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Weekly International
Press Brief
06 - 10 : V : 2019



> The Trump administration’s maximum pressure campaign: A prelude to war with Iran?

> Open letter: The US and the Iran Nuclear Deal

> What Europe can do now to save the nuclear deal with Iran

North Korea

> On North Korea, a Return to Fire and Fury Isn't Worth The Risks

> A Theory of Engagement With North Korea

> Undeclared North Korea: The Yusang-ni Missile Operating Base

European Elections

> Anti-Europe Parties Aren’t Anti-Europe Anymore

> Europe votes: Why the European Parliament elections matter

South Africa’s Election

> South Africa election shakes major parties but little more

> How Far Can Populism Go in South Africa? The Rise of Julius Malema


> The Libyan Paradigm

> Peace and Justice in Libya’s Transition

Muslim Brotherhood

> What Impact Would U.S. Designation of the Muslim Brotherhood As A Terrorist Organization Have?

> Blacklisting the Muslim Brotherhood: What to Know


> Why Erdogan Will Win in Istanbul, and What This Means for Turkish Democracy

> In Turkey, Erdoğan and his AKP stumble

Israel & Palestine

> Israel and Hamas Need Each Other

> The Implications of Israeli Elections on Palestinians

India’s Election

> India Elections 2019: How top leaders have contributed to falling standards of electoral discourse

> The growing influence of celebrity politics in India

Trade War

> The U.S.-China Trade Talks Have Already Changed the World


> What pales the counter-terrorism regime

> Reducing Press Attention to Reduce Terrorism?

Great Powers

> China, Russia and the United States contest a new world order

> China Is Learning from Russian Military Interactions with the United States


> How to Win America's Next War

> America's Strategy-Resource Mismatch

> The Lost Art of Long-Term Competition


> China's Eurasian Ambitions

> China’s Calculus After the INF Treaty

> Could 1989 Have Led to Democracy in China?


> Russia’s Eurasian Strategy

> Russia’s Struggle Over the Meaning of the 1990s

> Los aliados de Rusia: su ejército, su armada y su gas

European Union

> Is EU Reform Out the Window?

> The Eastern Partnership at 10: The road to hell is paved with good intentions

> The Juncker commission: lessons from an almost-lost mandate

Middle East

> New Political Struggles for Egypt’s Military

> The Intra-GCC Crisis: Qatari Soft Power and International Law

> A Real Plan to End the War in Yemen

Latin America

> El fin de la tercer ola de democracias

> Venezuela Isn’t Ready for Elections. The UN Could Help Change That.

> Panamá tras las elecciones


> Bangladesh’s China-India Balance

> ¿Hacia dónde se dirigirá ahora Kazajistán?

> Thailand’s flawed Election Commission


> New Caledonia’s independence referendum: Local and regional implications

> Australia's Pacific Pivot


> Benin tests the limits of democracy

> Africa Just Created a Major Free Trade Bloc

> Rethinking stabilisation efforts in Somalia


> Defence Priorities for NATO’s Northern Flank

> How NATO Could Solve the Suwalki Gap Challenge


> The Path Forward on WTO Reform


> Viktor Orbán’s War on Intellect

Books & Reviews

> The Man Who Stole South Africa [EXCERPT]

> Surprising News: How the Media A ffect—and Do Not Affect—Politics [EXCERPT]

> Review – The Left Case Against the EU

> Lost Calcutta

> Quels héritiers pour Jean Monnet?

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