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Weekly International
Press Brief
15 - 19 : IV : 2019


Sudan Uprising

> Five Things to Watch in Sudan’s Transition

> A Cruel April in the Sudan Spring?

> After Bashir’s Ouster, the Hard Work of Sudan’s Revolution Has Only Begun

Indonesia’s Election

> Indonesia General Elections 2019: An assessment of potential post-poll impact on foreign policy

> Jokowi’s electoral chances and his legacy

> The World’s Most Complicated Single-Day Election Is a Feat of Democracy

Ukraine’s Election

> What a Zelensky Presidency Would Look Like

> Don't Believe the Hype. Presidential Elections Aren't What Matters in Ukraine

Israeli Election

> Israel’s Election Could Have Been Worse

> Análisis post-electoral ISRAEL 2019: Nueva victoria del Likud de Netanyah


> The Taiwanese Populist Advancing China’s Interests

> Taiwan’s Geopolitical Challenges and Domestic Choices: A State of Ambiguity

> U.S. Military Support for Taiwan: What’s Changed Under Trump?

Yemen’s War

> Four Years of War in Yemen

> An Economic Roadmap to Humanitarian Relief in Yemen

> Ending the Yemen Quagmire: Lessons for Washington from Four Years of War

Libya’s Conflict

> Will Economics Undermine Haftar’s Offensive in Libya?

> Waiting for France: The missing member of Europe's coalition on Libya

> Libya’s Sudden New Risk of War


> A New Political Landscape Out of Turkey’s Municipal Elections

> Have Turkey’s Elections Produced a Challenger to Erdogan?

> The Rise of Eurasianism in Turkish Foreign Policy: Can Turkey Change its pro-Western Orientation?


> Boko Haram Evolves and Persists in Northeast Nigeria

> The Dangerous Dregs of ISIS

Great Powers

> The Battlefield 22,000 Miles above Earth

> In US-China Trade Disputes, the WTO Usually Sides with the United States


> The Emergence of a Progressive Foreign Policy

> New Voices in Grand Strategy

> The United States Decision to Designate the Revolutionary Guards as a Terrorist Organization

> TRENDS: How Does Partisanship Influence Policy Diffusion?


> Preparing for China’s Rapid Rise and Decline

> The Sinification of China: How the minorities are being merged into one nation

> The World China Wants


> 5 Years Since Russia’s Intervention in Ukraine: Has Putin’s Gamble Paid Off?

> Putin Wants In on the North Korea Game

> Le «grand retour» de la Russie en Afrique ?

European Union

> What Brexit Is Doing to Europe

> Bilan de la 8ème législature du Parlement européen

> What Europeans really want: five myths debunked

> Unintended Consequences of EU Democracy Support in the European Neighbourhood

North America

> Canada’s Cultish Politics Turn Problems Into Crises

Middle East

> The King Is Dead! Does It Matter?

> From Radical to Rentier Islamism: The Case of Iraq’s Dawa Party

> Mauritania’s Unfolding Landscape: Elections, Hydrocarbons and Socio-Economic Change

> “Stabilising” the Middle East: A Historical Perspective

Latin America

> México, tan lejos de Cortés y tan cerca de España

> Unpacking Patronage: The Politics of Patronage Appointments in Argentina's and Uruguay's Central Public Administrations

> Colombia Further Polarized by President’s Action on Transitional Justice Law


> Polarisation and Politicisation: The Social Media Strategies of Indian Political Parties

> Special Issue Introduction: The 2018 Malaysian General Election: The Return of Mahathir and the Exit of UMNO

> Le Japon en Asie centrale: comment concilier intérêts diplomatiques et économiques ?

> Delivering Prosperity in the Indo-Pacific: An Agenda for Australia and the United States


> Can Abiy Ahmed Continue to Remodel Ethiopia?

> Sierra Leone: The new government’s tense struggle for control a year on

> Los países del Golfo a la conquista del Sahel africano

> Tanzania – The politics of being Auditor General

International Security

> Trump, North Korea, and the Rush For Peace

Democracy & Authoritarianism

> Confronting Authoritarianism

United Nations

> Las controversias sobre las misiones de paz de la ONU


> Against Visegrád

Books & Reviews

> Combating Terrorism: Evolving Asian Perspectives [e-book]

> Helen Lackner’s ‘Yemen in Crisis: Autocracy, Neo-Liberalism and the Disintegration of a State’

> The Persisting Relevance of Walter Rodney’s “How Europe Underdeveloped Africa”

> La politisation de l’Union européenne ?

> A Good Democracy Is Hard to Find: Why Progress Takes So Long and Falls Apart So Easily

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