U.S. Influence in South Asia

> The Terrible Case for Staying in Syria


> Engaging but not endorsing China's Belt & Road Initiative

> China’s inroads into the Balkans

> Will Balochistan Blow Up China’s Belt and Road?


> The Russian Regime Turns On Itself

> Russian Policy in the Middle East: Dividends and Costs of the Big Game

> Defender of the faith? How Ukraine’s Orthodox split threatens Russia

> Russia's Influence Arsenal

European Union

> Moción de censura en Viena y otras paradojas austriacas

> Northern Ireland and the backstop: Why 'alternative arrangements' aren't an alternative

> What drives anti-migrant attitudes?

> Europe and the Anglosphere Drift Apart

North America

> AMLO’s False Sense of Austerity

> A new administration confronts a changing world: Mexico’s economic competitiveness strategy at a geopolitical inflection point

Middle East

> FP’s Guide to Benjamin Netanyahu: Facing another election, will the prime minister survive?

> When the Friend of My Friends is Not My Friend

> Implementing Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030: An Interim Balance Sheet

> Iran’s Playbook: Deconstructing Tehran’s Regional Strategy

Latin America

> Why Venezuela’s Regime Hasn’t Collapsed

> Verticalidad y democracia populista

> The Reasons for China's Cooling Interest in Latin America


> Serbia: Looking West, Going East

> A New Alliance Between Poland, Sweden, and the United States for Baltic Security?


> India's BIMSTEC Gambit

> Will China and India Wage War over Water?

> What’s behind Abe’s change of heart on a Japan–North Korea summit?

> Japan Considers a New Security Relationship Via “Networking” with Taiwan


> Australian election 2019: Where the parties stand

> ‘Morrison’s Miracle Election’: The End of Uncertainty


> Keys to success for the AfCFTA negotiations

> Guinea-Bissau’s election delivers renewed deadlock instead of solutions                                                          

> The Fall of a Model Democracy

> How the left cn rescue Nigeria

Democracy & Authoritarianism

> V-Forecast: Predicting Adverse Regime Transitions (PART)

International Security

> Resilience to Disaster Is No Small Measure

> Wargames as experiments: The Project on Nuclear Gaming’s SIGNAL framework

International Economy

> How to Restructure Sovereign Debt: Lessons From Four Decades

Fake News

> What do we do when everything online is fake?

Conflict Analysis

> The Good Friday Agreement: Ending War and Ending Conflict in Northern Ireland

> Reviving peace in South Sudan through the Revitalised Peace Agreement


> Asia Power Index 2019

Books & Reviews

> ¿Por qué votamos a la ultraderecha? [excerto]

> The Last War—and the Next?

> The Lure of Western Europe

> Historia mínima de Venezuela

> The First Presidential Impeachment

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