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Weekly International
Press Brief
29 : IV - 03 : V : 2019


Venezuela’s Crisis

> The crucial role of the military in the Venezuelan crisis

> Blackouts in Venezuela: why the power system failed and how to fix it

North Korea

> How to Prepare for a Third U.S.-North Korea Summit

> Geopolitical Implications of a New Era on the Korean Peninsula

> The Persistent Status Quo With North Korea

South Africa’s General Election

> Elecciones en Suráfrica: cuatro claves más allá del legado de Mandela

> Notes from ’94: Remembering South Africa’s first democratic elections

Spanish Election

> Spain’s election and the temptation of yielding to the far-right

> Will the Center Prevail in the Spanish Elections? The Coalition That Could Keep Radicalism at Bay

> What Do the Spanish Election Results Mean for Europe?

Putin-Kim Summit

> Is Russia Sleepwalking Into Chinese Dominance?

> Putin in Beijing: What Drives China-Russia Relations?

> Putin-Kim Summit: A Long Overdue Event

Panama Election

> Panamá, del cambio en la continuidad a la continuidad en el cambio

> Elections 2019: Five Things to Know About Panama’s May 5 Vote

European Elections

> Kingmakers of the mainstream: predictions for the European Parliament election

> ¿Quién gobernará la Europa de la fragmentación?

> Élections européennes 2019 : les grands débats

Imperial Succession in Japan

> The Japanese Emperor’s Role in Foreign Policy

Arch of Crisis

> America Must Stand with Ukraine Against Russia


> Terrorism and Counterterrorism in Asia: A Compass

> Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide: Whither Jihadism in China?

> Examining the Global Terrorism Landscape


> The Slip That Revealed the Real Trump Doctrine

> The High-Stakes Confrontation Between Trump and Khamenei

> Sanctions Can’t Spark Regime Change. The Trouble With Trump’s Approach to Venezuela and Iran


> Drivers of Russian Grand Strategy

> Overextending and Unbalancing Russia. Assessing the Impact of Cost-Imposing Options

> It’s Time to Rethink Russia’s Foreign Policy Strategy


> The Chinese Military’s Exploitation of Western Tech Firms

> The Dubrovnik summit: the Europeanisation and enlargement of the 16+1 format

European Union

> Refocus the European Union: Planet, Lifetime, Technology

> It Is Up to the Government: Political Lessons Learnt from the 2016 Brexit Referendum

> The Eastern Partnership Vision after 2020

Middle East

> Israeli-Gulf Relations: Will the Détente Deepen or Dry Up?

> Libye. Quand Haftar saccage des années de diplomatie

> Shaping the Political Order of the Middle East: Crisis and Opportunity

> The New Saudi Diaspora

Latin America

> Bolsonaro: relaciones Ejecutivo-Legislativo y civiles-militares

> La construcción de la paz: Colombia como espejo internacional


> Indonesia’s election leaves a polarised nation

> The Kargil War: India and Pakistan 20 Years Later

> Nazarbayev Has Resigned, But Little Will Change in Kazakhstan

> Maldives: Post Parliamentary Election Scenario- Developments:


> The African Union Wavers between Reform and More of the Same

> People Power Is Rising in Africa

> Gulf state rivalries in the Horn of Africa: Time for a Red Sea policy?


> Shifting Currents in the Arctic


> Russia and NATO: A Dialogue of Differences

United Nations

> Council of Despair? The Fragmentation of UN Diplomacy

> A Necessary Voice: Small States, International Law, and the UN Security Council

International Economy

> Beyond neoliberalism: Insights from emerging markets

> Survival of the International Monetary Fund and Global Economic Cooperation

International Security

> Securing Nuclear Weapons and Materials Worldwide

> Nuclear Security, Arms Control and the U.S.-Russia Relationship


> The Migration Wave into Europe: An Existential Dilemma

Climate Change

> Tipping to Rebellion: Action and Reaction on Climate Science

Democracy & Authoritarianism

> Visions of an Illiberal World Order? The National Right in Europe, Russia and the US

Books & Reviews

> Beautiful Country Burn Again: Democracy, Rebellion, and Revolution [Excerpt]

> The Illiberal Temptation

> The Suez Crisis and the Fog of Diplomacy

> An Indictment in All But Name

> Two Early Presidents Who Questioned the Wisdom of ‘the People’

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