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Weekly International
Press Brief
07 - 11 : I : 2019


The World in 2019


2019 Middle East preview: Key trends, events, and policies to watch

2019: Trends, risks and hard questions in Latin America

Elections in the DR Congo

Congo’s 2018 elections: An analysis of implausible results

African Leaders Must Act to Stop Electoral Fraud in Congo

Sudan Uprising

Sudan Uprising III: What 1964 and 1985 tell us about today’s protests

This Is the Uprising Sudan’s Genocidal Dictator Always Feared

Arch of Crisis

There is No Military Victory in Afghanistan


Tunisian Foreign Fighters in Iraq and Syria

Suicide Attacks in 2018: Fewer Attacks and Victims in Fewer Countries

Islamic State expanded operations in Somalia in 2018

Great Powers

US-Russian Relations in a New Era

A New Cold War Has Begun


How the American public feels about the wall, the shutdown, and hot-button immigration issues

Quality over quantity: U.S. military strategy and spending in the Trump years

Rethinking the Bomb: Nuclear Weapons and American Grand Strategy

Empowering European Defense: A 21st Century US Army Strategy


Coordinating Chinese Aid in a Globalized World

The Belt and Road turns five

How Is China Securing Its LNG Needs?

How the State Is Co-Opting Religion in China

Bid Farewell to Reform and Opening Up –– On China’s Perilous Situation and Its Future Options


Russian Opportunism

La partida asiática de Putin

Russia in 2019: What Putin’s Annual Press Conference Revealed

After the Crimean Consensus

European Union

Viktor Orbán’s Far-Right Vision for Europe

What Trump Means for Europe

The European Union: A Model Under ­Pressure

Food Politics and Policies in Post-Brexit Britain

Middle East

Saudi Arabia and the Oil Prices Challenge

Argelia y Marruecos: reconciliación imposible

It’s Time for A Serious Saudi-Houthi Back Channel

The new geopolitics of the Middle East: America’s role in a changing region

Why Saudi Arabia Is Embracing a New Nationalism

Latin America

O Fim Da Onda Rosa eo Neogolpismo na América Latina

Colombia: un proceso de paz irreversible pero de alcance incierto

Bolsonaro and Brazil's Illiberal Backlash

México: las políticas militares heredadas continúan


Can South Korea’s President Moon Make Peace with North Korea?

What Does Kim Jong Un Want From China?

Is Taiwan's Military Really Ready to Take on China?

India’s 2019 General Election Suddenly Becomes a Lot More Interesting


These are the key African elections to watch in 2019

Why Burundi’s Ongoing Political Tensions Risk Devolving Into Ethnic Violence

Great Power Rivalry Reaches Africa

Zimbabwe: An Opportunity Lost


Shoring Up NATO Is in Europe’s Own Interest

International Economy

Can The Euro Rival the Dollar?

Democracy Crisis

After Democracy: What Happens When Freedom Erodes?

How to Stop a Democratic Free Fall When Populists Are in Power

The Fates of Third-Wave Democracies


World Development Report 2019


Life After Liberation: The Long Shadow of Eastern Europe’s Communist Past

Books & Reviews

‘No Place for Russia’: How Much Are Old US Ambitions in Europe to Blame for Russia-West Tensions Today?

John Mearsheimer and the Future of the Damaged Liberal Dream

Discreet Power: How the World Economic Forum Shapes Market Agendas

The Populist Specter

Demanding a seat at the table

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